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Fixing GM Mistakes! (GM Tips w/ Matt Mercer)

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Critical Role's Dungeonmaster Matt Mercer is here with another installment of GM Tips! Game Masters create beautiful worlds, creatures, items and more, but mistakes can easily be made. One small mistake can throw everything off. Matt Mercer runs us through common mistakes and ways to resolve them! Subscribe to Geek and Sundry: http://goo.gl/B62jl Join our community at: http://geekandsundry.com/community Twitter: http://twitter.com/geekandsundry Facebook: http://facebook.com/geekandsundry Instagram: http://instagram.com/geekandsundry Google+: http://plus.google.com/+GeekandSundry
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Text Comments (709)
WhaleKit (1 day ago)
I thought for overpowered items it would be "have villians learn about it and try to counteract it and account for it when planning". But what do I know, I've never played, maybe there's things you just can't counteract.
CryptoJitsu (6 days ago)
So I have one guy who has done his character up really well (Half Orc Battlemaster with a little rage barb) and he feels way overpowered compared to everyone else in the party and even sometimes for the environment ... but I honestly think its playing according to the rules. I think it sometimes frustrates the other players but it's not his fault that he's carefully made the best character possible... not sure if I should do anything...??
VortexMagus (2 days ago)
If you want encounters to be more interesting and not just the "BARBARIAN SMASH" show, you could pick terrain that makes facemashing your way through difficult. For example, a group of magic users tossing spells down from high ground, with most of the melee approaches covered in webs. Or have them fight a neverending horde of undead that you can't just smash smash smash down, but you have to run away and avoid until you find the portal they're coming out of.
CLARK is/a/FO4/fan (7 days ago)
I can't wait to see this guy as a dad, that is going to be one lucky kid.
Joshua Ridgway (7 days ago)
I made an item that was excessively powerful. As in, solve my hardest challenges powerful without much thought powerful. I needed to get rid of it. I actually managed to dovetail a solution quite nicely. I wanted to include a character who knew a group of heroes from long ago that the party was emulating since their quest needed to be done again, and put an actual dragon in the game. A little talking and bartering and suddenly they were bros with an ancient brass dragon who helped them only once in any real sense. They still managed to avoid a fight with a death knight (actually they avoided that fight twice due to a good choice) but on the whole, it brought the balance way down.
Kyle Tipper (10 days ago)
One of the best DM moments I've ever had was a total mess up on my part. It's long but it's worth the story. The ranger was looking for herbs in the downtime between quests and rolled a natural 20. I describe him coming across a single rose with gray petals and an ivory, skull-looking center. It was surrounded by vines that it was centered on. No other plant life was visible with its reach. "Haha," I thought to myself, "Sounds cool, now he will bring it with him and I can figure out what its alchemical properties are before next session." "I cast speak with plants." He told me with a determined gaze. I looked back at him with a now stupid self satisfied grin that was quickly fading, "You cast what now....?" ""Yeah since last level up I took this as one of my new spells." ....... "it slowly begins to move and as the grass tickles your legs beneath you, the rose fixes its hollow gaze on you." Nailed it. Shit what does it do? Just wing it. As you all can probably guess I ended up having to make it up as I go and the story quickly spiralled into a quest to find a plains God who could identify this weird rose that I just thought sounded cool looking.
hairmann (10 days ago)
Matthew I have trouble when a pc or myself.forgets about a mechanic to the game(we are all inexperienced) then later brought up the players are not happy what are some ways to remember
As we are Core (15 days ago)
Shannon Samys (15 days ago)
I appreciate that you've given ways to change an OP item to something more tame instead of simply taking it back from the player because the DM made a mistake. That's really well thought out and I like it!!!
Eli on the Internet (17 days ago)
As a PC, I think the best way to balance a too-powerful object is to make everything more powerful; it's much more exciting for all the other players to get equally powerful objects than to get a new toy taken away. Of course, this works better for weapons/buffs than actual game-changing things (a deck of cards that can influence the world can't really be dealt with in this way).
