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Love & Hip Hop star Cyn Santana found herself defending comments she made on a two-year old podcast of Angela Yee’s “Lip Service.” Audio of Cyn making comments about Black men catering to Spanish women. “They, black guys, cater to us Spanish girls, especially,” she said before stopping herself. “Like they – you know what, let me not even get into it. I didn’t mean it like that. Black girls are going to take it personal.” As you can expect, Black women didn’t take to her words kindly, but Cyn took to Twitter to apologize and explain her former sentiments. Cyn responded to fans who tweeted their concerns and admitted that she made a “bird” and ignorant statement while being naive to her own Afro-Latina ancestry. Despite what one tweeter said, Cyn denied insinuating that Black men catering to Spanish women because of their attitude. Cyn was clearly in the wrong for what she said, but it isn’t a narrative we haven’t heard before. Either way, the reality TV star handled her rebuttals well. She acknowledged her wrongdoing, made it a learning experience and didn’t run away from the conversation. We know a few celebs who can take a page out of her book. - Click here for the article: https://hellobeautiful.com/playlist/cyn-santana-responds-to-backlash-after-resurfaced-comments-black-men-cater-to-us-spanish-girls/ My STORE: www.gordonecosmetics.com Subscribe Here: http://goo.gl/M9C4oL Business Inquires | [email protected] Follow me: Join my Beauty Community | http://goo.gl/Lq5y5O Facebook | http://www.facebook.com/LEAHGORDONEYT Instagram | http://www.instagram.com/LEAHGORDONE Twitter | http://www.twitter.com/LEAHGORDONE Blog | www.leahgordoneblogs.com I DO NOT OWN MUSIC. ALL RIGHTS GO TO THE OWNER. All opinions are my own.
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Leah Gordone (3 months ago)
Other videos regarding the topic I enjoyed! LovelyTi Response | https://youtu.be/J9lFuWBlnlY Chrissie Response | https://youtu.be/-ec-91FXlfc Paris Milan Response | https://youtu.be/WQ7_iWqO8UI Queen Chioma Response | https://youtu.be/BL-y5iqupsc
Thekeyman1 (2 months ago)
Latina women of African descent are racially similar to African American women. But are culturally different and will always be. The mentality is just different. And the reason why they deny their blackness (especially when they come to United States) is because of them distinguishing them selves as not being African American.
Diallo Strawter (2 months ago)
under noticed yeah but what they don’t understand is that white people will still call them a nigger that’s just reality so they can call themselves what ever they like
Sunshine (2 months ago)
These dumbass black women on the internet need to keep their mouth shut. y'all sound so, ignorant with y'all stupid question !!😣
Sunshine (2 months ago)
You Negroes women are stupid as hell y'all get on internet talk about any thing !!😣
Carl Blak (2 months ago)
+Melanin Doll she high energy maybe too much but love it nontheless.I appreciate my sistas,they like us brothers got natural talent.Latinas are not our friends,black american brothers and sisters stop claiming people that hate you.We have no friends
Saskia Venus (35 minutes ago)
I believe society and the black men as Well is afraid of the black women because of the power we carry and possess...😊😊👑💃🙌🔥🔥🔥
jason jordan (12 hours ago)
Adjoni Larode (14 hours ago)
Sis, you are on point.
Erica Lai (17 hours ago)
Mr Ricandelphia (18 hours ago)
black American men hate themselves and want lighter "exotic" women.... some Latinas take advantage of that, they like being treated like goddeses and being worshipped even if in a obsessive selfhating way
April Dent (1 day ago)
When I see brothers leaving or not dating black women & date Latina women i'm laughing because these women are extremely aggressive, nasty, and you just can't satisfy them. I just laugh and think what a headache...
Fiona (1 day ago)
Nah they cussed out Joseline even called her a man. I just feel black people need to improve themself and stop allowing society to brainwash us.
