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Top 10 Reasons Men Are Better Than Women

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this video is from Google Search www.google.com. I use Google Advanced Search to collect those images, usage rights: "free to use, share or modify, even commercially" section. Background Sound of this video I collect from YouTube Audio Library which is free to use. Thank you. Source File:http://www.wonderslist.com/10-reasons-men-are-better-than-women/ 10. Men think sex and love are different Reasons Men Are Better Than Women In today’s world it is very common to have sex after a few days into the relationship and yet women would call it humiliating if the guy ditched them right after having what he wanted. Men on the other hand would never curl up in fetal position and cry for the blondie who didn’t call them the next day after their one-night stand. 9. Men are stronger Reasons Men Are Better Than Women Their upper body is very strong as compared to women and to be very honest, even the world seems to be designed along this fact rather than the delicacy of women. This is probably why they make the lawn mower strings so hard! 8. The knowledge of tools Reasons Men Are Better Than Women Men can read instructions and decipher them easily. It is a part of their innate nature to understand the mechanics of how things work which is why they have DIY projects at home that women can’t do. 7. Men are solution oriented Reasons Men Are Better Than Women Men tend to move towards the solution of the problem instead of spending three hours crying, seven days worrying and three weeks talking about it to friends, parents and other people around them. Their mind immediately comes up with 12 solutions without thinking that it might be an insult to how they are feeling right now. 6. Less complicated relationships Reasons Men Are Better Than Women Because men don’t give a damn about what others think of them- they don’t worry about what they think of others either. A group of male friends can go out every weekend without worrying what the other person was wearing. This cool attitude comes naturally and makes things less complicated, including fashion! 5. The appeal in opposite gender is visual Why Do Guys Stare at Girls While many men will not admit it, their attraction to the opposite gender is based on looks most of the times. They will just look at the person and decide whether they want to date her or not. Women on the other hand will be unsure of this even after three years of knowing the person because they tend to find marriage material in each guy. 4. Programming electronics Reasons Men Are Better Than Women Men and boys could program their VCRs and tape recorders in the 1970s when something went wrong. The same applies to gadgets and electronic devices in today’s time. Apparently these skills are inborn and just magically appear in every generation born. 3. Less time getting ready to go out Reasons Men Are Better Than Women That is one point that we would definitely give them points on. They don’t need makeup, hair styling and they don’t need hours to decide what to wear. Honestly, who notices?! 2. Making babies is easy for them Father and daughter For men the whole process of becoming a father involves three minutes of their time. On the other end, it is the ladies who have to face 9 months of trouble for the baby to come into this world. 1. Men are not social chameleons Reasons Men Are Better Than Women A woman can change herself according to any gathering within a few seconds like a cult. Men are somewhat consistent and persistent in their opinions and feelings regarding anything.
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Jeffrey Uhlig the wolf (14 hours ago)
The thing is men are stupid and don't know anything a girl could go through and are honestly helpless.
Hogwarts 101 (3 days ago)
A lot of these comment are very stereotypical
Kenzie Camouflage (6 days ago)
Making babies are easier??!! Who do u think u are, you should be thankful to yo mom because giving birth is painful, woman can die from giving birth you know
rachellovescoffee (6 days ago)
who ever is watching this, your ALIVE because of women
Rajpal Ahuja (7 days ago)
Crazypug lover (7 days ago)
Emma’s Life (10 days ago)
This is mad sexist
crystal Undertale (11 days ago)
This is kinda proving girls have it harder than girls and also how is making babies have to do with boys are better girls have it harder making babies because they guy might leave then with the babies responsibility
Jake Cangas (16 days ago)
People should be treated equally without woman this world would not be a thing
Aiden Pearce (13 days ago)
Nah without women the world will be in better place
Blu Berrii (16 days ago)
Heyy im a girl how r u whats uppp ouo
TRIPLE360G (18 days ago)
Rocks or better than men and women rocks or smarter they don't wast there time on internet and dont get mad over dump stuff
TRIPLE360G (18 days ago)
Us rocks need our rights
Chloe Mckinney (18 days ago)
Fu## you
Sid Saha (18 days ago)
Today's every women is bitch and they should know their place.. 😂 they are all 2nd class gender slut. 😂 and indeed men is superior than women.
