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Gangnam Style - Acoustic Version

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My son told me he could sing Gangnam Style with the original Korean lyrics ...
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fancypantz3000 (2 years ago)
OMG, I think he is the cutest kid I've ever seen. such talent...loves it...thank you todd!!
lindsay g (6 years ago)
We Loved it! Todd's expression is awesome and Jack is a great singer!!! The hug is our favorite part!!! Bling and Family
ZooterOne (6 years ago)
3:11...Chappelle the Older thinks the song is finished. Chappelle the Younger is just getting warmed up.
SirTunnelSnake (6 years ago)
This is really bad.
Warren Small (6 years ago)
Omg that was great! Ur son sounded good and the lyrics sounded good!
Michael Natrin (6 years ago)
lol Todd your expression throughout is so excited.

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