Patrick Corby (16 days ago)
Do you mind giving your opinion on a problem I have? I'm running a game as the GM with my siblings. There's this group of rebels in the North, who have been recruiting people. The players have been given info that people are going missing, but don't know about the rebellion yet. They suspect a shifty town mayor of kidnapping people. Do you think, as a player, it would be more interesting to have it revealed later on, or be led back to the correct conclusion?
Anthan Krufix (18 days ago)
You can tell he's a GM. The thumbnail of the video is of a top tier villain look and pose.
DaeHyun Song (19 days ago)
This has been incredibly insightful
gsimon123 (23 days ago)
I'm potentially going to be DMing my first game soon with all brand news players. I intend to be really helpful and upfront about rules and trying to help them not all die where I can. However.... I do intend to Doppelganger the shit out of them >}
Djordje Simic (25 days ago)
editing did you good...
Elizabeth Kray (29 days ago)
Your party gets defeated, time passes with you all unable to notice or distinguish the surroundings before gradually light bleeds back in and your senses reassert themselves, you feel the lurching of a cart first and have found your hands to be bound, your environment is of the forests with soldiers guiding the cart and other prisoners around you. One of the other prisoners notices your awake "Hey you, finally awake. You were trying to cross the border, right? Walked right into that Imperial ambush, same as us and that thief over there."
Klespyrian (1 month ago)
Handcone of Clarity
Sofia Laya (1 month ago)
oh, this guy is kinda hot
ACEL713 (1 month ago)
Why are there 76 dislikes for this video? YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DISLIKE MATT MERCER!!
Psiberzerker (1 month ago)
Mistakes? What mistakes, i don't make mistakes, I ment to do that. Shut up!
CanOwisdom (1 month ago)
trust no one
Vince Evans (1 month ago)
Lol I just dreamed of TPK where they end up in those outer realms in the lore. & if they can find their way to the center of the wheel where’s that place with the room of doors to all the realms. Then they can go back to their original world. And if not they can let them go in the after life.
Johnathan Grishaw (1 month ago)
I like the idea of Villain overloading the magic item. especially if the villain is magic in someway. The party member swings their magic sword, the villain catches it, and there's a shockwave of magic energy that causes the sword to lose its magic. Showing how out of their league the villain is
Deymok Rider (1 month ago)
May i ask matthew mercer about how do you know you have talent for voice acting? Because im kind of looking over that matter
Kayley Andrews (2 months ago)
This man is too perfect.
Sijtze Roar (2 months ago)
i dont to die in a luck game.. its not a skill game at all.. which for me makes losing way harder do deal wich. the only reaon i lost. is cause i tossed some wrong die... its way harder to lose on bad luck. cause then you have to get a new character.. ( wich took alot of effort to make ) .. it would be way better. if deaths dont force a new character everytime you die. maybe they should introduce other penalties for bad rolling ! cause to me being dead totallly broke my Rp. and the game speed too -!!
Glitch_FACE (2 months ago)
one time I had the party discover a legendary sword in the first dungeon. ended up making the fighter ridiculously op 0_0 luckily, another person was looking to play, but they were out of town. So, I decided to let them skype in and introduce their character as a spirit trapped in the sword. for the next session and a half, the sword was intelligent, and chose when to be useful (the sword player was intentionally helping me maintain balance) until they decided to free the spirit. this was an adventure in itself, and resulted in the sword being destroyed. the spirit then possessed a suit of armour, and next session there was a new player sitting at the table irl. The possessed suit of armour was their PC. And it was the guy who had been playing the sword over skype. worth noting that the original players had never met this person before, and got to know them via their sword character. forged a pretty strong friendship, a cool character and allowed me to fix the game balance.
Jocose Sonata (2 months ago)
How do you deal with the players turning your NPC into a baby? Asking for a friend... kinda... well they're very friendly behind the screen.
PrettyIan (2 months ago)
I see now why there were so many friends turn into enemies in the first Critical Role campaign. Mistakes!