Aiden Pearce (13 days ago)
I know even little boys are better than bitches women
Simply Gracieful (19 days ago)
Actually women’s pain tolerance is way stronger. The human body on both male and female can only handle pain up too 5, but during birth the pain can go up to 7. I’m not trying to say anything is “better” or “stronger” than anybody. Also, there was not even any proof to back up what you’re saying. I mean, if you’re gonna say something like this, you better have some major proof with points to support them. Also to all the m3n saying women are nasty cause we give birth and have periods. Well, your mother is a woman and without women you would not have been able to see the face of this earth sense women are the ones that put up with pregnancy and giving birth. When your mom found out how sexist you are, she wished she got her period but she got you instead. Also, “making babies is easier for men” that kinda makes men sound weak tbh, I mean women go through vomiting, their uterus stretching and breaking sometimes, stomach pain, constantly having to pee, and stretch marks after and we usually have a closer connection to the child. Also yes, Men are naturally stronger, it’s genetics you can’t really get mad at genetics, but this makes women who want to be strong work for it way harder. Anybody who actually agrees with this video is a sexist little shot that should burn in hell. This video had NO factual backing whatsoever. This video is stupid and pure retardation.
Simply Gracieful (18 days ago)
Sid Saha Lol 😂 you’re clearly and idiot all you did was throw random ass words. I doubt you even read the comment. Also, you said feminist, not femenazi, feminist is a compliment so ty lmao 😂 Edit: You wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for your mom who is a women so stfu. 😂😂😂
Sid Saha (18 days ago)
Simply Gracieful shut up you golddigger whore 2nd class gender feminist bitch slut just meet me and then you will know your place I will collar you and then I will train you and then you will bark and then you will know it that every women is a little bitch, I treat every woman as my lil bitch 🖕 😂
Rainbow Panda (20 days ago)
Men 0% woman 100%
Rainbow Panda (19 days ago)
Fine then fifty fifty
Simply Gracieful (19 days ago)
Actually... Men: 50% and Women: 50%
Jennifer Hermoso (26 days ago)
Fuk In mens ar pigs and dont desurv me fuking pathitac l ool sers
Sid Saha (18 days ago)
Ha ha you who wants you anyway? you you fat ugly pig 😂🖕
Hyze The Wolf (26 days ago)
Why do you want to make every female feel like shit ? I don't say that women are better or shit like that , okay maybe men are stronger , maybe they are smarter but think of it this way , do you want females to go extinct ? Do you know that you will have to do everything yourself right? And if you say men understand what love is , do you think that saying to your girlfriend / wife that she is useless it means you love her ? Saying to your daughter that she should've been born a male , just because you say that men are better and she is worthless? Destroying a child's dream of maybe becoming a builder or whatever they want , because they are a girl and that men are better? Why are you giving as an example ancient people and times , when women weren't allow to do anything ? Please answer those questions without "Men are superior " or "Men are stronger " or "Men are wiser "
Sid Saha (18 days ago)
Hyze The Wolf fuck off feminist whore golddigger spoiled 2nd class gender bitch slut just meet me you will know your place you whore I will tie you collar you and gonna make you bark because today's every women is bitch and then they should know their place they all filthy bitches and yes women are my little bitches and men is superior than women you hoe 🖕
adwiteeya Parashar (27 days ago)
I am way better as a girl !!!💖💖💖
Kyah potter (28 days ago)
Bitch I'm stronger them most guys, if I knew you I would want to watch you burn
Sid Saha (18 days ago)
Kyah potter then meet me bitch you will know your place you filthy feminist 2nd class gender slut 🖕
Gregory Tan (1 month ago)
one more! married couples: men find money girl use money for makeup!
Jennifer Hermoso (26 days ago)
Fuk yu ar makup is impurtint than ulyur lunch!!!!#!!:!$#!
AnimeEdits (1 month ago)
Black Mist (1 month ago)
This video sucks. BOYS ARE NOT BETTER THAN GIRLS! We are equal
X1 Gen KaneshiroX (22 days ago)
Black Mist Life is not fair
The Gaming SLAYER (1 month ago)
Um..... Wait a minute. this is like all fake. Lmfao..... But tbh basically all of these are not even true but maybe only 2 are. But really though? No one is better than the other. Men are good and so are woman. And actually, woman are physically stronger on the inside. Says the boys that can't even handle a scratch.😑 like BOI, but just saying this video is straight up sexist.
Why do people say "grow some balls"? Balls are weak and sensitive. If you wanna be tough, grow a vagina. Those things can take a pounding
Maia Clabo (1 month ago)
Nothing is better about being a man except being weak and stupid
Maia Clabo (1 month ago)
OKAY THE EKECTRONIC PART IS SO UNTRUE! I am a man and my daughter is the best programmer I ever met!
