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Rhett & Link Get Down With the Darkness in "Goth Boy" - Written By A Kid Ep. 2

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2-year-old Max (Link Neal) tests the patience of his new stepdad (Rhett McLaughlin) and learns a little something about the Goth lifestyle - all from the mind of 8-year-old CiCi. See WBAK Ep 1 "Scary Smash" here: http://youtu.be/Ef2wnLL1s00 Go behind the scenes with "Goth Boy" here: http://youtu.be/oGM1UwFC24M Find out what Rhett & Link's biggest challenge was making "Goth Boy" here: http://youtu.be/yok4w6TNloE Subscribe to Geek and Sundry: http://full.sc/GTVYfM Join the conversation about "Written By A Kid" on our forums at: http://geekandsundry.com/forums/categories/written-by-a-kid Buy Geek & Sundry merchandise at http://goo.gl/wWD4B and http://goo.gl/QYgfX Check out Rhett & Link's main and second channels at: http://www.youtube.com/rhettandlink http://www.youtube.com/rhettandlink2 Created By WILL BOWLES & JOSH FLAUM Executive Producers SHERI BRYANT FELICIA DAY KIM EVEY Supervising Producer DANIEL STRANGE Producers JOSH FLAUM WILL BOWLES ORIGINAL STORY BY CiCi Parker DIRECTED BY Rhett & Link A Papertown Entertainment Production PRODUCER Julian Smith STARRING Link Neal as Max and Rhett McLaughlin as Christian FEATURING Lindsey Koens as Max's Mom DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Justin Johns EDITOR Link Neal VISUAL EFFECTS Justin Johns ADDITIONAL COMPOSITING James Deuling PRACTICAL EFFECTS Josh Lovell COSTUME DESIGNER Josh Lovell PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS Alex Allgood and Jason Inman MUSICAL SCORING Rhett McLaughlin & Link Neal "Do You Like Mozart" from RoyaltyFreeMusicLibrary.com "Scary" by NOstyle from Pond5.com OPENING MOTION GRAPHICS Kevin Ivers THEME SONG Greg Benson ADD'L GUITAR Doug Benson POST-PRODUCTION SUPERVISOR Brenton Murrell INTERVIEW UNIT DIRECTOR Daniel Strange PRODUCERS Will Bowles Kim Evey Josh Flaum DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Tony Oberstar PRODUCTION DESIGNER Adi Goodrich LINE PRODUCER Marianne Wunch PRODUCTION COORDINATOR Lindsey Koens SOUND MIXER Leonardo Nasca PA/INTERN Neil McNeil SPECIAL THANKS Dr. Anthony Clark at Triangle Visions Optometry Shawn Strider and Sasha Travis - http://www.labyrinthmask.com German captions by Tobias
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Text Comments (2010)
Roman Arana (1 month ago)
As a goth guy I really liked his outfits
Miss Dire (3 months ago)
That store needs to be real.
Laa card (3 months ago)
Can we just say how good goth rhett looks?
keeponrockin (6 months ago)
She knows what's up
Kimberley W (6 months ago)
We need more of these!
Alexi Wolfie (7 months ago)
I'm more scared of Link than Rhett.
nicoleab88 (8 months ago)
0:51 fucking scared me
Mr. Paranoiac (8 months ago)
Rhett actually makes a good goth
koffinkat666 (8 months ago)
As a Goth boy myself I am truly honored and think it was such a cute story. Thank you for humanizing my peoples
Website User000 (8 months ago)
An 8 year old girl supporting goths is one of the best things about this, along with Link fuelling our nightmares.
Lady of Darkness (11 months ago)
If I knew for sure she grew up like this, I would have a daughter 😍🤟🏻🖤
Marco Guada (1 year ago)
It makes me laugh so hard XD
The Stach (1 year ago)
baby link is kinda terrifying....
AwesomeCat2012 (1 year ago)
Link with the black contacts somehow looks more terrifying than Rhett with the black contacts.
jekyll Hyde (11 months ago)
AwesomeCat2012 truth I was terrified legit😱😱
preferably undead (1 year ago)
If only a store called "Goth for Christmas" existed! Would totally be shopping there right now
pizdhets (1 year ago)
what in the world was this
percabethisawesome (1 year ago)
rawr xD
mommy globglogabgalab (1 year ago)
I came here because goth Rhett threatened me. I'm still saying I didn't watch it.
