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Love & Hip Hop star Cyn Santana found herself defending comments she made on a two-year old podcast of Angela Yee’s “Lip Service.” Audio of Cyn making comments about Black men catering to Spanish women. “They, black guys, cater to us Spanish girls, especially,” she said before stopping herself. “Like they – you know what, let me not even get into it. I didn’t mean it like that. Black girls are going to take it personal.” As you can expect, Black women didn’t take to her words kindly, but Cyn took to Twitter to apologize and explain her former sentiments. Cyn responded to fans who tweeted their concerns and admitted that she made a “bird” and ignorant statement while being naive to her own Afro-Latina ancestry. Despite what one tweeter said, Cyn denied insinuating that Black men catering to Spanish women because of their attitude. Cyn was clearly in the wrong for what she said, but it isn’t a narrative we haven’t heard before. Either way, the reality TV star handled her rebuttals well. She acknowledged her wrongdoing, made it a learning experience and didn’t run away from the conversation. We know a few celebs who can take a page out of her book. - Click here for the article: https://hellobeautiful.com/playlist/cyn-santana-responds-to-backlash-after-resurfaced-comments-black-men-cater-to-us-spanish-girls/ My STORE: www.gordonecosmetics.com Subscribe Here: http://goo.gl/M9C4oL Business Inquires | [email protected] Follow me: Join my Beauty Community | http://goo.gl/Lq5y5O Facebook | http://www.facebook.com/LEAHGORDONEYT Instagram | http://www.instagram.com/LEAHGORDONE Twitter | http://www.twitter.com/LEAHGORDONE Blog | www.leahgordoneblogs.com I DO NOT OWN MUSIC. ALL RIGHTS GO TO THE OWNER. All opinions are my own.
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Leah Gordone (1 month ago)
Other videos regarding the topic I enjoyed! LovelyTi Response | https://youtu.be/J9lFuWBlnlY Chrissie Response | https://youtu.be/-ec-91FXlfc Paris Milan Response | https://youtu.be/WQ7_iWqO8UI Queen Chioma Response | https://youtu.be/BL-y5iqupsc
Thekeyman1 (15 days ago)
Latina women of African descent are racially similar to African American women. But are culturally different and will always be. The mentality is just different. And the reason why they deny their blackness (especially when they come to United States) is because of them distinguishing them selves as not being African American.
Diallo Strawter (18 days ago)
under noticed yeah but what they don’t understand is that white people will still call them a nigger that’s just reality so they can call themselves what ever they like
Sunshine (21 days ago)
These dumbass black women on the internet need to keep their mouth shut. y'all sound so, ignorant with y'all stupid question !!😣
Sunshine (21 days ago)
You Negroes women are stupid as hell y'all get on internet talk about any thing !!😣
Carl Blak (23 days ago)
+Melanin Doll she high energy maybe too much but love it nontheless.I appreciate my sistas,they like us brothers got natural talent.Latinas are not our friends,black american brothers and sisters stop claiming people that hate you.We have no friends
Bre ! (1 hour ago)
There's racist in every race a bunch I mean a bunch of blacks are racist againts Latinos have you watched the news ? Or you only interested in thing where blacks are victims ?
Tom Collins (5 hours ago)
Wow.... sorry I even came to the comment section. So many angry statements from Black women about Black men. We're not ALL like that, sheeeesh! Go ahead and "date outside your race"..... yeah! That'll sure show us! 🤷🤦🤣🤣💀💀💀
chan hyun (12 hours ago)
Victim mentality
144Soldier (17 hours ago)
Truth be told. Those african women are the most superior on the earth. Over african american and Latinos. It's not even close. Some of rhe finest women on the planet in Africa with naturally monster asses.
144Soldier (17 hours ago)
Naw... Some black Latinos are fine. But those pale lations cant compete with black women at all. Black is black.. so latina blacks are the same. Black women are superior on all levels.
