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The Magic: Day 5 (Money)

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Join me in my 28 day gratitude journey using the tool of "The Magic" by Rhonda Byrne. Where can you find me online: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oneprettylittlebox/ Blog: www.oneprettylittlebox.com Email: sckakame(at)aol(dot)com Amazon books: http://www.amazon.com/Sheila-C-King/e/B00SNOX5MU/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_2?qid=1447193083&sr=8-2
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David Rixon (2 years ago)
I was lucky enough to have my Grandmother live with us until her death and she would always give me extra money to spoil me. My Dad had his own business and I would love to count out the different coins. I would never think to pinch any money when he trusted me to count it for him and I learned how to wrap coins in different denominations. I checked the first time I did this at the beginning of the year and I have a 100 dollar bill stuck in my book! I put it there back in January and I have flicked through my book many times but I didn't see the note. Now I am going to stick it in my new book for today. About six weeks ago I was called into my second part time job and I thought what's it all about? The new accountant found that over the last few years they have underpaid me by nearly 9000 dollars and will pay me 1000 dollars a month until Christmas with a last payment of 2000 dollars. I thought of the law of attraction after putting my jaw from the table to my mouth. I was so happy and I am giving some to charity 300 per month to give back my good luck. I am now a permanent part time worker with holiday pay and sick leave etc. Thank you Thank you Thank you. I once heard Kenny rogers story that he has 20 Thousand dollars cash on him and he pulled out the money to show the interviewer. He says that he was so poor but now he is so rich. Imagine having 20 G. on you at all times. I love that story.
One Pretty Little Box (2 years ago)
YES! Talk about security!
David Rixon (2 years ago)
My magic stone last night was to do with my health and how lucky I am to have my fantastic body and full set of longish hair and being able to walk 27,000 steps on average each day. I don't drink alcohol from new years eve 1999/2000 and don't smoke anything especially cigarettes. I wake up early and go to bed early and am very happy. In fact I was thinking that I have never been happier or healthier than now and keep getting better each day. Thank you Thank you Thank you
One Pretty Little Box (2 years ago)
Love it! Here's to health! Thank you, Thank you Thank you!
wallace williamson (2 years ago)
Im on day 5 again of the magic and found your interesting videos about the Magic book. I have a one hundred dollar bill to see all day and i am going to keep it in my wallet and not physically spend it. I was always thinking "Ive never got any &*^%$$ money sometimes not having enough to make it through and now i know why. I am so thankful that i have this one hundred dollar bill. I was horrified when i saw that beautiful creature behind you that someone has obviously shot and mounted on your wall. I dont pretend to know much about feng shui but i know that having a dead animal,flowers etc arent the best for energy. I have enjoyed your other videos and send blessings to you from down under.
One Pretty Little Box (2 years ago)
Thanks for watching, and finding gratitude in having the money you do. My husband is an avid hunter, but we are also meat eaters. When he hunts, the meat goes into our freezer to feed our family. He has not gone in several years now, but it is a joyful experience for him. I ... however cannot bring myself to shoot anything. :)
Garry Burgess (2 years ago)
OK, I'm willing to go with this. I'm thankful for all the money that I've been given in my life.
One Pretty Little Box (2 years ago)
Great reminder for me to do the same at this very moment today! Thank you Thank you Thank you for all the money that has come into my life and that has brought me much joy, peace, and contentment! Thank you for this moment of now to give thanks and appreciation for so many blessings that I often take for granted! XoXo ~ Sheila
Nisha Menon (2 years ago)
I am on day 5.Just submited my documents at company which offered me job.They will do background check and if its cleared I can have my job.I wish it get cleared asap.Thank you!
One Pretty Little Box (2 years ago)
Oh yay! Sending lots of positive love your way! Sprinkling you with abundance dust!

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