Radiant mist (1 month ago)
Yup boys are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay waaaaaay infinite way +1 better,stronger,smarter,more resourceful than girls
Jennifer Hermoso (26 days ago)
Nu ther nut fatt pigg mans0!!!!
avery White (1 month ago)
Can boys carry a 7 pound baby in their stomach? NO! Can boys bleed for weeks and still survive? NO! SO SHUT UP NOT TRUE!
Aarya Prashant (25 days ago)
avery White You call that pain full? Then lift some rocks, bitch!
Opal Reese (1 month ago)
It really depends I have met girls who have beaten boys in running and cardio activities but I have met boys you do the same. I have met very flexible people that are girls and boys. When you say that boys are smarter have you relises that there are more female teachers than male. I know at my school we have about 20 girl teachers and 5 boy teachers. We are all equal. No one gender is better than the other. It is what we chose to be.
Popularmoms Lover (1 month ago)
Omg!!! Boys and girls are EQUAL!!!!!!! Be nice and don't make any more stupid videos!!!! Your pissing me off!!!!
Natural hairstylz (1 month ago)
so basically you're telling me boys are better cause of muscle and strength....girls ARE independent they give babies and they still live so don't tell me boys are better than girls
Natural hairstylz (1 month ago)
Boys are not better than women just cause they have muscles and strength does not mean they're better than women women are smart and powerful to!
Its KH (1 month ago)
Male and female are pretty much equal except for the fact that guys have to serve army
Meme Vids (1 month ago)
Likes = males Dislikes= females
Orogam 21 (1 month ago)
Boys are better than girls
Aloqya (1 month ago)
I mean we are equal.. men need woman and woman need men. Stop the arguing x-x
Jovon Johnson (1 month ago)
if this was a girls are better then boys video the girls would all be bragging and cheering in the comment section but no when it's a boys are better then girls video the girls would be jealous in the comment section and saying ( OH THIS IS FAKE FAKE FAKE ,NOT TRUE FACTS) but as you can see its a difference for the girls because there JUST JEALOUS , like if you agree ( oh by the way don't mind the dislikes there just jealous girls disliking the comment ) ( now these are true facts right here )
Nah its true but girls can be stonge to just saying were equal so we all rule
Dread machine H20 (2 months ago)
They should not have women rights
Terry Ellis (1 month ago)
Dread machine H20 well that's the most shitty thing I've heard all day how about you say it to my face and see what happens
Jacky Rulez (2 months ago)
All the dislike is coming from girl :v i think
Let’s Do This (2 months ago)
Men rock
Aidanormous B (2 months ago)
What is wrong in this video
Aidanormous B (2 months ago)
When ever a boy says something I see 500 reply’s smh
Aloqya (2 months ago)
Look at the dislikes.. OOOOooo
Weasel (2 months ago)
everyone knows the best gender is sodium chloride
Weasleys Wizarding world (2 months ago)
Yes finally someone thinks the same as me!
iimochii B (2 months ago)
Probably a butt hurt 12 yr old who just got broken up with, u can tell by the spelling 😂😂 lmao don’t be butt hurt by this
Ace (2 months ago)
Probably one of the most sexist videos on YouTube, with one of the most atrocious and horrendous comment section. Both genders are equal, deal with it, I don't need your pointless evidence and opinions. Boys are made for girls, girls are made for boys. Fuck sexism, fuck this video and fuck everyone who discriminates against a gender. Grow up.
Chaos D (2 months ago)
Ace Men and women are not equal. We just have equal rights.
jonah jefferson (2 months ago)
Where equal
Wei Cui (2 months ago)
Ok listen here. GIRLS AND BOYS ARE THE SAME! Men are not always stronger! Yes, they are assumed to be stronger but girls can be equally as strong. Its not about the gender, its about how hard you work. How would a boy feel if I said girls are naturally smarter than guys? This video is stereotypical. Men have it easier when making kids? What the hell would you do without women? We go through hours of pain. You wouldn't be here without women. Women endure pain while you just say they are better because they have it easier? What does that have to do with life? I'm so glad I'm a girl. This video is just assuming everything bad about women. I for sure am NOT subscribing. Think about what women feel about this. God created us equally and he loves us all equally.
