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Does Feminism Mean Women Are Better Than Men? | NANDINI SAYS

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"I don't understand why some people think feminism means that women are better than men. Feminism to me means that men and women are held to the same standards, can do the exact same things without being judged for it. In no way does it mean that one gender is better than the other. Here's what I think about it." --- Talents Featured: Nandini Balakrishnan https://instagram.com/nandinibalakrish --- Production Crew: Producer - Nandini Balakrishnan Director - Wei-Shen Khor Videographer - Amirul Rahman Audio - Zaidi Aziz Editor - Luqman Musa --- Like our Facebook pages: https://facebook.com/saysdotcom https://facebook.com/SAYSSeismik Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/saysdotcom https://twitter.com/saysseismik Follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/saysdotcom https://instagram.com/saysseismik_ig
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ME3 (17 days ago)
Have women and minorities build your own dam businesses. Then you can run the businesses you built. Good luck with that. Women make less because MEN work more hours (not calculated by feminists) and men do jobs that pay more. You can do the same as men? So why are Transgender females (men) who compete in women's sports winning and setting new records that real women will likely NEVER beat?
KGATTTU (30 days ago)
Again, it's the wrong term. We should be focussing on gender equity. There is difference between feminism, gender equality and equity. Feminism focuses on the women right, while gender equality focuses on both. In some part of the world, gender equality is the most ideal (ex:denmark). However, gender equity is the best for all situation since it gives more opportunities to the one with lesser advantage despite their gender.
Nice video ma'am. Respect
Cream Cakes (2 months ago)
Men suffer more than women. The wage gap is a myth and more men get raped than women especially in prison. The law is on women's side and not men.
ahmad mushaffa (2 months ago)
feminist hate transgender woman. why?
MagicalKid (3 months ago)
To be honest, I don't think there's an apparent gender wage gap in Malaysia. Salary is very much based on experience, qualifications, and position/responsibilities. There are actually more female university graduates and they get paid the same as male graduates.
Kehsiga Kesh (4 months ago)
that was an awesome content
Robert Eugene (4 months ago)
Observe, the "No True Scotsman" fallacy at work. To our hostess, feminism is equality, whereas elevating women above men and male bashing "is not feminism." What's the No True Scotsman fallacy? It originated in Scotland, UK, where an unnamed Scotsman once allegedly said, "no true Scotsman puts sugar on his porridge, so whoever puts sugar on his porridge is not a true Scotsman." Notice, our hostess uses a long-debunked "gender wage gap," for beginners. This is a falsehood, whatever "wage gap" there is has been shown repeatedly to be due to women's choices. In countries where women have the greatest range of options, women still more often choose a balanced life and family over promotion and career; and typically choose lower-paying fields of work than men. Feminists hate this fact, but the truth is often uncomfortable. If feminism's stated goal were the truth, feminists would concentrate their efforts in the parts of the world it's truly needed, not western countries where women have multiple advantages.
Rolita F (1 month ago)
This is not a western channel for western audiendes, it's a malaysian channel and gender equality is not the norm there and in many other parts of the world.
Niladra Das (5 months ago)
Feminism is cancer
Lee Williams (5 months ago)
I dont know what she is talking about but nice jugs.
Okaro X (5 months ago)
Women live longer, are less at risk of violence, get help more easily when they are at economic need, are majorities in colleges etc. etc.
evan Evan (5 months ago)
The “inner circle of men” is not always men, and those men are probably founders of the company you dumbass
evan Evan (5 months ago)
Stastically the wage gap is faked dm menos you want to chat
Oscar Gold (7 months ago)
What are these exact same things we can do, without being judged? Equality is absolutely unnatural. BTW are you in India complaining or in the west? You are speaking english so it makes me think, you're another leftist feminist brown girl complaining IN a white country to WHITE people. ps. next time i go to India, i'll visit a bride burning.
secret name (7 months ago)
U understand my problem
Dennise Danny (8 months ago)
powerlinkers (8 months ago)
Nandini: the problem is : 3rd wave feminists in USA(especially in NYC) are advocating to hate men, portray themselves for men to hate and disrespect men. This trend would catch up in Malaysia as well in 20 years.
