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The Magic of Butterfly Scales - Part 1 - Smarter Every Day 104

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Downloading a free audio book helps me make videos: http://bit.ly/AudibleSED More info! ⇊ Click below for more links! ⇊ If you want the photos for your desktop or phone background please stop by the Smarter Every Day Facebook page. Consider liking the page if, in fact, you find that you like it. Click to get backgrounds: http://bit.ly/ButterflyBackgrounds Music "Butterfly Rough" by A Shell In The Pit. You know Gordon's music by now. It's all good. http://ashellinthepit.bandcamp.com/ Be sure to visit Linden's Flickr Page! http://bit.ly/LindenG Butterfly Letters by the legendary Kjell Sandved. He gave me "Smarter Every Day" for free when he found out what I was doing! http://www.butterflyalphabet.com/main/ I purchased $65 worth of beautiful butterflies Ianni. They were very professional and easy to work with. Their website is great. I recommend working with them. They got me some really good specimens in a timely manner. http://iannibutterfly.net/ If you remember Mr. John the butterfly farmer from Episode 96, He gave me the sunset moth! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GET SMARTER SECTION Take a moment to read about butterfly scales http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scale_(Lepidopteran_anatomy) This is the microscope I bought http://www.alanwood.net/downloads/olympus-bh-2-brochure.pdf Focus Stacking http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Focus_stacking ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tweet ideas to me @SmarterEveryDay If you're an awesome person and really liked the video, feel free to pitch a few dollars towards their college fund by clicking here: http://bit.ly/KidsCollege Warm Regards, Destin
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fretless 5 (4 months ago)
Destin, hope you get this so long after, but I have a question. I want to do focus stacking on butterfly wings/scales and wonder what the magnification of your objective. I have a camera lens that can go to 5x, it can be pushed further with extension tubes. Will 5x to maybe 7x to do it, or do I need another set-up entirely?
TheAtomYouLike (4 months ago)
This is like... the most shared video of mine, you really amazed me. I showed this video my parents, my grandparents, cousins, teachers, my whole class, my friends and like everybody. I really love it.
Cayden S. (5 months ago)
Shrek 2
Em sie (5 months ago)
oh man, when you have that kind of curiosity and that kind of eagerness to learn, it's just so amazing and mind blowing..Like, everything's overwhelming. It's just amazing how God puts all these details together just on a single butterfly, and just to think that there's so many kinds of butterflies, insects, animals, plants, minerals, gases, etc. It's clear God loves us so much. 😊
Sam Sullivan (6 months ago)
I teach welding at my local community college and I wanted you to know that I have been showing this video in my curriculum for 4 years now to illustrate how surface oxides on stainless GTAW welds can play with the light similarly and create brilliant colors. I also show your Prince Rupert's Drop video in my heat input/distortion lectures. I like these videos as a source for my students to think outside the box to better understand these complex welding processes. Keep up the good work man!
Living The HI Life (1 year ago)
Yeshua created all things! For a man with scripture at the end of some videos suggesting you know Him... Declare him. Science is man's vain attempt to explain God's Creation. The beginning of wisdom is fear of The Lord. .
ronel senjam (1 year ago)
Oh man, i love your content..you're very enthusiastic and micro ambitious..thats all I need in life
ergun balik (1 year ago)
Thanks YOUTUBE and YOU ! ..... ( II )
Koen Theeuwen (1 year ago)
The shift in Color is caused by thin film breaking. If you transmit light from the bottom, it does not interact with the top layer of the scale. but when you transmit it from the top the breaking index of a thin film on top of the scale cause destructive interfering of the EM waves of the light causing that some colors are not visible and some that are visible. As a matter of fact, the scales don't even have a color of their own, it is just the thickness of the thin film causing different colors.
cron0xmax (1 year ago)
Lmao i dont understand your "clock "
God did this hole beauty I don't believe on probability, good video!!
masterbaiter blaze (1 year ago)
What sort of camera equipment do you use??
cheatmagnet (1 year ago)
How does that clock work, seen at 0:08 and then disappearing at 0:30?