Superficial Ken (1 day ago)
Your channel has inspired me and informed me about Colourism I have always noticed it ... light skins ...going out in public with my friends and boys telling my friends straight to their face Ur cute but I want the light skin .......u know with the good hair and seeing curly girls left and right in my face... I’ve noticed my light skin privilege etc and it’s got to the point to were I don’t like that mentality of the whole light over dark ..... it annoying...... I think sometimes would this boy even still want me if my skin darker... u know
Infamouslovely (1 day ago)
Sis speak the fucking truth. I been saying we need to stop saying Latina and Afro latins women are black. They not one of us. Period
Noodles Jive (1 day ago)
Black people love to invalidate the feelings that black women have, quite often. This is why black unity barely exists. Me saying barely is being too generous. When people preach about black unity I just laugh. As for Latinas, I have had very solid friendships with them, but that's just my experience.
Abby R. (1 day ago)
No one is above anyone we’re all equal PERIOD ❣️🤞🏽
Cynthia East (3 days ago)
There were 12 million slave imported to South America. Argentina killed a lot of African from 1817 till today with bad healthcare and sending them to the front lines of war. Again, history is waiting for people to know it. 500,000 slave were imported to North America. The legal and Constitution of North America did not let the enslavement of people go on for long but her is the rub. Then the majority of Americans, knew we built up the America's but wanted African-American to go away. Anyway they could do it. Depressing, isn't for African-American people. Then seem to think they are worth nothing unless they are white.
Kriss (3 days ago)
Why do you black women want black men? most black men can’t get a job , are Incarcerated, are illiterate, make bastards globally , don’t take care of their kids, are extremely disrespectful, they are rapists, they are abusive as hell, and most of them are completely worthless. You black women need to move on and throw away black men the way they have thrown you away. I’m tired of seeing these videos , it’s like beating a dead horse. Let these other races of women carry the economic burden of raising a black bastard by themselves cuz the black baby daddies have left their ass for another non black ethnicity. And for crying out loud , let these foreign women protest for them when they get shot by cops, stop protesting , getting tear gassed and water hosed for a black bastard that will watch you get beaten , raped and killed by other black men without helping you. Stop it , just stop it. You black American women need to stick together because your men don’t care about you.
whatupsilly (3 days ago)
I am afor Latina
Tory Shaye (4 days ago)
You are very attractive brilliantly beautiful and black
Damin Mance (6 days ago)
Latino aren't shit I would never date them! Black men stay away from these women please!
Kwesi Kenyatta (8 days ago)
They are Feminine and they get what they give. Lol Latinas are sexy and that is that.
Kriss (3 days ago)
Kwesi Kenyatta that sounds like black men , they are extremely feminine, always worrying about their hair, nails, shoes , clothes and always gossiping like bitches.
Ana Markey (10 days ago)
I'm from Belize and Guatemala. My heritage is Maya but also sense black slaves for exported to Belize and Guatemala and i have darker skin tone but I'm categorized as Latina. My skin color is much darker then other Guatemalans. I haven't taken a DNA test to prove if I have black heritage in me but i do find it frustrating that people can categorize Latinas as just being Mexican or light skin. Some Latinas do have really dark skin and are from Belize and might just have african slave heritage and ancestors.
Glory to GOD! (10 days ago)
Actually some of us Papi's do love Black women. I hope I meet a Black woman that I can spoil rotten and give the world to, travel, marriage, children, support ect. You don't know a person till you make an effort to know them. We do exist.
Kriss (12 hours ago)
Baby TT jealous of what ? You fucking retarded pig.
Glory to GOD! (12 hours ago)
No matter who you are or where your from there's always hope. If you see only a bleak outlook, it's time to change your surroundings.
Baby TT (12 hours ago)
Kriss Shutup you jealous fool
Kriss (3 days ago)
Glory to GOD! Your parents will disown you for being with a black girl. Don’t give these black women hope like that.
kemi7689 (10 days ago)
Globally, Black women are the most educated even compared to whites but you wanna believe bullshit? Not superior to me, don’t know about you. Huh uh?
loveeFashion (10 days ago)
We not losing none that don't wanna be kept we are not worried about Hispanic if anything blacks men go for white girls more if they not with BW but that's them if they low their standard s to fuck with dirty Hispanic their the most irrelevant race there is economic as well they have no lead that's why they copy Blacks so much !!
mkh1708 (11 days ago)
Latinas te amo they're just my preference
Sea Nightshad (13 days ago)
Low-key Latin America try to act like afro-latinx people can't common and do to the racist conditioning most aren't as proud as Amara or find a way to be labelled as white . It's fucked up down there smh
Educated BlackMan (13 days ago)
The most obvious issue is not addressed. It's about looks. Black men will regard a Latino woman as superior if she is more attractive than the black women he knows. Black men will regard more attractive women as superior to women who are not attractive. Get real.