Ghani Mujbi (1 month ago)
the true feminist agenda was achieve during the 60's sexual revolution, watch Camile Paglia take on that.
Robert Eugene (7 months ago)
@ms wpwm Incorrect. The "waves" of feminism are obvious to anyone with an awareness of historical perspective. The "first wave" were the suffragettes mostly, fighting to gain the vote for women and right to property. This went on until about the 1950's. The "second wave" was called the sexual revolution, starting in the 1960's with women gaining more prominence in the workplace and the availability of birth control, so women gained independence as individuals and could gain reasonable control over having children regardless of sexual behavior. The "third wave" began roughly in the 1990's, with women making increasing demands for "diversity." This lasted until about 2005 to 2009, somewhere in there fourth wave feminism began concentrating on sexual assault, harrassment, and perceived misogyny. *"If women hate men, they are not feminists...It's as simple as that mate..."* This is untrue. In fact, it's a fallacious argument, known as the "no true Scotsman" fallacy. The fact is, women who vocalize this man-hating are virtually never singled out for criticism by any prominent feminist. One who, for instance, thought men should be reduced to 10% of the population (Sally Miller Gearhart) received barely a whisper from feminists, despite wide public displeasure by non-feminists. Or, the feminist journalist who wrote she was perfectly okay with innocent men being destroyed by hashtag me-too methods (Emily Linden). Again, scarcely a whimper of criticism from feminists, virtually all criticism came from non-feminists. In truth, feminists treat men badly, and often don't even realize how badly. For instance, have you ever used any of the following terms in promoting feminism?: "Patriarchy," "gender wage gap," "rape culture," "mansplaining," "manspreading," "manterrupting," "manosphere." If you have, you're just as guilty of misandry as any of the radicals you say "aren't feminists." These insulting terms, among others, are uttered everyday in support of the feminist positions on various subjects, without any sensitivity as to the condescending and contemptuous nature of the words. Feminists speak in contemptuous tones about the way men talk, generally act, or even sit on public transit; yet don't see the irony of any of it (for instance, the study commonly cited to prove men "interrupt women"-yes, "manterrupting"-when they talk also showed that it's more commonly women who interrupt other women talking). The problem isn't the existence of misandry among the feminists, it's that feminists don't generally call out their own on that misandry that makes statements like yours less than credible. There are plenty of examples of this contemptuous and insulting behavior by feminists that other feminists silently "blow off" (in the vernacular of the day) when concern is expressed that any usually uninterested, neutral person would think that since feminists say nothing about it, they must agree, as least tacitly. In case you're wondering what the "No True Scotsman" fallacy is, it's claiming that a person within a given collection of individuals wouldn't do such a behavior described without backing it up with why. It goes like this: Person A says "No Scotsman puts sugar on his porridge," while Person B says, "My uncle Angus is a Scotsman and he puts sugar on his porridge;" and Person A responds, "but no *true* Scotsman puts sugar on his porridge." It's also known as the "appeal to purity" fallacy. In this instance, saying "Any feminist who hates men isn't a feminist," is met with wide skepticism because it sounds like so many words when proclaimed feminists behave in contemptuous and insulting behaviors towards men without drawing any real ire from fellow feminists.
Senna Kora (9 months ago)
Wtf is wrong with men leading their company like your just lacking facts on your fucking content,I personally feel only the middle east countries are having problem over feminism so point about that not as overall which makes other men take blame
Ganz Winchester (9 months ago)
I melted.... Love to see a man who can handle a baby, especially if it's Dean Winchester! #spnfamily #supernatural
Sivam Sivam (10 months ago)
Sonny12681 (10 months ago)
Actually Feminism Mean to fuck the family, I'm better than thou and the woman falls like Lucifer.
Rani Sun (11 months ago)
I'm a fan Nanthini, but the wage gap is a fallacy. Statistically it is true, if you just look at the numbers alone, but please understand women are paid less due to the benefits they get, and the less risk that's involved in their jobs. I do hope in future people would stop simply throwing this term around and do a bit more research on this ✌️. But I do love how you ended it, don't turn feminism into a male hating agenda, because unfortunately, that's what's happening in western countries now, called new wave radical feminism.
