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SILENT NIGHT | Jayesslee

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It's Janice Sonia and Anna wishing you a Merry Christmas. We hope that everybody enjoys this special day, the day our saviour was born. Share the love! Blessings, Janice and Sonia
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Text Comments (572)
Wangle Konyak (3 months ago)
Super voice,,,,,, + pretty good.... May God use you all
Jason St Fountain (4 months ago)
Christmas 2018?
Hemant Thapa (1 year ago)
Jean Cabaron (2 years ago)
nice song
Junrey de la Pena (3 years ago)
nice song where all you from gals anyway?
celina (3 years ago)
Akera. อามะ (3 years ago)
Rhea Javier (3 years ago)
adorable ladies with lovely voices!
tong chau (3 years ago)
(16/08/2015)      1,044,565              6,026                86 (19/03/2015)      1,004,644              5,915                83 (29/06/2014)         927,279      喜歡 5,653      不喜歡 74
Anderson Oliveira (3 years ago)
As esquiletes :D kkkkk , cantam muito
Sierra Cw (4 years ago)
Lawrence Yow (4 years ago)
I hate this song!!!!!
opie benavidez (4 years ago)
its 2014!!!! whos still watchin this!!!! i luv chistmas i get to go to church!!! 
Zis Siwa (2 years ago)
opie benavidez 2017
Jefferson Silva (4 years ago)
kkkk... rashei muito boa,cantam muito... ;)
tong chau (4 years ago)
I LIKE IT !! (29/06/2014)      927,279      喜歡 5,653      不喜歡 74
METALUNUN (4 years ago)
Anna I love you
kpopmusic(cover) (5 years ago)
nice it is like a choir of three singing together
Melanie Hart (5 years ago)
Oh wow..I'm sad I'm just now learning who u guys r:( amazing voices. Keep shining n smiling !
Melanie Hart (5 years ago)
TN TV (5 years ago)
still awesome in 2013!
TheRammisan (5 years ago)
now i know the chipmunks in reallife =P
kuurocks (5 years ago)
Can I ask who the girl in the middle is I haven't seen her in any other videos besides this one.
beautykpop16 (5 years ago)
_ so gooooood!! And yes God sent Jesus to us for our sins. ^-^
hbaoxuan (5 years ago)
It would be better with guitar
RihannaX Rihanna (5 years ago)
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Anne Hamilton (5 years ago)
Well done, ladies....great job.
Huang Fei (5 years ago)
sound like Alvin and the chipmunks at the end xD
Joraq Yanis (5 years ago)
catherine citta (5 years ago)
cant stop laughing!! XD
denyartha sp (5 years ago)
does anna has her own youtube account??
Jenny Joao (5 years ago)
chipmunks HAHA :D
Brandon S (5 years ago)
i hate christmas songs. but i do kinda have a thing for chipmunk versions of christmas songs.. NICE
Brandon S (5 years ago)
underage middle schoolers probably
Anna Bassias (6 years ago)
I love the like chipmunk version at the end XD it made me crack up XD
Lako za pamćenje (6 years ago)
Christ rocks.
Komal Bodke (6 years ago)
67 people will never sleep with a silent night.
Komal Bodke (6 years ago)
Oh Good God, 3 part harmony done beautifully.
Alexandruf4i (6 years ago)
first video that ive seen was the cover of gangnam style and I had no ideea that ur christian, now I can see that u have a lot of christian cover songs, God bless you sisters in Christ ;)
Gabrielle Wyant (6 years ago)
its sad that im watching this in april....
Irene (6 years ago)
they're Korean-Australians)))))
Aaron (6 years ago)
they seem perfect lol
Jacky Liao Phero (6 years ago)
cute triad
Selwyn Marques (6 years ago)
why 10 years ago?