Karon G (1 day ago)
Black Men like thier women black; but, not too black. Shame. I have natural hair. When I wear it curly you can see the optimism in Black men's faces as if I am other than fully BLACK.....shameful. Also met a Black man in Publix standing next to a brown woman with straight hair. When she left, folks asked if she was Dominican/ Hispanic. You can tell he was proud that she wasn't fully fully "Black". He even said cheerfully when she returned..." they guessed you where Dominican.???" Umph🤔. Also noticed that most Black men who are " color struck" are extremely dark skinned like Akon. They also are quick to DOG dark skinned Black women. ( e.g Kevin Hart) Shame, self hate.
Ari Miles (4 days ago)
Well they were ALWAYS referred to as Afro-Latino/a they just never accepted that label. But we been knew that
Mickey Tellez (6 days ago)
That's weird I'm mestizo Latino who prefers Black women and because of being honest like that I get chewed up by Latinas and Black men.
Jim Richmond (3 days ago)
Dating Black women will always be considered a DOWNGRADE. It's mostly Mexican men who date them as most Latino men from other countries are VERY DISGUSTED by them.
tony wilson (6 days ago)
blah, blah, blah. black female bullshit
M Cruz (7 days ago)
M Cruz (7 days ago)
Y'all say black men aren't shit...That's why
Brendaliz Nazario (8 days ago)
I'm Latina, and I Latina woman think they're better than anyone and it pisses me off. I hate how EVEN MY MOM treat other people and talk shit about they're own race and other races behind their backs.
Amiyah Miller (9 days ago)
Glad somebody’ said it
Kennedy fan (9 days ago)
I’m Latina and I’ve been watching a lot of black you tubers and it has educated me so much. I’m currently in college and we learned about how in colonial Mexico the Asian and Indigenous natives were treated better than the African slaves. It showed me how black people are always being put at the bottom of the totem pole even when compared to other minorities. Latin America is very colorist and they even have sayings like about bettering the race by marrying lighter people. It’s very sad. I wish more Latinos would reject this superiority mentality because there are Afro Latinos and black people have contributed so much like in Mexico but the history gets denied and covered up because of racism.
Larry Mandaville (10 days ago)
I love Latina and black women but I don't think no race is better than the other
amy karr (11 days ago)
amy karr (11 days ago)
You american niggas a joke. Im black AND latina. Not you not any other triggered american snowflake will take that away from me. Fuck yall chinganse putos
amy karr (7 days ago)
+Thugger Jackson fuck off nigga
Thugger Jackson (8 days ago)
Elizabet queen (12 days ago)
As an afro latina i noticed that if i say im mixed with African and claim it yall get mad "oh your not black your latina" even though im brown skinned with kinky hair and im very aware of were my features came from. Then on the other hand let me not claim it and say im not black, im just latina yall will come hard talking about "oh she think shes not black were does she think her skin color came from shes ignorant" just like they did with that dark lil Dominican girl saying shes not black. I have family darker than you and have always seen them as beautiful never thought i was better than anybody if anything i was told I'm too dark here in America. Alot of you are just fucking generalizing talking about "all you Latinas think your better" the fuck? when my aunty is literally more black then you are. Im js not all of us think that way
Raving Lunatic (16 days ago)
Latino men want to know what's up! Black women are sexy and we would like to do a role reversal. 😍
Raving Lunatic (14 days ago)
+Jim Richmond Both races have their ugly people and their beautiful people. I think that the media spreads hate so their ratings go up.
Jim Richmond (14 days ago)
From what I've seen most Latino men think Black women look like ugly gorillas. I've heard them say this. Maybe some Mexican men but most other LATINOS seem VERY disgusted by them..lol.
A M (17 days ago)
Please don’t think all latinas are like the women you mention please we are not the same
Tyrone Bates Libra! (21 days ago)
Come back 2 the most high, the Isrealites tell you about our enemies. But alot of our ppl are rebellious & will fall short of the glory.
Tyrone Bates Libra! (21 days ago)
Fuck Latino wemem, fuck everybody that's not an black woman the real ones. So all you devil's can do one thing drop. This is how the heavens think. But little do they know their judgment comming.
M Silas (24 days ago)
Every race feels they are above us when in reality they are below us lmao 💀 everything we do they have To copy
GORILLA X 3M (26 days ago)
This because of black women treating there men..... We as black men are falling out of love with our women. How long can you be abused by someone blamed for everything wrong in black America.... and still be in love.....
