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Please excuse our slight insanity. And our lack of focus and ability to stay in tune... We had the longest day and this was us being as normal as we could. Hope you all had a blessed Easter. PRAISE GOD FOR HE IS RISEN! God bless.
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Lie Cuadra (1 year ago)
God is so good. <3
Joseph Littlewood (3 years ago)
OMG r u kidding
Eric Pangilinan (3 years ago)
He's SO good to me! I'm forgiven! Amazing Love! (Amazing indeed!) AMEN! Thanks for singing this!
kartiko cahyono (3 years ago)
waw... there is so much fun in beautifulness given.. :)
gedeon mondido (4 years ago)
Leno Tobor (4 years ago)
I Love ♥ Jesus Christ and I Love ♥ JayessLee . God Bless You♪♪♪¶¶¶
lola ni doraemon (3 years ago)
+Leno Tobor same!
Yareli Meza (4 years ago)
i know the second song in spanish:D!!
2win Angels (4 years ago)
Beautiful voices*^_^*.....Plus ur soooo funny!!...NIce 2 know that U go to Church.......... by the way what is ur religion??...Sorry for the Question<=We're just wondering!..LOve Ya Jayesslee! And Thanks in Advance for the reply*^_^*
God is so good !! ♥♥♥♥♥
+lola ni doraemon God bless you.
lola ni doraemon (3 years ago)
+Kittisak Akkarananthaphong yes!
ingouf setiawan (5 years ago)
blessings from Jakarta! Gbu
tong chau (5 years ago)
I LIKE IT ! (22/05/2014)      觀看次數:373,372      喜歡 1,989      不喜歡 36
Roza Naranchimeg (5 years ago)
like like like
dear pamela (5 years ago)
amazing love!
CaliBisounours972 (5 years ago)
i likkkeee... amen ...Glory to da Lord!!!
Marzia Aldrighetti (5 years ago)
love it!
Elizabeth Điền (5 years ago)
So wonderful...May God bless you <3
Kate Grey (5 years ago)
Great voices! ♥
Sintique Roodrigues (5 years ago)
a voz das tres juntas parece cm as esquilets kkk
RedRobin (5 years ago)
Does Anna play the violin by any chance? She reminds me of someone I used to know in Gold Coast.
Miss D (5 years ago)
wow ! great voices ^^
Joanne Q (5 years ago)
Amen !
ゆあYua heo (5 years ago)
God bless
beautykpop16 (5 years ago)
Ummm excuse me whoever commented below me! God does exist and dont insult his name!! Then why did u watch this video from the start?! Hm!!
Challenge House (5 years ago)
god sucks god dont even excist BUAHAHAH
lol anna is so funny....
Nathasya Bianca (5 years ago)
LOL anna and soniaaaaa
Grady Bledsoe (6 years ago)
Great video
chim mồi (6 years ago)
anh yêu em ! Vietnamese
Zhazira Z (6 years ago)
ur friend seems high in this video!
Simo Elalaoui (6 years ago)
i looove it ! u have an amazing voice , i just dont understand why aren't u superstars ..
silverdarklily13 (6 years ago)
i believe someone got terribly wasted after service
Anele Gawulana (6 years ago)
Wonderful <3
Komal Bodke (6 years ago)
3 Part harmony, all done beautifully.
Arnold Decal (6 years ago)
I love anna,. 3
dingaia (6 years ago)
The face she makes there is soooooo funny
Thi Kieu Trinh Nguyen (6 years ago)
you both sang so beautiful ♥ ♥ I'm from Vietnam.
Richard Mayson (6 years ago)
Carrie Lee (6 years ago)
i really like anna <3
Lily Arnould (6 years ago)
very good xoxo love u!!!
Natanael Nascimento (6 years ago)
I'm from Brazil You sing very    success
Adele ıanaa (6 years ago)
De Gunx (6 years ago)
without sonia they will never be complete
Estefanni C. (6 years ago)
Can you please have a version of" on beended knees" song? :)
Anthony Kim (6 years ago)
mooncheetos (6 years ago)
miguel vallejo luna (6 years ago)
Girls never forget who´s your lord as you were singing in this video, dont look to the world you have a propose for your lives and its to praise the lord whit that amazing voice, not to entreteint the world, but to praise Jesus. You´re amazing. Blessings.
