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For centuaries men are thought to be superior to women. But recent research has proved that wrong. Sorry, guys. This has science written all over it. Women are smarter, cleaner, and simply more amazing. So here I present 10 ways that science proves Women Are Superior To Men.
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The Truth (2 months ago)
I don't think so
Samurai Jack (5 months ago)
Most women are objects to satisfy men, nothing more, nothing less.
Dangdood (8 months ago)
what the fuck women are shit drivers
nathan nyhus (10 months ago)
Factoworm tv is showing all the signs of subjectivism and should be disregarded in any scientific investigations or studies. You have been served you prime example of reverse Darwinism.
Mr. Grey (1 year ago)
10. Are Americans superior to Indians because they live longer? No. Life in India is harder than in America and a mans life is harder than that of a woman 9. Are you superior to your mother or your daughter? They're more likely to crash than you. This has nothing to do with superiority. 8. Who cares what the public believes? That is an opinion not a fact. 7. Link the study. Even if it is true, and it probably isn't, women being better at one small part of of gaming development doesn't mean much. 6. This one is true but men are better at focusing on a *single* task. It breaks even. 5. Women have easier lives and less stress. As for "better under fire", no that is not true. In fact I better you're feeling pretty insulted just reading this comment and will respond emotionally instead of factually if you reply. 4. Link the study. 3. WRONG! Studies say the *opposite*. This is a myth based on women being able to give birth. As for living off their fat, does this mean Donald Trump is superior to Hilary Clinton? He's fatter. 2. Debatable and there are several diseases/disorders that only affect women. 1. That is not a matter of biology so much as group difference. The average IQ of someone in India is 16 points lower than an American, are Americans superior to Indians? 5:01 < This is a blatant lie. The 2 highest IQs are William James Sidis and Terence Tao. How did I even end up here?

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