Chaos D (2 months ago)
Wei Cui Men are naturally stronger than woman. It is a fact. Women have to work a lot harder to be the same strength as men. We are not born equal. A lot of people can't handle that. A lot of people are in denial. Even though we are not equal, we have equal rights.
Kitty Tickles! (2 months ago)
Also men know what a hammer is.......That's totally makes them better than woman...
Kitty Tickles! (2 months ago)
Can someone please tell me why if you're a man that's stronger than a women you're automatically better than a woman
Chaos D (2 months ago)
Stronger is better.
Dominic Adams (2 months ago)
Boys are better
hiatt twins (2 months ago)
You don't know how hard it is being a women you're just cruel
PoorPirate • (2 months ago)
I’m a guy and I like it when I see comments like “Beware women will be triggered” but if there was a video on how women are better than men, it would be opposite. People’s parents obviously haven’t thought their children correctly, all genders are equal! Fucking get a life people.
Little Q (2 months ago)
Haha! Well, whatever you men need to sleep at night. (I laughed through the whole thing because it is based on stereotypes and nothin’ else.) 😂
Forsj (2 months ago)
I’m a boy and these reasons are dumb af honestly we are all the same no matter what u say
Terry Ellis (1 month ago)
Forsj yeah what is this reason one boys can catch a ball reason 2 table manners what's next die we can all do that we can do all those things well at least I can but table manners gets me I can't do table manners
Golden Blade (2 months ago)
sister Jules (2 months ago)
some women are stronger. some woman are smarter. some woman make difference good ones. boys and girls are both amazing.
rachellovescoffee (3 months ago)
women are better than men
Logic YT (3 months ago)
I Don't Know Y Girls want to be boys. I am A boy my self. Tho i hate how boys think there better then girls Its Cus Of Girls Were here And Girls are Much stronger then boys Even If ur a boy & beat girls in game Welp U cant beat them in real life :) Stay Strong Girls! I'm just here to say . Thank You :) <3 Sides we all are better if We Work together we be muchhhhh muchhhh better
Aarya Prashant (1 month ago)
Logic YT Fucking retard. I've beaten grils up cuz the bullied me verbaly.
Aarya Prashant (1 month ago)
Logic YT Are you retarded??? Wtf? Grils are sstronger? People have RESEARCHED THIS! Its proven boys are stronger! Well natrually atleast.
Terry Ellis (1 month ago)
Logic YT that mean sooo much to me pep talker do that when your older
Tragon Lady (3 months ago)
Girls made air conditioning, phones , HUMANS!!!!
DivinePegasi2 (14 days ago)
1 Both genders are required for sexual reproduction 2 Actually air conditioning was invented Willis Carrier a MALE 3 And the original telephone was invented by Alexander bell a MALE, but don’t worry if you are referring to digital cell phones that was also invented by a male so every single statement you just commented is factually incorrect
SSB co (1 month ago)
Male made humans too
James Fowler (3 months ago)
Am not saying that girls are better than boys they should be treated equal
James Fowler (3 months ago)
I hate this vid everyone knows girls are better
Vanessa Martinez (3 months ago)
I love being a boy☺
why u bully me (3 months ago)
Girls are hoes
why u bully me (1 month ago)
Terry Ellis -_- use your fuckin brain for once you said “well then your all fuckin hoes” but I just said you are hoes dumb ass fuckin listen
Terry Ellis (1 month ago)
Yay that works win win
Terry Ellis (1 month ago)
Sans The skeleton then if we're hoes your all shitty ass fuckers
Raid (3 months ago)
I'm a boy myself, and I still think that's offensive.
YELLING MELON (3 months ago)
He made a Why women are better than men vid also do you see any men raging in that one
Tania. Barron (3 months ago)
Irrelevant points
this video has unlikes because of the jeloas girls
Kungfruit (3 months ago)
Dont hate! There are many websites saying girls are better then boys. Now its our turn and all girls are crying
Fluffkin TuffStuff (3 months ago)
As a girl watching this I am offended, a lot of times my dad tells me that when he was a stay at home dad that he was able to teach my brother that when he got older not to take crap from anyone, and he was sorry that he wasn't able to teach me at my age, because he was working then. But one thing he gaurntes is that the only people that he will take carp from and won't be able to fight back IS ME AND MY SISTER, SO GET WRECKED
OOF ROBLOX (3 months ago)
Triggered women lol
Mia Devey (3 months ago)
I haven’t even watched it. But I hate it already
Camargomg (3 months ago)
but the bad thing about men is that when weman hit you and you hit back you will get the bigger problem, i know thats sexist but thats how life works
CrimSZon 1 (3 months ago)
Y'know...I absolutely despise 3rd wave feminism, but just this once il stand up for you girls ❤️. Because some of the reasons in the video didn't even make any frickin sense...whos the idiot that made this?😂😂
Minecraft Gamer Girl (4 months ago)
1.false 2. what ever helps you sleep at night 3. pff pleaseee 4. lol again false 5. nahhh 6. rlly ok. what ever helps you sleep at night 7. boi nah 8. false againnn 9. boi you are stupid wrong 10. boiatch girls are better give it up bois.
