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Trainer etiquette it’s rules to this even for you (Rookies pay attention)

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Trainers have rules to follow too don’t dog the trainees out they trying to learn so they can be successful do your job and make sure you graduating good drivers off your truck take a lil pride in what you do
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MrFuture804 (1 year ago)
Love y'all videos.keep up the hard work. VA all day💯
Chasin Baggs84 (1 year ago)
Facts! Some of these trainer's don't care about these trainees. You see it on a daily basis when you at the truck stop, shippers, & receivers. It's sad man. Congratulations on the little one.
Bruh I had a trainer say he takes showers every 4 days🤤🤤. I was like wtf!! How can you have sweaty azz nutz for 4 days on purpose???
Mr Kennedy (1 year ago)
How much driven Experience should someone have before the train/ mentoring? What's your thoughts p.h
Parteehard da trucker (1 year ago)
A year my opinion
JayMV (1 year ago)
Got damn 2 black eyes sis done climbed the ladder on ya ass 😂😂
Jason Stacy (1 year ago)
I'm interested in coming to Abilene. I've got 8 months experience and I live about an hour from the Wytheville terminal. How much experience do you have to have?
Jason Stacy (1 year ago)
If you don't wanna put your personal info on here you can email me at [email protected]
Jason Stacy (1 year ago)
Parteehard da trucker I will. What's your name?
Parteehard da trucker (1 year ago)
Jason Stacy you should be fine fill out the app put me down and let me know when you done
Married Too The Miles (1 year ago)
None Violent None Violent 😂😂😂 ✊🏽
sandra kitwana (1 year ago)
Hello my beautiful family and my Lil Nephew pH👶👪😍

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