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The Classic Force (Performance + Tutorial)

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http://www.twitter.com/jarek120 http://www.facebook.com/disturbreality http://www.evancloyd.com http://www.youtube.com/howtodisturbreality http://www.youtube.com/evancloyd The best 'free choice' pick-a-card force there is to do to someone. ----- Be inspired to learn. Then aspire to disturb. ♥♣Rise Above♦♠
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SherlockHolmes (2 days ago)
Since i was a kid, i would always pick the first card knowing they were going to try and make me look stupid by shoving a card in my hand and trying to convince me i chose it for myself. I cant believe I was right lol All kidding aside i was paranoid af when i was a child and it helped me to see a lot of nasty truths in the world at a very young age. One of them being when someone tries to convince you that you decided something on your own when in reality you had very little choice in the matter. One magician tried to start the trick over after i picked the first card closest to his hand so he dropped the entire deck in an effort to start it over (now i know why), which never looks good. And another magician tried to convince me he had seen that card i chose so i had better pick another one. I never knew why it fucked them up I just knew it did somehow (not always but over half the time). I just always assumed they were going to try and "force" it onto me somehow. Good stuff. On a side note, what an annoying little prick i mustve been.
farisa kabir (10 months ago)
I didn't understand.🤔🤔
tempoyaxxx (1 month ago)
tempoyaxxx (1 month ago)
tempoyaxxx (1 month ago)
Ryan n (11 months ago)
Riffle force is the best
tumpelo (1 year ago)
His dad is a blonde Ron Swanson.
Vihaan Ravishankar (1 year ago)
this is great man. i do have a question though, i know a lot of people who think about which cards they are going to pick so what do i do in those situations
Kellz Main (1 year ago)
Victors acting is porn level
Marc H. Fries (1 year ago)
You must be a girl...
just stuff (1 year ago)
the camera man sounds like Chris from family Guy lol
sztuciec (1 year ago)
nice tan, ron swanson
Phonix (1 year ago)
If u ever do this trick make sure u have a back up for all those douches
Magic By Matthew (1 year ago)
First of all, great tutorial bro as usual. And the way you handle those cards all non-chalaunt... lol. Impressive to say the least. I just want to agree with some of the commenters about the need for a back up plan. I would say for me, this force works 6-8 out of 10 times. When it does, people start to think you practice witchcraft or something. lol. It KILLS when it works. When it does not work (as with ANY force), you all need to be able to improvise or have a planned trick that doesn't require knowing what card they picked (i.e. what card you forced on them). I literally was doing magic for a large group of friends last night, and this pr!ck that was one of those know it alls that truly knows nothing, refused to take the card he stopped me at during a riffle force (my favorite). He took the one below it after a bit of contention between us. I literally said "fine you pain in the ass, take whatever friggin card you want... you picked it regardless of how you ultimately come to hold it in your hands... I was admittedly unprepared for this as I had quite a spectacular trick planned for the finale once he took the proper forced card, which of course he did not. So when he had his other card, unknown to me of course, i had him place it back in the deck where he found it. Now that was only one card away from the forced card, so I could have used that to find his since I knew what it would be next to... But instead, I just did a simple classic pass and got the card to the top of the deck, then a double lift to show him how good I was by finding and magically making his card come to the top. He laughed and said I was wrong, which I was. So it told him to hold that card, which ultimately was the real top card, i.e. his card, and then pretended to read his simple mind to deduce the card, which of course I got wrong again. So finally told him to give me back the wrong card he was holding as I clearly didn't know what I was doing, and as he did, of course he looked at it... and smiled and told the group "this jerk had me holding my card that whole time".... lol. After that I crushed it by doing the Nest of Wallets trick on him, and the two card monte (David Blaine style). He was a changed man when it was all done with a new found respect for magic and magicians. Long story short (too late), be prepared in case your force of a card fails. It doesn't have to be a big deal at all. Turned out fine for me, and I was utterly unprepared because I have literally NEVER had the riffle force not go smoothly. Now I am always going to be ready. Sorry for long comment. Jarek, keep on rocking these bad ass videos dude. You are one of the best on here by far. Much respect and appreciation ;-) Matthew
Ahmed Shaikh (1 year ago)
My douche bag friends always go for the last card
Kami (1 year ago)
If you know how to get a card jogged toward you in the middle of the pack, you can force it without having to have a pinky break. Makes it a lot easier!
