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PSY - Gangnam Style (Acoustic Cover) [HD]

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You've gotta be a little generous with the sound, looks like the volume is a little low. But yeah, Gangnam Style Acoustic Cover, my way! Because Adam told me to do it like four weeks ago. Sorry, bro. To be honest, the sound isn't nearly as good as I hoped. That's mainly due to the fact that I had to tape the microphone from my old headset to the guitar (yeah, the black little dot held together by black wiring tape is the mic I use for all my covers) so I could get a recordable sound! I broke my last acoustic guitar, unfortunately. And that one had a built-in mic with a jack-input. This one sadly doesn't. By the way, I'm considering doing a metal cover of the song! Anyone wanna see that, leave a comment or send me a PM Peace, StevieRay93
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Text Comments (14)
RandomGuitarGuy (2 years ago)
I think we have a Problem XD
RandomGuitarGuy (2 years ago)
RandomGuitarGuy (2 years ago)
Hahaha oh shit!
Kristen See (4 years ago)
That is awesome!!
gamezmeow (6 years ago)
Awesome cover! Lol love how much feeling your putting into XD
Nora Hansen (6 years ago)
men flink va du no å!!
Nora Hansen (6 years ago)
kjekk du da <33
MOTACJ (6 years ago)
el un la el la n la el TABeleture-el oh?
MOTACJ (6 years ago)
You did a really good job, man. Congradumufuckulations! I liked it a lot.
Le4Fz (6 years ago)
næi, men om nån har kunna den hadde dæm ikkje kunna den på et nach i allefall, men man kan jo improvisere sin eia tækst ;)
Le4Fz (6 years ago)
Haha, bra å kunne på party :D bedre enn orginaln va den å (:
MrsBuckleDown (6 years ago)
WOW ! Great job ! You are just amazing ! I LOVE IT ! You are perfect ... I do covers too ! I'm at piano and I sing too :) Check out on my channel if you have time ! Thanks a lot and I hope you'll continue to do covers ... YOU ARE AWESOME !
Lucia Acosta (6 years ago)
:O cool^^ very very good
Skarmillion (6 years ago)
A metalcover would be awesome ^^

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