MagicalKid (3 months ago)
It might be true in other countries, but I don't see it in Malaysia. Of course you have to also take into consideration that women here are less career driven and are more likely to have less paying jobs. But from my experience, both gender in the same position of the same job get paid equally.
evan Evan (5 months ago)
Nicol paul you really missed the boat
evan Evan (5 months ago)
Rani Sun first I just want to say that I agree with you but you mixed up your words. Stastically the gap is not real if you take acount all together because if you put the higher and lower risk jobs as well as the higher and lower paying jobs it will be stastically correct
Damn your post is pathetic ,what benefits do women get and men don’t do you mind being specific,and what do even mean by low risk job,,,,we come on la
Oscar Gold (7 months ago)
"turn" 😂😂😂 it is and has been.
Nur Syazwani (11 months ago)
glass ceiling. my presentation title back then when i was in uni for BEL. got A+ for that paper and it is my last BEL for the whole year of studies
daydream (11 months ago)
Hi SAYS can you make a series for young adults. Like how to buy a house, credit cards or taxes etc.
Eiz Azmi (11 months ago)
Yes i admit chances of women getting the job are lesser than men bcoz of pregnant and so on. But, thats situational, in my case is different, women with just 1 year of working already promoted and surpassed the men that is 5 years of working due to perverted men leaders and feminist women leaders. Men make mistakes is heavily punished, women make mistakes is forgivable. Hardworks are nothing, being a woman is everything here. Theres almost no room for us men to climbing up our career here. Nothing we can do about it other than change job or change our gender (OR CHANGE THE ENTIRE MANAGEMENT LINE FOR GOD SAKE LOL). FYI this is not sales or modelling company, this is an IT company.
MagicalKid (3 months ago)
@ms wpwm You understood perfectly what he wrote, but yet you've decided to nitpick on his English. I don't get this obsession with perfect English. He was simply sharing his own experience and how men could also be in a gender disadvantage in certain situations. He didn't disagree with the fact that women have to deal with discrimination on a daily basis. I don't see the need to be sarcastic. Also, IMO a person with his level of profiency is perfectly fine for a high level position in the IT field in Malaysia, even against someone who has better English than Shakespeare. But seriously, I don't get how English proficiency has become the main point of the argument, it's ridiculous.
Eiz Azmi (9 months ago)
@ms wpwm Lol i was right from the very beginning. You're not sounds like some who discussed at all. Since you want to make my story, your story, how about i'm asking you instead of explaining. On the other department, the manager don't even know me, and he never arranged an interview, so how would you assume he knows my english is bad and not picking me for that? By the look of my face? By the way i walk? And how did he picked that intern (who happened to be a woman) because her english is great? Why did he ever have to arrange an interview for that happened-to-be woman? On the job description itself (made by the HQ, not me) is a level 2 employee? I'm really interested to know your logic from here. :D
Eiz Azmi (9 months ago)
@ms wpwm miss, i know what is happening here. I'm not blaming, i'm stating. I work here, i know. Too bad you just had a chance to argue with me and only me regarding this (so you would assume i made this story). Its not a true or not statement for you (a stranger) to agree or disagree. Its you that need stop assuming everything as you expected it to be. You know yourself that you are just argueing and assuming with zero knowledge about what is happening here by using the word "Perhaps" and "maybe". Okay miss, i don't wish to continue. Thanks and bye. :)
Eiz Azmi (10 months ago)
@ms wpwm how i hope this is really a discussion. This is actually an arguement. You never ask me why i said that and or having to know more about my story, all you do is disagree and mocked me. There is no arguements needed because things is indeed happening. To elaborate more, last month, i have requested to move to other department as of my career movements, but got rejected because i'm only a level 1 (but i got 4 years experience for god sake, i don't know if its my fault because my ratings are always above expectation), and then a week later that vacant spot is filled by fresh grad woman who is just finished her internship (no experience). How is that logic? That is absolutely contradicted. People said just move out, easy. Imagine my 4 years experience but still at level 1, find new job, and start back from the bottom? Its hard though, seriously. I really hope you understand.