IDKWhatI'mDoing (2 months ago)
Once a fire elemental came out of a rune, against our 4 person 2nd level party, and the wizard hit it with ray of frost. Causing it to not grow to full size while coming out of the rune, causing it to be weaker, and the party was able to take it out
A Brittish Panfish (2 months ago)
why not just do what the writer of jojo's bizarre adventure does
Michelle M. (2 months ago)
Right now the biggest mistake I've made that my players know about is creating an extra grappling hook for them to cut. The biggest mistake they don't know about is that I didn't understand how barges work when I introduced one.
Orion Hammerfall (2 months ago)
5:10 had me dying, lol
PastaDaddy (3 months ago)
My two man party almost died to one kobold, untill the lizardfolk calmed it down then stabbed it through the head
Menty (3 months ago)
I gave a to powerfull sword away whitsh was indeed curesed and was the reason for 3 Teamkills... They still keeped it -_-
HyperionRobit (3 months ago)
DnD with Jotaro Kujo
Matteo Copelli (3 months ago)
"Don't admit the mistake. OWN IT!!" I love you Matt
Michael Black (3 months ago)
If you literally make up everything as you go it's pretty hard to make a "mistake." Don't people have fun playing D&D anymore?
Gage The Navigator (3 months ago)
Very helpful thank you Matt
Wolf Ancap (3 months ago)
An overpowered magical item can show signs of damage the more they use it and If they decide to use It in a Boss battle as an ace in the hole, have the item break and unshackle a powerfull creature that may try to kill them as a revenge for being used all that time...
Jason Minter (3 months ago)
OK...favorite it? 510-5:25...am I right?
Negan's Evil Twin (3 months ago)
I personally think saying GM is a mistake.
DanteFahr (3 months ago)
Okay so I just started playing as a GM, I'm used to being a PC. I am ruining my own custom campaign and I was wondering where I could possibly discuss ideas with other GMs about it. Get their input and possibly make my campaign better for the players and get some insight into being a better GM.
Pygy (3 months ago)
Just imagined a DM doing only dead characters at his table, or maybe waiting at a convention. But then again everyone has probably already made their next character.
ironer100 (4 months ago)
The missinterpreted info... OH BOY i got one on me for this... Call of chuthulu, windows are baricaded from the INSIDE gets interpreted as someone is hidding in there waiting for us... NOPE the entire thing was a "go in and 50% nothing happens, 50% there is an encounter when you try to leave" we spent 16+ hours turning in circles for no reason in a one-sjot that could have taken 1h OR LESS...
TheOmnipresent (5 months ago)
To #1, the party should just be ready to cut and run.
WhoDis (5 months ago)
One solution to rule them all "Rocks fall fromthe sky and everyone dies"
Cara Chance (5 months ago)
We sometimes use retcons if everyone agrees to it. As for deaths, buy 100k gold re-tries or give something cool up. Disabilities and perma injuries also possible.
Loominal (5 months ago)
I think Matt's going to have to take his own tip and figure out what to do now that his villian was killed by PC's ... he didn't want that to happen... Dangit Lorenzo and not flying!!!
M. Fer Ashida (5 months ago)
Makes a huge discovery of missreading rules. *looks for this video *
Stinkfat (5 months ago)
Matt talks as if he's telling a toddler about monsters. Overacting hamboat.
