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Swedish TV Program Shows Women In Charge & Men Are Trash - Even Robots Are Superior To Men.

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I don't expect you to watch the whole hour-long show, so here's the main themes: 1. In the future robot-humans are created - called Hubots. "DAVID" - a robot-human hybrid upgrades his few hubots to human-level consciousness. These are "children of David." 2. The normal hubots have taken most jobs and have replaced wives, husbands, prostitutes, pets, & children. "Real humans" have little contact with each other. 3. Women dominate - the Judge who awards "person-hood" to 2 FEMALE hubots is woman. The intro showing a sexy young woman and a fat man - the woman is a hubot and the man is her mangina-lover. He's helping the hubots take-over and getting "sex" in return! 4. About 3 minutes in we see the mother in a suit and "Tobbe" the son as a cot-case in bed as his Japanese hubot girlfriend has a virus & is lying nearby. The husband isn't working and now stays home to cook and clean for the wife who earns the money! 5. The male hubots are crazy - the one in the military gear is a psychopath, while most female hubots are so beautiful and clever, human males perfer them as wives.
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Text Comments (135)
mii284 (14 days ago)
Swedish political correctness for all to see
Made in Azerbaijan (20 days ago)
Greetings from Azerbaijan. Scandinavia and Azerbaijan.
Annie (4 months ago)
I am confused, is this a series on TV in Sweden? I cannot figure out its name (i am in the look for Swedish series as I am trying to learn the language and I thought this may help). Thank you
luc de Villars (6 months ago)
you all are afraid about..a race war ? a religion war ? you are all dull , dumb and blind . and soon, very soon, you will have to face the consequence from your stupidity and hate . you blame the people leaving their land for your hate ...while you all motherfuckers are giving credits to the politicians of your country for destroying their land. If you want these people to stay home, well leave they home in peace you morons
MEGAS ALEXANDROS (6 months ago)
I don't get it. it's just bad siere . Have you ever watched swedish movie . They have no talent in acting or good directors so who cares . Swedish watch American movies and tv
Nickolay Semenov (11 months ago)
It's funny. Because I see things quite opposite in this show. Also you are lying. Nyska is female robot and she's psychotic bitch and blondie also bitch to almost everyone, except her husband and adoptive daughter. So women aren't superior to this show. Also I suspect the creator of this show to be Nazi-sympathizer, because "Real Humans" - radiacal anto-robot group are most likeable characters in this show with only one exception - baldy moron from season 1, but they had expelled him anyway.
Disthron (11 months ago)
So I've actually watched this show... and it has nothing to do with what the title of this video describes. Like... at all. In fact, there are many solid male characters in both shows. That is this one and the British version "Humans".
dark Hall (11 months ago)
Danny James (1 year ago)
Humans overall are trash,this just proved it once more.
yo mama (1 year ago)
If anything, sex bots is a pro for men and a con for women. No more putting up with womens’ crap. Cheers!
Cockatoode (1 year ago)
Great job making sure we have no idea of the name of the show, obviously we didn't want to watch more than one episide
Atle Ramsli (1 year ago)
Horny Pervert (1 year ago)
Robotar ska inte se ut som människor.
Horny Pervert (1 year ago)
Why wouldnt robots be superior to men?
Darius Moon (1 year ago)
This is the darker version of the similar series: Humans .
ranndino (4 months ago)
The Humans series is a remake of this one. This is the original.
Da Da (4 months ago)
Better version
Abel Carden (10 months ago)
This sci-fi drama Humans series written by Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley is based on the Swedish award-winning drama Äkta människor - real humans
MASH (1 year ago)
james vanderbearak (1 year ago)
kind of women that enjoy hostel 2 and the end scene.
Brock Landers (1 year ago)
So this is a parody ?🤣
Nelson Hue (1 year ago)
Predictive programing?
Jennifer Sihandri (1 year ago)
Can you upload the rest of the episodes? Please!!!!!!??????
Mario Franz (1 year ago)
Scandinavia are decadent countries
Studentofgosset (1 year ago)
If you morons feel like you aren't masculine enough, that is your fault not that of women or of society. Fucking grow up and be a man and stop whinging about everything.
Camryn VB (2 years ago)
*Show about men being control freaks* Men - YEAH WE BETTER THAN WIMMEN *Show about women being control freaks* Men - SEXIST!!! FEMINIST PROPAGANDA!!!! Boy logic
minevin pingvin (1 year ago)
no one thinks like that stop assuming so much just to make ur point better
Entrenched Mgtow (2 years ago)
Sweden is pretty much a failed state, and everyone with two brain cells knows it. Even an ex-pat Swede said 60 years and it will be an Islamic state.
OverREACTOR (2 months ago)
Let's talk about how your kind of rhetoric and propaganda got more then 40 innocent people killed in Ne Zealand only a few days ago and 70 people in Norway. Both by fascists who used that very "Replacement theory" to justify their actions. How does that feel being on the same side as terrorists?