Caribbean Beauty (13 days ago)
Black men luhhh crazy ass Latinas ..oh but let a black woman have a lil attitude..”oh she’s just an angry black woman” 😐😐
Nicole percy (14 days ago)
shinji takeshi (14 days ago)
Only reason why these black guys cater to these Latino woman's or white women's and Asians because they act more like woman's then you black women's! Black woman's want to be more masculine then the men's they are with! And I know you know about this YouTuber Tommy Sotomayor now you have this white man named JB Gunner talk about black woman's especially the ignorant one from out of the black community! Just tone it down stop trying to be a man all the FuCking man time! Let me tell you something gorgeous I'm a black Dominican these Latino woman's can't get away with nothing why you think they run too your black mEnS!
Kendra Hassell (14 days ago)
I’m SO happy I found your channel! You’re speaking nothing but facts! ✨
Bernard Mayton (14 days ago)
You can't deny facts. Research done on dating sites show that black women are the least desirable group of people. Followed by Asian men.
Kriss (3 days ago)
Bernard Mayton black men are also not desired , they have no money , no one wants them, but they don’t disclose that stat. They don’t want to tell black men the truth.
RobertsDigital (15 days ago)
Actually I am a black guy blessed with millions of bucks and I am about to marry a black girl. My future queen.... love her more than anything. I always love my black ladies that look like me. For me black women are my choice and will always be. The reason why I love my black queens very much is because the first girlfriend I ever had was black and I had the happiest experience I have ever had with her compared to any other kind of woman I've dated. Vowed to always love and respect my kinds. Happiest guy ever.
Yvette elliott (15 days ago)
I am a proud jamaican black woman. Bob Marley said " emancipate yourself from mental slavery non but ourselves can free our minds" whenever a black man puts down a black woman because of her color his is also hating on himself, him mother and sisters.
Notorious EI (15 days ago)
""i'm not going 2 say that word" as a man (yes)-i would say no-weave , real hair both of y"all r beautiful to gorgeous love the different(latinas) skin tones-(but) both of y"all can be full of sh"t!!!!!!
kippie kopstoot (15 days ago)
there are latinas that are black
Ezequiel Dominguez (15 days ago)
I’m Hispanic and all woman are the same believe me.? What I’ve notice is that there’s a lot of videos of black man complaining about black woman and that’s wrong. With all your respect. Please excuse my grammar, Greetings from mexico
Holly W (15 days ago)
Its real they feel that they are better and black men do put them on a high pedestal ive seen it first hand at places like at my job and the gym.
Jessica Thinks (15 days ago)
Hi. I get that everyone has different taste and what's not but rappers and these people on these reality shows aren't the best representation of people anywhere. I would like to encourage Black women to watch the content they take in which can negatively affect their lives. Surround yourself with good people and most of all, love and appreciate yourself. Expecting a rapper to value women especially black women is a tall order. The people mentioned in this video seem to be the worst of the worst and I will not allow them to have me pressed.
Thekeyman1 (15 days ago)
For the most part Latina women don't feel superior to black women (mainly African American women) it's usually more of they feel more confident than black women. Black men constantly come at them, they have a wider range of support when something goes down. And also they're raised to be confident even when they lack confidence. And also Latinos don't make color separations like AA and WA do.
Shining nova (16 days ago)
If you don't like black women then you should not be around dating any black men period.
LION HEART (16 days ago)
Who’s support these shows ?
LION HEART (3 days ago)
Kriss exactly they be talking out their mouth
Kriss (3 days ago)
LION HEART black women and black gay men.