sami hamdan (5 months ago)
I'm in love with you. No homo
Vierynbryn (6 months ago)
one thing i think can be a good way to go is to have a direction set up, but never REALLY nail down what you want to do until it is imminent. for example - in the campaign im running, i have dropped the occasional hint as to who the big bad could be - a thought-dead captain named Eldrith(i grew up playing Baulders Gate:Dark Alliance). however, within the last few sessions, i have started dropping hints of demonic corruption among some enemies. the last boss healed herself by siphoning the soul of a critically injured lackey. in my case, i decided to pull a bait and switch - the party has been led to believe eldrith is perpetrating all these events, but really, its a demon lord who has taken over Baulders gate from the shadows. Specifically, the Demon lord of Lies(i couldn't think of a name, so i picked Belial from Diablo 3). he has occasionally hijacked messages from divines to the party. for instance - the cleric used divine intervention to ask his god where a fallen comrades soul went(sent to belial). the roll was not good enough. i asked him to roll religion - he didn't beat belial's deception. so belial has now planted the idea in the clerics head that Eldrith is the one responsible for this demonic energy, under the guise of being the clerics god. the demon also had convinced the city that eldrith had betrayed them, when she attacked the city to kill Belial. now, when the party approaches her tower, she will magically talk to them as they fight their way up the tower. when they reach her, they ultimately have two choices. Eldrith will ask the party to join her in bringing down the demon lord. the character i have within the party will join, as she trained under Eldrith from a young age, and trusts her. the rest of the party gets a choice - they can either trust eldrith, and join her to bring down belial in grand fashion, or they can attack her and the party member(s) who join her. each player gets to make their call individually. so they can either accept the bait and switch, or they choose to believe that she is still the bad guy, and is just lying to the party. when we reach that point, hopefully the party picks unanimous either way, but the way i have chosen to set it up, they can sort of pick their ending. depending on what they choose, there are several ways for the storyline to end, which is always fun
Morganna WolfCry (6 months ago)
Sooo is this how Ryshan happened? Or however you spell her name? Green dragon chick.
Draconic Feline (6 months ago)
I once accidentally used the name of one gnome villain instead of the one I was focusing on. My party decided to obsess over it, even though I told them that I got the names mixed up. I had to amp up the explicit "that was not what I meant" until I showed that the characters weren't even related at all, in game. Unfortunately, my game dissolved soon after, but it was so frustrating that an accidental misspeak was taken as something more. Normally, I would have played along, but I really didn't want to.
Metrion77 (6 months ago)
Hearing "secretly cursed because two powerful" makes me think Craven Edge.
Neon Orange (6 months ago)
I accidentally gave my level 2 fighter an ice great sword. My idea to get it away from him is to have him give to a magical school so they can duplicate the magic for the final siege
May Tag (6 months ago)
I was playing a campaign once. Mindflayers and their minions were enveloping my position. I was on a rooftop, and was playing a tabaxi at the time. So i cast invisibility on myself, jumped off the roof, and used feline agility to dart out of combat. The gm's exact wording was "They are disinterested in you, and were only interested in the minatour." Next campaign, three of them SOMEHOW found me, and killed me in an ally. Here is the thing. Feline agility grants me a movement speed of 60 feet per second, i was also invisible. The NPC's they were following me had a movement of 30ft per second. Even with dashing, they would not have been able to catch up. When I looked them up in the monster manual, they did not have earthsence. Long story short, i lost a character i spent 2 months perfecting because the gm was incompetent.
halim lorette (6 months ago)
Great advice for overpowered magic items!
rickeymariu1 (7 months ago)
I miss these
Lollipoploopz (7 months ago)
Damn Matt ........ talk nerdy to me.
Hungryhyena78 (7 months ago)
I’ve made a funny mistake before but quickly corrected it. I was playing a late 90’s horror game with my friend, where the apocalypse happened and he returned to his house to notice the door boarded up, with hands reaching out to him. Then a few moves later (after he did perception checks and such) I made the monsters break open the door. He was fighting three ghouls now, and I noticed how off balanced it was, especially after his bad luck. I had a cop ally ready from the start, so I through him in there to help with the fight, and it turned out to be a great success for the player.
György Sashalmi (7 months ago)
I wish I could have English subtitles this episodes, which could be translated. Pleaseee! : D The automatic not too good. Thanx!
Bob Dole (7 months ago)
Mistakes??? gods dont make mistakes!