Eiz Azmi (10 months ago)
ms wpwm ok miss. U win. Be proud. :D #WomenPower #Equality
impychimpyable (11 months ago)
"I don't understand why some people think feminism means that women are better than men" because my friend you like most people who follow feminism do not know anything about feminism. Like most feminists you follow feminism because of either one or all of three reasons: 1. You have been misguided about it being an ideology that pursues equality. 2. You want power and money without merit and feminism and is your gateway to these things 3. You simply hate men and want to join a cult that shares and promotes your hatred. Now, going back to your statement, the one about you not understanding why people think feminism means that women are better than men. Let me show you how ignorant you are about feminism. Feminism is a gendered, Marxist ideology that like all other ideologies is based on a set of fundamental principles. Two of these fundamental principles in feminism are called "the female way of knowing" and "mother-love". These teaches that woman have love that is suprior to that of men and a special way of understanding the world that is superior to that of men. Feminism preaches that the solution to the problems of the world is to allow women to rule over the world such that they can utilise this special ability that they posses to make peace in the world. Germaine Greer talks about this female superiority in her Mad Woman's Underclothes: “Everything I learn reinforces my conviction that the only corrective to social inequality, cruelty and callousness, is to be found in values which, if we cannot call them female, can be called sororal. They are the opposite of competitiveness, acquisitiveness and domination, and may be summed up by the word ‘co-operation’. In the world of the sisterhood, all deserve care and attention, including the very old, the very young, the imbecile and the outsider. The quality of daily life is what matters, the taste of the food on the table, the light in the room, the peace and wholeness of the moment. Perfect love casteth out fear. The only perfect love to be found on earth is not sexual love, which is riddled with hostility and insecurity, but the wordless commitment of families, which takes as its model mother-love." There are yet more intersting views in feminism about the supriority of women and inferiroty of men. These can be found in seminal feminist books like the SCUM (soicety for cutting up men) manifesto. In it Valerie Solanas describes men as follows: "The male is completely egocentric, trapped inside himself, incapable of empathizing or identifying with others, or love, friendship, affection of tenderness. He is a completely isolated unit, incapable of rapport with anyone. His responses are entirely visceral, not cerebral; his intelligence is a mere tool in the services of his drives and needs; he is incapable of mental passion, mental interaction; he can't relate to anything other than his own physical sensations. He is a half-dead, unresponsive lump, incapable of giving or receiving pleasure or happiness; consequently, he is at best an utter bore, an inoffensive blob, since only those capable of absorption in others can be charming. He is trapped in a twilight zone halfway between humans and apes, and is far worse off than the apes because, unlike the apes, he is capable of a large array of negative feelings -- hate, jealousy, contempt, disgust, guilt, shame, doubt -- and moreover, he is aware of what he is and what he isn't." "Although completely physical, the male is unfit even for stud service. Even assuming mechanical proficiency, which few men have, he is, first of all, incapable of zestfully, lustfully, tearing off a piece, but instead is eaten up with guilt, shame, fear and insecurity, feelings rooted in male nature, which the most enlightened training can only minimize; second, the physical feeling he attains is next to nothing; and third, he is not empathizing with his partner, but is obsessed with how he's doing, turning in an A performance, doing a good plumbing job. To call a man an animal is to flatter him; he's a machine, a walking dildo. It's often said that men use women. Use them for what? Surely not pleasure." Ingorance is rife in feminism. Most all feminists who follow this ideology do not know anything about it outside the word "equality". They promote it through ignorance because it comes with benefits to them. These benefits are power, attention and money all wihtout merit.