Tatiana Colón (27 days ago)
And alot of the Latinas y'all black Americans girls talk about ARE NOT black Latinos they're mestiza white or mixed. So no they won't try to claim you because you are nothing to claim to them. Why would a racist claim black why would they treat black women with respect? You sound stupid.
Tatiana Colón (27 days ago)
And let's be real alot of you black Americans don't consider yourselves black or of African descent either. You claim Polynesian native American Indian Chinese call your kids Asia and Malaysia. Y'all have no space to erase anybody.
Tatiana Colón (27 days ago)
Did you just say that Amara being on the show is what prompted us to call ourselves black or afro latino? This is exactly why we consider you Americans, regardless of race, super ignorant. We have BEEN calling ourselves that. You just didn't know we existed?
Humming Bird (29 days ago)
Latina/o is a culture and some do have African blood but in their culture their is a benefit to gotten from acknowledging their white side and punishment for acknowledging their African side. So usually those who are blatantly black say they are not black.
Justme (30 days ago)
I think the reason why you didn’t hear about afro latina is because when you think about latina women, we mostly think of jlo, shakira or a sofia vegara etc. amara la negra is one of the view women to be a successful black latina. Africans are not only shipped to America. I think it makes scense just how you guys are african americans, they are afro latinas. But the colorism is worse over there also. So you have a lot of african black people in latin-america saying their not black, when they are nearly 100% african. Latin is not a race yall just to clarify that
Dedas Almeida (30 days ago)
These black women know shit as soon you start to see it in a MANS perspective you ll see why we do it First of all i go for Latinas because they (at least for me) cook and they treat me better than most black women i date with Second of all most black women i date with they disrespect you in ways that you feel like they need a fuck to calm them third and last thing Most black women are "independent, fierce and dont need a man" is this you slogan to attract men? this is why i will never date or marry a black women i only stick to white or latinas so SUCK IT UP !!!!!!
bsc27 Squad (30 days ago)
black girls smell like burnt hair and lotion..
Thugger Jackson (8 days ago)
Smh 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Wuana Wuana (30 days ago)
I remember that time when Kalena was struggling with postpartum depression
Maria Honez (15 days ago)
I actually agree with cyn in the only reason why I agree is because all of my life people have considered me to be Hispanic and I am actually African-America in school I was treated different and also just in general jobs it was never hard for me to get a job or to fit in because I have seen the way black men in Spanish men treat black women when they know they are black because they didn't have knowledge that I was black and they didn't know what I was they just considered me Hispanic and I never really said anything because I didn't want to be treated different which was a bad thing because I didn't stand up for myself and understand up for my race the reason I didn't say anything was because like you said majority a Spanish women can be loud aggressive obnoxious have an attitude and it's considered spicy but when a black woman does it she's the aggressor she's the Angry Black Woman.
Maria Honez (30 days ago)
Do not look at me as a race but as a person and I guess that's basically why I didn't say anything it wasn't because I thought that I was better or I didn't want anyone to know I was black it was just that I want it if they did find out that I was black to see that all black people are not the same
anatalia santana (1 month ago)
Black Latina here Just wanted to say I appreciated the awareness you brought by bringing up this subject. I personally have always struggled and bc I’m a light hearted person to keep shit simple I just tell ppl LOOK culturally we are different but we have the same struggles . I speak a different language but I love all my ppl w color
Eden (1 month ago)
I think it's like when did black people stop refering to themselves and Negros, and start calling themselves black and african american. That was just in the 80's. With Amara, listen to her though!!! she is making the argument that black latina women have it WORSE than black american women. Because in latin ameican culture black latins get nearly no media representation and still locked out of most higher status arenas. JUST IN BRAZIL, THEY REMOVED A NATIONAL BEAUTY CONTESTANT WINNER BECAUSE SHE WAS TOO DARK. This is someone who won a competition. So I don't think latin american women think they are better, black men think they are better, so when you have someone defering to you over their own women, how can they be seen as not enjoying or being flattered by that. Because these same women in thier own country, would be too black, or not light enough for the typical guy.
