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News: Science Shows Women Stronger Than Men (TFM 42O)

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Let's redefine intelligence! Now women are smarter than men! Let's redefine strength! Now women are stronger than men! Do you know who else likes to play pretend? Children. A segment of the 6/14/2017 episode of TFM 42O. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/jun/11/the-weaker-sex-science-that-shows-women-are-stronger-than-men The World's Strongest Woman vs. Average Men https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIq-XtuU-5M Intro Music: "Earthy Crust" by Jingle Punks. Courtesy of the YouTube Audio Library. Background Music (in Taken 420 Trailer): Cambodian Odyssey by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100585 Artist: http://incompetech.com/ Monkey Image: "Male chimpanzee in business clothes - Stock image" by Lise Gagne. Licensed from Getty Images. Animated Newsroom by rpancake. Licensed from Shutterstock.
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Meesa (10 days ago)
Hell yeah, I bench 55lbs! Boom, stronger than men. Lol, just kidding. At least I can bench the bar with two of those super cute 5 pounders. 😂
CALDEN MICHAEL (11 days ago)
New science = feminist science
Turd Flinging Monkey (11 days ago)
it's like New Coke, but science.
MegaDarktor (16 days ago)
I thought according to science that men were simply an evolved version of women. Science says a lot of $hit nowadays but I guess it's because a lot of women are getting into science too. But nevertheless, we real men love women so much and to quote some old James Brown song... our world would mean nothing, nothing without women.
Tyler M (15 days ago)
Men's bodies are literally designed for manual labor, fighting, strength training. Just look at your worlds strongest female vs male.
A Lou (16 days ago)
Feminism has turned men from gentlemen to pissed off Neanderthals who need to exude their societally repressed masculinity through aggression, anger, and borderline misogyny. I can hear it in these guys voices. They're pissed and tired of this bullshit and it's understandable. But, men still need to maintain true masculinity which is being secure in oneself, respectful, a protective provider for their wives and families, and always keep a cool head. Society wants men to be angry because then it only gives the flawed narrative of the feminist movement validity that men hate women. Otherwise, you're just playing into their strategically laid trap and allowing yourselves to be used as puppets in their twisted game. There are still women out there who value traditional roles and are proud of their femininity and celebrate masculinity. Most of them are Christian women because this is what the Bible teaches, but you guys have to understand, if you're going to bars, clubs, parties trying to meet women, there's a high likelihood you'll encounter trash women who subscribe to this ass-backwards worldview. Go to church, or a bible study and that's where all of the virtuous, feminine and REAL women are. Warning: most of them are already married because of their high value. Good luck! 👍🏽
Shitty nice Tast (20 days ago)
If women is stronger than why can't they fight on the war 1 and 2
it's all good (21 days ago)
I haven't seen a single woman that i helped move could throw a washing machine over her shoulder or lift a 4 cylinder engine out from under a hood by hand or pick up a R700 transmission by the tale shaft and toss it into the back of a 2 ton truck.
Henry Robbins (1 month ago)
I know you’re saying a lot of stuff thats true. But ur a total virgin dude.
Turd Flinging Monkey (1 month ago)
You tell yourself whatever you have to okay.
Wrong your science is bullshit m8 first of a female can get muscles like a Male bodybuilder but no were close to men who train like retards 2 women are smart well ok lets forget that most scientist were not Men
Beta ray bill Jackson (1 month ago)
Funny how they show a picture of a woman lifting a man overhead, it's like they think that man couldn't easily lift her.
Nick Gurney (1 month ago)
What’s funny is that the first female U.S. soldier was a deserter
Diana Petruccetti (2 months ago)
Lol, usually men who do this kind of videos are the ones who are scared about women getting more power in society. Get over it idiots 👌
malli69 (2 months ago)
Yea they are stronger because most of them are natty.
Do what i say (2 months ago)
Some studies say there are way more men in the army then women.
