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DNCE - Cake By The Ocean

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Cake By The Ocean (Official Video) Song taken from the SWAAY EP Download: http://republicrec.co/DNCESwaayEx Stream/Share “Cake By The Ocean” on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/42ftjU4cTN5UTRksyqBKZJ Follow DNCE Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/DNCE Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/DNCE Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DNCEmusic Snapchat: DNCEmusic Directed by Black Coffee & Gigi Hadid Producer by Andrew Lerios Music video by DNCE performing Cake By The Ocean. © 2015 Republic Records a division of UMG Recordings Inc. http://vevo.ly/5StuEf Best of DNCE: https://goo.gl/haNe6F Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/SfnZbH
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Text Comments (81905)
Crickett (32 minutes ago)
Just hearing this because yesterday was my birthday and I got no 🎂. But I did today :) And I love it!
Christopher Chachki (56 minutes ago)
it's been 3 years and im still here this a fucking B O P
i never knew joe jonas was the lead singer
Maissa Quawem (1 hour ago)
No, no Oh, no See you walking 'round like it's a funeral Not so serious, girl, why those feet cold?  We just getting started, don't you tiptoe  Tiptoe, ah Waste time with a masterpiece  Don't waste time with a masterpiece You should be rolling with me You should be rolling with me, ah You're a real-life fantasy  You're a real-life fantasy But you're moving so carefully  Let's start living dangerously Talk to me, baby I'm going blind from this sweet-sweet craving  Whoa-oh Let's lose our minds and go fucking crazy Ah ya ya ya ya  I keep on hoping we'll eat cake by the ocean Walk for me, baby I'll be Diddy, you'll be Naomi, whoa-oh Let's lose our minds and go fucking crazy Ah ya ya ya ya  I keep on hoping we'll eat cake by the ocean Goddamn  See you…
Peter Ongayo (3 hours ago)
This song realy amazed me
Presley Burger (4 hours ago)
Bethel Garma (5 hours ago)
It's actually sex by the ocean 😂
HakaiShinXD (6 hours ago)
This song released in 2015 and got famous in 2018
xXKaylas_ World (10 hours ago)
I rlly like the song and all, but why would they not put it on a plate. Because the cake in on the sand and the sand will stick on the cake :/
Borat Salamo (10 hours ago)
Bois bojic
Ava Musumeci (11 hours ago)
2018 anyone?
悲しいGaesk (11 hours ago)
MrStrange (11 hours ago)
I really thought this would be family friendly...
Hoang Phuong (14 hours ago)
galaxy novagirl (14 hours ago)
Joe Jonas is the best person ever 🤩🤩🤩🤩
Rhayssa Manoela (14 hours ago)
Rhayssa Manoela (14 hours ago)
Rhayssa Manoela (14 hours ago)
Hoang Phuong (17 hours ago)
Yea boy
Maria Sousa (19 hours ago)
Tablet 1234 (1 day ago)
Wow i thought this was marron 5 what a annoying song
Vitor Ferreira (1 day ago)
Que música gostosa
Stephanie McMahon (1 day ago)
My father wants to offer that cake by the ocean a WWE contract
cherry bloomblo (1 day ago)
this song bring me back Good old memory
miz gunnarsen (1 day ago)
Middle school the worse year of my life like if you agree
H D (22 hours ago)
get out!!
Gamer Katelyn (1 day ago)
Let’s go f*ucking crazy! Me: oof bad word
Brayden Simmons (1 day ago)
Luv it 😍😍😍😍😍
LivingLife WithElla (1 day ago)
2018 fam?
ponk the dinosaurs (1 day ago)
I love it so much!
Cire Soprano (1 day ago)
Kuhschmeißer (2 days ago)
When you realize that this dude is Joe Jonas.
Louise Cameron (2 days ago)
Listening 2 mix songs + my 9 yr old asks if we can hear 'the go f-ing crazy song' lol
*2018* <3
ItsTucci 300 (2 days ago)
He look like one of the Jonas brothers
Gacha Tyra (2 days ago)
I'd eat it whole
Haydee Kay (2 days ago)
Daniel Ferguson brought me here
d3v_ic3 (2 days ago)
gosh, great song
Tiny JACK (2 days ago)
So many cake wasted
Santiago Garnica (2 days ago)
Hello amm i'm speak spanish and english hello guys hola amigos saludos
Brock Brown (2 days ago)
Pls don't let me be the only one here from pornhub!
Unicorngamer 2555 (2 days ago)
I went on a party bus with my friends and this song came on and we all knew it!!! We started singing and it felt like something out of a movie!!! IT...WAS...AWESOME!!!!!
LouriuSS Sream (2 days ago)
El miranda de estados unidos (?)
Play_x Game_xs (2 days ago)
Happy birthday joe jomas 😍😍😍 15/18
Leszek Wojcik (3 days ago)
How is this in a kids movie. You will understand once you look the meaning up.Cake
Techspotter (3 days ago)
Talk to me baby! Yayayayyay....❤❤❤❤
ÇılgınGenç HD (3 days ago)
Feeder'mış adı. Beynine zhonia basmış sanırım?