Niesha Thomas (1 month ago)
This is why I hate the term “women of color” because most times other non black women don’t like us but they love black men and imitating black women. Hell I only hang with black women because I just get tired of these non black women thinking they’re better than us all while copying us.
Brooklyn Chayse (1 month ago)
Erika Mena is trashy whore Joshlyn Hernandez is a trashy whore tranny..
Katzumi Hanzo (1 month ago)
A lot of Latinos are ignorant like that there is Afro-Latinos, Afro-Antillanos, Afro Caribeños or Afro-Caribbean’s. We are well awarded of our mixture and descent. Being ignorant is not an excuse and unfortunately with the less usage of the term many Latinos dnt know about these 😒
Yeye Breezy (1 month ago)
Damn how you compared Kalena (maybe not spelling her name right) discussing her post partum and Cyn Santana discussing it as well, is AMAZING! I never even noticed that! You are very intelligent, I'm subscribing. We need more Black YouTubers like you because most of them just want to talk about hair and makeup. That is fine but we need to discuss topics important to our community!!!
Harajuku3000 (1 month ago)
Im glad you did your video because i thought hollywood was crazy talking about he never heard that term before. But now i see some people haven't. Another mistake people make is thinking all latinos have african ancestry, they dont many of the white, tan, and brown skin latinos have European(Spain) ancestry. Another thing is that the media and entertainment we get from these latino countries never show their large black populations so we assume they all are white, tan and brown. Thats why job application and cenus questions always ask white/black nonhispanic or hispanic. Anyway you were not going over board these latinos are colorist in their own countries and they bring that mentality with them to the U.S.(that has not dealt with its own race issues).
254life 254life (1 month ago)
I think they feel Superior in America. No man will waste a minute to look them or whites in the east Africans streets.
Jim Richmond (29 days ago)
Most White men LOVE Latinas. I know I do They also are the highest INTERRACIAL MARRIAGE . White man/Hispanic woman. Although they are not a race and most are over 50% European so it really isn't IR dating.
Shalowa Rogers (1 month ago)
Coming from this poor ass country and y'all think y'all better than black women I Gotta laugh shit blows my mind you dirty little Latinas sleeping with your uncle's your cousin's your daddy and your brothers sleeping with old ass men at a young age run away from home to be in the streets yeah y'all better than us NOT.next to white woman they next in line for the nastiest because they're so submissive and willing to do anything that man says as well as let him do as he want and controlling you just to keep him
Gaia Green (15 days ago)
+Jim Richmond not at all
Shalowa Rogers (29 days ago)
Lol of what we have the best skin, body's, hair, dance better our food is better out fashion is better our music I better our men look and fuck better we don't fuck our relatives should I go on...
Jim Richmond (29 days ago)
Black women are SO JEALOUS of Latinas that it's HILARIOUS.
Shalowa Rogers (1 month ago)
Lmfao from WHERE😂😂😂 IM WEAK
Ahjii Ghani (1 month ago)
I think these "black" women need to be mindful of the fact we "black" men are raised by "black" women. The bullet is only shot by the caliber of gun that can expel it. The hate within has to be looked at by the hate which created it.
Sheila Fulks (1 month ago)
Black is Black not by product of Black. These folks stew mixed not Black.
Piper O (1 month ago)
Very sad, I don’t think it is a race thing . I believe it is a beautiful vs. ugly thing .
KINGMIKE.D GAMES (1 month ago)
Look I'm a black man and I will say unless you have dated a black woman you do not understand what us men have to deal with black women are the only women on earth who act just like men and they are the only group of women who you will ever hear say I don't need a man..if black women feel some kind of way about these shows they should stop supporting they are the number one supporters of these ratchet shows
Mory Mory (1 month ago)
Racism & colorism exist in every culture. Latinos come from just about every race/culture. So of course there are Latina women that feel that they are better than black american women. These women feel they are better than black Latinas as well. White supremacy has been pushing the narrative that anything black is bad & worthless since the beginning of time. This brainwashing is obviously working. Hollywood is an ignorant racist. Just because YOU haven't seen or heard the term "afro latino" in the media doesn't mean we haven't been claiming it forever.