Rehzi Chase Langley (2 months ago)
Facts.One time my teacher told the boys to carry heavy boxes. Then she said “but look at them they’re twigs”. Then my teacher said they’re are young men so sit down(my teacher is a girl btw). Anyways, the next day we were having a party and that girl couldn’t open a jar of salsa. Then I opened two of them with ease and I’m skinny myself (I’m a boy btw) men a physically stronger than men PERIOD
james marez (2 months ago)
Dumb inferior women freaking feminist suck men are superior
That random Life (2 months ago)
Men are stronger but not superior there are men and women for a reason now I hate feminism but men and women are equal I souppourt trump and we are not equal in anything but value feminist are trying to make women of more value
Cory Sartin (2 months ago)
Dumb ass feminist this is feminist science i have women on my Facebook who are feminazis and I have asked them do you think you are stronger than us men and they have said yes us women are stronger to you men in every way phsyically and mentally and I said alrighty why don't we meet up girls and wrestle or put on mixed martial arts gloves and spar and I'll show you how much superior and stronger then you women are or I was a lieutenant in the fire service because and I retired from the fire service because I injured my middle back in the fire service and I have osteoarthritis in my thoracic spine and I'm still stronger then all of you women or how about this we do the males cpat agility test we had Todo upon entry in the fire service but we do the male cpat agility test not the female one the male and I'll show you how weak and fragile you women are and they said no that don't mean shit us women are far more superior than you men it's crazy lol women are not equal to us men period
Fact is that both gender should be treated equally. Woman give birth to men. Men are physically stronger. I don’t. Get why these stupid little pussies like to deny that
Dxbings VlogsJR (3 months ago)
Men can't hit "Women" oh but supposedly women are stronger and when a women hits a men they don't take it as serious but if a man hits a women omg such a big deal women are over protected by laws
David Wright (3 months ago)
Great now we know Women can be any size and still be stronger. Most minimal wage jobs are taken by women now. Most of managers in minimum wage jobs are women. Feminism is proving women are running the show. To this day, society teaches men that all we're good at is being put in jail or to be replaced.
thomas cross (3 months ago)
Ok let’s look at this logically, on average now. If women are as strong or stronger then explain why women have issue with men raping women would they not on average discourage this with their strength. Either it’s not the problem it’s made out to be or they are creating the myth that women in general have so called strength. Facts eventually contradict itself. Logic eventually shows up these contradiction.
EyeM h8d (3 months ago)
My one question: If women are stronger than men, then why are us men the only ones who get asked for help lifting all the heavy shit when moving? I have yet to see one instance in all the Ive helped people move where women do any heavy lifting
Evil Buu (3 months ago)
A highly trained woman let's say rounds Rousey can beat a average strenght man in wrestling or what ever
Evil Buu (3 months ago)
Women are not stronger then men a man will detoryed the a woman with the same mucle weight
Well me. First of have no body me. Degenerate girls dna 50 procent good the rest is waste fro. Decying dna. Me are created to antagonise kind of a cancer really disease girls have rely on the selves
Mario Van den Eede (3 months ago)
That's science done by a feminist LOL
BlackDragon-kin (3 months ago)
As a woman, I find this article complete bulls**t. Nature made us like that. I don’t get why so many women get triggered about that.
Myrtle Jones (3 months ago)
George R (3 months ago)
men are stronger fact
Steven Connor (3 months ago)
Wtf are you guys on... real men dont give a feck and get on with it, not whine like a couple of erm women. By feck this generation is fecked.
Steven Connor (3 months ago)
+Turd Flinging Monkey as the old cranberries song said " Its in your head ..zombie" We are all different enjoy it have a laugh with it but most of all, love each others imperfections.
Turd Flinging Monkey (3 months ago)
the only way to solve a problem is to first identify it.
Christian Macri (3 months ago)
Lmfao women are so fucked up man. They are too corupted to even allow the slightest knowledge of reality slip through their warped brains that men on average are up to 3.5 times stronger than a women. Ask anyone that has logic (and that's not a feminist) and they'll say the same thing. Most girls I know copmelty agree with what I am saying if u don't then ur really and I mean REALLY stupid.
sonldpsdnk (3 months ago)
Yeah sure (sarcasm)
Forrest40PF (3 months ago)
You know you're screwed when Caitlyn Jenner can win a Woman of the Year award.
Hadeel Ab. (3 months ago)
You are a sexist donkey. When women become strong, the society makes fool of them,
Michael (3 months ago)
Gosh... It's not like we enjoy fighting wars and getting killed in the process! If women were stronger, they would be going to the frontlines, because NO ONE with more than half a brain sends their weakest soldiers. You always send your strongest, and that's why men are soldiers.
Fitfatpenguin (4 months ago)
This is probably the dumbest thing ever. Women are weaker. It’s just so obvious.
Hillary Clinton (4 months ago)
Women are just as strong as men
Xxmoad xX (4 months ago)
It is meant that men are stronger. They have the testosterone while woman has oestrogen so men are stronger
Xxmoad xX (4 months ago)
Feminists wrote the article
MGTOW Lithuania/Lietuva (4 months ago)
feminists:women are stronger also feminists:we are too weak for draft
Xxmoad xX (4 months ago)
I love this video..hahahaa lol. The article is complete bullshit.
