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Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/jarek120 Valentine's Day is THE WORST!! Guys don't try anymore! SHARE if LOVE STINKS!! Check out Stuart Edge! http://youtube.com/StuartEdge Check out Public Prank! http://youtube.com/PublicPrank SUBSCRIBE http://bit.ly/1hXH68w TWITTER: http://twitter.com/jarek120 FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/DisturbReality 2ND CHANNEL: http://youtube.com/evancloyd INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/jarek120 COMMENT, LIKE, FAVORITE and SHARE this video if you liked it! http://www.DisturbReality.com Business Inquires: [email protected] ------ Be inspired to learn. Aspire to disturb. ♥♣Rise Above♦♠
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Text Comments (1311)
Nomaid Brookyn (13 days ago)
girls are bitches. they act like they act all high and mighty. in the end of the day they get laid and fucked by hundreds.
Cosmic Ghost (1 month ago)
5 years later still watching this. Still single 🤣
Tayler Reed ROBLOX (2 months ago)
Saurav Subedi (2 months ago)
bot (2 months ago)
5 years later but I don't care, remember watching this video when I was 14 and man this deserves a sequel for sure
Gacha-Meme-Girl 1082 (2 months ago)
Captain Loser Cosplays (4 months ago)
1:05 it’s Katsuki Bakugou!!! 😂
criistiine (5 months ago)
1:41 korean they were I think and they said "it's alright" to her friend... idk lol
Ruth Christian (5 months ago)
Well that’s aggressive a little hahaha
linkinpaak (5 months ago)
I just saw this on an episode of TruTV's Top Funniest and said "holy crap, that's Jarek!"
Mai Va Lee (9 months ago)
just ask them to fuck
HamNaza (1 year ago)
absolute hilarious
Uku Kook (1 year ago)
I faced public rejection today (v-tines day)
sheltomlee (1 year ago)
It's not a "prank" you're just acting like a psycho white guy. I think we have enough of those.
Ajay Kumar (1 year ago)
Heartless World.! 💔
Isaac Yap (1 year ago)
I don't then have the balls to talk to girls
kid city (1 year ago)
Thanks for making my day good
Abhishek Bagaria (1 year ago)
the man in middle is best reaction i like how u damaged 😎😎
Minatozaki Makoto (1 year ago)
no teddy bears were harm in the making of this video
Pianobob (1 year ago)
Here's the thing: No.
Suwaiida (2 years ago)
"I'm single" 😂😂😂😂
dianne rose (2 years ago)
tf 😂
RJ GAMER AZIM (2 years ago)
awesome video 👌
MR.TROLL (2 years ago)
2:38 the guy was hungry af
Kevin (2 years ago)
PIn this comment! These Fucking Feminists Cunts Whores on the street. They are all the same they will either say i have a boyfriend or say no and walk by you. I'm sorry to say to all girls reading this but you Woman aren't women anymore you all are so Destroyed mentally and are so abusive and pathetic. 80% of the male population will leave the earth without any offspring because you all are so fucked up. And those that do get offspring get married and have children and after a few years you pull the plug take the children, the house, car, and the money away from the poor man and then the man finds out you have been cheating on him from Day 1 And then you wonder what did i do wrong!?! Like rly? O__o
DARKYOYA (2 years ago)
lol this was so funny XD
TechnoFreak (2 years ago)
Brosius Yeeuuurr (2 years ago)
The guy at 1:33 "im single" im ded😂
AbdulRahman Ali (2 years ago)
Dat shout doe xD
Prem Pal (2 years ago)
one more
LJ VLOGGS (2 years ago)
Stop wasting things your fucking stupid
Nicholas (2 years ago)
You guys got no one
Joy Afable (2 years ago)
Stuart's reaction was the best lmao
McMk Sen (2 years ago)
Really funny how if u wear fully white on valentine you'll attract alot of attention
Marco Di Vito (2 years ago)
I m laughing so much in 2016 watching this video :')
GvendyCrap (2 years ago)
Last guy was funnier asking for a chocolate
Vedezo Nienu (2 years ago)
Ha ha
Vedezo Nienu (2 years ago)
old guy in single ha ga
Faith Sauceda (2 years ago)
1:33 "Im single!" IM
short video , i wanna see more.
For A Bad Day (2 years ago)
the best old guy in the world. 1:34
Curly Queen (2 years ago)
Okay 0:59-1:13 killed me xD😂😂
Rafael (2 years ago)
i love the guy in all white second reaction to getting rejected slams stuff down kicks chocolate and pops balloon dying of laughter 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
marta valenzuela (2 years ago)
i cryed
Jee Ann (2 years ago)
782 subs and 728 view illuminati confimed !!! haha
Joshua H (2 years ago)
0:44 is such a savage
Irvinol (2 years ago)
This is a public disturbance and completely unnecessary.
RyanPerson (3 years ago)
Lol that one guy was like "I'm single!"