Christina Loaiza (1 month ago)
We all women are beautiful I don't think that i as Latina I'm better than black ladies. We all great.
Afolabi725 (1 month ago)
Black people need to stop being dishonest, the narrative that black women, don't date out at the same rate as black men, is down to them having a greater love for the black community, is nothing short of a lie. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, the same problem that black men have, black women also have those same problems. The only reason black women do not date out as much as black men is, purely down to, less white men are prepared to date black women, than white women, and black men. Black women need to own who they are, if the truth is to be told, black women hold white women, in higher esteem, than black men, why else would they spend so much time, and more trying to look like one.
Tony Hopkins (1 month ago)
Black women are the alpha of ALL race of women . Black women are God's chosen females of the earth.
jaja smile (1 month ago)
they have Spanish a cultural backgrounds first not black . In Mexico afo Mexicans are treated like black people in the US. They still today this practice all the African dance and music and food S . I've been there before they very friendly people . Once they are out of Mexico they are Spanish speaking first with Spanish culture first . I don't watch tv so can't help you with that . Dated before Mexicans because they not better any other chicks it that a very feminine women it's a cultural . background .
Ahjii Ghani (1 month ago)
I honestly believe that there are a lot of kneegrows that do not like themselves. My sister you are being extremely unrealistic about other women. As if "other" people dot not endure a struggle in this life.
Ahjii Ghani (1 month ago)
I wouldn't never publicly undermine my peoplelike a lot of these low-life kneegrows will. Ironically I laugh at their condemnation of "black" brothas & sister's while they publicly diss themselves!😂 low expressions of human beings
Nitta Vanitta (1 month ago)
Yes, I was at a restaurant on time with my man who is italian. We sat a table across a couple of puerto rican women. This woman was staring at my man licking her spoon like it was a penis. Obviously she was being disrespectful. He laughed it off, but I was fuming mad!
Taylor Dade (1 month ago)
Y'all tripping people should be able to date who they want
Nell B (1 month ago)
There a Youtuber names Monica Style Muse she is black and Latina she’s mixed and she dark skinned. She’s largely viewed as black but she openly expresses her Latina heritage you should look at her video about being too dark to be Latina
Em Powers (1 month ago)
I know this isn't what this video is about but I wanted to state we also must focus on the mental illnesses going on in our communities which is the core problem...we hate to talk about them (bipolar, depression, BPD, etc). Anytime I tried to talk about my BPD none of my black friends/family/ ex took it serious, laughed and said I'm just crazy or "just pray"...I have finally decided to get treatment because I realized there is more going on than on the surface...all that black girl hate at a young age can do mental harm as well...just my opinion
Nyema Davis (1 month ago)
I just wanted to “Latino” is not a RACE it’s a culture and there is black women that are Latina (Afro latinas ) and also white women that are Latina... they come in all different races, shades and verity.
Dasweetsoul Gomez (1 month ago)
Wowwww I’m just now tuning into most of your videos because I’m just getting time with school and all but whewwwwwwww chaleeeeee. I’m Caribbean and I say the same thing these women can get away with this behavior and people are like yesssss I love them because they’re “real” but black women been doing this since the dawn of time and people condemn us. We can’t have the same feelings because we’re not supposed to SOFT OR FEMININE. For the most part we don’t have feelings in the minds of others. It’s soooooo sad
media fucked our mentality, if i find a dark skinned girl that is not following the massa gods allah and jesus, a dark woman that love her natural hair and that doen not bleach skin then i can love her much more and put her on the pedestal. dark woman needs to have a piece of brain and not be rough, then dark men can love it.
Dont Sleep (1 month ago)
They can feel that, however they have no stars or Constellations named after them.
MrVegas (1 month ago)
When you get done with this dumb shit, what happened this week on One Life To Live?
