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Chess Grandmaster: Women Are Worse Players Than Men

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Chess grandmaster Nigel Short has been crtiticised for appearing to say that women are not as well suited to the game as men
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LavenderSkylights :3 (3 days ago)
muhsin abdulrahiman (5 days ago)
Both men and women are equally good in some ways.
Prophet Lew (16 days ago)
When u can’t win a chess game SEXISMMM oops don’t have a vag guess no excuse then
king morons (1 month ago)
hope feminism dont see this video
Nielsen Gordon (2 months ago)
She couldn’t beat Nigel short in her dreams. It takes thousands of hours to just be on a GM level. Plus she’s a woman
SadisticalShadow (3 months ago)
I tried to sign up for chess club when I was six in 1st grade. I was told no, bc I was a girl. They asked if I wanted to do cheerleading instead. :')
mr pwdytt (3 months ago)
She argues bc Short have a bad record with Polgar in a head-to-head match up.
XPopCornX (5 months ago)
Women are dumber in general than men.
Fontina Amoris (5 months ago)
1.27 ...is he giving her the finger!?
Shitte Poster (5 months ago)
He IS correct.  However, when people believe that strengths in one area equals more worth.  If one speaks merely human vs. human, humans have intrinsic worth therefore of equal worth.  However, there are certain realms where women consistently outperform men and other realms where men outperform women.  That's all.
Puro (5 months ago)
I don't know why he was criticised for stating a simple fact. If women were AS GOOD as men, they would end all female only tournaments, but they won't because if they do, no woman will ever obtain another GM title. "And we don't want them to feel bad so we made a system where women can get titles even if they aren't strong enough compared to men".
Curse (6 months ago)
Some people just can’t handle the truth
Akka Lange (6 months ago)
lol he used the word superior
Mark G. (7 months ago)
So if there is no difference between men and women, why don't they just mix the men and women together, and make it where the men have to play the women? Why have a woman's chess champion? Why have a men's chess champion? Just put them all together. Problem solved. Or is it?
noname (9 months ago)
Sexism can be overcome by WINNING...yet women cant do this. Win and less talk
98kemik (9 months ago)
Why do only women have complete neutrality when making statements like these
Raimundo Laurencia (2 months ago)
Nigel Short should get his facts straight. Just because a sport might be dominated by people of a certain gender doesn't mean that those of opposite gender aren't suited to the sport or aren't inclined to be proficient players.
ay taf (10 months ago)
now i know that it is because i am fat shaming that i can't be a grandmaster. pffff and also the reason why messi is better than me in football. i mean if it wasn't for that i would be the best.
Capital_ Ash_ (11 months ago)
"Did she bring her man brain that day" lollll
Camryn VB (11 months ago)
Except guys are far more competitive than girls and therefore guys make up the most number of sore winners and sore losers.
Louis C (11 months ago)
Mister Mister (11 months ago)
But it's true. These bitches are so retarded they only believe what they want to, that's why they are the ones with participation trophies while the rational ones are the winners
Charles X (11 months ago)
Well if women are so good then they should challenge magnus carleson he will Beat them all blindfolded
ItsAllAboutGuitar (1 year ago)
"It's like saying women aren't good at math, physics, or driving." Uh...they're not.
B T (3 months ago)
Mark Juhasz (1 year ago)
The gap exist. If the reason is not the difference between female and male then what? I would like to hear an other reason. Are women (average) lasier then man (average)? It would be really surprising as I see the opposite generally.
Mikael Falk (1 year ago)
Men are good at something = sexism Men are bad at something = toxic masculinity The game is rigged!
Mihir Sathuvalli (1 year ago)
Lmao this dude is just mad meh lost to Judit Polgar 😂😂 no way he has the audacity to say something like this after getting destroyed by her. It was over 20 years ago move on.
RandomDude 102 (7 months ago)
rihmms Men are simply more disciplined, and will train harder on average on a certain subject, compared to the average female, and that is a fact. Nigel Short's other point was that males and females have roughly the same IQ, but males have higher variance, meaning usually geniuses are typically male and but the nutcrackers in jail are also typically male. This means at an intermediate level, women and men are considerately equal. However, at the highest level, women gms are typically a lot worse than the average male gm. The majority of top 15 GMs of Judit Polgar's time have a winning record against Judit Polgar, the best female player of all time. The part about Nigel Short being salty doesn't even make sense, because he had a winning record vs Judit Polgar. Facts don't care about your feelings.