JD (4 months ago)
They are not stronger.
Nikki Dutt (4 months ago)
If you think feminism is promoting women’s health over men’s health then you have no fucking clue what feminism is, you stupid uneducated jerk.
Resz7 (4 months ago)
Science doesn't show this shit.
Harry Bats (5 months ago)
who is the other guy in the video? what book is he talking about?
M Muss (5 months ago)
All you guys sound just as brash, ignorant, and narrow-minded as radical feminists but on the other end of the spectrum
M Muss (1 month ago)
+Ma Sa I was talking about people in the comments.
Ma Sa (3 months ago)
M Muss they literally said nothing wrong. Tell me one thing that they said they is scientifically incorrect.
Diet Glue (5 months ago)
I agree that men are stronger than women and that women aren’t better than men. However, that doesn’t excuse you from being a misogynist.
Diet Glue (3 months ago)
Ma Sa I’m not a mysogynist
Ma Sa (3 months ago)
Diet Glue since you agree with him, we can conclude you are a misogynist yourself.
MGTOW PORTUGAL (5 months ago)
Half the top powerlifting women can't bench more than 68kg, which an average man with no training can easily lift
MGTOW PORTUGAL (5 months ago)
The world's strongest woman lost an armwrestle to an average man. Its around here on youtube
MGTOW PORTUGAL (5 months ago)
These articles saying women are stronger - are going to put them in a lot of trouble if they defy us
ShamusMia (5 months ago)
Hahahahahahhaha....this shit is hilarious...gotta love these trollers...
Mike Morris (5 months ago)
I hate the "science" bs. You can't change facts. Trying to rewrite everything is just counter productive. In truth everyone in society has some form of injustice to deal with. It doesn't take a genius to figure out generalizing people and blaming them would cause others to resent you. I watched a video of a little boy apologies for being a white male for things he never did, because his mother taught him this. That is sick, that boy will probably never have pride in himself. I would never do that to a child. This is brainwashing.
Anthony Wood (5 months ago)
Female rangers? We will probably never see an actual GI Jane. One who passes in every way equal to men.
L Derby (5 months ago)
Ohh are they now? In that case they can fight any future wars then yeah? No didn't think so, they can't pass the same training as the men
evoljellyfish 00 (5 months ago)
Well actually women can survive trauma that men could not, they can lose more blood than men, and have a higher overall thresh-hold for pain. But other than those things men are physically stronger than women. Woman have the burden of perpetuating our species so they have adapted throughout the years to be able to withstand a lot of punishment for the sake of humanities longevity. - FACT
Daniel Eliassenfgh618 (5 months ago)
This video is just dumb...
CJ B (5 months ago)
Hehe.... science says it guys.... just like science says there is a million gender
XIV Words (6 months ago)
50 try 35
Elth (6 months ago)
I was expecting actual facts, not just bro science. woman can be stronger than men, they just dont want to most of the time
an average woman is nothing physically doing to an average man. she is very weak
Luke G (6 months ago)
At my job, I'm the tallest, most In Shape, most muscular guy in my group..... Guess who they ALWAYS call on when something even remotely heavy needs to be lifted??
Hadeel Ab. (3 months ago)
Men are not superior to women. Regarding physical strength, remember that donkeys are stronger than men. Does this make them superior?
Hadeel Ab. (3 months ago)
+Ma Sa Thank you. But people need to distinguish between radical feminists and liberal feminists. Only radical feminists are the sexist ones. But liberal feminists are not. We just want to stop discrimination against women because of their sex and give them equal rights. That's all. I do not see any reason why women shall not get the same rights as men and I do not see anything that men can do and women cannot. Finally, it is inhumane to make girls feel inferior or discriminated against because of something they do not have hands on.
Ma Sa (3 months ago)
Again, the same can be said about education, nursing, home aid, any type of medical assistant job... pretty much schools and medicine are run by women. Men go for engineering, and women go for education and medical field. That tells you something about human nature. Guys who want to be teachers and nurses for example are kind of looked down upon by society because those are “girls things”. You’re very intelligent 🤓, but please, for goodness sake don’t let these neofeminists ruin you. This new breed of feminists will lead you down a path You’re gonna regret taking 10-20 years down the road. I’m sure you’re about 18 now and don’t really look that far ahead.