Darrell Francis (1 month ago)
Yo them Spanish people blk too. Everybody needs a race to feel better than... point out differences like until recently white women had no Ass.the traditional white woman ass is flat. How did they get they booty now..the white woman ass was like a ironing board straight back and forth. U know why a Mexican think he better that black, he use to tend to the white man horse. Blk women forgotten who they are. First off u rock every other race hair, take pride in yourselves, your family your race your God. Yous had the original Ass.all the other races never had the assets of the. If you don't respect yourself who do you expect to respect u ???. If Hollywood could dress kevin heart up ass a blk woman for jokes , wtf u think ??? Your kids ratchet, law breaking gang banging rapping pimps. You all let the family down when you let pookie start pimping . Every other race borrows from black people. How many tribes of man are there ? Someone educate me.
Bounty125th (1 month ago)
BTW...All women have lost the fundamental and simplistic nature that God gave you... We are in big trouble...because this new generation...think Twerking is a spiritual dance that brings plentiful crops, rain, a plentiful herd of livestock, etc... Tell-Lie-Vision vs Big Pharma vs mind control via half idiots controlling all that you see in the media...is the culprit...
Bounty125th (1 month ago)
All ya'll mofo's crazy...lmao
MM J13 (1 month ago)
Every race of women think they’re superior to Black women and the majority of Black women do too because the majority have low self esteem.
Bre ! (1 month ago)
There's racist in every race a bunch I mean a bunch of blacks are racist againts Latinos have you watched the news ? Or you only interested in thing where blacks are victims ?
Tom Collins (1 month ago)
Wow.... sorry I even came to the comment section. So many angry statements from Black women about Black men. We're not ALL like that, sheeeesh! Go ahead and "date outside your race"..... yeah! That'll sure show us! 🤷🤦🤣🤣💀💀💀
chan hyun (1 month ago)
Victim mentality
144Soldier (1 month ago)
Truth be told. Those african women are the most superior on the earth. Over african american and Latinos. It's not even close. Some of rhe finest women on the planet in Africa with naturally monster asses.
144Soldier (1 month ago)
Naw... Some black Latinos are fine. But those pale lations cant compete with black women at all. Black is black.. so latina blacks are the same. Black women are superior on all levels.
Superficial Ken (1 month ago)
Your channel has inspired me and informed me about Colourism I have always noticed it ... light skins ...going out in public with my friends and boys telling my friends straight to their face Ur cute but I want the light skin .......u know with the good hair and seeing curly girls left and right in my face... I’ve noticed my light skin privilege etc and it’s got to the point to were I don’t like that mentality of the whole light over dark ..... it annoying...... I think sometimes would this boy even still want me if my skin darker... u know
Infamouslovely (1 month ago)
Sis speak the fucking truth. I been saying we need to stop saying Latina and Afro latins women are black. They not one of us. Period
Noodles Jive (1 month ago)
Black people love to invalidate the feelings that black women have, quite often. This is why black unity barely exists. Me saying barely is being too generous. When people preach about black unity I just laugh. As for Latinas, I have had very solid friendships with them, but that's just my experience.
Abby R. (1 month ago)
No one is above anyone we’re all equal PERIOD ❣️🤞🏽
Cynthia East (2 months ago)
There were 12 million slave imported to South America. Argentina killed a lot of African from 1817 till today with bad healthcare and sending them to the front lines of war. Again, history is waiting for people to know it. 500,000 slave were imported to North America. The legal and Constitution of North America did not let the enslavement of people go on for long but her is the rub. Then the majority of Americans, knew we built up the America's but wanted African-American to go away. Anyway they could do it. Depressing, isn't for African-American people. Then seem to think they are worth nothing unless they are white.
Kriss (2 months ago)
Why do you black women want black men? most black men can’t get a job , are Incarcerated, are illiterate, make bastards globally , don’t take care of their kids, are extremely disrespectful, they are rapists, they are abusive as hell, and most of them are completely worthless. You black women need to move on and throw away black men the way they have thrown you away. I’m tired of seeing these videos , it’s like beating a dead horse. Let these other races of women carry the economic burden of raising a black bastard by themselves cuz the black baby daddies have left their ass for another non black ethnicity. And for crying out loud , let these foreign women protest for them when they get shot by cops, stop protesting , getting tear gassed and water hosed for a black bastard that will watch you get beaten , raped and killed by other black men without helping you. Stop it , just stop it. You black American women need to stick together because your men don’t care about you.
whatupsilly (2 months ago)
I am afor Latina
Tory Shaye (2 months ago)
You are very attractive brilliantly beautiful and black
Damin Mance (2 months ago)
Latino aren't shit I would never date them! Black men stay away from these women please!