Karamjeet Kaur (3 years ago)
last attempt is funny af
sydney w (3 years ago)
All those damn chocolates wasted
Kae Pugna (2 years ago)
IKR and I'm hungry to
Dazyet (3 years ago)
Hahhaha I love the old man "Well, I'm single!"
Peter2kx (3 years ago)
See, this is a good prank. I'm getting tired of seeing these half ass "pranks" on YouTube. "Oh man gets killed GONE WRONG" "annoying others in public GONE SEXUAL" God damn! I'm just so glad to see good pranks like these. :)
Paty B. (3 years ago)
omigosh this is soooooo true.
Swifty C (3 years ago)
Omg i have not laughed at a video in forever then i watched this xD
Navdeep chhoker (3 years ago)
watching this on rose day
Elvia Nunez (3 years ago)
lol that girl tryed too take the bear 😂😂😂😂😂
Zeurs (3 years ago)
She stole the teddy bear XD
Hindoian (3 years ago)
Its the funniest prank i have ever seen before
TheDestint (3 years ago)
The way you kick that teddy and scream at the girls is damn funny. Excellent prank !!
Zack Cordle (3 years ago)
That old guy though, "I'm single!" 😂😂😂
CatwomanMia (2 years ago)
yess 😂😂😂
aremedshadow - Drew (3 years ago)
+Zack Cordle that was so funny XD
FuelledbyPho (3 years ago)
+Zack Cordle ikr lololololol
Joshua Williams (3 years ago)
the guy that asked to have a piece of chocolate at the end
Anpanman (3 years ago)
1:40 - "gwaenchanha"
Rakeem Smith (3 years ago)
2:18 the guy looks like Robby from victorious
Rakeem Smith (3 years ago)
The fuq
Rakeem Smith (3 years ago)
Its a big commitment
Danny De La Cruz (3 years ago)
Jareks reaction to the first rejection is priceless!!!
The Spade (3 years ago)
Evan you were the only one who actually tried everybody else just frowned. Hilarious though!
Alex Y (3 years ago)
That old professor looking guy plays chill
Fujiwara Misaki (3 years ago)
I actually felt sorry for them ;.; when they "raged" like that. I am so sensitive
Kleo Zakanet (3 years ago)
...That dude in 1:32
White Knee Grow (3 years ago)
That first guy did the best job out of all of them
eizaam azman (3 years ago)
That part when the random uncle said "im single" HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHA i laugh af on that
Sydney Rutherford (3 years ago)
Dude you just waisted all that chocolate!!!!!
Insert Name (4 years ago)
girls don't give a f anymore xD
Yo did u clean all that shit up?
Wil Briggs (4 years ago)
omg jarek u are a great magician, and ur hilarious. I idolize u.
Farhad Zaidi (4 years ago)
Lmao 2:35 jarek gets pissed andthe guy is just like can I have it
Lizeth Torres (4 years ago)
This was hilarious!!! If one of them went up to me then I would definitely say YES!!!
FrostBiteHD Gaming (4 years ago)
this video was on ridiculousnes
Saxmast3r (4 years ago)
Balloons, assorted chocolates, and teddy bears WERE hurt in the making of this film. Lik if u cry evertiem. :_(
Saxmast3r (4 years ago)
1:34 "I.. I'm single!" LMAO. xD
Jakeith Mosley (4 years ago)
royklein12 (4 years ago)
people in africa could have eaten stuart edge :\
Jacquie C (4 years ago)
The girl is like: he may not be mine but this teddy bear is
elleice henderson (4 years ago)
This doesn't make any sence I know its a prank and all but no one going to always say yes I wouldn't because I don't know u at all
Sparklez22AJ (4 years ago)
so many chocolates were brutally murdered...
JIMINS WIFE (4 years ago)
LOL! How that Asian girl took the bear 1:51 xD
Muhsin Khalif (4 years ago)
ruffsnap (4 years ago)
Ahahah the fuckin old guy "I'm single!" ahaha
emane g (4 years ago)
uiiiiop300 (4 years ago)
I just come back to watch the first reaction. 
Beautifullife89 (4 years ago)
Like if your watching this on Valentine Day and enjoyed this :D
Vhs W4v3 (4 years ago)
i am dead :'D 😂😂😂😂😂
? (4 years ago)
wow,,that's fuckin dramatic. nice!
Raphael Saunders (4 years ago)
1:02 The girl run kkkkkk 1:07 Explosion sound kkkkk
green ninja (4 years ago)
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KingofPros21 (3 years ago)
Thank god it isn't another illuminati piece of shit
bob stanley (4 years ago)
you guys for this valentines should do part 2 orrrrrrrrr maybe using dress code with a shirt that says "will you be my valentine?"
Isentux (4 years ago)
I love this video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alfredo Fawkes (4 years ago)
"reasons like you!! Guys don't try anymore!!" lmao that was perfect! C

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