Yes, everyone with two brain cells knows that. Everyone with *more* than two brain cells however understands the true definition of a failed state, and that the word of one expat does not mean shit. Pathetic American.
yxcvbnm 2231 (2 years ago)
swedem os a femimst shithole in the next 20 years sweden is dead
I bet you are an American who could not even locate Sweden on a map.
Michelle (1 year ago)
They're doing better than most countries and have the highest rate of happiness in the world....
Stella Park (2 years ago)
where can i find season 1 ep 1
SusieLa1 (2 years ago)
European men don't spend all their time whinging online about how it isn't fair women this and that and how they feel threatened by feminists.
ranndino (4 months ago)
Probably because European chicks are attractive and cool. I've lived in both places. Large chunks of US suck for men. Tons of fat, unattractive, self-centered, bitchy women. Not saying this to be mean. It's just a fact. I get along great with European women.
jaykwali (6 months ago)
shut up fat bitch
Random Noob (2 years ago)
@Zeena Uandes well I wouldn't say what they are idiots, but politically they look bizarre to me...
Zeena Uandes (2 years ago)
@Szawel Saulencijus obv'ously europe 's more enjoyable than US duh/ US 's f'lled w'th 'd'ots
Random Noob (2 years ago)
@Zeena Uandes​​​​ if I had a choice I would rather live even in the shitties mainland European country than in Central/western/southern Asia, Turkey, Middle East, Africa , South/Central America, China, Mongolia, Russia, Mexico and ect... Speaking the truth I would rather live in Bulgaria than to live in the US...
Random Guy (2 years ago)
Why did u write "Women in charge & men are trash" in the tittle it has nothing to do with that..
Louie Anderson (12 days ago)
@Fox Hound Mysogism is good. Useless creature like women deserve hate.
Fox Hound (1 year ago)
Ikr! All those delusional people who are quite misogynistic are failing to realise that this is a sci-fi show. Idiots I tell you!
Because he is using a TV show totally unrelated to any of this as a means of spreading his ideology.
Camilla Jonsson (1 year ago)
Yeah, quite misleading.
iulia (2 years ago)
OMG 😵 this is fucking hilarious. One would think you're trolling, but after giving a look at your other videos I see that you're not. Wow.
MGTOW Warrior (1 year ago)
+Ecchi Version Of Liquid I don't understand why you guys are arguing, couldn't read the whole convo, but just wanted to say that it's great you know about mgtow and you're right, mgtow has gone to shit recently( it started off as a very liberal and kind of future oriented philosophy where a modern man denies all the tradconic shit like gender roles and goes against social stereotypes and prejudices etc, and now it's flooded by dellusional wanna-be machos who want 50's back because the "patriarchy" even though mgtow at its core is strongly against such nonsense. I also share your idea of a happy love life - friends, hobbies and porn (I'm in love with Gina Valentina and Riley Reid). BTW I have no idea why the title is so misleading, the video has nothing to do with the title IMO...
Ecchi Predatoes Beware (2 years ago)
This video actually shows that Roger is desperate to be loved by someone as beautiful as Bea, so ... :S not sure where this Trash comes in. Art is just an inferior imitation of reality....Plato said that..1000s of years ago and.. he's right, we show our love and weaknesses in art, but it's obviously not reality.
Ecchi Predatoes Beware (2 years ago)
Well, i finished the show yesterday, and i totally hate some of season 2 Episode 6 and 7. Episode 4 has some issues. Teenagers are dumb yes, but they actually make some of the best life choices..that humans do. (because they are more sensitive they are less likely to do very selfish things, at least...that is sure for people like Tobbe. Shy guys. They usually don't put people they love in danger, which is what he did ..with the code) I just can't believe a kid as careful and private as tobbe, and his smart sister ...would just give the USB stick over to a weirdo Hubot fanatic........ AND not tell their parents that they found it and they want to test it on the grand papa. I think for those episodes they should have focused on devloping roger's role in the show AND exposing why Beatrix is completely insane, more so that niseka ...niseka was her name right?!!!!! the one on fire (SPOILERS)!!!! but i do realize it's just a TV show, i just find this behavior very cliche. And the show should have went down a better path, it's like they got lazy or something, lol.
iulia (2 years ago)
@Ecchi Version Of Liquid aha. really interenting
Ecchi Predatoes Beware (2 years ago)
PS i love how the Swedish language is spelled though, it seems like a cool place, except Feminism is cancer, ...especially in the UK and the USA, That's a fact.
Jolanta Poland (3 years ago)
Makes think...
Ecchi Predatoes Beware (2 years ago)
Makes you think* ....lol, not a grammar Nazi, but i had to be a grammar Gary for a second.
asia mgtow (3 years ago)
Man are amazing. Men created civilization. Without men women maybe have been raped by animal.
Volden Dream (1 year ago)
Em Linley you’re a piece of shit
Cockatoode (1 year ago)
Ah, so you're just stupid. My bad.
Cockatoode, Lmao humans are not animals get over it fuckface
Cockatoode (1 year ago)
Pro choice lunacy, you need to look up animal.... You are made of animal cells, not human cells... You belong to the kingdom animalia... You might like to use the term animal as a derogatory term, but you are not a fungus, you are an animal
Michelle, angry too much about facts ?