Gustaf Söderling (1 year ago)
What's he trying to achieve exactly?
soldatheero (7 months ago)
simply stating the truth and not being afraid of what ideologues have to say about it.
My OpenMind (1 year ago)
Nigel has forgotten that the ratings for men and women is a bell curve for both with considerable overlap.
missAlice (1 year ago)
It is not sexism from chess Players nor innate male superiority. It is Just The Simple fact very few girls are taught chess in early age.
Doug Holtby (1 year ago)
more men  are willing to  play  chess........that's  all
Newspeak Media (1 year ago)
Prepare to be metoo'd for speaking the truth
GainzMain (1 year ago)
She’s triggered, the veins in her neck about to pop
Roper (1 year ago)
Honestly I think this is stupid, why does it have to be the battle of the sexes, can people not just play and enjoy the game.
Drk RE (1 year ago)
This stupid female presenter saying "when she gets good" she'll come back to Nigel Short and 'give him a game' - the lack of understanding about what it takes to get to Short's level shows she was not capable of conducting the interview.
ygg drasil (1 year ago)
Agreed with Nigel, but having been demolished by an amateur female player from Jordan one time, who showed me checkmate in 18 moves, women chess players are very good at lateral thinking in a chess position.
Justa Witness (1 year ago)
Chess is a strategic wargame. It fits like a glove with MALE genetics over centuries. It is naturally a man's game, that's why women suck at it and quit playing.
Stating the obvious. By the way, Kasparov said the same thing.
Sun Tzu (1 year ago)
Whats funny is Nigel loses to women all the time. Hes just a salty dumbass loser.
TheArmstrong1969 (1 year ago)
This is a fact. I'm sorry for woman but is a fact
Beats by Clover (1 year ago)
Marcos (1 year ago)
It’s actually the crude reallity, its not sexysm
James100707 (1 year ago)
Standard deviation of men's IQ is higher than women's. This means there are more genius or stupid males.
Subscribe to PewDiePie (4 months ago)
From studies taken at 11 to 13, when females have their only developmental advantage in life; as adults men's bell curve is the same as females only 5iq higher on the scale.
chaz kennedy (1 year ago)
Has anyone including Nigel ever considered that women are allways held back and are never encouraged to try to be the best they can be ? what if little girls had the same encouragement that little boys get routinely? different story I think ...And Judit Polgar demolished this man in most time controls .
soldatheero (7 months ago)
lol yes i am sure he has. the idea does hold up. if anything they are encouraged more in order to overcome the obstacle
Seanus32 (1 year ago)
He was just beaten by a female GM from Russia, lol.
soldatheero (7 months ago)
I guess since some woman are stronger than some men that means men in general aren't stronger! LOL im a dumbass!
Maz Amd (1 year ago)
Look up Nigel's record against female GrandMasters
Steve Sidare (1 year ago)
Brain stuff is nonsense. Women can be just as good if they want to be.
A Gott (1 year ago)
That "brain stuff" is called science lol. And all those women who play chess want to be the best and the statistics show how successful they are. I am curious of course how the stats will change as more females play chess, but to blindly say that on average, women can be as good as men in certain tasks and men can be as good as women in other tasks is naive.
It is a fact that at the very top level women have lower ratings than men and perform worse. A prime example is Hou Yifan's (current highest rated woman) performance in the Tata Steel tournament; she finished last among 13 men, with a poor score of 2.5/13. However, this is the only hard fact in favor of the opinion that women are worse. Firstly, it is known that the IQ of both sexes have more or less the same mean value, but the standard deviation of men's IQ is greater; this would partially explain why men at the very top level outperform women; it could also mean that the percentage of women who play chess and have a rating of around 2000 is greater than men. Which brings us to the second point: is the number of women players comparable to that of men players? To my experience, it is not. There are substantially fewer women than men in the chess world. Yes, one may argue this is because they have less talent, but another plausible explanation is sexism. Girls are sometimes discouraged to even learn chess, which means that the sample size of women who play is much smaller than that of men. This second point seems to be overlooked more often than not. Statistically speaking, it would be far more reliable to test samples of equal sizes, say a given number of men and women and see how they perform when they are taught chess for the first time or what is the score when they play against each other.