Robert Eugene (4 months ago)
@ms wpwm *If you follow feminist groups and pages, you'll actually see lots of feminists condemning man-hating.* Comparatively few with those who either openly or indirectly condone it. This, again, is from observation, not some "assumption" based on some "narrative" that I'm supposedly "pushing." I've observed this for myself over the years to come to that conclusion, not the other way around. Fact is, those "condemning" misandry are far outnumbered by those condoning it among feminists. Perhaps now you see what I'm saying. *moderate muslims would say that ther is no such thing as moderate Islam, and that extremists in Islam are not muslim...Meaning that they refuse to even recognize that there are people bombing and hurting people in the name of Islam.* No, wrong. The vast majority tend to sympathize with their so-called extremists, even if they themselves wouldn't actually become "holy warriors" themselves, nor would encourage their children to. The fact is, they don't *discourage* it, either. Are you sure you're not just creating assumptions based on YOUR narrative? *The right thing to do is to recognise the fact that all movements have their extremist sides...and next, do not allow the entire movement to be defined by what extremists say...because that's generalising* (Sigh) Okay, since you can't see what I'm saying here, try watching feminists on TV or at rallies. The leaders and representatives of the movement, by your definintion, are the extremists. How on this Earth can anyone not define a movement by what its leaders and spokespeople say? Feminism's leaders, in various forums, have all used the terms I've outlined (and worse that I simply haven't bothered with, they're often so petty) and said some pretty outrageous things about men in general, without public censure from any large number of feminists. They've even publicly denounced self-styled feminists who openly talk about facts that contradict the very narratives they push, like Cassie Jaye, Karen Straughan, or Christina Hoff-Summers. Cassie Jaye's story is most compelling, in that she's been publicly ridiculed, harrassed, and censored for making her documentary, "The Red Pill." Doesn't sound like the doing of "extremists" to me. This can only be done by feminism at large, by direction of the movement's leaders. *It's a waste of time to get stuck on what feminism means* Good. Admit that it's not about equality, and we're no longer "stuck." (Just kidding) In all seriousness, this IS what we're talking about, though, isn't it? What feminism actually means? Is it actually about equality, or is it about elevating women with reckless disregard for whatever else may happen? I'd say the latter is pretty accurate. *which is what a lot of meninists do* No such word, "meninists." That's a creation of feminist circles and found only in feminist lexicon. Difficult to define what that's supposed to mean. *Just play your part, stop trolling women's rights groups.* Had no idea YouTube was a "women's rights group." Look, she put her opinion out here, it's subject to fair criticism, and to inform her (and all who see it) of what the flaws in her claims are qualifies as such. How anyone can mischaracterize that this as "trolling" stretches reason far beyond the breaking point. *You might come from a generation where it is ok to rape women* Please tell me you don't mean that. Rape hasn't been acceptable for centuries in western culture. If you've ever read Shakespeare, he actually wrote a poem called "The Rape of Lucrece," published in 1594, describing such a thing and in dark terms, showing men of that age took umbrage at the notion of the subject. *Men need to start caring about men's rights* Who says most of us don't? The problem is, when any of us do publicly make the effort, we're shouted down and confronted with accusations of "hate mongers," and other suchlike; along with public displays of grotesque mischaracterization and near rioting just for the effort to make the effort or even the problems known. We see these unreasoning attitudes of feminists (again, generally), and prefer to fight our battles other ways. Much of the problem is that modern men, particularly those raised without fathers present, tend to become Quixotic in their stances, siding with even extremist feminist causes. Yes, by some standards, even to their own detriment. For as much as you profess agreement with what I say concerning what you term "extremists," I still don't see how anyone can term feminism "a movement dedicated to equality." Take a look at your own defense of feminism here. Much as you may decry the more extreme views of modern feminists, you also talk of men needing to advance their own right to "equality." If feminism were truly about equality, this would be unnecessary. By definition. Thank you for your time. Have a nice day.