Yumiko丘 (6 years ago)
oh my so cute and adorable lol
Anonymous (6 years ago)
2013 XD
samantha gistelinck (6 years ago)
no 2013 <3
Ventas Sur (6 years ago)
y esa pocahontas de mierda del centro? jajajja rúmbenlaaa !!
baby angel (6 years ago)
watching in 2013 :D
Percy And Friends (6 years ago)
Chipmunk sound
Bilisticklara Msp (6 years ago)
That was kinda bad but well done
Jirarat I (6 years ago)
Anna, you're so cute ^^
jong lihan (6 years ago)
LOL the ending part ^^
jong lihan (6 years ago)
So funny!
Edayane Oliveira (6 years ago)
Gary Ma (6 years ago)
watching in 2013
dzenaid (6 years ago)
Nice.. :)
Amartuvshin Enkhbayar (6 years ago)
Still watching in 2013 ^_^
wilson gouvea (6 years ago)
wow, maravilhosassss!!!!
Joyla Jenkins (6 years ago)
How would we like your post if we were not in 2013
vox4lifeph (6 years ago)
still watching this 2013! ^_^
Shleabee (6 years ago)
like if you watch this in 2013
Aline Ishikawa (6 years ago)
Oh my god! Estou vendo esse video em 2013 ! Oh my god! I'm watching this video in 2013!
Jacky Fernandez (6 years ago)
07jane (6 years ago)
Great blending of voices! God bless you more! :)
Jamie Parker (6 years ago)
LUV the chipmunk thing
Julio Reuneker (6 years ago)
wowwwwwwwww... keren sekaliii... really collllll....!!!
Abimael Jr (6 years ago)
Wonderful... God bless you and all those are reading this message!
JAVIERW09 (6 years ago)
the beautiful twins are australian
PommeAmant (6 years ago)
That day you posted this is my BIRTHDAY!!!! XD
joycetiger99 (6 years ago)
like if ur watching in 2013 XD
Steve Edwards (6 years ago)
the music industry needs more people like these two women to be unapologetic about their faith. Thank the Lord for that.
Mansour Yaacoubi (6 years ago)
still watching in 2014
Ingrid Marie Haug (6 years ago)
still watching in 2013
heyitsthebrunette (6 years ago)
Anna is always like :D :D love her energy
Estefany S.S (6 years ago)
Lindas e vozes Maravilhosas :)
Fanta Piranha (6 years ago)
oh my f* god.. I love it
Knight Blade (6 years ago)
Still watching in 2013, beat that....
Florian Florjan (6 years ago)
Babybobgirl (6 years ago)
still watching in 2013!!!
odiolepersone (6 years ago)
Che menata ragass!!
kapsali2 (6 years ago)
bitch please, Im watching in 2013 :p
Khoa Le (6 years ago)
sonia sonia.... i love you!
Hermes Leao (6 years ago)
I love you guys
Rc Channel (6 years ago)
rastapasta (6 years ago)
Can't get enough of this!!!
aldrin aldaba (6 years ago)
breath of fresh air you three!!! youre not only good looking but you are a blessing to many. God's gift to you are your voices, your talent and your heart. pls continue to use it for God's glory. God bless you and may God grant all the desires of your heart. looking forward to your trip here in the philippines.
watchara leelao (6 years ago)
so cute
Lee sOne (6 years ago)
so LOL, im laughing watch this video
RightWingCon81 (6 years ago)
Whoa, they're Asian, they have awesome Australian accents, and they're devout Christians. Where were you10 years ago?
Daboy K (6 years ago)
i love u
rastapasta (6 years ago)
ittipol phothidokmai (6 years ago)
chad Docile (6 years ago)
you guys are so amazing!
Marilyn Carnahan (6 years ago)
JM MONTANTE (6 years ago)
ignasius bayu (6 years ago)
im in love with anna. @@
DenLim123 (6 years ago)
so rare to see people actually using wowsers
Louise Torres (6 years ago)
hahaha lol
Coleen Lee (6 years ago)
oh my goodness... the harmonization o.o so awesome
Christin Kuck (6 years ago)
WOWSERS! Awesome harmony. Love this.

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