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Haunted Phone Number Magic Trick

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Text Comments (342)
B M (3 months ago)
Trick name?
Ryan watchel (7 months ago)
Fucking slick
METO U (1 year ago)
Imagine if there was Magic trick that could take down the Illuminati whoever could do that trick deserves to be president
el alze (2 years ago)
I'll make someone call the number and get out the card :D
Parker Floris (2 years ago)
what editing program do you use?
infanzer (3 years ago)
Asad's "clapping strategy" is much better than Jarek120's "trying to land a trout" approach when pulling the chosen card complete from the deck.
Noah Sammond (3 years ago)
+infanzer ITs a completely different method so it doesn't matter
Ryan B (3 years ago)
It's all fun and games until the loop breaks.
Raghav Sharma (1 year ago)
worse thing ever
real mystery (2 years ago)
Diswasher TV (4 years ago)
2:10 she: "waow thats my card" he: "actually its my" :'D haha
I need Jesus (4 years ago)
the hauntrd deck
Rian Konno (4 years ago)
"Write your phone number on it" "Oh, okay." No hesitation, what so ever.
Makoto Kazuki (1 year ago)
Aiden James I mean, he Jarek isn't an ugly dude, it's hard if you're ugly, like me lol 😂
Aiden James (2 years ago)
I'll bet he had to search a lot to find those people.
mrjonboy454 (4 years ago)
that's some spooky dark magic shit right there 
Ronald Lingashi (4 years ago)
Is there a tutorial on this?
Guy Tagor - Magician (4 years ago)
it's "loops" by yigal mesica... check it out
Ronald Lingashi (4 years ago)
Just saw the end of the video....
B N (4 years ago)
You should just take the card and run
Visnu Eganathan (4 years ago)
Hahaha yeah..
h prizza (4 years ago)
2.18 he pull string
Elijah Cyrus (4 years ago)
I have tried this in the day light like in the videos but ppl see the loop any tips on using it in the day time???
do it with your back facing the sun so that the shadow of your body falls on the area its impossible to see the loop then
Relijun Steenx (5 years ago)
Damn that asian chick is seeeeexxxy.
Relijun Steenx (4 years ago)
+Tee Ernesto Yeah. So like I said.. she's Asian. lol
Tee Ernesto (4 years ago)
She looks Singaporean and sounds too
joel heijnekamp (5 years ago)
So powerfull
z k (5 years ago)
David's Blaine haunted deck
z k (5 years ago)
David's Blaine haunted deck
AverageSqueaker (3 years ago)
It's not david blaine
Chaz Madge (5 years ago)
1 why give info like this away 2 your performance was not that good.
franknavarrete_ (4 years ago)
their phone numbers were blurred out making them impossible to see
MrDeathslayerr (5 years ago)
My god I love my Loops.
Luke Chu (5 years ago)
ZosoJuan (5 years ago)
No cards were harmed in the making of this film.
Matteo zokru (5 years ago)
how to turn a powerful effect in a stupid trick performed very bad too. Respect magic
naruhina012607 (5 years ago)
Its pretty obvious that there a string
Ghady Abou Haïdar (5 years ago)
Is the girl at 0:30 an actress? She looks very familiar
Randy Mey (3 years ago)
+mojo123inc True.​
Ghady Abou Haïdar (3 years ago)
+mojo123inc your comment just my day! Thank you sir 
mojo123inc (3 years ago)
+Randy Mey Actresses are real people.
Randy Mey (3 years ago)
She's a real person, not an actress.
Mason Benitez (5 years ago)
In 2:17-2:18 u see him pull back the rubber band
Stacey Theroux (5 years ago)
so many people already know that trick
Zino Wan Kenobi (5 years ago)
without lookin at the tutorial i can tell you guys are pulling invincible strings attached to the card. maybe im wrong will see
Tee Ernesto (4 years ago)
What if he's american
Relijun Steenx (4 years ago)
Yep. Weird world we live in.
Zino Wan Kenobi (4 years ago)
ok thanks i just learned that. i was going to mention you wrote spelt wrong but i also just learnt/learned that spelt is british and spelled is american. 
Relijun Steenx (4 years ago)
Well you spelled invincible right. You just need to learn the difference between the two is all. :)
Zino Wan Kenobi (4 years ago)
+Relijun Steenx woooow u spotted a spelling mistake u should get a nobel 
Chad Robbins (5 years ago)
LOOPS. Best magic utility ever
Oi Potato (5 years ago)
Oi Potato (5 years ago)
Eunice Chan (5 years ago)
It's so obvious that there's a invisible strong
OverkillGaming (5 years ago)
bulldog sanity (5 years ago)
The girl in the short jean shorts an sunglasses with black shirt looks like my sister
Zino Wan Kenobi (5 years ago)
are you trying to say your sister is hot
Graber (5 years ago)
Invisible string
from Joker with love (3 years ago)
+Hope Graber congrats mate you have become smart :3
casperandrachelle (5 years ago)
i came because of all time's 10
Carlos Postigo (5 years ago)
seth smith (5 years ago)
you have a string connected to ur guys' thumbs
Pasquale Liuzzi (5 years ago)
rings a magnet
Oli Boli (5 years ago)
easy easy easy trick ;))
Kochisan (4 years ago)
No one no one no one fucking cares
tris1003 (5 years ago)
thats a looper.. :D
baha shibly (5 years ago)
dont worry. you dont need to hide the phone number. i'll never coast 1.00 $ to call a babe or bitch. what ever
Kira D Jappie (5 years ago)
That asian girl is my friend LOL Welcome to Singapore hahhahaaha
Rhys Oldland (5 years ago)
toni b (5 years ago)
got to love loops!! dont leave home without it
Ben falxon (5 years ago)
Hey check out my magic trading on my channel
Able Martinez (5 years ago)
So kool
Tobias Sami (5 years ago)
do more vids with asad
lewis Mackenzie (5 years ago)
Free card giveaway on my channel check it out
Castiel Chan (5 years ago)
which one did you call first?? at 2:19?