John Smith (1 year ago)
Feelings vs Facts, the battle of our time.
alytzara ish (29 days ago)
Has it ever occured to u chauvinists that u encourage a person's 'feelings' SO they could go on to prove themselves and generate/establish 'fact' ...?.. Only the dim witted believe feelings and facts r strictly mutually exclusive in all aspects.. Constantly beating down women who have potential with the 'failings' of other women is one example of many of how the system is rigged to perpetuate sexism.. Ps my potential, sense of self, self worth, esteem, belief in my ability to b vast/endless isnt as capricious as a fleeting 'emotion'..
TUSHAR BASRA (1 year ago)
Judit polgar defeated this guy 6-0. I understand if magnus or levon or Kasparov or hikaru or vishy make a statement like that. But this guy?
messi the messiah (2 months ago)
+stephen tarr hahahaha Carlson mangus beat her at the age of 16..
Socrates (1 year ago)
TUSHAR BASRA Lmao Tushra that's a classical Ad-Hominem logical fallacy in reasoning.
Buffalo (1 year ago)
ok Polgar vs Carlsen than, see what happens...
stephen tarr (1 year ago)
he qualified to play for the world championship something that she did not get close to do, but she did some great performances even beating the world champ ocasionally she also was one of the youngest grandmasters in the history of chess
Ralf Johann (1 year ago)
A clear indicator: Intelligent isn't the same than smart... By the way, he is loosing several times against women... LOL
soldatheero (7 months ago)
I guess since some woman are stronger than some men that means men in general aren't stronger! LOL im a dumbass!
Vahe345 (1 year ago)
nigel short against the broadcaster in a game of chess = 4 move checkmate lol
Colin Java (1 year ago)
4:51, I think we'll be waiting a long time for that (basing that on her retarded comments)
S ai (1 year ago)
funny people can't handle the truth
ionut Lungu (1 year ago)
Nigel Short use to get beat by women.
+ionut Lungu But, on average Men are better. It is a fact!
ionut Lungu (1 year ago)
Nothing! ..Woman can be very good at chess.
shreyas rajapurkar (1 year ago)
and...how does that prove anything?
Viszlát Nyár (1 year ago)
Dunebug1985 (1 year ago)
Live, from pattaya, Thailands hooker city number one.
jebes909090 (11 months ago)
Dunebug1985 is it sad that lady boys do it better then women. Are men just better at everything?
Fischer and Kasparov said the same thing must be true Bobby never lied
pranav kombe (1 year ago)
Nigel look like Dracula
Woltato (1 year ago)
Funny at the end when she challenges him to a game. She thinks she can learn chess, get a bit of practice and then take on one of the world's top grand masters. Even a man wouldn't be able to do that.
missAlice (1 year ago)
It was a joke, Jesus christ. Men suck at grasping allusions and understanding irony but to That extent?
Nick Mayley (1 year ago)
I loved that bit. Nigel can take on her and a hundred more amateurs with time odds and blindfold. People don't realise the strength of a 2600+ FIDE ELO player.
Renegade Dalek (1 year ago)
An old story,: Girks want to know what the boys are doing in the tree house and demand access to the treehouse. Get access, but demand a safe climb into the treehouse. Girls get in the treehouse and don't like what they see so make it more to their liking. Boys move out of treehouse and do something else. When treehouse falls apart, girls wonder what the boys are doing and demand access to the boys' new activity, which isn't safe enough for them AD NAUSIEM
Anthony (1 year ago)
is just the truth, women are worse than men, stop crying for something that is true
Howard Pearcey (1 year ago)
According to a Scientific American article which involved research imaging the brains of nearly 1,000 adolescents, found that male brains had more connections within hemispheres, whereas female brains were more connected between hemispheres. The results, which apply to the population as a whole and not individuals, suggest that male brains may be optimized for motor skills, and female brains may be optimized for combining analytical and intuitive thinking. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/how-mens-brains-are-wired-differently-than-women/ It is purely cultural bias and influences on a massive scale which redirects women from certain fields and activities. Anyone who thinks women are in any way intellectually inferior to men is one dumb ignorant misogynist dying to get laid by a real woman that he has not had to pay for. Any country which holds back the education or rights to work of women is throwing away 50% of the genetic brain power their civilization possess. And will never rise up above barbarism or backwoods hickdom.