Ben Richards (7 months ago)
Do leather wrist flags like this not represent BDSM roles where Mercer lives, or is he just that proud and open about his proclivities?
lvy326 (7 months ago)
I love these they are super informative and are helping me to learn to gm
Christopher Huffman (7 months ago)
5:17 got me😂😂
Rain Varela (7 months ago)
another way to solve the op magic item dilemma is just give everyone else equally powerful magic items and then make all the encounters way harder
Bud Leiser (7 months ago)
I thought this was going to be how to talk to your GM if they suck with rules...but still a useful video thanks.
Miyla Crystal (7 months ago)
Or you accidentally make your players completely paranoid and you’re NPC that you stuck in because your campaign is designed for 4 to 6 players and you only have 2 You don’t want your players to die Your players are so paranoid that they are honest to God convinced she is evil (when in reality she’s basically just a goddess from another dimension in the form of a seven-year-old girl with pink hair and gold/pink eyes)
Sam MGUGGLE (8 months ago)
My group played a basic campaign, and our party of 4 found 8 gang members inside. I 20ed an intimidate and they all left or surrendered
Karoly Sasvari (8 months ago)
I'm running a pirate campaign and I I ran into something I don't know how to fix. So my level 4 party just got finished navigating a cave when a huge pirate legend Bliss Steele comes into town, he's a master of unarmed combat and the head of the fighting pits on another island. One member challenged him to a fight and lost. Another member (a monk) with a ring that let him cast jump as a bonus action challenges him as well. He jumps in the air with the ring and throws Daern's Instant castle on him. He is crushed and takes 10d10 damage and can't move. The monk then comes down and does it again, over and over until he is unconscious. They then hand him into the guard and take his ship. I had the Empire confiscate the castle but they really weren't happy so I had the guards give them items to reward them. The monk got movement speed boots and the other got half-plate demon armour (half all of the buffs it gives). But the problem still remains that they beat and sold a pirate legend (level 20 half-orc monk) and now have his legendary ship. At level 4. Is there any way I can fix this without it seeming like I'm just taking away their cool stuff?
DialatedPupils (7 months ago)
Lots of ways to get out of that conundrum. But you're first mistake is giving your players OP magic items. After many many decades of DM'ing i have found its best to see how the players play their chars and then make your own magic items tailored specifically to that char. Watch what your players do/use and have fun with. Expound on that. Also by making your own Items YOU dictate the rule sets that come with said items. Players cant run to a reference guide and go SEE i told you i could cast meteor swarm 100 times/day. I have a saying for players and their items. "They will use it, abuse it and confuse it."
Kelsey Snyder (8 months ago)
Now what about accidentally killing your PCs? I played a 5e game under a new DM, and in perhaps our second session, she kills me. We'd be going through a dungeon, I don't remember what level, but definitely under 3. We'd encountered a couple traps and I'd taken a couple hits, and instead of helping me, healing me or disabling the traps, my mostly full health party of Bards, Paladins and Clerics all ran through everything ahead of me, leaving their poor Warlock behind in the dust, already half dead. I had no choice but to jump through a series of swinging blades to follow them, and I failed one roll, not even a critical failure mind you, and the swinging blade apparently dealt more than double my max HP and outright killed me. I can accept my character dying if it makes sense, but at that level, combined with my party's haste, the damage was WAY too high, and I was very, very irritated. She ended up resurrecting me in the most boring way to retcon it: I was a Warlock following a Great Old One, so she had my patron Ygg appear to me and return me to life, where I then had to jump through another swinging blade, because my party had left me. I didn't enjoy playing with that group too much.
Danger Darth (8 months ago)
An item more powerful than originally anticipated *cough cough* handcone of cold *cough cough* Edit: but seriously, I love that item
Tink (8 months ago)
What are you talking about? The GM is always right. :D
Pierluigi Di Pietro (8 months ago)
Every now and then, the players figure out a plot twist that was WAY more fun and interesting than the one you conceived...usually because you DM were too vague with hints and suggestions... The rule of thumb here for me is ALWAYS follow the better twist, and adapt the story accordingly. Usually the story will greatly benefit, and the players will feel really gratified in being SO smart to figure out this clever twist... a twist they have literally created for themselves. My usual safeguard for too powerful magic items is to have them a limited number of "charges" ... it works pretty much well :) My guidelines to tune dinamically up a too difficoult combat, basically are the same suggested here, except that I usually also insert a diversion to allow the group to flee, if possible...
