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The Magic-Day 1 "Count Your Blessings"

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Text Comments (514)
Mikhail Archangel (4 months ago)
Wish they have this book on audio by "Audible" makes it easier to follow and practice which is good for anyone who wants to indulge in the teachings of all Rhonda Byrne's books which I own by the way.
Greta Holliway (7 months ago)
omg I love this book
Cool Vines (8 months ago)
good looking
Nina Munoz (2 years ago)
I listened to the power audiobook.. I would love to read that book! I love finding new self help books
nishitha kontam (2 years ago)
I love your tee ! could you tell , where you bought it from ?
Yadira Caballero (4 years ago)
valeria herrera (5 years ago)
Love this idea. =) I just happen to buy this book on Amazon. Just waiting for it in the mail.
Fernanda Gil (5 years ago)
This is great! You should continue this!
allygirl (5 years ago)
Maybe you could give this a second try...please?
PrincessJasmin225 (5 years ago)
Please start the book club back up please!!
Joan Fernandez (5 years ago)
Dulce! please do thisbook club! please, please, please!
Jocelyn Estrada (5 years ago)
please please continue your book club!
Kyla Emman (5 years ago)
sad that so many negative people can ruin it for people who are trying to better themselves! She doesn't want to do anymore because her comments section has become a religion bashing forum.
Lia-June n Sid (5 years ago)
I brought this book, but you haven't made anymore videos :( that's ok though, this happen. I LOVE THIS BOOK
Lizbeth Andrade (5 years ago)
Este libro mejoron la relación con mi papa ;)
Genna.S (5 years ago)
Plz do a review on the whole series and how each book has had an impact on your life and how u manifest and tips and tricks <3333 thanks sooo much
Virginia Tapia (6 years ago)
Even though you are not doing these videos anymore im still getting this book and im going to use a journal like you do.. you really inspire me to be a betrer person and I thank you for that (:
Abigail Marie (6 years ago)
This is my favorite because I do this the most.
Abigail Marie (6 years ago)
I love that you do these! I need this book. When I was younger my mother has the CDS " The Secret." Loved it so I definitely need this since I love to read.
sunnylandification (6 years ago)
in her most recent beauty video she mentioned that she was getting a lot of hate on these videos or something which is why she didnt make more
Paola Urena (6 years ago)
Do you have other recommendations for positive books like this?! I love this book!!
puregoddessuniversity (6 years ago)
hi there I am doing the entire magic series on my channel if you would like to follow along..;)
Jenny Grahm (6 years ago)
your videos are so fun i love them. Very entertainting . Lot alot of people make zesty videos here on u tube
Jenny Grahm (6 years ago)
i absolutely love your top,so cute
Deborah Bailey (6 years ago)
i have just ordered this
Itsknotsoeasy (6 years ago)
great idea
neeha glee (6 years ago)
good one. i like the way you described the book. thanks for sharing such valuable information with us.
lilbeezy999 (6 years ago)
just read it then and it wont be a waste no more
Kristina Hagen (6 years ago)
OMG, it's the book that is supposed to help you, not Dulce's videos about it. So when you got the book, read it. That's what it's made for.
Nicole Hector (6 years ago)
this book changed my life! I bought the same day you put the video up and it was worth every penny! Thank u so much!
zapizapzap (6 years ago)
fucktard fix your public speaking!
yuri gutierrez (6 years ago)
ive been running around town trying to find this book but no luck ;(
MsAmaya1110 (6 years ago)
Does anyone knw if you downloaded it on your phone then that phone broke and had to get a new one if you can still have the book or do you have to pay for it again?
chandlerlandyn (6 years ago)
you should've done a chapter a week or something.
surya flower (6 years ago)
This is a very good book, you people are not toddlers read it on your own.
CityPlaygrounds (6 years ago)
Read it on your own. Or join some other book club. You don't know what's going on with her. She may have tried but got too busy. She's got other goals.
Laurenwestern1 (6 years ago)
You inspire me
Olivia Gaitan (6 years ago)
it's ok to read a book on your own, she dosent have to be a part of it- please people chill
halamahdi (6 years ago)
why not the money chapter :s
TheBeautyAccess (6 years ago)
i bought this book just because of this whole book club! I mean you said you were ATLEAST going to try....but still nothing....FUCKING LAME.
stylist2020 (6 years ago)
more videos!
Nina93 (6 years ago)
You inspired me !
popcornlover722 (6 years ago)
I bought the book for this as well bring this back dulce!
Chelcie Harman (6 years ago)
Lol! You don't need her to make the most of this book!
ladida8628 (6 years ago)
you can't blame her for it! it was your choice to get it ultimately--u weren't forced! relax--just be grateful yo--- peace
MIMILOVMUSIC (6 years ago)
i guess u didnt want to do this book club thing either......... if you knew from the start that the month of june was going to be busy for you... u should have waited till july....or this month.....