if they are so beautiful why did you kill them? :(
Owen Thomas (1 year ago)
may not have, they don't live long naturally,
Jez Joseph (1 year ago)
those goggles though 😂
Catherine Jo Boydston (1 year ago)
Howdy! Gotta say this is incredible! I have to say my greatest birthday present Ive ever gotton was this year! I granted a perfect waking suprised 3 large tadpoles! I gifted in bed with my 4 dachshunds woke to a giddy husband saying he got me exactly what I said I wanted... 3 LARGE tadpoles! I almost cried well I did cry that evening in my back yard seeing my weeniedogs my 4 dachshunds out in the yard with me that night watching the fireflys & my turtles eating banannas & my bees filling the air and the yard so healthy later that evening! We are 1st year hive folks and so gifted as were proud parents of 3 hives (more grand stories of his incredible energy at work!) I am grateful to be a momma to 3 tadpoles who all came to four legs and were released to the wild pond in a neighbors lillypad filled pond. The greatest days are everyday in his surprises that astonish me still as no other could love me so much to be so accurate in my dreams! I am proud and gifted now as they are released now after just enough time with me for the 3 to grow 4 legs. Then I released all 3 in perfect health! (except for me crying to my hopping babies to come visit up the hill to visit me) Grand scale love energy fills the home! I love your videos, just wanted to share my BEST birthday gift ever! Thank you, Katie Jo Coweta, Ok
Majda BenJdid (1 year ago)
I think the orange is the light from behind, and I think the butterfly wing becomes semi-transparent on one side. so when he turns the top light on, it's reflecting off the top of the scales.
Leon Strongbow (2 years ago)
I have read the book and cried my eyes out. Why do people have blue eyes?
Steven Feil (2 years ago)
Quit saying you are not SMART. There is a HUGE difference between SMARTS and KNOWLEDGE. A lack of KNOWLEDGE does not equate with a lack of SMARTS. You are getting SMARTER by acquiring KNOWLEDGE. UNDERSTAND?
pgmp (2 years ago)
Thank you for your video !
Antonio Suarez (2 years ago)
I was with my 6 year old daughter yesterday playing outside and she was trying to catch a butterfly, and after a few minutes she finally succeeded! After looking at it with her she let it go and started to wipe off the dust on her fingers. I had recently watched this video and stopped her for a second to explain to her that the dust was actually little scales from the wings, and then told her everything else I could remember from the video. She was so fascinated about it and her face lit up for a second before she ran off to play with the other kids we were with. It was a really beautiful moment for me, because I've been divorced from her mom since she was a toddler and I'm lucky to be able to travel across the country and maybe see her once a year. I meant to show her the video later but got sidetracked and ran out of time, but anyways whether you read all the comments or not I just wanted to say thank you for that moment! I've been watching Veritasium a lot lately and after just now watching the toilet swirl collaboration you two did (which was AWESOME by the way!) I had to subscribe to you and leave a comment. Hopefully you'll read this, but either way keep up the good work! I look forward to watching more of your videos! P.s. The Butterfly Effect" is real, and your trip to the rainforest and research made a complete stranger's short time with his daughter a very memorable one....
XT21 (2 years ago)
Nice book intro....:D cheers
XT21 (2 years ago)
this man really loves his wife ! :D
George Schlaline (2 years ago)
What's with all the 2013 videos? It's 2016
Megan (2 years ago)
You have an inquistive mind. Do you do unschooling with your kids?
Rejo Chandran (2 years ago)
Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here! Amazing Video Destin !
Potato 52 (2 years ago)
That's a lot of work to put into making a single picture, but I appreciate hard-work and the result is beautiful. Also, I like how you described the caterpillar as "dissolving" instead of morphing xD
Xris Kava (2 years ago)
λεπίδος doesn't mean scale, it means blade
John Coontas (2 years ago)
You said the caterpillar took this "software load" with him in the pupa...who wrote the code for the "software load?"  Can random events create something so intricate and designed?
John Coontas (2 years ago)
+Nathan Perdomo Not sure what you mean, but ok. 
Nathan Perdomo (2 years ago)
+John Coontas Because logic cannot be refuted! And I'm glad you do!
John Coontas (2 years ago)
+Nathan Perdomo Yes, I agree with you.  Very well said.  I was leading up to your points, but Joisah Klein never commented back.