Voodikod (8 months ago)
One of my players had a bag of beans that they used while level 3 (there were 3 of them) and it spawned a hungry bullete. They were traveling back to a town after a war they participated in, so I had a Gladiator help them so none of them got eaten XD
Sean Kennedy (9 months ago)
what is scanlan's hand cone for 300
Maddor (9 months ago)
I gave one of the assassins in my game the wrong name. I literally said the wrong thing, thinking on something different in the moment. His name was now 'Ghost saw'. The players told me I was an idiot. Then I made a reason why he had such a bad name >:) I changed him from the devious assassin I had planned, to a young halfling lad who thought it was all fun and games and was pitifully weak in reality
starletpen (9 months ago)
First time DMing, they were supposed to fight an underpowered troll and fought a full powered one until I realized what I'd done and removed the regen ability entirely the first time someone did fire damage. I also didn't let him crit 2 players which would have resulted in 3 total character deaths...but they had fun and I raised the experience for it. In my defense, it was SUPPOSED to be impossible for them to get into that room right away. Live and learn. Unfortunately, they're all level 3 now and I'll have to completely adjust the dungeon difficulty. 😂
Alex Hedtke (9 months ago)
Honestly, the majority of the campaign ends up being things I improved to fix mistakes I made. xD My players don't know the difference, so it all works out in the end. :P
Akanu Wolf (9 months ago)
Had a boss fight where I wanted my players to piss their pants... They literally rolled 16-20s on every roll and just dropped my boss like it was nothing. The next fight, I made them fight a swarm of trash monsters that do 1d3+1 damage as a random encounter. My players were struggling to roll above a 6 and I literally rolled more 20s in this one encounter than we have had in the entire game. I ledgit had a turn where I did 32 damage to one of the players and then another where I did 24. This was a lvl 4 campaign... and they did not make it out of that fight.
Diego Valencia (9 months ago)
Akanu Wolf the first enemy my party ever fought was a swarm and they've been terrified by them ever since
Jim Jong Jung (9 months ago)
Or or. Maybe just say "sorry guys I fucked up. This is how we gotta deal with it."
Drackoth (10 months ago)
The same way we solve every other plot hole.... Magic... Hey where did my I win sword go?!?!?! Magic....
Aaron Wolfenbarger (10 months ago)
I use the players henchmen to discuss things with them when they don't get the hints.
Aaron Wolfenbarger (10 months ago)
Tip #1 don't make any!
amedeus40k (10 months ago)
Nearly every problem that develops through the course of a game/campaign can be solved through clever manipulation of storyline. This is one of the most powerful tools a GM has, and can fix even the most messed up situations you can think of. Just make sure that whatever changes you make, they are reasonably feasible given the situation and the world your PCs are adventuring in. The worst thing you can do is make up some ridiculous reason that makes absolutely no sense just because your big, bad, and ugly monster was annihilated by a well calculated PC attack in just a few rounds. Be smart, and try to think of alternative storylines. So they killed your evil mastermind vampire so easily that they might as well have been fighting a tiny kobold with a rubber fish for a weapon. Instead, just make it seem to the PCs that who they thought was the evil mastermind, was in fact, just one of his many minions that are only made to look like him, when in truth, he’s watching them from the safety of another area, measuring them up for the true final battle yet to come. One that you can modify so it won’t be so easy for them to defeat. Or you could say that upon killing the vampire, they realize on closer inspection that the monster they killed was actually a crazed human cult member who was so obsessed with “The Master,” that he tried to emulate everything about him. How he looked , how he fought, even down to how he talked. It’s relatively easy, and the best part is, it can fix your problem without the players ever really knowing. Just use your imagination.