Martin Aarne (2 years ago)
Bracelet game could be a bit stronger. Good tutorial though
chief beef (2 years ago)
god the fucking cameraguy at the beginning is so insanely obnoxious
Jared Strube (2 years ago)
Lmfao I had his dad as a teacher and I just now realized this!😂
Travis Archer (2 years ago)
Go Blue! love the Woodson clippings
culturejam (2 years ago)
he is real life gambit
James Baxter (2 years ago)
Lol just trying to show off his card control for like 30 seconds before doing the trick
Jonathan Buchter (2 years ago)
my mom is extremely skeptical and never wants to be fooled so she always takes the card that is not fanned out
browneye (2 years ago)
Very well taught. Classic Force is the best force period, if done well
KFC 101 (2 years ago)
where can I get that shirt
BORA Kocabaş (2 years ago)
1:04 not impressed (like my dad)
Dreamaginator (2 years ago)
what was the music in the end?
jerk performed it badly and taught it badly....he can't do fuck all, that's why none of you can do it more than 20% of the time.
Aleko. de (2 years ago)
Am i the only one who didnt got it? :S
thnx dude
Pou Belle (2 years ago)
Nice tutorial! But your cameraman must stop drinking before filming!
Dom Joseph B. (2 years ago)
i think he might be impaired
mt00100 a (2 years ago)
That tshirt is so cool.. Can i have a link from where i can get that
Ya Boi (2 years ago)
why u paid to ur friend like 5bucks for acting like a tard
Ya Boi (2 years ago)
+Tom Dooley sorry if i'm not perfect at english m8
Tom Dooley (2 years ago)
I'll give you 30 to talk correctly.
Lúcia Hotzel (2 years ago)
dude not every one picks the card in the midle
SherlockHolmes (2 days ago)
+Ian Klopper how does that help if they pick the first card in the deck you moron?
Jonathan Mc Guigan (6 months ago)
Then have a backup trick ready.
Ian Klopper (1 year ago)
Which is why he said you move the card towards their finger.
Like my little bro
Jacob Skarby (2 years ago)
😃😃😃😃😃😃😃 is all i need to say!
Hashem Fahoum (2 years ago)
Am I the only one who can't do this force? I've been in magic for 2 years and i always wanted to master this force but i just can't.. does this mean I'm not skilled enough?
Jacob Skarby (2 years ago)
It probably depends a lot on the person you are doing it to as well, and what pressure you are putting against them. If you are in live national television most people would like to seem normal and not to annoying, making the probability of them taking that card higher.
Shelby Tull (2 years ago)
I didn't think this would actually work until I did it to my sister about a hundred times. She even knew exactly what I was doing and it STILL worked!!!
Arjun kohli (2 years ago)
I want the shirt!!!!😭😭
bigfriki (3 years ago)
As soon as the spectator is a little skeptical this method is destined to fail, right?
Lior Schifrin (1 year ago)
No it's not because you just make a different card obvious and their card second obvious
Rebel Yell (2 years ago)
i ve done it to my friend who is always skeptical because she knows a lot of tricks cause of me and it worked both times
BLUE SKY (3 years ago)
great thanks
DragonShark (3 years ago)
You watch all his videos...
Awais Khan (3 years ago)
Damn I love you thank you so much for your tutorials it helps me a lot that was a great force And damn that shirt is nice as hell keep up the great work. Love you ;3
Landon Phillips (3 years ago)
Your dad is Nick Offerman in his final form.
Chris Sche (1 month ago)
Landon Phillips i thought the same thing!
Hey jerrick your magic is awesome make sure you upload more videos
James E. (3 years ago)
do this trick with another "Pick a random card" trick alongside it in case they pick a different card. Just change the trick
Kaden Lancaster (3 years ago)
This force rarely works. To many people trying to be smart waiting until the bottom of the deck of something like that. Works well sometimes, but rarely.
Danijel Rakic (3 years ago)
+Kaden Lancaster Actually it works for me 90 % of the time. If the person is picky just go for the other person. I start spreading the cards casually and go for the first person to pick the card, and just say "Actually, you take one card, go ahead take it" as I turn to the person right next to the 1st person. And in that short moment, 2nd person is little bit confused and just grabs that forced card. I hope you understand what I was trying to say. Good luck :)
Stone Wall (3 years ago)
it dont work my spectaters or picky
Abigail To (3 years ago)
His dad is soooo calm, just like my mum, but when I watch a magic trick, I usually go crazy and I'm like "omg, omg, omg, what has just happened?! That's impossible!!!! That's amazing!!!!"
Frank T (3 years ago)
This is the best force hands down...but only when it works right. A lot of people don't take the forced card and usually make me go to the end and pick a card from the bottom half of the deck. It's all luck really, you just got to hope they will pick that card.