MIMILOVMUSIC (6 years ago)
28 days my left butt cheek... wrong soo wrong
Jacky Anton (6 years ago)
That has nothng to do with what malwinka1166 commented...
Emi D-T (6 years ago)
I think you should read the BIBLE YOURSELF before posting a comment like this one. Also, you should learn about gratitude. Have a nice day =P
MsJessyNola (6 years ago)
i finally got this. thanx for sharing. hope you do other vid on this book.
cake fudge (6 years ago)
LOvE THIS VIDEO!!! keep being happy dulcce i wish you all the success and the happiness you dserve ! 3
Claire Nguyen (6 years ago)
Thats just irresponsible on your friend's part. Dulce doesnt tell her her viewers to go buy stuff. She reviews and shows stuff that she likes to educate the people that watch her videos. She does tutorials. No where does it say, you have to purchase this, and spend your money. Get a life. Tell your friend to get a life. Pathetic.
Sana Kokab (6 years ago)
Dulce Candy, Im really pissed and mad because I bought this book JUST fir this but you stopped and I wasted so much money for this WOW
brisha101 (6 years ago)
I LOVE Your Lips in This Video! What Do You Have On Them?
adriana codrean (6 years ago)
you sayd a few moths ago that you started something like a program of 28 days every morning you say 10 things you are grateful fore I did that all most every day I thank God and say how grateful i was for that small thing and hinestly my life started to change from the point that i thought i will loose it but also I've strated to help more especialy the persons who realy neaded help and i feel so great i still have my ups and downs but my life changed afther i saw your video that day thatnk you
3layerzdeep (6 years ago)
I adore u girl.!! so proud of all u have accomplished....btw, how is ur clothing boutique going??
MP Muniz (6 years ago)
Do you recommend we read the books in order or can we start with any book?
Kay Elizabeth (6 years ago)
Well what do you know? Just cause you don't wanna hear it doesnt mean Dulce doesn't want to. & Nobody was preaching, it was a statement.
Alana (6 years ago)
But preaching to people that dont want to hear it isnt right. Dulce probably doesnt give two shits.
Alana (6 years ago)
Stop preaching. She'll do what she wants.
DandyyFlyy (7 years ago)
What Dulce is talking about has NOTHING to do with religion... Dang top comments!
2en1MVC (7 years ago)
lol the meanies .....you go Dulce :D
Sexygurl027 (7 years ago)
your friend needs to be herself and not Dulce.. Dulce has money to spend because she was in the military... she was fighting for us. soo if she wants to spend her money on makeup let her do that.. your friend should have known her budge. Like me im 15 without a job so i know i cant buy all the stuff she has in her videos, you have to work with what you have. also in another video she did talk about her belief and ect.... "Think Before You Speak" :)
Lizzie M (7 years ago)
malwinka1166 DIDN'T mention religion AT ALL. They just said that they need to be less of a follower and take suggestions but not feed into everything that she's told. They said that lolimedrano's friend should have taken into account her own finances and made decision about her purchases based on that and not spend beyond her means. Essentially, Dulce isn't to blame for lolimedrano's friend's financial situation and she should take responsibility for her own actions.
Tina Grimen (7 years ago)
You are amazing Dulce!
Mila (7 years ago)
What happened to the "One Chapter (or so) per day?"
Vivita07 (7 years ago)
I've actually read The Secret, The Power and I'm currently reading the Magic, and this book is BY FAR the best one...I do recommend reading the first two books before reading this one, but The Magic is a MUST!! there is a reason why this book is called The Magic!! I'm so glad I bought this book. Since day 1, I started feeling so much better and getting all these amazing news! Before you start judging, be open minded and just give it a try...you will NOT regret it!
Joanna Avila (7 years ago)
omg dulce after watching this video my heart felt warm and less heavy :)) your happiness is contagious love you and keep making more vids! <3
DollyPinkBarbie (7 years ago)
how i wish i knew you in person dulce , you are so awesome!
pahjahmahs (7 years ago)
You look beautiful. I'm genuinely happy for you, and I am truly and honestly glad that God has blessed you so much. You are one of the people on youtube that I actually admire, because I never felt (despite the rude comments of others) that you were false, or "selling-out." I have always felt that you were normal, and genuine. You are amazing, and I'm happy for you!!
Kay Elizabeth (7 years ago)
Hey bitch nobody was talking to you. & I was just saying, I wasnt trying to correct her or anything, so think about what you say before you try to correct me.