Knoldpold (10 months ago)
Why do i get the feeling that he's talking about Craven's Edge? Haha
NewSoundNetwork (10 months ago)
my players always question. everything needs to be inspected. i mean everything.
Bryan Wilmarth (10 months ago)
Thanks, Matt, for your suggestions about correcting GM mistakes. Thus far, this has been the most helpful of your most interesting series. I'm a GM of 30 years, on and off, and I've discovered we GM our games in a very similar fashion. I was especially impressed with your suggestions for balancing out power from a magic item acquired by a character. Very creative and helpful ideas! Thank you for your devotion to your craft.
Aaron Rodriguez (10 months ago)
About the " Never punish a cleaver player" Yeah, my brother has stopped giving me information like he does to other players. I piece things together too quickly, and screw over his plans alot. XD Like beating an army who's general could see the future and all possible outcomes.
Bad Content Inc (11 months ago)
Is it bad that im watching this with a copy of my story open
Jeffery Goon (11 months ago)
Thank you for all of your tips. Someday I hope to get a chance to DM or at least find a group to play with. I move around a lot and finding groups that are not full to join is a bit hard. my friends I have now just don't have space for me so I might just have to DM for them just to join.
warhawk333 (11 months ago)
Here’s another mistake you might have missed. Don’t wear ridiculous bracelets! What are you an extra at a renaissance fair?!
André Jones (11 months ago)
My GM gave my tiefling druid a unicorn horn dagger. It did a good chunk of damage against foes that we commonly faced, and my character was VERY attached to it. He would not get into dangerous situations if it put his dagger at risk. So, to fix this (or at least what I think she was doing to fix it), she gave my character the chance to get a gift from a goddess in exchange for his dagger. He didn't have to, but it showed good faith and she promised a related gift to what he gave. Plus, she said it would be something he'd like even more than what he has now. In turn for giving over his dagger, he received an all-black unicorn steed. I thought it was a VERY clever way of trading an item that's too powerful for an item the character would equally treasure. Instead of just snatching the dagger from him, he got something in return and was allowed to willfully give it up.
Julls (11 months ago)
I'm a newbie Keeper to the Call of Cthulhu RPG and I was running the Horror on the Orient Express Case (the old one from the 90's) and since we were getting to the end of the case my players/friends were realizing how outnumbered against the main villains' minions they were (at least 10 to 1). So I decided to give them an edge (magic items and explosives ) over the bad guys. So they infiltrate on the bad guys base and when they got the slightest chance one of my player just blows himself up with the bad guys. It was quite a mess. 40 Nyarlathotep cultists died and a kid who was about to be use as sacrifice as colateral damage. So the campaign ended there. The bad guy died and the info was lost. It was quite a disaster.
Michel Rosskamp (11 months ago)
What if i fucked shit Up that hard that i forgot to even give the Players Story relevant information/ a Quest?
Halle King (1 year ago)
All of my PCs died last session. Scoured the internet. Finally found this video. Thanks, Matt!
Lord Razoun (1 year ago)
I tell you what ...im the only one in my group who has the ....ummm Brain Power to DM a game....so its been 15 years and i never have got to be a player ...i take my pleasure playing NPC....watching Matt DM his games is so good. I like how he runs the games...I have read almost every single novel from forgotten realms.....i would give my left arm to play a campaign with matt as a dm....i miss being a player ...
Jason Baird (1 year ago)
Matt, you are awesome.Keep up the great work.
Valentin Dimitrov (1 year ago)
MY PARTY DOESNT HIDE, i legit put a Balor to defend a way until they reached higher level to unlock this part of the world, but noo, they went lvl 1 and wiped hard. How can a beta squad like them be so alpha in game please help me , how do i tell them that sometimes they must evade battles?
Fatizinho Shoow (1 year ago)
I gave one of my players a mark, which basically gives +5 des and str. I needed an excuse to make a downgrade and your tips was very good. Ty Matt.

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