J. Fetets (3 years ago)
This dont work
KshitijArora (3 years ago)
How long did it take you to master it
cindy elizabeth (3 years ago)
Please comment rate and subscribe to my channel. Please comment and subscribe and comment and I will try my best to do the same. I will go ahead and watch more of your videos right now
zeropointfusion (3 years ago)
i'm not really a person that believes in magic there's always strings attached to it or some way to figure out how to fake magic
Muhammad Rafiq (3 years ago)
I am just a big fan of him man just look at him I love his theme song jerk plz answer
cindy elizabeth (3 years ago)
I love the classic force I use the classic force all of the time I love your way of doing it thanks. I have been one since I was 4 and I am 23 now too.
kids Murrieta (3 years ago)
Hey evan i am a really big fan of your magic i got aspired by your tricks so i was going to ask you if you could please send me a signed deck for my deck collection!
Kats (3 years ago)
As a note, I always find that it helps the force look better if I outjog the card above it so I can keep my pinky break with less of a gap in the cards. It makes the slight a bit easier.
Miguel David Lorenzo (3 years ago)
criss from family guy is taking the video
TrueWOPR (3 years ago)
I know too many tricky people that will pick anything else out of the deck.
Speuler (2 years ago)
+INFINITY gamer Do another trick. Like ambitious card is always a good one to have laying around. Also if your deck allows it here then there but for that you might need some setup. Always be ready for multiple options.
Speuler (2 years ago)
+Jeffrey Wiegley Just go to the ambitious card. And set it up again with another person.
Jeffrey Wiegley (3 years ago)
+INFINITY gamer Because at that point he's totally screwed and the trick is blown. There are MANY other forces that the spectator cannot screw up even if they are trying. No magician I know would use this because it has a failure chance. They fail your force if they pick a very early card, in which case they will notice the sudden large number of cards. They can snatch the card quickly leaving you insufficient time to move the break or they can simply wait for you to spread the cards past the break. Way too many ways to fail.
ilias (3 years ago)
+TrueWOPR me too. Why hes not telling what to do if they pick something else like how to continue the trick if they pick something else
TrueWOPR (3 years ago)
+Kaitlyn Amanda Yup, I used to do an old "trick" where I'd wonder a bar with a deck of cards, queen of hearts on top, and ask girls "what's your favorite card?" (queen of hearts is the most popular answer) if they say "queen of hearts" I draw the top card and amaze them, they think it's magic, I love that it's probability.  If they say a different card, I take it out of the deck clarify "this one?" then do different tricks.
Joseph Douglas (3 years ago)
My friends are way to smart and/or suspicious to fall for this one. Whenever I tell them to pick a card, they always make sure to go for a fake grab, wait till the very end of the deck, or ask me to go back in the fan. The very last card they'll pick is the one presented to them.
Japanese Nathan (3 years ago)
how do you?
Cainyoyo (3 years ago)
+Loudlazer Inc. Yes?
Japanese Nathan (3 years ago)
+Cainyoyo cainyoyo r u there
Cainyoyo (3 years ago)
+Joseph Birch I find the cull force to be the best force to use on people. It requires less skill than this force but in my opinion works so much better. Now of course you have those jabronis who will screw around with you every now & again but you now.
Japanese Nathan (3 years ago)
+Fury Arsenal lol
death vlog75 (3 years ago)
I tried this on my dad and it didn't work I don't think im going to use this force in future
Brian C (3 years ago)
haha holy shit. I was practicing while this video started and I picked a random card out of the deck to start a card force as he says 'as long as it's not the 9 of diamonds'.....it was the 9 of diamonds. I love when coincidences work in magic. I try to capitalize on them whenever I see it. Makes for some of the best reactions.
paddygibson36 (2 years ago)
I had that once when starting out, i was doing the 2 card monte or something but randomly claimed i could make my friend guess the card easily and he said 2 of spades and i plucked it out of the deck by complete 1/52 chance. managed not to celebrate and pulled it off though
sumsh!t (3 years ago)
+Brian C fun fact, it happened to me with a video of 52kards for a card force. It started with the 9 of diamonds, and how funny it was when I also randomly picked the 9 of diamonds to start practicing. Felt like a magic trick is done to you.
Mister X (3 years ago)
Jereck cool t-shirt
Sonny Deacle Vlogs (3 years ago)
His dad's like yes I can get back to my book
Tyler Moore (3 years ago)
Then use the cult if duchbages keep picking top or bottom
Thomas Groves (3 years ago)
I love the shirt  where did you get it?
Reed Waldo (3 years ago)
Oh my god Evan your dad was reading the book it's called travels with charley.... Shit I can't think of the name
Nakadu (3 years ago)
Very good, but doesn't work as a tutorial for most people because this guy has a load of natural talent. most people couldn't do this
Bill Schlafly (3 years ago)
+Nakadu It's more that he is revealing the trick. He's spent a great deal of time practicing and most of use will never be that good.
miqael gali (3 years ago)
I think that barman would not be an idiot and when he will see his card he would'nt take a bet .... don't you agree ?? )))))) :D
The Download Magician (4 years ago)
For anyone watching this, a thing to remember: practice the force with tricks you DON'T have to have a force card. It gives you a chance to practice and also makes it so the trick isn't ruined
Svere Style (4 years ago)
this doesnt work on douchebags who go for the top or bottom card
Jonathan Buchter (2 years ago)
Svere Style all my friensa are douchebags
Kingsly (4 years ago)
+Justin Roberts Justin, where did Svere say that he hated this trick? He simply stated that some people go for the top or bottom card. You need to get your eye checked before you can do ANY advanced trick bud.