Howard Pearcey (1 year ago)
A smart person cares about many of the 'intellectual' pursuits. Chess is a classic game played since antiquity and world wide. Anything which expands knowledge and new skills acquired is a good thing.
Myrslokstok (1 year ago)
Howard Pearcey A smart woman do not care about chess.
Torgrim Vinter (1 year ago)
Where's the lie?
Birdland 1 (1 year ago)
35 feminists cancer voted this down.
Women _ARE_ Worse Players Than Men
Smash (1 year ago)
Her vagina appears hurst
Tor L (1 year ago)
Shape shifting space lizards want males and females to compete instead of complimenting each other. Men are better at some things, women are better at other things. Same goes about race - we are not all the same.
Simon Jacobs (1 year ago)
At the end she said, "Well I don't play, but this will give me incentive and when I get good I'll come back and we'll have a game". That's a laugher because the odds on that woman coming back to beat Nigel Short in an actual time pressure game is probably somewhere between 100,000 and 1,000,000 to one odds.
alfa-psi (1 year ago)
A very pathetic one.
jk7337 (1 year ago)
Well yes it was a joke...
Howard Pearcey (1 year ago)
Women are the intellectual equals of men. Only cultural differences keep women from becoming famous chess players like more men. Look at Judit Polgar and her sisters.
Howard Pearcey (1 year ago)
Dumb men like women who shop. They feel intimidated by women who can play chess.
Myrslokstok (1 year ago)
Smart women shop they do not play chess.
Dan (1 year ago)
Yes, because as we all know, exceptions prove the rule wrong. Oh wait.
Roodborst Kalf (1 year ago)
Nigel Short is entirely correct of course. The woman interviewer is rather silly, to put it mildly; she obviously wasn't selected to present this news program for her intelligence. The reason that among the top 100 chess players in the world there is only one woman is twofold. The first one is already mentioned by Short; men are more obsessive about something. It takes a huge amount of time, practice and effort starting from age 5, 6, 7 to become a chess grandmaster. The average girl is less inclined to go this route than the average boy. The second one: while on average there is not much difference in IQ between the sexes, there is far more variance in men, meaning that there are far more men than women that are exceptionally intelligent, but also far more men then women that are exceptionally stupid.
Dan (1 year ago)
Indeed. Also, men on average have significantly better spatial and mathematical intelligence as well as slightly better general IQ. Women have higher verbal intelligence on average, though at higher levels this difference is trumped by the higher variance in male IQ. Of course, verbal skills don't really affect chess anyway.
Ulujmf (1 year ago)
I think man are better in 3 dimensional world
Dee Blan (1 year ago)
I mean...he's right. There's a women's grandmaster rank for a reason. And a women's....everything else.
The Gaming Gamer (3 months ago)
+Adam Catto On AVERAGE, though, men are better than woman at chess. This is fact.
charlie saville (5 months ago)
+Adam Catto Facts aren't sexism. If women need a women only tournament they are either 1. Not as good as men on average, of course players like Judit are incredible and better than many men. 2. Too mentally weak to deal with a little bit of opposition. I fail to believe any woman smart enough to compete at the top level in chess is going to care about some old farts being sexist. Saying women are worse at chess on average is like saying men are taller than women on average. One 7 foot tall woman doesn't disprove that statement and one Judit Polgar doesn't mean women are in average as good as men at chess. I don't see why this matters though. Just compete for yourself, not your damn gender.
Adam Catto (1 year ago)
Dee Blan there are women’s titles to encourage women to participate more in the competitive chess scene, since there are disturbingly few active female chess players, because *gasp* of the ungrounded sexism that runs rampant among the chess community. Taking a look around the comments section of this video is a nice exhibition of that sexism.
Christiaan Baron (1 year ago)
probably the interviewer is even a tranny
Some Things In Life (1 year ago)
Bring on the triggered feminists.
Paul Morphy (1 year ago)
Let's see.. there has never been a female world chess champion. People find Nigel Short's opinion shocking and offensive?