Robert Eugene (4 months ago)
@ms wpwm Interesting comparison. Even moderate muslims agree with their "extremists." In surveys done worldwide, "moderate" muslims indicate that they might not become suicide bombers, but sympathize with them, won't condemn their murderous acts. Guess what? The same applies to to so-called moderate feminists. From observation, very rarely do "moderate" feminists call out insulting behavior from their leaders or talking heads. Example: (hashtag) kill all men. Instead of being indignant at such over the top, poor "humor," so-called moderate feminists reacted...against the men who had the very nerve not to laugh. Had the situation been reversed, feminists would have had a fit. Don't try to tell me you wouldn't. That's not "bigoted," it's the truth. *As a feminist here, I will promise you that I'll point out to women when they're being sexist.* If so, you're in the vast minority. But let's test that. Do you use any of the following terms: patriarchy, male privilege, rape culture, gender wage gap, street harassment, or toxic masculinity? If you do, particularly when talking about feminist issues, then you likely won't see most feminist sexist behavior as such. As for your question of what I've done "for male rights," trust me you don't want to make this personal. I'd suggest you cease with such an inquiry. (Partly because I do old fashioned things like writing my congressional representatives). The fact remains that feminism is *NOT* about equality. So far as most of us who don't identify as feminists are concerned, this claim is window dressing, not reality. *I also at the same time think men sometimes agree with these accusations.* Not accusations against men in general, we don't. You're using a very poor example here. Because a man expresses care and concern about his daughter, sister, mother, wife, etc. you're inferring he knows what men's nature is. This is projection, plain and simple. I've said such things many times to people I care about, and guess what? Not only to the women and girls, but to men and boys, too. There's nothing inherently wrong with male nature. Feminists typically think otherwise.
Robert Eugene (4 months ago)
@ms wpwm I think he *does* understand feminism. A lot better than some of its advocates. Feminists like our hostess in the video seldom (if ever) bother to speak up when some feminist suggests things like imprisonment of all men, or cutting the male population to one-tenth current levels, or (more mildly) makes insulting remarks about men in general. Feminism is experienced by all of us in different ways. Most of us learn through these experiences that feminism isn't what the dictionary says; especially when its proclaimed advocates aggressively snarl in men's faces and assault them for no more than stating what feminists disagree with.
impychimpyable (7 months ago)
@ms wpwm Oh but I know you very well. How? I hear you ask. Your choice of words, arguments and the ideology that you subscribe to (namely feminism) speak volumes for who you are.
impychimpyable (10 months ago)
whatever path you choose to follow in law...you will, so long as you remain in this current state of yours, turn out a failure...and blaming your failures and shortcomings on others in life. I did not report your comment.
Rose H. (11 months ago)
i love your videos! p/s: where did you buy your clothes huhu
Nate Prateep (11 months ago)
The gender wage gap is a myth. It has been debunked by REAL economists and professors. Please stop following western feminism. In my knowledge, Western liberalism is a mess. Liberal extremists have hijacked the formerly liberal terms like feminism, Equality and turned into a man-hating movement. If you look at the "pussy" marches, (yes that's what they call it) Men are being chased out because they're "oppressors" of women. I'm worried for Malaysians who worship the west (especially in KL)
Syakil Ahmed (11 months ago)
yet womens are outnumbered than mens
Shah Dan Hazard (11 months ago)
Nandhini always give the best pieces of advises in a friendly atmosphere.. 👌..
Salman K (9 months ago)
DJ RANA YB (11 months ago)
Musicly le Girls odambe kamikerangge ingge gud thk sollerenne odambe kamikatingge plz rombe mosama iruke plz akka tolong lah
Qayyim 24 (11 months ago)
I want a househusband, find one for me Nandini!
Ghani Mujbi (1 month ago)
trust me, you don't want a "house husband” that title is a sure way to lead your marriage into hell on earth
Pam Munisamy (8 months ago)
Faris Ariffin (11 months ago)
Love ya Nandiniiii ✨
This is my criticism about this video. Why must we include American Women's right to vote in this video? Because at that time, women already can vote in Europe. When we got our independence from the British, women in Malaysia got the right to vote. Therefore our 'feminist movement', does not revolve to American history, It has nothing to do with us. Second of all, most feminists always complain that not many women have high position in a company or in the government. I am okay with that kind of complaints, as for me people should get their work according to their performances and qualifications. If a man or a woman able to do the job magnificiently, it does not matter if what gender the person is. However, I am hoping more feminists to also fight for women to have shitty jobs as well. Jobs like picking up garbage or scaling high up in construction. These jobs are still majority being held by men. The video itself depicts that women are different than men, as women can bear children, where as men cannot. Hence biologically and physiologically men and women are not designed to be equal. However women and men are designed to be complimenting each other. In other words, it is impossible for men and women to have equality and I am not writing this in condensending way. There are rights for women and men that should be equal. In certain areas, women should have more right than men. In other areas, men should bear more right than women. Now, as a society, it is up to us to define what should be equal, what women should have more rights and what men should have more rights. This is my opinion regarding this matter. I am sure I am going to get alot of hates for writing these :D
Apiz Cyril (1 month ago)
yeah...they just want the top class position so they can look cool and class. i'll bet 1000 if we ask them to do jobs like wht you said, picking up garbage, they will basically tell" eurggh, isnt that mens/foreigners job" "the job is not safe for women" "our physical are different" bla bla bla and then again blaiming men for all things happen they bsically just want to feel more superior than men but they covering it to look less savage and mean by spreading the word "equality" agenda. im not saying men are superior than women and need to stay that way.