LION HEART (16 days ago)
Lol black women worship other race of women more than they own. Cause y’all support these women so bashing black men
Gucci BOii (17 days ago)
Why would anyone watch these shows they don't represent the real black culture
Gucci BOii (17 days ago)
This country is full of weak ass black men who don't protect or speak up for the black woman little do most black men know the white media has brainwashed you into devaluing the black woman it's all over TV I constantly see black men breaking their damn necks for other races of women
KL101974 (17 days ago)
You're right Leah, Latinas and any other race of women feel superior to black women. Black women low self esteem is a problem that will have to be worked out by black women. I'm sorry, but black women are the least desired women in the world.
Don Mckinney (17 days ago)
This is a "sad" commentary if there ever was one. Ideally opposites within the race attract each other-What I mean is I have light-skin male friends that love dark skin women and I have light skin female friends that love dark skin men. but to say that ANY race is superior to a Black women in nonsense. I've dated a latina woman for five years about 10 years ago and yes she was gorgeous but she loved Black-men!! Well the relationship ran its course and were still friends today but if you've ever noticed one thing about Latina women and I had to say it but they don't age well. what I mean is some of them look horrible as they age while Black-women keep their looks as they age, but that's my opinion just like most light skin women start to crack at 40 and it's all downhill from that. Coinfidence within one's self is the key. Right now I'm dating a light skin beautiful jamacian woman and she gets looks from other races mainly white women because they think she's an inter-racial dating a Black man. She has her OWN long hair and nails. but more importantly we mesh and that's the key.
molarois morais (17 days ago)
I can't defend black woman !!! They are angry all year round !!! black woman will reck tour life ...
Talib Bey (17 days ago)
no we dont real black men puts no other women ahead of the Queen
sidney fullilove (18 days ago)
Black men like beautiful women period. Ghetto niggas raised by ratchet mothers like ratchet hos no matter what race.
dang0088 da (19 days ago)
tommy would not like this.
dimon blinng (19 days ago)
Black women are the only woman on the earth that is a 100% human, the black women is what you would call mother earth. There is an will never be a woman on the earth like the Black queen
Mario Venus (19 days ago)
I’ve never been into Latin women and I used to feel pressured into dating them just to fit in.
Ashliyn Burgos (19 days ago)
I’m not gonna lie I do consider myself Afro-Latina but it’s more so because of the direct meaning of it for me. My mom is an African American woman (US) and my father is from Puerto Rico. I will say the rest of my family (Hispanic Side) do not consider themselves Black even though you can see the obvious ancestry in their skin tone and hair type.
Khalilah Muhammad (20 days ago)
Another example is the 13 year old white girl from Doctor Phill that got famous for doing drugs beating up her mom and grandma. Being rude ignorant, now she has a make up line and is a rapper. If she was a black girl they would have put her in boot. Camp or juvey.
Nichelle J (20 days ago)
I agree, i grew up in the Bronx, NY and alot of black men love Latinas and prefer them over Black women because they're "exoctic" light skin, curly hair, etc but they're not "white " so they aren't criticized for it and it's more acceptable. Growing up in the Bronx as a teen you knew you can easily lose your boyfriend to a Puerto Rican girl they were seen as more desirable. I remember my Puerto Rican "friend" saying in high school that Ashanti the singer was half Dominican, i said no she's not, then she said she's too pretty to be just black smh..alot of them dont recognize their African roots, well I've heard Cubans such as Cecilia Cruz call herself Afro-Cuban. I respect Amara La Negra because alot of Dominicans have so much self hate and identify with Spain more then Africa, there's many as dark as her that will say "I'm not black, I'm Dominican" as if thats a race, so its good that shes one of the few that honest with herself because they face alot of discrimination amongst themselves as well.
Armando De la Fonte (20 days ago)
My wife is black but also latina so you can have both latina is not a race
Kun Tao (20 days ago)
The internet will fuck your head up and that will fuck your heart up
Judy K (21 days ago)
Yes they do
Yes I personally think Latinas feel they are superior to us Afro Queens... Just pathetic imo😑 it has become a trend for a lot of our "brothers" to worship these "I'll take yo black man" ah chicks
Monica58 Buttercups (20 days ago)
these men could care less for black women so I could care less if the non-black women want them they can have them.