Jason Goodacre (1 year ago)
In the game against a young Judith Polgar, Nigel was made to look like an absolute fool. She suckered him in with a check attack, trapped his Queen and then counter-attacked. Like Polgars King, Short's brain "went for a bit of a walk" that day.
charlie saville (5 months ago)
+Jason Goodacre right, and should a midget not say that men are taller than women on average? What an idiotic statement.
OFswag666 (1 year ago)
short really isnt suited for chess
Eugen Iustin (1 year ago)
your point being?
Jeff Sol (1 year ago)
to clear all this up lets drop the WGM title, the Women's World Champion title, and woman only tournys. Just have them play regular tournaments like the Grand Prix, Gilbalter, etc. Judit Polgar smashed the top ten GM's and attended regular contests and refused for the most part to play in women only sanctioned events. Hou Yifan is another example.
Aleph Null (1 year ago)
Reporter getting personally offended lol. Nigel is completely correct and I respect him a lot for being bold enough to voice such a controversial (but true) statement.
No Soup for You (1 year ago)
Woman are better than men at being butthurt over nothing. Woman are better than men with unecessary drama.
Anthony (1 year ago)
hahaha, exactly
Camryn VB (1 year ago)
John Deer No. other way around
Everyday Bodybuilding (1 year ago)
God this interviewer is so triggered by this calm dude talking about statistical facts. The man brain comment is so ignorant.
Diego (1 year ago)
dom poes
Rafi (1 year ago)
It's ridiculous to say that women aren't as good at chess than men Because of sexism as if someone is forcing women to play certain losing moves in their games
Will Hathaway (5 months ago)
Ok, so the point they were making is that there are less women in chess, and thus a smaller pool to draw from.
Myrslokstok (1 year ago)
Rafi Women could have a ritch housband and play chess all day, but usually they shop insted.
Rafi (1 year ago)
orlock20 thats not sexism (obviously excluding places like Saudi Arabia, but to my knowledge there aren't really any male grandmasters from Saudi Arabia either so that is pretty irrelevant) the same way women aren't usually brought to love chess men aren't usually brought to express emotion or go in to fields like nursing (and that is if I except your premise that the field people go in to in adulthood is dictated by nurture as apposed to nature which is a premise I am not convinced is true). But even if I except that premise men still usually end up with the much shitier jobs that are much more physical and/or stressful in nature so if any body should be complaining it should be men.
orlock20 (1 year ago)
It has to do with how women are brought up. In Saudi Arabia, women aren't allowed to drive. In other places, women aren't even allowed outside the house. Then there is the case that few countries educate their females. Sexism around the world does lead to a smaller pool of women that could participate in the tournaments he plays in.
lyq3r (1 year ago)
Yes, women are good at math, science and driving, but ONLY those who ARE good at it. Very few as the statistics say.
Well stated by Short. An old school guy who says it as it is. These times need more people like him.
Active Guard (1 year ago)
Men are better than women at every single competitive activity ever. It's a harsh truth but that's life.
Frikkirhyme Productions (3 months ago)
+Sky there better than men in dancing and being flexible true
Sky (5 months ago)
Well women are more flexible and good at dance usally better than men
Sky (5 months ago)
Spada del Nord not really
Spada del Nord (6 months ago)
+Johnathan Bullis Nope. Women are better at ballet though I believe
Forest Gamp (1 year ago)
news channels like always showing some bullshit and hide some important events happened
Guillaume Huet (1 year ago)
The average elo rating of top women is clearly lower. But men and women chances for elo increase are also imbalanced. Talented men have more chances to get involved in top chess. More male players so more competition, more events, often less live constraints... often less psychological inhibitions also perhaps^^
Nick Mayley (1 year ago)
I don't know of any tournaments that don't accept women, I don't think I understand your point. Chess is not segregated, except when it's done to favour women.
Buzz en Bref (1 year ago)
It's just a fact. Just like computers are better than humans. Nothing else to add or to say.
One does not simply (2 years ago)
its actually not true
Qwerty (2 years ago)
That didn't prevent Judit Polgar from destroying Short in 1994, and in 2003 on chess.com (17.5-10.5). Short did manage to fight back, but clearly she, during her whole career, was the far superior player. Just sayin'.
Nick Mayley (1 year ago)
Polgar was a top 10 player and IMO a bit better than Short both at their best, but 1st Polgar is a massive outlier and 2nd you'd have to compare her to the best males of her peak days (Kasparov, Kramnik, Anand, Topalov) and they are clearly stronger than her. But yeah she was an elite player, a world top 10 and no other woman has ever come close to that.