Ruben Lazar (5 years ago)
2:16, saw the loops!
jetnut89 (5 years ago)
I said it once and I'll say it again: What a way to pick up chicks.
Ben Mayton (5 years ago)
Do you still do card deck giveaways, because I think it would be really cool to get a deck from the one and only Jarek120, so next time you do a deck giveaway could you please let me know?
Ryan McQuinlan (5 years ago)
can I please have one of your decks?
PeacemanNOT (5 years ago)
That was sick earned a sub.
Disturb Reality (5 years ago)
Haunted Phone Number Magic Trick
Mekkaoui Hamza (5 years ago)
Can you plz make a tutorial of signed card through window ?
Grenade Clock (5 years ago)
That's one way to get a girls number.
Taran Harvey-Chadwick (5 years ago)
I...I don't understand why people would guess this?? People saying its string attached to the card!! Not it isn't!!! There is a free fucking tutorial for it and people can't be bothered to go and watch it. Instead they guess wrong. Why???
Xie. (5 years ago)
Spoiler: The market's ink that they used had magnet particles in which they used the magnetic ring to get the cards. GENIUS ME STRIKES AGAIN!
CamCav98 (5 years ago)
I stretched my loops for the longest time and it broke the first time I used it :(
MultiXilence (5 years ago)
Intro song?
Mujii A (5 years ago)
he told u if u wanna learn it... and it's free -.-
Aleksander Sats (5 years ago)
Its fake inn the card is string
darren tyson (5 years ago)
grecia ramos (5 years ago)
card with string much?!
Jordy8874 (5 years ago)
Magnetic pen ink much
rajaredhilu (5 years ago)
@bf3Xelite watch the tutorial in the desc b4 u comment like a dumbass, you are so fucking stupid
ReggieONps4IN60fps (5 years ago)
actors and a string attached to the card...
Samthesalvaje (5 years ago)
Jared makes it so obvious. Asad pulls it off like a badass
Jon Wise (5 years ago)
Stijn Weijters (5 years ago)
Cool i am going to try this out with nice looking gals ;)
:O that was crazy as ****
ProjectToasterOven (5 years ago)
You cant bust something when their is a tutorial showing you how to do it at the end of the video -.-
Stelios Vs (5 years ago)
The short haired girl is like perfect.
cutie2themax100 (5 years ago)
ha! this will get you a lot of chicks! :D
You guys earned another subscriber!
S3Dx Compilations (5 years ago)
Not sure if flirting or not..
rob31698 (5 years ago)
Haha! Busted @ 2:17. Look at whet toy're doing with your has bro. Did anyone else see it?
Bruno Plestina (5 years ago)
Jarek will you ever do giveaways?
Midnight (5 years ago)
Magic Makers Magician's Wax and Invisible Thread......thats it.. simple but effective
Their Iron rings are attracting a magnet in the card?
Cyrus Halfacre (5 years ago)
Thanks for the reply, I'll give the single card a try. You still didn't mention what brand loops though???
Luke Saunders (5 years ago)
Invisible string
Alltime10s (5 years ago)
Cool video! :D
Olaf Miklas (5 years ago)
Loop :P Where can you get them ??
Ninja DefusalGuy (5 years ago)
Very proffesional..
Ninja DefusalGuy (5 years ago)
Saw the invisible string, prob attached when he hold the card, watch his thumb and hand as he tries to 'find' the card
Daym Drops (5 years ago)
Numbers Galore I am sure!! lol.. Great Video!
The Punisher (5 years ago)
The ink is magnetic...
Ali Alahmadi (5 years ago)
have you ever tried doing magic tricks on black people? dude they react the besssstttt!!!!!
Lexi C (5 years ago)
sonnetxi (5 years ago)
i know i was kidding lol
lasse lækker (5 years ago)
omg omg omg hey grant thompson love you !!!! ...... no homo :)
speerweed (5 years ago)
That is sick. I'm gonna get some bitches too
Eema Ass (5 years ago)
He has a latex string to move the cards
okchannel (5 years ago)
That sick I'm going to get some Bitches
rs paz (5 years ago)
you and your crew are cool men! kip it up!:-)
Leon Dreessen (5 years ago)
Very cool

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