Kane Carcido (6 years ago)
Oh-em just watching your videos already made my day! You guys are cute and bubbly, with a really nice voice. Continue spreading God's love through your music. :)
lantern (6 years ago)
You guys are a perfect match, great at working together.
KUKU ArtsAndCrafts (6 years ago)
Beautiful trio!!!!!... Pretty girls!... pretty voices!
vellarry may (6 years ago)
so cute^__^
Margaret (6 years ago)
I wish i could harmoize and sing like that
Jack Nathan (6 years ago)
Haven Law (6 years ago)
you are soo good...you guys r so good...love it girls!!!
Mario John (6 years ago)
You ladies make this World a little brighter.
chin puu (6 years ago)
rozey wlee (6 years ago)
i love this song..God is so Good
Sonia Inopiquez (6 years ago)
Lol. I like how personal bubbles don't exist between them xD
Ashlee Johnson (6 years ago)
absolutely beautiful harmony
Paulo Reis (6 years ago)
you guys looked very crazy in that video! very funny!
nut wilawan (6 years ago)
God it so good to me
geeohn jimena (6 years ago)
sonia <3
Gwen Lim (6 years ago)
Anna looked so funny... looked like she's drunk LOL
Bibiana Hoheiting (6 years ago)
I like how Anna look in here:D
ELThenN (6 years ago)
Praise the Lord...
jeuzs13 (6 years ago)
why , sonia is GOOD !!
Patricia Gomez (6 years ago)
You're so cute, Sonia. :D
Rela Ramos (6 years ago)
i love you girls. Im a christian too. I am proud of you :) God bless you more
taryn (6 years ago)
0:26 Sonia: "Do you want to say something Anna?" Anna: "Yeah" *giggles* Janice: "That's enough, thank you." XD
sMORGAN'Sbored (7 years ago)
Nice acapella! The harmonies were really good. I love those two songs u sang, too. What is ur religion btw?
melmel1234 (7 years ago)
The acapella was amazing :D
KPKB (7 years ago)
Gia Medina (7 years ago)
have some respect kid. please shut up.
wize1ne (7 years ago)
Praise God for your talents. You gals are sooo adorable. I love how Sonia says, "Awkward pause." Keep praising our Lord Jesus with your voices.
itsweilin (7 years ago)
fuck off u bitch!
Jason Pham (7 years ago)
then u should stop talking shit u young kid. ur mom should of taught you to respect the others.
eeddwweerrdd (7 years ago)
anna seems a little tipsy haha
Jayanne Lee (7 years ago)
Ana's so pretty!
James Chalit (7 years ago)
ร้องเพลงคริสนิ ครัฟ
Izzi T (7 years ago)
very niceee but I can't help much laugh with them at the end too :p
sampark (7 years ago)
@briankim1993 have some respect man
Marcio Martins (7 years ago)
I love This Music!I Sing in the church!Good Is So Good!:D
Cnovel86 (7 years ago)
i love it!
We happyness for look at this clip
นี่มันไม่ใช่สวยแพ็คคู่.. แต่เป็นสวยแพ็คสาม!!
Fully Exc (7 years ago)
Brandon Pestano (7 years ago)
Gotta love the last part!! haha. so cute!
rekcufeht (7 years ago)
@cutelittlepinay most probably not. large portion of koreans are protestant
bearie tranie (7 years ago)
@sasukerukia aww cool :)
Renzaki Haruken (7 years ago)
@Ivy290393 Krystal Jung from Korean group f(x) and Kevin from korean group Ukiss
bearie tranie (7 years ago)
@sasukerukia who are krystal and kevil ?
Faith Finau (7 years ago)
Renzaki Haruken (7 years ago)
omg! Anna is like the beautiful combination of Krystal and Kevin! o 3o
Fai Srisakun (7 years ago)
i love the girl in the middle. she is so funny love you Anna
D4 Fitness Martyr (7 years ago)
you girls are so cute ant funny especially you at the end sonya lol
Gilbert Jennifer (8 years ago)
VERY STRONG ALTO... like it!!!
Jas Le (8 years ago)
Anna looks like kevin of ukiss right?
blueframepo3 (8 years ago)
Your guy's harmony is amazing :D It brings joy to musician's ears everywhere :D God Bless ^_^

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