TheCriticsAreRaving (1 year ago)
@Qwerty * Polgar is more than 10 years younger than Short, so your *rating comparisons are invalid due to inflation* . Chessmetrics (http://www.chessmetrics.com/cm/CM2/PeakList.asp?Params= ), which accounts for inflation, puts Short slightly higher than Polgar in every category. * Short's peak ~rank~ was world no. 3 in 1988. Polgar peaked at world no. 8 in 2005, so it's hard to say who the better player was at their respective peaks (despite their head-to-head score). * Neither player is in the top 50 all-time, and Polgar is an extreme outlier among women, so your argument is only an *ad hominem against Short* and, like the journalist, does not address his thesis in an intellectual way.
Dan (1 year ago)
"Take a random 5% of men players and odds are none of them will be in top 100." <-- This is why neither women nor effeminate men should be allowed to teach math. xD (Yes, I'm joking, but the quoted sentence does illustrate the point that women and female-brain-wired men are generally worse at math and logical thinking.)
thernly (2 years ago)
1. Nigel Short is correct that the best male chess players are better at chess than the best female chess players. This is incontrovertible. 2. Nigel is not a neuroscientist and is not qualified to opine on the attribution of this fact to differences in "hard-wiring" (whatever that is supposed to mean) of the male and female brain, relative cranium size, or proportionality of grey matter and white matter. 3. Nigel Short has proven himself time and again, for decades, to be an incorrigible narcissistic sexist, racist, xenophobic hater of "others." One should have no sympathy for him as he attempts to hide his fat bigotry behind narrow factual reeds, as he attempts to do in this interview. He is not a social or physical scientist of any kind, nor is he even relevant as a chess player. He struggles so mightily to remain in the news because he is in fact a nobody.
someone else (2 years ago)
men on the whole are more logical, they make better mathematicians, scientists, engineers, architects, inventors, chess players, Formula 1 drivers, pretty much everything other than having babies
+K Shum Best cooks in the world are also men. However, women can make sandwiches. Lol!
Camryn VB (11 months ago)
someone else Other way around now.
Roper (1 year ago)
Four Knocks your right, they worked together, they were both amazing scientists.
Gary Morgan (2 years ago)
The best way for women chess players to demonstrate that they are the equal of their male counterparts is to be able to compete with them - something which they have continually been able to do ever since competitions began. At that we can either begin to work out the reasons why or else lie and pretend that the reality is otherwise. Short is in the former camp no doubt the right on media is in the latter. I would say that sexism is the sole preserve of the latter camp.
Daniel Manahan (2 years ago)
The highest rated woman beats a man who is not the highest rated man and the Female Journalist concludes women are just as good.
dekippiesip (3 months ago)
+mizofan and more importantly: no one is saying the skill difference is biological in origin and has anything to do with inherent intelligence. There are many other factors involved.
chakvetadze (5 months ago)
short was challenger of kasparov in 90s, polgar did not even qualified for candidates tournament. short > polgar
Charles X (11 months ago)
Ask them to play magnus Carlson
Mihir Sathuvalli (1 year ago)
She didn’t just beat him...she crushed him so bad that he went on to the news to y’all how women can’t play chess. Lol imagine being that salty over an L
bullls eye (1 year ago)
big joke
Nermin Mowsa (2 years ago)
Haha this is coming from a man who's been beaten by a woman
messi the messiah (2 months ago)
+77tubuck hahaha he has beat over 50 women and just loss one that to against the greatest female player of all time..lol ur a hater
charlie saville (5 months ago)
+richy koshy The fact that she can't even see how her own comment defeats her "point" is rather sad.
Rob Robinson737 (2 years ago)
Its very simple to understand Women simply cannot play chess.
Angelos Gass (1 year ago)
Tell that to Judit Polgar
Brian Gerra (1 year ago)
Rob Robinson737 Okay that's just stupid
Bond Cama (3 years ago)
True. On average, of course. And the difference is telling.
joe momma (3 years ago)
That's a hate fact. Those aren't allowed anymore. We banned those when we banned the word bossy.
IntrigueDynamite (3 years ago)

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