Hannah Songetay (3 days ago)
I remember this being a good song
Chocolate For Dayzz (3 days ago)
Lol i kept laughing! At the part "cake by the ocean"!
Angle ̄\_ツ_/ ̄ (3 days ago)
I thought this dude was asian at first 😂😂😂 my bad
taeyong oppa (3 days ago)
I love this song it’s really catchy, but it’s all over the place .. lol
Robert andro (3 days ago)
Hottest performer out
Robert andro (3 days ago)
I love your guts You're the best Joe
Oh ya ya ya ya ah
Wylder D (3 days ago)
was happened to the Johonas Brothers? Did u guys break up?
Lori B (3 days ago)
Would have been great to have a warning for strong language listed like most artist do .
2018? :3 xdxd
ElThiagitoGamer80 (4 days ago)
very wll willyrex
DARflame69 YT (4 days ago)
Anyone here from pornhub, no just me. Ok
DARflame69 YT (4 hours ago)
Alexander Nguyen yup :)
Alexander Nguyen (11 hours ago)
DARflame69 YT The balls kind of distracted me, but we're you watching the one where the silver guy fucked that college girl?
DARflame69 YT (11 hours ago)
Alexander Nguyen IKR
Alexander Nguyen (11 hours ago)
DARflame69 YT Me too, the porn hub video should've been the official.
LEIF TORBJÖRN (1 day ago)
DARflame69 YT eeeeyyy
Mayda Hernandez (4 days ago)
like si la escuhan en el 2018 y like si la escuchan mientras leen comentarios
Juana Raymundo (4 days ago)
CalmCall (4 days ago)
Pornhub ftw!
Петр Иванов (4 days ago)
HeroForAHobby (4 days ago)
Jonas Brothers 2
one of those just said the F word
Ariel Bauer (4 days ago)
{This really is|This is certainly|This can be} great
Tech Square (4 days ago)
Iston Bus (4 days ago)
is he swearing in this video
rizzy May (4 days ago)
What does this song mean
ironvin (4 days ago)
Pornhub version is much better
Kit Kat Kitty (4 days ago)
When you realize how dirty this song is and wonder why it’s in a Disney movie
SuperPotato8 (4 days ago)
I just realized the meaning of this song😶
BB Writes (4 days ago)
the amount of cake puns is gross
Ariel Bauer (4 days ago)
{This really is|This is certainly|This can be} great
Ken W (4 days ago)
Reminds me of the Cruise to Bermuda I was just on!! AWWW YEAH!!
Leonardo cook (4 days ago)
My dream is to become a musician. Perhaps one day you’ll all see me in the big screen
Adalberto Nascimento (4 days ago)
Jackie Guerrero1315 (4 days ago)
Vepar Jovica (4 days ago)
Jean Sarnaglia (4 days ago)
BRASIL 2018?
DelAtTacoBell (4 days ago)
i think joe jonas quit this band
Hasna Bht (5 days ago)
talk to me bb ??********eat cake by the ocean
Ariel Bauer (4 days ago)
{This really is|This is certainly|This can be} great
Danky (5 days ago)
Ate cake by the ocean
Ariel Bauer (4 days ago)
{This really is|This is certainly|This can be} great
Kebabas (5 days ago)
Matthew Adams (5 days ago)
That's a lot of cake to eat on that beach
Ariel Bauer (4 days ago)
{This really is|This is certainly|This can be} great
Yadana Oo (5 days ago)
Is this real cake 😏😏
szymix TV (5 days ago)
Kto od loverpata
Courtney I (5 days ago)
I've heard this song playing for so long. But I wish somebody told me earlier Joe Jonas was singing... So dissapointed I didn't reconise his voice after being a Jonas brothers fan back in the day.
Jerjes Mackenzie (5 days ago)
I still here
SAMA (5 days ago)
anyone 2019?
Angle ̄\_ツ_/ ̄ (4 days ago)
No. 2020
hotaru juno (5 days ago)
I was looking for cake recipes for my birthday... and got this.... disappointed? Nah
N Yzen (5 days ago)
It’s pronounced NEIGH-OH-ME not NY-YO-ME. Just saying.
AMIR HAMZAH (5 days ago)
Let's lose our mind and cgo crazy crazy or let's lose our mind and go fuckin crazy
H D (5 days ago)
I love this song :) 2018!!!!!!!
Agata Ochwat (6 days ago)
Samanta Tameniece (6 days ago)
Matthew Clifford (6 days ago)
to think it was nearly 3 years ago
Merin Merin (6 days ago)
nice song
LIL Angel (6 days ago)
3:16 Fucking delicious
Alexander Nguyen (11 hours ago)
LIL Angel What about it
hailee brown (6 days ago)
*carpool karoke with demi and nick jonas* nick-"the songs about sex" 😂

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