TLDW. Anyways. Lay down and rot, boyo.
Morgan Kilby (3 years ago)
Swedenistan is pathetic these days.
What is bad about this show? If anything, the Swedes are very forward thinking here. As technology progresses, we *will* eventually have to think about topics like this. What makes humans human and at what point do we have to grant personhood to AIs? This has nothing to do with feminism or Islam. It is a fundemantal question our society will soon have to deal with. Most of us are not even aware of how close we actually are to sentient AIs.
Morgan Kilby (3 years ago)
@ShootingStar Molly its pathetic these days still. 
ShootingStar Molly (3 years ago)
+anglo American *Real Humans* was released in 2012
A (3 years ago)
Goodbye Sweden. We will mourn you.
Sweden, despite its recent influx of Muslim migrants, is still one of the most advanced countries on this planet. Sweden has the 14th highest HDI of the world. You probably get all your news about Sweden from the likes of Fox News and Breitbart.
Michelle (1 year ago)
They don't have really anything to worry about. Better economy, healthcare for everyone and a high college graduation rate. Soooo yeah, they're good. They've always been good though. They also have the highest rate of happiness in the world. Sooo. yeah, they're good.
Falscher Bruce (3 years ago)
This is the final of season 2. Makes little sense unless you watched the other 19 episodes. Yes 2 of the 3 women free hubots are ruthless - Bea and Flash. Rick is the only male hubot showing any alpha male traits, and he was modified by Leo Eischer.
Alejandro Lazaro (2 years ago)
I thought it was the beginning of the series because everything makes sense, but thanks for clarifying.
earth rat (3 years ago)
I wonder what we are being told here .. that this is the extreme result of socialism?  They're eating their way into our bodies" .. geoengineering?? Do Swedish people prefer having sex with machines?? It reminds me of those messed up Swedish sisters turned loose (most likely by the cia) on the freeway .. kreeeeepeee!!
Cleric775 (3 years ago)
So is this what the Swedes are watching while Muslim gangs takes over "55 zones". I think the Swedes have become perfectly delusional. Så detta är vad svenskarna tittar medan muslimska gäng tar över "55 zoner". Jag tror att svenskarna har blivit helt vanföreställningar.
JSP PRN (1 year ago)
Cleric775 -Now Sweden is more fucked up than before.
Cleric775 (2 years ago)
How is Sweden now? Hur är sverige nu?
Mr Faceplant (2 years ago)
Cleric775. "Blivit helt vanföreställningar"? That doesn't make sense.
+Cleric775 I have never seen the 55 no go zones since they all exist in one city Malmönistan (Malmö) furthest down in the country. Personally I'd like to turn Malmö into a giant golf course. You realise that a no go zone is like Compton in USA? I know its something new for Sweden, but thank our previous and current BS politicians for that. P.S. this show looks like shit and never heard of it / Swede
Cleric775 (3 years ago)
This is all shit.
Cleric775 (3 years ago)
Sorry, I can't watch this crap.
Carl Parrish (3 years ago)
What season is this? I'm a huge fan of the English version "Humans" and have been thinking of watching " Äkta Människor" - AKA "Real Humans"
Disthron (11 months ago)
If you like Humans then I would say check this show out. Though the shows have many of the same themes the characters and plots aren't exactly the same. I don't want to give anything away but the circumstances and purpose of the trial in Real Humans is totally different from the one in Humans... I will say only that it dosen't involve a murder.
WilberWobbler (1 year ago)
Real Humans FAR BETTER !!! Compare Swedish mindset vs American dumbing-down/violence brainwashing !!!
Iduna Black (2 years ago)
Carl Parrish Trust me Real Humans is aaaaa loooooooot better ;)
JW Dewdney (3 years ago)
+Carl Parrish yeah akta manniskør is WAY BETTER .... way more subtlety. more depth. more engaging. bigger budget ... better everything. The whole thing is on vimeo - both seasons.
Arya Stark (3 years ago)
Which episode is this?
Robert Sattler (3 years ago)
Vera with a chainsaw absolutely gives me nightmares :(
Jesus .Christ (4 years ago)
@ 2.47 I like the children at the breakfast table wearing suspenders!
TheGoverning BodyBag (4 years ago)
A once proud warrior society reduced to shite.
Atle Ramsli (1 year ago)
That's not Swedish, but Google Translate producing Cleric775-dung.
Atle Ramsli (1 year ago)
How would you know, brainiac? In Viking society, women had a central role. Any one of them would have kicked your ass with one arm tied behind her back.
TheDiceThrower (2 years ago)
Yeah When Rome was about to get invaded, people where drinking wine from 5000 km away and fucking 14yo slaves while being massaged. Never confuse comfort and future power of a nation, just never do that mistake.
Limerickman (3 years ago)
+eillo manu By the way many in the left are seriously and deliberately under reporting real rapes, as the feminists are in control of governments and mass media. Many left governments are under threat of losing their seats in the next elections, due to their failures to protect women. Instead they are telling the the same chauvinist messages and telling the victims that their rape do not count as it not a white man raping them.

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