Shakila Muhammad (1 year ago)
I love this little girl!! we need more baby bats in the world
freidrick mace (1 year ago)
I wear a shit ton of black and I love metal doesn't mean Ima goth and I'm not a fucking emo
General Ham Alvis (1 year ago)
Baby link flipping kills me
Kat Weltz (1 year ago)
She's such a darling 😍🖤
Emily Hammes (1 year ago)
"Baby" Link is scary. I don't care about Rhett.
Septra Ortis (1 year ago)
I looked up Goth Boy on google images and saw Rhett's thumbnail, like "is that Rhett?" I bet that little girl is a goth girl now.
Anna Taymond (1 year ago)
creepy smirking baby goth Link. he will haunt my dreams.
MsKpuff (1 year ago)
Rhett looks so cool! I love the goth look! This is probably the only time we will see him dressed like this. *Happy sigh*
mediocre_mituna (1 year ago)
I'm goth...
Alexia Langone (1 year ago)
who else came here cause rhett told them too 0-0
DFK6543 (1 year ago)
The derp Potato (1 year ago)
Why does link has small hands then big hands?
Mattie Mattson (2 years ago)
good Lord she really knows how goth works
Norah Lemon (2 years ago)
Did anyone notice that Link edited this
Christophe Thompson (2 years ago)
Yay! I love the lesson here! Thanks Cici...
Cyber Snow (2 years ago)
How do you submit a story to this channel?
kimkross (2 years ago)
yupsirey (2 years ago)
Cobi Tube (2 years ago)
lol hilarious
Jordan Randall (2 years ago)
When Rhett was being peed on he kinda got the Eminem look
One Squiggly Line (2 years ago)
I only came cuz I don't want goth Rhett staring out my window.
Elizabeth Hanson (2 years ago)
Rhett says in the "how it was made" video for this that he will NEVER shave for a video. That is fine but I REALLY want to know HOW they did the beardless look in Buddy System????
RedCloudFox (2 years ago)
in the bts rhett actually shaves. he paid someone to make a fake beard out of his shavings and wears it until he grows it back
Simone Poinga-HIll (2 years ago)
Rhett looks like he escaped an episode of Supernatural lol.
Tammi Caputo (2 years ago)
This is just the best video ever.😂
Lauren (2 years ago)
Tammi Caputo it's ur neighbor
Tammi Caputo (2 years ago)
I replayed it about 4 times
Una Björk (2 years ago)
Those black lenses hurt like hell
Joann Meeker (2 years ago)
Maria R. (2 years ago)
Baby Link is disturbing and weirdly cute at the same time XD
Zhip Frag (4 months ago)
If i ever have a kid, I hope it's like that baby link. Not baby link himself though... that would be weird.
Kr43he (1 year ago)
Mostly disturbing though...
Everything Bagel (2 years ago)
When she was describing him I was like " that's not that goth
Corpse Queen (2 years ago)
goth for christmas is where all goths get there clothes i personally know
Anna Lacy (2 years ago)
2:15 LOL!!!!!!!!!!!
L0VEDUST (2 years ago)
this is actually really good! I went through a goth faze (I'm emo) and being emo/goth/scene is actually really fun then being normal!
Noah P. (2 years ago)
Being a nerd is more fun reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!
LANCE22 HENDERSON (2 years ago)
omg omg omg why does link look so cute as a baby😍
LANCE22 HENDERSON (2 years ago)
no homo
le cambrioleur (2 years ago)
Rhett could so act as Hades. Or Tartarus.
Thar Prado (2 years ago)
Best story ever
Ethaniel Clyne (2 years ago)
Why would an 8 year old kod know about people having babies outside of marriage or divorce?
Jess Bates (2 years ago)
It's not that difficult of a concept...
Ethaniel Clyne (2 years ago)
+Kawaii Walrus I don't think that I did lol
kuvitelma (2 years ago)
I'm pretty sure a eight year old knows what divorce means.
Jennymk01 (2 years ago)
Mork 666 (2 years ago)
I'm sorry to say this but this kid is shitty telling a story,she has absolutely no imagination whatsoever,when I was her age I was winning written story awards!!