Tia M (22 days ago)
Afro Latinas/os/x have always existed, it is a not a new trend. People forget that the largest population of Black people outside of Africa is in Brazil. If you research it today, you will find that the largest population of Black people is in 1. Nigeria 2. Brazil and 3. Dominican Republic. We are proud to be black, always have been. We carry on the tradition of our ancestors in our music, dances, and many of us still practice the spiritual teachings of our African ancestors. (santerias) You haven’t seen us or heard of us because of anti-blackness. Just like dark skin girls in America are treated differently than people of lighter complexion, we are treated the same in Latin America. Meaning we aren’t giving the proper platforms on our major broadcasting networks such as Telemundo unless we look like J.LO or Sofia Vergara. We aren’t featured in magazines and we don’t get casted as the love interest in the movies. There are even afro-Hispanic communities in Mexico and they are shunned too. We have always been here. We have always been proud to be black. We have just been hidden in plain sight. Young Hollywood knows this and so does every other non-black Latino. Acting like he was ignorant to our existence just furthers their agenda of trying to conceal us. For more information or if anyone else wants to continue to educate themselves I suggest you follow @theafrolatinodiaspora page on Instagram. Much love <3
J Jilla 093 (22 days ago)
Lmao who gives a fuck what race a women is.Im not putting any woman on a pedal stool regardless of her race period .This shit is stupid.
Stephanie Hernandez (23 days ago)
And Let me say this Black Men do not treat any race different from Black women I’m Not trying to offend anybody when I say black men are the most Meanest and the most unloyal men out there ! Not all but the majority so Y’all need to quit giving a fuck about who they date because Believe me they go to other races thinking they won’t deal with the same shit black women do but forget other races of women are WOMEN as well, we all get mad and we all have feelings ! The grass is not greener on the other side ! There’s more races out there don’t sit here and feel betrayed Enjoy y’all selves ! Tbh All races of men now are trash .
Vanessa Shimoni (23 days ago)
Do you realize that TV shows of this particular genre are only interested in portraying dysfunctional drama? I don't think the behavior of Latinas or Black women should be judged and gaged by reality TV. Low class, uneducated women will behave badly...what can you expect? and the media laps it up.
Sarah (23 days ago)
I am Latina (Dominican) and I love black women. They are beautiful. I think it’s not a matter of black or white but more of what an specific person likes. I don’t consider myself better than anyone we all have and own or own beaty Luv you ♥️
codiciosa tigre (23 days ago)
Latina women La mujeres de mi sueños BEBECITAAAAA
Kasey Collins (24 days ago)
I honestly feel there's no woman on the planet that are more beautiful than Black women. I've dated Caucasian, Latino and Arabric women. I think in many cases society has given our Sistas a negative stereotype. Which I totally have a problem with. Be blessed thank you for another great video young lady.
IG:liasweetie (24 days ago)
Latinos are 50% Native indigenous. And 25 % black 25% Asian. And 5% white and there is another race. I recommend people watch Latin history for morons. The only difference between Latin America and the US was a boat ride. However I do see that Latinos in the US don’t know their culture but Latin cultures do . There is a colorism in these countries. But it’s getting better I mean we have telco Calderon Celia Cruz I mean Zoe Saldana identified for year as an Afro Latina so many black actors people don’t know they are Afro Latinos like Lala Carmelo Anthony fabulous Tatyana Ali lax alonso etc.24% of Latinos identify as Afro Latinos which is sad. Because this stems from centuries of colonization and self hate when Europeans came to the Latin countries they raped and pillaged our ancestors. And treated the indigenous people of that land as dirt mestizo people as second citizens and “pure bred” and first class and that stuck since now
Faith Thompson (24 days ago)
Juju has been saying she Afro Latina before Amara but no one cared!