Hadeel Ab. (3 months ago)
+Ma Sa Yes, maybe they make up over 60% of college graduate but only 11% of engineering graduate. And engineering is what makes inventors. Unfortunately, there is a stereotype that engineering is for men only. I know a lot of girls who wanted to study engineering but they feared being looked at as masculine or even gays for majoring in "boys things". There is this stereotype that girls shall take soft and easy fields because it is feminine to do so.
Ma Sa (3 months ago)
I don’t believe Islam is a sexist religion,. Islam does not view males and females equally, but that doesn’t mean it’s sexist. There are certain things that men have rights over women and some women have over men. Men and women are not equal biologically, so we technically can not be equal in everything. I do agree with you though, women do need more models to follow. We will just have to wait and see how things play out. Females now make up over 60% of college students in the US, in 10 years time we will be able to tell. Btw most feminists will grow up to be single women with 10 cats, and 5 dogs lol. I’m sure that’s gonna be you in the future.
Hadeel Ab. (3 months ago)
+Ma Sa Yuk. Islam is a sexist religion that I left secretly. I hate sexism so much. And, I am happy to be a woman. Again, men throughout history were viewed as breadwinners. Therefore, their motivation and need to invent was higher. And necessity is the mother of invention. Women on the other hand were busy caring for others and depending on men for living. They did not have their own independent space and time to think and invent. Therefore, they did not have the motivation, the means, or the need to invent. Just as Virginia Wolf said it, women did not have a room of their own. Although the society changed in the west, the stereotypes persisted. For example, boys found lots of men models who aspired them. But girls did not. This makes girls underestimate their capabilities because of their gender. However, thanks to feminists who work hard to remove these stereotypes, the number of female patents increased and continue to increase.
In The Water With C&O (6 months ago)
Women do feel more pain (search it up) but they know how to cope with more than men because that’s what they were made for (giving birth). I think that’s what this website means. Edit:don’t get triggered I’m just pointing out a fact.
Anubis (6 months ago)
Shit wron
deathpresent101 (7 months ago)
The trade off of men being superior in many ways are, that women make literally people with there bodies. There literal wizards yet they still complain.
WAYWARD SON (7 months ago)
*Some might even say, women are better in giving birth*
WAYWARD SON (7 months ago)
*Women are stronger than men? My DEFCON Alarm gauge has just burst!😁*
HitProof (7 months ago)
So Women are stronger because they have easier life, right?
Connor Neff (7 months ago)
Uh u ever see a massage place full of men. Yah i didnt think so feminists
zura lobjanidze (7 months ago)
Once i red the title on the video my bullshit senses started tingling
Darlene Wright (7 months ago)
Ever wonder why male hippos killed the most humans they are practically just living off of testosterone.female hippos don't usually kill
Azwad Navid (8 months ago)
How do they come up with this shit
Azwad Navid (8 months ago)
Men have it way harder than women
Don Sullivan (8 months ago)
Have you watched American Ninga Warrier. Men campete with men on an obstical course. There are some great women athletes but very few. You can count them on your fingers for the men you need a calculator. I believe the two women that pasted ranger school past fairly but that was after a nation wide search that lasted years and costed tens of millions.
Alexander Yuki (8 months ago)
“Estrogen gives them resistance to heart disease” This is not really true. As I philosopher, I have always witnessed that the heart is a symbol of five or more different meanings (as such to be used metaphorically). When you realize that women are more susceptible to stress and emotional situations, one meaning must connect to another meaning. It turns out, it does. Just as they are more vulnerable to the “emotional” meaning of the heart, they are more sensitive to the physical as well. While men have more heart disease, women fare worse in these conditions such as mortality from heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases. I just admire his meaning. More physical facts. The male heart is stronger, pumping with more force, enhanced oxygen delivery, and having more cardiac muscle mass. I have been a researcher not because the feminist wave hits us very hard in the year 2014, but because that was the year where the third wave feminists decided to use blogs with medical reports from inexperienced researches to prove that women are stronger. Many people fall for this lie and it really has to stop because I can prove every false writer the truth, which funny I should say medicine is not even my major. Yet, for four years have I studied on gender and medicine. I focus more on the heart because it is a symbol of ambiguity and it surrounds the energies of the mind, body, and soul.
Please I need to learn from you. First is it truth that we have stronger bones than women? Second Can a man be more flexible than a woman Third Do we have more thicker muscle mass than women? I want you to write me the truth please.
StefannoTheConqueror (8 months ago)
The title is not even a proprer sentance
Ma Sa (3 months ago)
StefannoTheConqueror sentence*.
Kenos Entity (8 months ago)
hahah didnt even have to watch the vid to know the article was bs
ivory pale (8 months ago)
Not denying the fact that men are physicly stronger, but these incels in comment section seem like they despise woman and calling them useless fot not having masculine traits is also unfair.