Tizerrn Cassandra (8 months ago)
Ayee so you're saying that just because women's don't do the same job as you that somehow is a reason to depict that we are not equal to man? Uhhhhh okay
Rani Sun (11 months ago)
True. Feminists demand for equality, but in truth they cannot handle it all of it. The risky jobs, the stress of top leadership positions, and balancing leadership with domestic duties. That is why women themselves decline the position because of moral obligations. Patriarchy exists in Malaysia, true, but women still have the prerogative to decide their career advancement. Feminists' demand for equality basically abolishes male chivalry. Sad.
Nate Prateep (11 months ago)
Ismail Saleh (11 months ago)
Thank you for the excellent and informative video post.
evan Evan (5 months ago)
Ismail Saleh shudup
Zuliyana Zulkifli (11 months ago)
im also a feminist, so i believe in gender equality. But, there was one time where im talking to this guy and he is clearly a dumbass. it's started when he said "i have to do a laundry because i dont have a wife" and im reacted with "so if you have a wife also, you cant do laundry ke?". then he replied with"if my wife want to be yell at, he might do his laundry". so i told him that, im a feminist because i believe in gender equality but instead of trying to understand what im saying, he used religion as an excuse. he said that women's heaven is under her husband's feet, so she have to listen to what her husband said. here is what i think, no matter you are a men or a women, you should do your own laundry because it is your own clothes. same goes with cooking, all gender must know how to cook because its for your own good. its simple. then, he tried to blame feminism. i told him i dont believe in women are better than men. i believe in gender equality like equal pay and equal education. he then told me that men dont have maternity leave and why women have it. i just dont want to listen to his nonsense, so i told him he have right to have his own opinions amd so do i. however, in the end, he just say " it must suck to be you" to me. that kind of mentality is very toxic and please dont embarrass yourself with your own stupidity. btw, sorry for the long rant.
Renuga Patchamuthu (11 months ago)
Nandini thanks!!!
Kartik Suresh (11 months ago)
I love your videos but pls.. i wish to see your face when you talk. Anyways gbu.
teeN Vampire (9 months ago)
lol..is it disturbing?
SarawakLaksa (11 months ago)
Gender Equality for all!
artificial_skeleton83 (11 months ago)
I believe in gender equality
Faris Channel TV (11 months ago)
Nandini .. jgn terlalu seksi la baju tuu.. cover sikit
Adam Rayyan Abdullah (2 months ago)
Ya bro..i know you were just giving some brotherly advice..some dummies wont understand..they will justify it and preach you back..dummies
Dennise Danny (8 months ago)
@Faris Channel TV bad opinion..just keep it to yourself
Faris Channel TV (8 months ago)
@Dennise Danny whats your problems..it's my opinion
Dennise Danny (8 months ago)
Whats your problem..its her choice
teeN Vampire (9 months ago)
betul tu.. exposing
dead man (11 months ago)
Stop all this crap. Feminism is mental disorder.
Here's Hana (11 months ago)
That's a YUGE problem😂 -Donald Trump 2018
Syahrul Asyraf (11 months ago)
same with skin color/ race actually. in past time, black people fight for equality but nowadays they try to make agenda like black people is better then white or being white is sin. not all but some. this thing actually happen in malaysia if u notice.
MagicalKid (3 months ago)
Hold up, how is that comparable to Malaysia again? * you better come up with a good explanation.