Stephanie Hernandez (25 days ago)
I’m Lightskin Latina and I don’t feel superior to no race My Husband is black and If anything I’ll argue with him because I can’t stand sometimes how his friends talk bout black women or any race period ... . Please don’t put all of us on a boat .
Kevin Jose (25 days ago)
The problem isn't black men or black women...Its the African American black man..African American ladies..Leave them and get a man from off the islands with culture..Because we see saggin and faggin is these niggas culture 💯
Atirec McClellan (25 days ago)
Leah.... I am here as a stan. You ain't taking nothing too far, you are on point. For those of you who disagree please don't watch. It's so simple. Keep it up Leah!!!
Nirvana Hernández (25 days ago)
Some latino women have always consider their self black. The language Afro-Latino have always been going around , especially in my house hold. Just like the term African American, some people don't understand when we started using the word African American , and most people dont like to use it. Lots of latinos are black , and some dont like it. Because most are uneducated or just plan racists, but its always been around. Its just America is just starting to hop on right now because it was Amara that brought it out.
isitme (25 days ago)
Look let’s be real. Black men love the “exotic” looking girls but who cares? Why care about someone who doesn’t like you? Also we give these women the power to make themselves feel superior by tryna semi look like them with straight long weaves and curly deep wavy hair.similar to these women. And I don’t want to here the “black women have that hair” excuse. Because if that is true then why are so many women buying these hair textures? Majority of black peoples have type 4 or 3 hair. These latinas probably looking and saying look they want hair like ours. Let’s take back power rock a Afro and own our shit and stop being insecure and venting about shit.
nancy breaux (26 days ago)
A lot of Foreign women are more messy, jealous hearted violent, hateful, loud, and ignorant than black women they call it fiesty I call it crazy watch your back.
nancy breaux (26 days ago)
Yes I do I think all races of women feel more inferior than black women, but some are low key jealous as well.
Kimiko Sumi (26 days ago)
You are so beautiful <3
as a black man, its not that latinas are superior, its the fact that not just black women but women in general who compares themselves with another woman or race is just simple lack of self esteem and confidence. quit focusing on the social media topics about a race being better than another. its almost like black people are despising them own race.
sophia zacarias (26 days ago)
We are all women... we all struggle... we all have are own Issues... Latina, or asian, Black, yellow, blue ... no one its better then the other ... lets Just respect each other
sophia zacarias (12 hours ago)
+Baby TT try to understand what I tried to explain...
Baby TT (12 hours ago)
sophia zacarias Where are all of you ‘we are all women’ when black women are being dehumanised???? Smh
naima derilus (5 days ago)
I agree, as a women we should be kinder to each other beacause the whole including men put us against each other..... we need to uplift each other more. I'm sick and tired of the talking shit tearing down. .. compete...
sophia zacarias (26 days ago)
+Asari Aibangbee you understood what I said ☺ I was speaking in general... but thanks for the correction
Asari Aibangbee (26 days ago)
sophia zacarias LOL sis you did not just all lives matter this topic. First of all Latina is not a race. There are Black Latina Women, Indigenous Latina Women, and etc.
Itskendrababy (26 days ago)
I'm black, I lived in puerto rico for many years. We let this social media bullshit get to us latino men especially puertoricans love black females all my friends are from the island they love me and never showed any hate towards me if you ever travel to these places the african culture is still very present we let ourselves go by what these celebrities do and say & in reality black woman it's just a few black females out here looking crazy that make some people think wrong of us we need to be like in the 60 and 70's look how those black females were on tv so femenine soft spoken and well dressed nobody is attacking us latinas just as crazy and loud sometimes but everyone is always looking at the black woman let's act femenine and classy sense everyone is looking not twerking and looking crazy all the time. The black woman is so undervalued that mfer's is always talking about us we intimidate let's take it as a compliment and start acting like ladies. We can't let what a few mfers say on the internet determine us.