Nathan Perdomo (2 years ago)
+My True Love is My FR-S ^^^^^^^
Nathan Perdomo (2 years ago)
+John Coontas God has always existed. He is infinite. Most humans cannot understand it because you are limited in human capacity. We have been created and because of that it doesn't make sense that something can exist without being created. Denial, arrogance and simple limitation does not allow many humans to even grasp the simplest of things. If it is true, (Which it is) we have only existed for a short period of time relative to the universe so how can a human that is (limited in knowledge) possibly know the universe? Did you create it? We're you there when the singularity appeared and the universe came into existence. If you were please tell me. All it is is a case of arrogance. Remember Occam's razor. The simplest explanation is almost always the correct one and the simplest is God.
THGATEKEEP (2 years ago)
This is an awesome video! Thank you for sharing this with is. I knew butterflies had a "powder" on their wings but I had no idea of the depth of detail and beauty lying beneath. By the way, Your family is very lucky to be so loved and appreciated.
Max (2 years ago)
amazing vid, thanks :D
Daniel Murray (3 years ago)
Omar Badr (3 years ago)
This is simply one of my most favorite videos on YouTube
Laís Castro (3 years ago)
you look like john green himself with that shelf behind you
mpty (3 years ago)
why the dislikes for
Don Molosophy (3 years ago)
Glory to the one who created the earth n heavens
lovebird mic (3 years ago)
So you could say the butterflys are on a... MICRO SCALE? HA HA HA (idk) :P
lovebird mic (3 years ago)
The beginning. I thought you where making it sound like it was your wife and would say something else, as a joke. :P
Jey 201 (3 years ago)
What is your microscope and camera set up? Is that a extension tube on the camera?
Sanch Arino (3 years ago)
theMike97_ (3 years ago)
2:09 no I can't really see that actually ;)
Conman_123 (2 years ago)
Each section is just a different digit. The first section had 1 light, the second had 0, the third had 0 and the last had 6. 10:06 :P
Rižās pēdas (3 years ago)
Jasmin T. (3 years ago)
well I guess I'm the only who hates butterflys and is scared of them 🙈
Cat Cat (2 years ago)
Noo, me too
unlokia (3 years ago)
God bless you and your lovely family, what a blessing this channel is!
Nikko Persia (3 years ago)
You earned my subscription. Very interesting exploration of the variation in scale hue dependent on whether the incident light is from the underside of the wing or on the topside of the Goliath butterfly.
unknown cuyler (3 years ago)
what a sweetheart. that comment about his wife. destin your an amazing person. and your wife, I'm sure, feels the same way about you. I just wish I could understand that feeling.
KnightKnownasNii (3 years ago)
I am curious what kind of clock are you looking at and using?
Hyper Nic (3 years ago)
I have that lamp
jason twomey (3 years ago)
he gets 100 points from his wife lol
Yap Veronica (3 years ago)
Brilliant how you make this poetic. I enjoyed this on several levels, thank you very much :)
Bungee the Cockatiel (3 years ago)
I really love your description of the Fault In Our Stars
Diana Tellez (3 years ago)
This is the BEST canal in youtube
Diana Tellez (3 years ago)
+David teer Who's venice?
David teer (3 years ago)
+Diana Tellez Venice has some great canals as well.
Saurabh Jadhav (4 years ago)
Its just Awesome...:) How do you read that clock???
Dr904 (4 years ago)
Awww :)
TreCoolable (4 years ago)
I think the reasoning behind the scales on the Goliath Moth are to passively create a variable camouflage or a contrasting maker. If you think of the rain forest, the ground would be brown ish orange in general, while the tree canopy is green. The variation of color dependent on viewing angle would create a blending or contrast between the ground and the moth or the tree canopy and the moth. Not entirely sure if this is correct but please feel free to comment your thoughts as well.
Tessax92 (4 years ago)
This made me feel so happy inside. As a person who suffers from anxiety this is very calming. Love all your vids! Thank you!
Jim Widenroth (4 years ago)
You started taking pictures at 10:07 c:
Arcus8 (4 years ago)
Even though this video was awesome, I spent the whole time just trying to figure out how the clock works.  I'd actually been wondering what that thing was for a while now after seeing it up it the corner of a lot of videos.