Nivesh Proag (4 years ago)
Plus you can go 'pick a card from the middle of the deck'
Dvir Nissan (4 years ago)
this is stupid
Animus Beats (4 years ago)
Victor's "laugh" vs Evan's dad's reaction
that's funny i wanted to force the five of hearts because i have a four and a half gimmicked card and i made up a trick where i force the five of hearts and i tell the spectator to tell the card something mean break its heart then i pull out the four and a half hearts
Marielle (4 years ago)
I really want to have a card, any card but with your autograph coz ur really AWESOME!!!
Carz (4 years ago)
Victor gets way to excited
Billy Anderson (4 years ago)
As smooth as this force is, my favorite part of this video by far is the cameraman's reaction to the original force hahaha, I literally died what a lunatic
Austin W. (4 years ago)
What was on his computer it looks like coolmath
Guy Tagor - Magician (4 years ago)
finally got it! thanks jarek you're awsome :)
LucisFerre1 (4 years ago)
Victor's funny when he's drunk. 
Pratheek Kuimanda (4 years ago)
Dayuum ur really weird mate
Malik J (4 years ago)
ii was watching this an I looked at my card an I had a bend card an you said I hope its not the queen of diamonds an my bend card was the queen of diamonds
Scarecrow545 (4 years ago)
This is a horribly unreliable one.
LucisFerre1 (4 years ago)
What part of "classic force" did you not understand? 
Laurence Hudierez (4 years ago)
If your a real good magician and a smart one you would of moved on to another trick
ThePokePreston (4 years ago)
lol victor, "it is the queen of diamonds"
ducky 94 (4 years ago)
i love victors voice
WorkinOnTwerkin Gaming (4 years ago)
Is he disabled ( Autism )
sakura54440 (4 years ago)
omg he was reading "Of Mice and Men"!!!!!!! 
Bert Forster (4 years ago)
His dad is nick offerman.
Brett Leatherman (4 years ago)
I think you mean Ron Swanson
Zach J (4 years ago)
A lot of people like choose at random places not in middle
dawson Lynd (4 years ago)
hmmm will it actually work?
RedStone Warlock (4 years ago)
awsome card trick dude
Rasheed Shaaban (4 years ago)
Not working with me
Anjelo (4 years ago)
That's amazing! It will work like 8/10 times!
Snxwwy 1v1r (4 years ago)
Jared I like your shirt and I was wondering where you got that shirt and where to get the ghost deck
smsraka (4 years ago)
Lamest tutorial. Jarek is lame.
Guy Tagor - Magician (4 years ago)
Jack Bowman (4 years ago)
Jarek didn't invent the force you dipshit
Kochisan (4 years ago)
Please kill yourself
BadDolphin (4 years ago)
I can't see how you're keeping a pinky break while spreading a fan.  Some help on technique would be good.  I just can't find a way to hold onto the break while fanning them out.  
Jack Bowman (4 years ago)
I swear the cameraman is Chris from family guy
Perrin Tan (5 years ago)
Nice tshirt
Joshua Babb (5 years ago)
Michigan man!
Chandler Andrews (5 years ago)
Everyone I have done a trick to always grab near the bottom or top. No one ever grabs in the middle with me.
Antonio Diavolo (4 years ago)
I always do Magic for my friends and they try to fuck it up by choosing cards in weird places or by making me do things that I can't do in the trick. I respect the art of Magic tricks and try to do tricks the way the magician intends me to. Also, if I figure it out, I make a statement about me knowing it, but I don't blurt out how it works like most people do.
Adam S (4 years ago)
i did that (what i said before) and i can do it everytime
Onur Erdincler (4 years ago)
i feel you i tried to practice it with my mom she acts like picking a card is the hardest decision of her life...lol
Adam S (4 years ago)
Swivel cut the top half of the deck into your left hand (if you're right handed) then one hand fan the bit in your right hand
mozzy moz (5 years ago)
i am loveing this
DaIrishBeast98 (5 years ago)
What if they are an ass and grab some hard to reach card in some random spot?
xNSQK (5 years ago)
Where'd you get that shirt?
Ahmed Abdulrahman (5 years ago)
what if the prospector is picky ??????????????????????????????????
cranespud (5 years ago)
cool channel learning a lot , where did you get that shirt?

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