CORY TOLBIN (26 days ago)
Black Women totally miss the root cause of all this, and it's not a negative thing. The truth lies in how Latino Women treat and talk about Black Men. Who are you to disturb anyones peace? The elephant in the room is the fact that, YOUR supposed to be the Black Man's peace. For the most part Black Women are super duper rebellious. You said that you don't belong to the original man and everything! You've made a whole lot of mistakes that a true lady wouldn't make. The whole world has been trampled down but, name another race of women who call their men weak because of it. People like who they like. They like who they get along with. Black Men get along with Latino Women? Then that's what's up. The Black Man needs at least one friend in this hellhole. Other races of women be like "Look at how Black Women have given up on Black Men!😯"
Keara B (27 days ago)
Everything you said is 100% REAL TALK.. I COULDN'T HAVE SAID IT BETTER MYSELF!!!👏👏👏👏👏
Stephanie Marie (27 days ago)
So one of my closest friends is Haitian and I’m Dominican I always noticed the black guys from our HS would date white girls or Hispanic girls over black girls. I had a lil crush on this kid and we talked just as friends but I asked him if he would date a black girl having my friends in mind bc a lot of the girls at our school found him attractive, football player and all. When he told me Na I wouldn’t date a black girl I don’t like black girls blah blah blah. that’s like when I was like oh naaaa. Mind you he was raised by his mother and has an older sister they are both dark skin like him!! I don’t get how they get sucked into women who look like me or white girls and bash their own race it’s so disappointing. I would feel bad bc obviously I’m not a black woman so I don’t know how exactly they feel and what they go through. I hope some black men change their ways and embrace their women. And I understand having a type but don’t bash your own women. . Sorry this is sooo long as it is but many Latinx folks have coloristv views deeply rooted in our communities (unfortunately) and a lot of them grow up with racist views because darker skinned people are not treated the same as the lighter skinned in most countries & then there’s also the lack of education compared to living in the U.S. It’s not right but I’ve seen a lot of shit growing up and people have to unlearn things they know and to this day I’m still teaching my mom things. Our family is of European and African decent and she so proudly talks about our Spanish side but I guess she doesn’t know we are also mixed. When I told her that my dad, my brothers dad, and hell even her mom are all Afro latin, she took offense to it and I’m like why are you getting mad that’s part of our culture that’s been suppressed for who knows how many years. We had a long discussion and it’s opened her eyes a lot. There is also a lot of racism out there bc Haiti and DR have always been at war with each other and till this day there are unresolved issues. BUT now that people are embracing it I have seen a lot of changes in the community but we still have a LONG way to go. . I want to end this saying that I do not believe that I am superior to anyone but I still know many Hispanic women who believe they are better than everyone else (black and white women) whether it be because of body type, skin color, hair texture, etc. it’s disgusting and need to be addressed so thank you for this video.
Mishca Cox (27 days ago)
Great video!
maranda flinn (27 days ago)
TRUTH IS BLACK IS THE DOMINANT RACE PERIOD ESPECIALLY WOMEN. Why else is every race buying our lips, hips, and butts and copy our look and style, even to the dancing. And don’t give me that crap about hair weave.. because all the black women got to do is get a silk press and our hair is just like the other races hence no other race haves our hair texture.. I be peeping the comments of these other races on these natural hair videos saying how they wish they had hair like us. We just need to start to embrace our uniqueness and run with it and other races will envy us more.. WE NEED TO BE CONFIDENT IN 2019 my black sisters and stop with the anger and negative mouth.. 💪🏽 BLACK POWER!
maranda flinn (10 days ago)
Light angel how am I putting down what’s the truth?? Every race does copy our style.. and we are the dominant race. We were the first people here on earth.. you mad? Why are you even on this BLACK page?? Let us be great
Light angel (11 days ago)
All y'all do is putting down other races of women for y'all own insecurities get some therapy stop
Judy K (21 days ago)
maranda flinn ✊🏾✊🏾♥️
Darrell Williams (24 days ago)
Latina women just look better then black women point blank ., black women put they self in these situations by taking these bad girl roll of being the thot of the shows they play on 📺, black women play all the roll of the violent woman that fight and break car Windows and fight on every show you see on 📺 but when you try to tell them this they put other races of women in the conversation to justify there actions on the way they act the way they do, but soon as shit go bad for black women they want blame black men or white women or anybody that don't agree with their bullshit , black women or the most stupid race of women there is, they loud, disrespectful, ignorant. Undateable,,rude,fat as fuck most of them, wear to much ugly Ronald McDonald makeup on their face with that god awful hair weaves in there head that makes them looks like a bag of Skittles by the head with the fuck up colours they use that don't make Sense, the black woman these day need to be band for the black race as what they think they are a black queen how can you be a strong black queen if you or considered and idiot on all levels ass a black woman.