Ma Sa (3 months ago)
What most are arguing for is for women to stop comparing themselves to men.
ivory pale (8 months ago)
Turd Flinging Monkey virgins.
Turd Flinging Monkey (8 months ago)
Begone thot
Scarlet Nightmare (8 months ago)
Ok sure....lmao
Daniel Eliassenfgh618 (8 months ago)
I'm not trying to be sexist or anything, but men are actually physically stronger than most women, it's just how it is... (I'm not saying that every man is stronger than any woman, but usually men on average, men are stronger than most women)
tysswe1 (8 months ago)
Is thats why all male strength records are considerably higher then mens?
Hooman (8 months ago)
RIP science
ya boi skinny penis (8 months ago)
I always lose 100 damage when a wamen calls me a good friend😔 if i have shield i can take it
G (8 months ago)
If I was a general I wouldn't let them know we were going to war until it was time to move out
Pournflakes (9 months ago)
Fact women are better than men. They are prettier, smell better, have much more grace etc. I personally like them better but hey what you guys are talking about sounds like a mental illness
Sports Savage (7 months ago)
Pournflakes Yeah those three facts do not prove that “women are better than man.”
Some primitive societies worshipped women for the single fact that they carried and birthed children.  Those same societies today and then have larger rates of rape and abuse of women and children.  Those same societies take longer to assimilate into modernity and/or economic stability.  Well...now modernity is in a state of regression so those societies are not just stalled, they are even more fucked than western civilizations today are.
Marisa Faith (9 months ago)
I love both genders BTW☺
Marisa Faith (9 months ago)
Oestrogen makes us look young ladies😀
Jeremiah Stewart (9 months ago)
No they aren't, are they stupid?
Turd Flinging Monkey (9 months ago)
Jacob Sullivan (9 months ago)
ok man men are not better than women at everything we cant multiple task as well we are not as nurturing and we cant organize as well im not a cuck for women we are better at 80 percent of most things but 6 things is a little harsh man give these bitches some credit dood your being a little fucked up bra and sexist bra you might be right but we know this already you dont have to say it the key is to let women think what they want so they shut up and get up on us your ruining the game man lol but for real little harsh man easy
Dr. Mastery (3 months ago)
1:51 reistance to sickness = strength? HAHAHAHAHA!! funniest bullcrap ever! btw that's not stength, it's just immunity. different abilities. CREATE SOME BRAINCELLS PEOPLE!
Dr. Mastery Lel. Ok.
Dr. Mastery (3 months ago)
+RetroIsGamingYT Awesome Retro chill out. I already said thanks for reminding me of that typo.
Dr. Mastery Lost a few brincells. Don’t even know how to spell the word “Brincells” after watching.
Dr. Mastery (3 months ago)
+RetroIsGamingYT Awesome Retro thanks for that reminder!
Broken Entity Brincells...
I bet they will try to fix this by trying persuade or force man to take oestrogenes and female to take testosterones, they are so disconnected from reality, it wouldn't surprise me at all, After all, trangender do so.
ᎯᎯRᎾN THE LIᎾN (9 months ago)
Joey Bones (9 months ago)
Ok yes I agree but wow that arm wrestling point was so bad. REALLY?? a fucking arm wrestle ?
Miraculous Bugaboo (9 months ago)
It is absolutely disgusting seeing some of these sexist comments towards both women and men, some of you have no respect what so ever! Stop discriminating! Stop cherry picking information and saying bullshit!
Miraculous Bugaboo (9 months ago)
Everyone has different bodies and everyone is different! I am sick and tired of seeing men are better at this or women are better at that! There is so much pressure in society of how women and men should be!
Aaron Young (9 months ago)
this has to be a joke. ofcourse men are superior
JediWitness2 (9 months ago)
Women live longer, not because of estrogen, but mainly because of their periods which helps to purge the body of toxins more regularly which also forces the body and bone marrow to replenish the blood on a more frequent basis then it does to men. The other factors of them taking fall less risky jobs, doing less work overall and other factors such as tending to share their feelings more which relieves stress and being more social also play A Part as well.
[email protected] (10 months ago)
What if they force the women to go to war even while pregananant?
Natalie Ramirez (10 months ago)
I feel like everytime you read something that you consider feminist, it triggers you. Republicans these days...just like democrats
screen name (10 months ago)
Embrace it Men are better than women The whole civilization is built by men
cloudy (10 months ago)
It’s fucking DeathCon 6!!!!!!

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