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WOMEN are, indeed, inferior to MEN

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The thoughts of Microdac: According to WEF, it is going to take about 217 years for women to be treated equally as men.
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Madd_ dimensi0n (6 days ago)
I've lately been wishing I was a man most of the time. But at the same time women have privileges that men don't. Idk there are good things a bout being a woman but also good things about being a man. In my heart I want both. *Sigh*
Madd_ dimensi0n (3 days ago)
@Englishsea24 I'd rather be a man and deal with the hardships of it all than be considered an inferior being to the world that's only good for sex.
Englishsea24 (4 days ago)
Being a man sucks a lot of the time too. Especially being a white man, everyone seems to have it in for us
Kyleee (1 month ago)
i'm a man and i am baffled how i have to point out my gender before telling people that i support gender equality cause if i don't, people will assume that i am a woman. women are not inferior to men and vice versa.
Adam NoLastName (1 month ago)
All the dislikes are women. Enough said.
Summer Wilson (2 months ago)
This is why I don’t care if we’re equal or not, I’ll do what I want till im treated equal
羅德夫 (2 months ago)
How to explain that you prefer a male surgeon to be operated over a female and still consider males and females equal. Why do women agree that they need decisive males for protection, that women cannot drive as well as men.
Madd_ dimensi0n (3 days ago)
Men get into more car accidents then women because they're more aggressive and wreckless behind the wheel. Look it up.
vedrusa (24 days ago)
Women are better drivers, proven fact
the solid serpent (3 months ago)
as a female, sometimes I wish that the rest of the females on this earth would bend over in international unison as they experience a form of cosmic epiphany, simultaneously breaking their spines to a permanent position of a 90 degree angle, poised to receive any man primitive enough to unleash their seed and claim these women in their most natural state--submitted, and sexualized. As I strolled around in my garden however, it dawned on me that most females will not bend over for every man they see, and I began to weep at the thought of my lost, ignorant sisters who claim to be """"""progressives"""""""""
Madd_ dimensi0n (6 days ago)
Wtf are you talking about.
Shistar Wigstar (1 month ago)
dr liz God you’re so sad
dr liz (2 months ago)
@vedrusa false.
vedrusa (3 months ago)
@the solid serpent ignorant
the solid serpent (3 months ago)
@vedrusa false.
Englishsea24 (3 months ago)
Someone just tell me what "equality" actually is. Women have every opportunity they need already. How is simply being different (which the genders are) not equal? Why are women still talking about it?
Madd_ dimensi0n (3 days ago)
I definitely agree with you. The truth is as much as we'd like everyone to be equal its just not. There are double standards on everything.
Kyleee (1 month ago)
in terms of opportunities, yes, women do have opportunities and it is their responsibility to not let those opportunities go to waste, but it shouldn't be their responsibility to fend off cat callers or to deal with sexism every single day. i am a man and i have had moments in my job where clients ask to talk to men rather than 'the secretaries' (referring to women) even though these 'secretaries' have had a better history with obtaining investors than i have (a newbie). there really is nothing wrong with being a secretary, but women are not just assistants. and more people need to see that
dr liz (3 months ago)
ill be showin this one to mybuds
dr liz (3 months ago)
i agree!
John Morris (7 months ago)
What are you talking about? The U.S. had a black president. And you can't call her mixed. Obama was considered black. And in the 50's he would have had to sit at the back of a Missippi bus. No mixed section.
obvious owl (4 months ago)
@Chronos Still black.
Chronos (4 months ago)
Technically he is half white and half black (Biracial).
Eldergod Oni (8 months ago)
Men are better than women at everything with the sole exception of childrearing. Literally every other thing men are superior at, women can never be equal to men, they can't even compete unless men have their arms tied behind their backs. Women's place is to support men so that men can protect and provide for them. Any women who disagree with what is biological fact are either ugly, dumb as owl shit, insufferable cunts or some combination of horrible unattractive traits. Beautiful pleasant women don't become feminists.
JonJonBoi (28 days ago)
Sasha Tamasova 3rd wave feminism is the problem. Not regular normal feminism. The Left has perverted feminism, liberalism and freedom. 3rd wave feminism is not true feminism.
Bhuvika J (1 month ago)
lol i will kick your balls in your sleep and tell me if you are still superior.
TeddyBearKnows (1 month ago)
nightjar Bull environment can alter genetics duh.....
TeddyBearKnows (1 month ago)
Eldergod Oni Biological facts is you came from a women lol.
TeddyBearKnows (1 month ago)
Eldergod Oni That exception is childbearing is basically the most powerful thing to me. Males come from women I never understood how we were manipulated to think the opposite.
fraz (8 months ago)
There will always be a man better than a woman. Want to know what is funnier? The fact that there is a stereotype for women belonging in the kitchen but the best rated chefs in the world are all men. Women are only good at a handful of things, that is taking care of children and supporting men.
123fort andbree (21 days ago)
that's fucked up, man. You're just pissed that you haven't gotten laid. Women are morally superior, that's for sure.
Didi Dogster (1 month ago)
lmao, if you think I can carry a child and take care of it you are very wrong. Particle physics however is great.
Kyleee (1 month ago)
some men are not very good at accepting that not everything is trying to threaten their masculinity
J.V. Duin (2 months ago)
And there will always be a women better than a men ...
Summer Wilson (2 months ago)
Where’s all your proof? Bible? Who wrote it? God? How do you know? How do know religion isn’t a scam?
Lydia Köffler (10 months ago)
i agree :)
Nurra Kugy (1 year ago)
Husband is Head of wife!!!!!!
Madd_ dimensi0n (3 days ago)
Single women are head of themselves👍 I'm a Christian and I believe the same. But god is head of everyone and that's the ONLY headship I'll be submitting to. He's all I need. Not a man.
Didi Dogster (1 month ago)
Would explain why women get dumber when they're married.
nightjar (4 months ago)
Nurra Kugy: That's one of the reasons I'm not married....so I can skate on that one.
that's SO ironic!! (1 year ago)
honestly micro,what is with these videos? first the ignorant click bait about race and now this feedback loop of masculinity paraded as science? i thought that you were one of the few intelligent baby boomers.
dr liz (3 months ago)
see i told u so
nightjar (7 months ago)
@The Bringer of Salt I'd be willing to bet that you yourself are not a genius and have invented nothing.
John Morris (7 months ago)
that's SO ironic!! Click bait. I agree. He knew title was misleading but the word "indeed" changes the meaning.
The Bringer of Salt (1 year ago)
Calla Merkel At the bottom of what?
The Bringer of Salt (1 year ago)
Also you say it's subjective, and tell me I'm wrong. If it's subjective, then how can I be wrong? Lol Simple woman.

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