Nate Prateep (10 months ago)
ms wpwm if you actually look at their rallies and marches, the thing they say in the name of that movement is disgusting. Dont just watch the mainstream media. Do your own research. YouTube itself is a good place to start. Watch some videos from conservative channels so you can get the real picture behind the movement and why it isn't legit
Nate Prateep (11 months ago)
In the west, yes. A loud minority of them. How do you see that happening in Malaysia?
SHOCK PLAY (11 months ago)
No offense I am big fan of nandini 🙈🙈🙈😂😂🤣🤣but I can't eye contact......
Mimi mj (11 months ago)
Atleast cover your cleavage lah nandini 🤦🏻‍♀️
Satanic Goddess (1 month ago)
How is it that you decide weather she wants to or not.
Hanna N (11 months ago)
i think feminism is still not widely as accepted because of this misconception and some “feminists” tend to be exclusive towards other minorites when preaching about feminism too. don’t get me wrong, I love labelling myself as a feminist but I wish it were more inclusive, and fights more than just what I consider the basics of the movement. also: nandini’s such a gem i love her
Hanna N (10 months ago)
ms wpwm I totally get what you’re trying to say and I appreciate your opinion on it! I guess what I was trying to say wasn’t delivered clearly but what I meant by the movement being exclusive is based on how little rights people in marginalized groups get, such as trans women (and men) in the lgbtq community. and you’re right, there are a tons of women who don’t fit into the mainstream narrative of what feminism look like that DO actively fight for women’s rights. I just wish there were lots more with a more diverse representation though. Or at least, get more media coverage.
Izzat Sofian (11 months ago)
Yall shouldve quoted beyonce in ***flawless. The lyrics: "Feminist: the person who believes in the social Political, and economic equality of the sexes"
Your Buddies (11 months ago)
the most difficult to be a man.. see nandini in this video.. 😍😅
Nemisha S (11 months ago)
Video title error
Azizul Adnan (11 months ago)
1) 0:41 Woah. Zaman Jahiliah. See, I still know my Sejarah XD. Tapi form 6 dah takde sejarah, jadi ni sebagai pengetahuan am saja XD 2) 2:41 Kalau nk tahu lebih pasal ni, tengok tv show 'Timeless' (cite time travel, and all that) Season 2 Episode 7, title "Mrs Sherlock Holmes". Tapi spoilerlah sikit, sbb dh episode 7 kan, dan dh musim ke-2 XD 3) Kak Nandini, ini sudah jadi satu benda global (global ke, tak tahu cite ni popular ke tak XD). Watak utama dalam tv show "Doctor Who" ialah seorang wanita sekarang. And yes, byk gila controversi sbb dh lama watak ni jadi seorang lelaki (13 pelakon lelaki). Tapi, saya welcome pelakon wanita ni with open arms. :D P.S. saya gilakan cite time travel semua tu XD
Azizul Adnan (10 months ago)
ms wpwm yeah...
Gursumeet Kaur (11 months ago)
This is so true... I experience so many problems in my school where I do the whole project and the boys gets the credit... If only they could just use their brains for once, that would be so wonderful.... I really appreciate Nandini for calling this issue out... 😊😊Keep up the good work SAYS!!
Gursumeet Kaur (11 months ago)
Mike Raeken Maybe I should try that... Thanks for the tip😊
Nate Prateep (11 months ago)
That's not their fault, If you stand up and said "I did all the work", instead of shutting your mouth, then maybe you would've gotten the credits after all
Gursumeet Kaur (11 months ago)
Atom good for you though, that's actually a really good thing.😇😇
Atom (11 months ago)
Gursumeet Kaur sayy whaaaaa..in my school, girls always gets the credit😭😭 But i don't mind at all 😂..no hate ✌
ClumsyArts Rain (11 months ago)
Auni A. (11 months ago)
Empowering women who are not being acknowledge is not fair.
Lily (11 months ago)
"please don't post things like, men to the left because women are always right. THAT'S DUMB. Cuz no one is always right!" YASSS QUEENNNN
Robert Eugene (6 months ago)
Then, kindly tell other feminists to refrain from such lame and, frankly, insulting "jokes."
sitinur aisyah (11 months ago)
Go nandini 😆
Saiful Hadi (11 months ago)
1st hehe. THoughtful.

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