Kwesi Kenyatta (2 months ago)
They are Feminine and they get what they give. Lol Latinas are sexy and that is that.
Kriss (2 months ago)
Kwesi Kenyatta that sounds like black men , they are extremely feminine, always worrying about their hair, nails, shoes , clothes and always gossiping like bitches.
Ana Markey (2 months ago)
I'm from Belize and Guatemala. My heritage is Maya but also sense black slaves for exported to Belize and Guatemala and i have darker skin tone but I'm categorized as Latina. My skin color is much darker then other Guatemalans. I haven't taken a DNA test to prove if I have black heritage in me but i do find it frustrating that people can categorize Latinas as just being Mexican or light skin. Some Latinas do have really dark skin and are from Belize and might just have african slave heritage and ancestors.
Gaia Green (15 days ago)
The Mayans were Black people with locs
kemi7689 (2 months ago)
Globally, Black women are the most educated even compared to whites but you wanna believe bullshit? Not superior to me, don’t know about you. Huh uh?
loveeFashion (2 months ago)
We not losing none that don't wanna be kept we are not worried about Hispanic if anything blacks men go for white girls more if they not with BW but that's them if they low their standard s to fuck with dirty Hispanic their the most irrelevant race there is economic as well they have no lead that's why they copy Blacks so much !!
mkh1708 (2 months ago)
Latinas te amo they're just my preference
Sea Nightshad (2 months ago)
Low-key Latin America try to act like afro-latinx people can't common and do to the racist conditioning most aren't as proud as Amara or find a way to be labelled as white . It's fucked up down there smh
Educated BlackMan (2 months ago)
The most obvious issue is not addressed. It's about looks. Black men will regard a Latino woman as superior if she is more attractive than the black women he knows. Black men will regard more attractive women as superior to women who are not attractive. Get real.
Caribbean Beauty (2 months ago)
Black men luhhh crazy ass Latinas ..oh but let a black woman have a lil attitude..”oh she’s just an angry black woman” 😐😐
Nicole percy (2 months ago)
shinji takeshi (2 months ago)
Only reason why these black guys cater to these Latino woman's or white women's and Asians because they act more like woman's then you black women's! Black woman's want to be more masculine then the men's they are with! And I know you know about this YouTuber Tommy Sotomayor now you have this white man named JB Gunner talk about black woman's especially the ignorant one from out of the black community! Just tone it down stop trying to be a man all the FuCking man time! Let me tell you something gorgeous I'm a black Dominican these Latino woman's can't get away with nothing why you think they run too your black mEnS!
Kendra Hassell (2 months ago)
I’m SO happy I found your channel! You’re speaking nothing but facts! ✨
Bernard Mayton (2 months ago)
You can't deny facts. Research done on dating sites show that black women are the least desirable group of people. Followed by Asian men.
Kriss (2 months ago)
Bernard Mayton black men are also not desired , they have no money , no one wants them, but they don’t disclose that stat. They don’t want to tell black men the truth.
RobertsDigital (2 months ago)
Actually I am a black guy blessed with millions of bucks and I am about to marry a black girl. My future queen.... love her more than anything. I always love my black ladies that look like me. For me black women are my choice and will always be. The reason why I love my black queens very much is because the first girlfriend I ever had was black and I had the happiest experience I have ever had with her compared to any other kind of woman I've dated. Vowed to always love and respect my kinds. Happiest guy ever.
Yvette elliott (2 months ago)
I am a proud jamaican black woman. Bob Marley said " emancipate yourself from mental slavery non but ourselves can free our minds" whenever a black man puts down a black woman because of her color his is also hating on himself, him mother and sisters.
Notorious EI (2 months ago)
""i'm not going 2 say that word" as a man (yes)-i would say no-weave , real hair both of y"all r beautiful to gorgeous love the different(latinas) skin tones-(but) both of y"all can be full of sh"t!!!!!!
jordan carver (2 months ago)
there are latinas that are black

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