T M (24 days ago)
Darrell Williams And you acknowledge that you think Latin men and other races of men are better than you. Black men are the most subjugated and most effeminate men.
Latoya Seth (27 days ago)
Girl Leah you are beautiful girl
Leah Gordone (27 days ago)
Shawnteka Saunders (28 days ago)
Amara consider herself afro Latina because they would say she's to black to be a Latina cause it's all about colour so afro Latina is a black Latina hints her very dark skin colour. Also if her father is off African decent she's more black than Spanish
fe fe (28 days ago)
You took the words right out my mouth ! 👏🏽
Be Quiet (28 days ago)
Yes for the most part they do feel that way, but that’s all other women who feel that way.
Brian James (28 days ago)
Okay first off I’m a black man , Second , y’all complain that we don’t choose y’all , and we go to other races , but have you guys ever ask yourself why? WE ARE TIRED OF YALL SHIT ! Other races respects us way more then the black women !!! Y’all have a real ass problem with submitting and letting the man be the man and letting him lead. And another thing Most of you probably already had a great guy for you already !!!!!! But did you end up curving that “lame” for that thug ? And since you’re dumb ass chose the thug , he broke your heart , now it’s “black men don’t value black women” , foh!!!!! You guys have tons of options I know one of those niggaz was a good guy, but who did you pick is the question???? Remember this... Us men can’t get nothing out of the cookie jar unless you women give it to us!
Julio Romero (28 days ago)
Soooo, go get a Latino or White dude!!! What's the problem!!! "They" can get away with anything?? You can't girl?? Break that glass ceiling, fuck it!!! Don't cry tho cause nobody really gives a fuck..
Caramel Mocha (28 days ago)
I had Colombian friends and Panamanian friends in my teens and they were black. Not light skinned but black. They call themselves afro Latino and considered black in their countries.
Maria Em (28 days ago)
Nah we don’t feel that way. You’re just mad 🤦🏽‍♀️.
Leah Gordone (28 days ago)
I'm not. It's not that serious....just a simple question.
Clarah T. (29 days ago)
Ezekiel eighteen four
ERY Leigh (29 days ago)
Remember when Columbus found America our whole continent is America North America South America they brought slaves to America what part of America do you think they brought slaves first I just answered your question
Blue Flame777 (29 days ago)
Straight Facts! NO race is Superior to Black Queens. You are absolutely right, Black women are talked down on for there attitude but Latinas are looked at as spicy. In my eyes, a bad attitude is a bad attitude period.
Justin WIlson (29 days ago)
Lily from BIC is fine as hell
Chubby Cheeks (29 days ago)
What Malcolm X say???!! 👂🏽👂🏽
DaEbshee OfEssence (29 days ago)
Irena Ezeala (29 days ago)
It don't matter what others think about you, what matters is what you think of your self...And as far as SIN Sorry CYN she is a 25year old , lost person running around dirty NYC looking for a life, and a story line...one day with a women, next with a men, but end up with a old drug head.
A. Renee' (29 days ago)
I wish all black women would get the “black women against everybody” mentality as a use of protection until we’re respected in general. I totally agree with you. The Latina women, no matter what skin tone, never associated themselves with us. Period. They don’t even call themselves black. The reason why Amara got the guts to go against colorism is because she’s taking advantage of the “woke” movement. To be honest, that white girl she stayed getting into it with kinda called her out for that in a way in one of the episodes.
P B (29 days ago)
No race is superior... America is so weird. Full of racial divide I’m so glad that is non existent in my country. I really do pray for you all everyday.
Lateasha mayo (29 days ago)
Puerto Rican Baseball player Roberto Clemente said it all the time back in the day.

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