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Trucking Magic City Classic Traffic🤬😡🤬

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Well I got caught up in this krazy traffic not really moving so I thought I would tell you what happened to me over the weekend just a little ride along so for the ones who just listen you might enjoy this more. Be sure to like,share,subscribe and always stay Suckerfree
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Guspatrino Jones (7 months ago)
313 baby
The Black Greek Mafia (7 months ago)
I lock myself at a freightliner several times. What you do is go to Ace Hardware get keys made for cheap Get a zip tie and Tie somewhere on the engine
The Black Greek Mafia (7 months ago)
About 40percent of the people didn't go to the game.. just like in Indianapolis just being apart of the problem and getting in everyone way..
Parteehard Da Trucker (7 months ago)
You're a moderator
Rashid Mahdi (7 months ago)
Parteehard Da Trucker (7 months ago)
Your a moderator
cade brown (7 months ago)
I got my cdl class A a year and a half ago and I finally asked out my best friend and she said yes
Keng DeShawn{MYXER-TV} (7 months ago)
Damn now thats a trucking nightmare...
kekokid72 (7 months ago)
I see you getting fancy with the production fam
Devin Jackson (7 months ago)
Wutt it do bruh, dope video.
Justin Potts (7 months ago)
Check out @SuhkuhtashMusic. great riding music. Let me know what you think https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9rpl903ePlhaElmlWcPXB7nkLPzvIooV
Lua Shelton (7 months ago)
Looks like the Cross Bronx down south. Yeah I started wearing a key on my neck, and I dont take it off til I get home. I even sing a rubber band around it to make it almost a choker so it won't come off when I'm sleeping. I stuff it inside my shirt . Not getting locked out again.You could lose your life in winter.Snaps , and some key ring hardware do not hold key well. Be careful.
C Trey (7 months ago)
the black folks down here aint shit i hate it ,atl stick together
C Trey (7 months ago)
last year for classic i was mad asf i couldnt even use my fone either thousands of fucking ppl out this year i didnt have that problem this year
TaylorMade 313 (7 months ago)
Put a extra key on a necklace
Patrick Tyler (7 months ago)
Birmingham and Atlanta I hate driving thru these two cities they have the worst drivers and can't drive worth a damn.
Mack 357 (7 months ago)
B'ham.....A&M Bulldogs 99' Yessirr best band of da south Selma Alabama native #WildChild #Leftlanegang #Reefer #757LargeCar safe travels etc
Buddha Blac (7 months ago)
Buddha Blac (7 months ago)
I be back n dat shit Monday
Cool_Movepar (7 months ago)
Should've took i459 and bypassed all of that.
Money mike Slick will (7 months ago)
Love the new intro
Law Soul (7 months ago)
Trucker life
Lua Shelton (7 months ago)
Just checking in during pre-trip. Gotta tell you that while I was puttering around doing laundry in the 'ole housecoat last night with headset on--It actually happened, to my surprise. My phone silently pocket dialed, and suddenly I hear outa nowhere" APPETY, APPETY, ...!!" When I reached in my pocket to view--there was that stunning picture of Kee Dee Wee and Junior full screen.Pocket dialed .Self selected from all of YouTube. It happened.
Larry Cauley (7 months ago)
Cuz get that bucket, trash bag, baby wipes, paper towels and toilet seat. ...oh and don't forget your spray
Exclamation Thoughts (7 months ago)
Larry Cauley bruh I anit 💩 in my truck I don’t care how late the load is
Bless Tone (7 months ago)
Peace. I bobtail from Providence RI to NJ sometimes from 13-35mph. No credit card denied hotels don't take cash. I wasn't scared just aware. 8hrs no traffic. PRAISE HIM.! I told my wife if the cop stop me they gotta take me (I guess) lol
Bless Tone (7 months ago)
@Powerful I only had $100 on it. But I kept over$500 cash. You can't break my spirit I'm blessed!!
Powerful (7 months ago)
Why dont u have a credit card fool
Bernard Williams (7 months ago)
Yep you are definitely in the Magic City Traffic... Alabama State vs Alabama A&M. Brother you won't listen, you could have saved yourself some bread. Hang a spare key on one of your hoses under the hood, or on your catwalk brother.
205 Tanker (7 months ago)
Yeah bruh it was the wrong weekend to come through bham. Damn If I had seen this last night I could have got you around that.
Zach R (7 months ago)
They had big football game there this weekend

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