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PSY- Gangnam Style Fingerstyle TUTORIAL by Amos PART 2

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Part 2! :) For more info + contact me : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Amos-Lim-Fingerstyle-Guitar/210384385643182?ref=ts
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Text Comments (12)
Tiến Trần (6 years ago)
fuck man
amos idol:3
Amos Lim (6 years ago)
part 3 OUT! :)
Jacke f (6 years ago)
Please make a part 3!!!!!!!!!!! I have subscribed!!
k123iy (6 years ago)
nice tutoring mate, part 3 please - it sounds the coolest
Nick Gavegan (6 years ago)
Part 3 man ! You're awesome !
aizat khairiry (6 years ago)
n he is asian..:)
Joshua Nguyen (6 years ago)
when do you think part three will be up?:)
mia paula tuvilla (6 years ago)
ccool can u make the tabs?
WonderfulSorrows (6 years ago)
part 3!!!!
Jordan Hampson (6 years ago)
Amazing! :) when do you think part 3 will be up?
Yosef Sisay (6 years ago)
part 3 soon please! :) thanks!

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