Fabrício Lara (4 years ago)
After much searching, much not-finding and much thinking, I found out how your strange clock works. It actually displays the time in unary. The blinking is just for the show, as it only displays the hours and minutes, not the seconds.
Matthijs van Duin (2 years ago)
+Fabrício Lara Ohh that's sneaky
Peppi Turco (4 years ago)
This is great in so many ways.  Far too many to describe.  It may not mean much to many, but the way the tiniest of things can be so beautiful in so many ways.  We often fail to look to the smaller pictures.  This is the craft of multi-layered photography looking at the most remarkable things that look different from the million points of view to see it in.  I can't believe people who would click to watch it would actually click a dislike.  It clearly divides mentalities. - Peppi Turco
46kikie (4 years ago)
this is incredibly beautiful~~ :)) love it, thank you so much for sharing this. ^^
Carissa Vasile (4 years ago)
Just went to Audible.com and got The Fault in Our Starts. Thanks, Destin!
Carissa Vasile (4 years ago)
Such a beautiful creation!
THAT BOY ERIK (4 years ago)
I'm at work today
Nika (4 years ago)
I'm just a student but I loveee to researsch about butterflies and birds, because of their pattern and stuff. I think, its getting orange because, red is the complementary color of green. And when the light comes from the opposite direction its getting the opposite color. Can you please make a video about birds? because I'm courous where they produce the colors in their feathers. I know its in their DNA but, where does the color come from?
moustachamasaurus (4 years ago)
Is that J -Rock?
Kaitlyn (4 years ago)
And this is why people think I'm insane at school lol. I go and try to explain this to a normal person and they don't understand at all.
TheMarioSieg (3 years ago)
+Kaitlyn. Just Kaitlyn. if you cant explain it, you didnt understand it
Kaitlyn (4 years ago)
nah lol even after showing them the video they don't get it ahaha
Miket G (4 years ago)
maybe you're not good at explaining
Jia Jun Koh (4 years ago)
In fact, it is the second most beautiful thing in the world :) OMG THAT WAS SO SWEET
AirForceDave (4 years ago)
interesting vid. you are the nicest dude on youtube. i appreciate how you value your wife and child. good work man. thanks for the post.
Kimberly Nestor (4 years ago)
Can you please tell us what happens to a caterpillar while in its pupa, how exactly the transformation is made into a butterfly.
Nyx & Hemera (4 years ago)
"Exactly", No, brief? maybe. In 15 minutes? No way.... There is the genetical aspect, then the molecular signaling that happens and the rearrangement of cells, it's almost like embryological development starting all over again.
Orrin Sproxton (4 years ago)
used to have a green hat that looked red at noon while wearing it
HoRsEcRaZy3319 (4 years ago)
I. Love. BIOLOGY ❤️
MooshieGaming (4 years ago)
Me too :D
Vane N (4 years ago)
really cool stuff!!!
Agus Prayogo (4 years ago)
I thought they're dust. well the one I touched was brown.
MaQuGo119 (4 years ago)
I hope one day we could know the evolutionary proces in these wings.
R Pedersen (4 years ago)
@ 3:09  did the scales have scales?
soulbend (4 years ago)
I wish I had a dad like you
Gooi Ying Chyi (4 years ago)
It would be so much easier to use just a reversed zoom lens. But a microscope has greater stability.
ChewableTube48 (4 years ago)
how does your clock work?
Alexander Thomas (14 days ago)
Well, there are 10 kinds of people: those who know how this clock works, and those who don't.
Tomas Pietravallo (5 months ago)
Trump 2020 trueee
nigtrick (6 months ago)
Legend has it @chewabletube48 still doesn't know how it works
floridaflora11 (4 years ago)
Thank you.  Very informative, and entertaining.
Hiba AlMatrud (4 years ago)
Glory to God creating the world Did not something mess create es
shygirlnow2011 (4 years ago)
I feel like this is homeschooling on  youtube.
Erik Groff (4 years ago)
Awesome stuff! I'm an artist, not a scientist, but this question popped into my head as a result of seeing the part w/ the two arrows (one bright colored scale, the others dark) Do you think there might be some colors there that we cannot see? I've read that insects in particular can see an entire spectrum of colors that are invisible to humans. Would love to hear your thoughts on this...I want those invisible colors!!!