Juxtaposed (2 years ago)
Cool story, bro.
Jill Stivers (2 years ago)
Epic! Love it!
Kaytlan Mitchell Evans (2 years ago)
Can we just acknowledge that Baby Link is much more terrifying than Goth Rhett?
Jude (2 years ago)
Damn right goth is funner than normal.
Letícia G. Forster (3 years ago)
Rhett looks like a bearded Sandman.
Connor C. (3 years ago)
Omg lol so funny! I love when Rhett blinks
Why the black eyes why that's creepy so creepy
Kam'renea Valentine (3 years ago)
Rainbow Whale (3 years ago)
I watch this every day!
Eva's AGs (3 years ago)
I wish I was that girl 😭😭😭😭😭
Ace-In-Yo-Face (3 years ago)
This girl's story should definitely get written and published. There's kind of a Roald Dahl or Tim Burton style to this tale. I think there should be some goth introduced into children's literature.
vKrash (3 years ago)
Aw ya hath, mr Rhett Goth
crypticcyborg (3 years ago)
leave a like if you're that one goth in the comments
Randall Solice (3 years ago)
me too
J.Mills (3 years ago)
NO LINK !!! first Rhett and now YOU !!!!
catherine (3 years ago)
Link... as a baby... that was hilarious... Oh my goodness...
Kyrie K (3 years ago)
this is so cute lol i love good mythical morning
HolandaChiquita (3 years ago)
O wauw, I never realized that this was from Geek & Sundry... Or I just never looked in to it. Thank you Table Top and Co-Optitude for getting me subscribed, and this makes me realize how great a decision it really was...
Shanequilibrium (3 years ago)
I love the blinking soundclip :)
Millie (3 years ago)
When I see Rhett's all black eyes I keep thinking about the GMM episode where they spoke about cornea tattoos and Rhett kept saying "I want my whole eye to be blue...call me blue eyes"
Mj Smit (3 years ago)
As a goth, I appreciate this lmfao, thanks goth rhett!
Jocta (3 years ago)
I came here because of the bacon number with Link
Luis A. Jaramillo (3 years ago)
is just me or does rhett look like neil gaiman's sandman
Salma Hamid (3 years ago)
I like this kid.
Subscribe to pewdiepie (3 years ago)
I feel like Rhett is coming to kill me in my sleep lol
Ivanna Echeverria (3 years ago)
Rhett should really consider this look 😍
Ant Killer (3 years ago)
I had to watch this,I didn't want goth Rhett to come to my house and stalk me
sophia.martin13 (3 years ago)
2:17 AHAHA he dropped him Omg
Kyungsoo D.O (3 years ago)
some reason Rhett looks like Edward scissor hand
Jennifer Collier (3 years ago)
Yes! Yes yes, exactly what I was thinking too. I wish they or the girl would make a sequel to this story.
Chelesea Boone (3 years ago)
His eyes are black too *Rhett Blinks*
Rainy Day (3 years ago)
Auktum (3 years ago)
everything about this is unsettling...
Kalibur Kitty (3 years ago)
"Goth for Christmas" That's an oddly specific store! xD
Kylie Joyce (3 years ago)
how did they make Rhetts eyes all black
P. A. (3 years ago)
Contact lenses.
Beth Kwiecinski (3 years ago)
This is beyond precious. My inner goth is in love
Libertarirynn Videos (3 years ago)
I can handle Goth Rhett, but I find baby Link deeply disturbing...
Mackenzie Bowman (3 years ago)
Baby Link modeling outfits with those big hands was amazing😂
David Drake (3 years ago)
That girl has problems.
XSlice MoneyxX (3 years ago)
he is still siding on my porch
When Link became a goth,he looked like Billy Crawford
Saff C: (3 years ago)
Wow I love this kid 😏
Øystein A. (3 years ago)
Smirv (3 years ago)
Note to self, get a green screen suit. Oh the fun I could have with that.
Alana Porter (3 years ago)
ok..... why
Faith Brosier (3 years ago)
+Smirv i have one i make soooooooooo many videos and text them to my friends
Captain Breyer (3 years ago)
this was great
Not Stephen (3 years ago)
2:16 oops...
A Brat (3 years ago)
In the end why did the freakin girl wink

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