minecraft dimandar (4 months ago)
Minecraft Gamer Girl woah u like minecraft too
Georgia Broadnax (4 months ago)
Girls rule and boys trul
ღCoco Cowsღ (4 months ago)
Everyone is different in their own ways... You say doing things to get a baby? Think about giving birth. It's way more painful. AND PEOPLE THAT SAY BOYS ARE BTTER THEN GIRLS. GET A FREAKING LIFE. WHO GIVES BIRTH TO BABIES , WHO CARES FOR YOU. YOUR MOM. Bless the people that treat both genders equally. FYI a girl and another girl can make a baby.
O ‘Hare (4 months ago)
ThisUserIs Lemons (4 months ago)
Coming from from girl with a idubbbz profile pic and a name from a show Every one is better than me
KEVIN DUR CANT (4 months ago)
Here are some things men are better than women at. 1: They are much stronger, to deny this is stupid. 2: They are overall smarter at max potential. 3: They are much more durable and have better pain tolerance. *Having periods does not mean pain tolerance if you can barely handle them people* 4: They can do more heavy lifting 5: We're the ones who can actually handle sexism against us 6: We dont need people holding doors for us 7: We have better maximum feats of potential 8: We don't cry about BS as much 9: We're better at handling flaws in society against us 10: We don't need a protector for everything 😂
Maisy Leigh .Hayward (4 months ago)
Both gender are equal and if you can't accept it well what can i do about it
Kyle Shernol (4 months ago)
Get fucked girls!!!!!
RaeLetsPlay (4 months ago)
Ues no sitend
Kawaii Gotchas! (4 months ago)
Miner twin Silver (4 months ago)
Some of those things ,women can do to
marvellousvg (4 months ago)
1 reason we let them on this earth
bormanc man (4 months ago)
This is so rude you are doing bad i hope you die
four.pefect.angels (4 months ago)
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1k659efYkac Watch this all the dudes who think there better than woman!
My Cozy Book Corner (4 months ago)
While I agree both genders have benefits all these reasons are total BS like taking less time to get ready!? It takes me less than 45 seconds so dont assume that for all girls im not trying to be like OH GIRLS ARE BETTER because there not you are now what you are born as its what you make youself into that counts. This video is just. Stupid and im actually really angry that anyone would make this. Boys have a lot of things going for them but acting like this makes boys look bad even though most are great! Ill stop now please think about this :)
Nora Joppe (4 months ago)
S t e r e o t y p e s
Joscelyn Courtenay (4 months ago)
Love yourself as u are
Jenica Susan (4 months ago)
The fact that you straight up say that men are "better" is really insulting. Everybody is equal
Jenica Susan (4 months ago)
Souvik Dey A comma has to go after the "what." Could you get any stupider?
Souvik Dey (4 months ago)
Jenica Susan what fuck you bitch 🖕.
Jenica Susan (4 months ago)
Souvik Dey it's men ARE not men IS. And you spelt except wrong. Dumby
Souvik Dey (4 months ago)
Jenica Susan men is superior than women accept that bitch. 🖕
Efrain Caraballo (4 months ago)
You're a fucking idiot and you're argument are irrelevant in every way possible
Ardtieboy Go (4 months ago)
Conclusion, both genders are okay and the men is not better than woman, woman is not better than men
Katsiez (4 months ago)
:| why tho. I like roblox.
1-800- GetALife (4 months ago)
Who raised you?!
Terry Ellis (1 month ago)
No who raised you
1-800- GetALife (4 months ago)
1:02 women can do that too.... just saying
1-800- GetALife (4 months ago)
1:12 that isn't our fault some are just more thirsty than others
Ari C (5 months ago)
Boys are not better than girls, and girls are not better than boys. Girls are better at some things and boys are better at some things too.

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