YeLLowCarDxGirL (4 years ago)
+Zeross89 It helped me.:)
Zeross89 (4 years ago)
Of course science is not reserved only to scientists! Everyone should be curious about the way the world we live in works. About your question, colors are just the way the brain has of interpreting certain light wavelengths. Sun light is a mixture of light of a lot of different wavelengths, and certain substances (or even shapes, as in butterfly wings) are capable of absorbing certain wavelengths and reflecting other ones. Hence the light that comes from an object is a mixture of a lot (but not all!) wavelengths. Of course this is too much information, but the eye detecting mechanism in the eye simplifies it by having only three kinds of color receptors, each getting activated by bunch of different wavelengths. This is the rainbow we know: you can see red, green and blue (which are the result of only one detector getting activated), and then the remaining colors are mixtures of red, green and blue (for those wavelengths not only one detector gets activated, but several of them). This means our eye is converting a combination of a lot of different wavelengths into combinations of only three basic colors. Two consequences of this are: 1) Wavelengths which are missed by all three receptors are invisible to us (infrared and ultraviolet light, for example). 2) Different combinations of wavelengths can result in the same amounts of red, green and blue, and hence we will preceived as the same colors. Other animals have different sets of receptors in the eyes, therefore being able to see light we cannot perceive (and therefore seeing color in objects we see as black, white or transparent) and/or being able to distinguish colors that seem identical to us (for example the green from a real plant and the green from a paint pigment can be made to match, or so it seems to us, but some insects would probably see them as very different colors). As far as I know a lot of insects can see infrared light (look up infrared and ultraviolet photography on google, specially of flowers), and the mantis shrimp has 12 distinct color receptors in its eyes, meaning that in theory it can perceive and distinguish combinations of 12 different basic colors (in theory, however, because noone knows how its brain actually handles that much information). Anyway, hope the long reply helped. :)
Susan Castagna (4 years ago)
How sweet are you!! I can see you were made to be a Husband, Father and Teacher, I'll continue to watch your videos..... God bless you for having something worthwhile. Mother Nature is awesome!! TY
Calvin (4 years ago)
That was a great video. Thank you. Honestly. 
Sleepy Pup (4 years ago)
Sleepy Pup (4 years ago)
+Electric Kool-Aid you're right, I'm sorry. I recently found out that this is how they get paid, by advertising, do now I feel like a butt.
Electric Kool-Aid (4 years ago)
Out of all the amazing things in this video, you decide to focus on a 20 second ad?
Ryan Livelifegood (4 years ago)
What type of guitar music is playing in the video? I love it , somebody please help
Jesse Collin (4 years ago)
The scales look like they're made of tiny scales.
Aldous Mehan (4 years ago)
humans are trying to copy this kind of awesomeness with metamaterials
László Szalai (4 years ago)
Thanks for subtitles I really appreciate that as an intermediate English speaker!
Jennifer Boergers (4 years ago)
John Green's novels...prepare to ugly cry all over the place.
johnstarr2001 (4 years ago)
The scales help it fly?
Sparta Angel Alissa (4 years ago)
Fascinating But please stop killing the butterflies.
Rebeca Mugwort (9 months ago)
Sparta Angel Alissa Butterflies don’t live long at all, (with a few exceptions) I’m sure most of not all of these samples died of natural causes and were obtained afterwards. I have a butterfly farm in my local area and it’s pretty amazing to see how much those farmers truly love the what they do!
leaninghard101 (4 years ago)
Your so nice :) Ur always so happy in all ur videos :D UR THE BEST!! please reply..
BigBadgers2001 (4 years ago)
Brilliant video buddy, beautiful.
Gabi Ibarra (4 years ago)
I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!!!!!!!!!! I've told all my friends about you. You always make me smile and amuse me!! (and some times leave me with my mouth open) hahaha Wish you were my brother or part of my family, to listen to all your knowledge in family reunions... hahahaha Don't know why I thought about that... I admire people like you!!!! YOU'RE AWESOME!!! =D
Dominic Roberts (4 years ago)
wow, bu-ti-full
Rayhana Sultan (4 years ago)
This guy is a poet. Keep up the excellent work! :)
Rixar13 (4 years ago)
Very Cool...
Simon Clifford (4 years ago)
Just fantastic, your passion is infectious 

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