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Israelite Women are SUPERIOR to All heathen men

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Israelite women are not allowed to marry gentile men because she is superior to all heathen men., and all women are made by TMH to submit to Israelite men.
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Daughter of TMH (2 months ago)
What if a lot of them are married to a heathen man whom they thought was a Israelite bc of the 12 chart nonsense but came to find out there married to a heathen? What do they do? Divorce? Especially if they got kids
king Obadyah (9 days ago)
1 Corinthians 7: 14
Melinated Vessel (1 year ago)
Are Israelite men allowed to sleep with heathen women?
king Obadyah (1 year ago)
When we go to war against a gentile nation Israelite men are ordered to slay all the heathen men and (if we want) take gentile virgins for ourselves. It`s Hebrew law.
Our women aren't in their right mind right now. We need YAHAWAH BAHASHAM YAHAWASHI to put everyone and everything back in order fast.
king Obadyah (2 years ago)
+YAHAWAH Will Kill The Wicked - Kan, ahch.

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