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Gangnam Style | Cajon Covers

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Gangnam Style | Cajon Cover | Jayesslee Song Title: Gangnam Style Song by: Jayesslee Original Song by: PSY Instrument: Sela Cajon Satin Nut Pro Cajon DOWNLOAD THIS SONG (GANGNAM STYLE| Jayesslee) http://bit.ly/UH6e8F - iTunes Camera: GOPRO HERO 3+ Edited software: iMovie Trying out my new cajon. Still new to cajon so this is not perfectly played.
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하요한 (2 years ago)
Nategas (2 years ago)
Wattadrummer (3 years ago)
Well done! Just subscribed :)
Nategas (3 years ago)
+Oliver Watson Thank you! :)

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