CFCRockAngel (7 years ago)
I am definitely buying a copy of this book, great idea Dulce :D
Maya4381 (7 years ago)
Thanks Dulce for doing this!!!!! With everything going on in the world today we all need positivity surrounding us:)
Roxana Simón (7 years ago)
i agree with u
reiforever14 (7 years ago)
That was rude and with the type of way people read now it's easier to read modern english books. The bible is amazing!! It teaches you everything but not everyone is a christian.. and if you were with your beileves you wouldn't be judging her. Maybe she has read the bible but you know.. other books can be read.. if not then I shall burn in hell. Love life! -reianna-
chococherie (7 years ago)
I love your positive energy and attitude and look on life. But I feel like all the facts you're preaching are easier to say when you already have everything you want... But i'm sure the book is worth a try.
RisingBlu3 (7 years ago)
Just picked up my copy yesterday :) I read the first couple of pages and I already feel inspired..
Octaviailona (7 years ago)
thanks dulce :D i love the ideea :* i'll be watching every video !!
Elvana Brtan (7 years ago)
Thank you Dulce for doing this :)
Latasha F (7 years ago)
lmao wtf, are you srsly blaming her for your friends bankruptcy? Amazing the stuff ppl come up with.
Mari Mendoza (7 years ago)
I will be participating!! I love books like this!! The secret was awesome!!
Crafty Amy's Vlogs (7 years ago)
Im not hating or anything but Just a simple question to ask yourselves, Who are you giving thanks to? Like really. Who do you expect these "good things" will happen from?
Jewlz Fin (7 years ago)
Going to pick up the book!!
thegolddustwoman (7 years ago)
by the way youre taking this way too seriously you need to ask yourself why you have so much anger inside you that you get THIS worked up if someone dares to have an opinion different from you about a girl you don't even know. i feel bad you have so much anger inside you. I am expressing an opinion on a public forum which I am allowed to do so just take a breath and take it easy. Dulce should not make or break your life. She is just some girl on youtube making home videos. easyyyyyyyy
thegolddustwoman (7 years ago)
tsk tsk that is not sounding very positive or spreading the love. in fact in the words of your hero dulce you are starting to sound like a meanie lashing out at others on your computer with your hatred. i guess you have not begun your journal yet lol
LittleMrsMiddleton (7 years ago)
I get it now, you're lonely. No one to pay attention to you at home hun? so sorry...but this is not the place for you to get attention. EVERYONE PLEASE STOP RESPONDING TO THIS BITCH. OR ANY OTHER HATER ON HERE. THEY ARE GETTING EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT! ATTENTION! PATHETIC!!!
thegolddustwoman (7 years ago)
lol you all say the exact same thing it's pretty much on par with "i know you are but what am I"
LittleMrsMiddleton (7 years ago)
why are you so jealous?
thegolddustwoman (7 years ago)
wrong anything she herself puts out in public is fair game and subject to scrutiny and or possible criticism. why do you think so many real celebrities won't say anything in public about their private life? it opens up the flood gates or public scrutiny. I am expressing an opinion on a public forum which I am allowed to do on videos she chose to make public. by the way guarantee your man does not pack your bag on trips for you guarantee. I don't know one guy who does that
Mayra Reguis (7 years ago)
LOL plain and simple, people are jelous of her success.
thegolddustwoman (7 years ago)
the problem is dulce's 14 year old followers don't seem to understand that an opinion contrary to hers (or ours) does not constitute negativity or hating. you kids getting so bent out of shape when any perceived anti dulce comment pops up will eventually see with enough life experience that there'll always be someone who does not see things the way you see it or do things the way you do it and guess what it's really not a big deal! an opinion is subjective it does not mean you or they are wrong.
angela norton (7 years ago)
love your shirt
tracy2888 (7 years ago)
This is such a great idea thanks DULCE:)
Malwina Stępień (7 years ago)
Of course not ;)
browneyessky07 (7 years ago)
thank you for taking the time to film, upload, etc. I am trying myself to be a positive person even when things aren't going good.in my life. I am very thankful for the good and bad in my life... you are a good role model, keep being you! thanks for all the wonderful tips, advice, uplifting words :)
Redstarr216 (7 years ago)
Shaz X (7 years ago)
My boyfriend holds my bag, and what? If he didn't like it, he would say, its none of your business about Dulces relationship.
Shaz X (7 years ago)
That is so stupid. You cannot blame someone for another persons mistakes, your friend is just stupid. If she didn't have the money, why spend? I'm "materialistic"- i like to buy a lot of clothes and makeup- more than necessary, but i'm clever enough to know how to manage my money, and when to stop spending
LaurenGlitterss (7 years ago)
Super great idea! And cute top btw.
lolimedrano (7 years ago)
Like I said I watch her videos with that said I'm 26 yrs old I know exactly who I am and what I want. She graduate 4rm high school last yr and commented to me that she is no longer a YouTube viewer because it affects her financially but yet again she is young. I feel that Before Dulce's channel use to b more about makeup and hair tutorials now is more about showing us her things! Which I like but many girls get the wrong message

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