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Lee Chong Wei makes emotional announcement to retire | Astro SuperSport

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Malaysian shuttler Lee Chong Wei announces his retirement from the sport after 19 years on the international circuit. Full press conference: www.stadiumastro.com
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Stadium Astro (1 month ago)
What is your favourite Lee Chong Wei moment?
itsLucascheng (29 days ago)
マイトオル - (1 month ago)
I will never forget LCW I always watched how he plays in hos games he's like a online coach and someone I would love to meet one day
Faiz Darwish (1 month ago)
2006 Malaysia Open Final when he won the match against Lin Dan by 23-21. Because at that time Lin Dan lead 20-13. A mistake by Chong Wei will give the championship to Lin Dan. But Chong Wei made a terrible comeback and won 23-21.
Haffez Hashim (1 month ago)
Semi-final match Olympic Rio
Fadhel mulyono (1 month ago)
Semangat LCW dlm bertanding, luar biasa.. Menarik u sll melihatnya.. Di masa usianya udah 35, dia msh bisa mengalahkan semua tunggal muda2 di dunia.. top
Mohammad Faizul Sunar (3 days ago)
Thank you dato lee chong wei for everything..
Jashweeni Selva (5 days ago)
Thank you for everything legend😢❤
Licha raja Kapa (8 days ago)
Sir wishing you to have a great n prosperity life, God bless you n your lovely family. "The Living Legend "
GoProEverything (13 days ago)
I still believe in him and his comeback at the tokyo olympics. He will recover and come back. Lin Dan is waiting for him in the finals
Noraidah Abdul salleh (14 days ago)
Lee chong wei ia boleh menjadi tokoh ter bilang dan dikenang sempanjang zaman
momy poteyto (16 days ago)
😢😢😢😢😢but tq for everything that you have did mghrumkan nama malysia....we love you always
royal dsouza (18 days ago)
World badminton will miss you
Jasbir Jatain (18 days ago)
Legend takes retirement
Hans Sy (19 days ago)
he s my idol
Ridzuan Rosli (19 days ago)
Farewell legend! #LCW
中野悟志 (20 days ago)
thank you, you're my hero. I love you. I am keeping your style in my heart forever. from Japan.
ranjeeta singh (20 days ago)
We will miss u
wiwissana kaewkrachang (22 days ago)
I love you lee chong wei from Thailand
tsharlotte ubarro (22 days ago)
I will miss you LCW idol... you are my inspiration ever since I play badminton🙋‍♂️
Jasmy Shahdi (23 days ago)
My hero
Venny Hui (24 days ago)
Kashian lee chong wei pensiun
itsjust zaim (24 days ago)
arokiaraj nallapan (24 days ago)
Long live chong wei
Emily Sun Channel (25 days ago)
my fav moment tat i will nv forget is he strength, nv give up personality n hero to his country. u r a hero, u r a legend.. ❤️❤️
valli sai (25 days ago)
Lcw your my inspiration to play badminton
Dedi Firmansyah (25 days ago)
One of the best player ever.👍🏼👍🏼
Rudolf Hitler (25 days ago)
Lee chong wei is too old for this game, he beaten a lot. Beside that, he cannot beat lin dan. Lee is nothing but an idiot compare to king of king mr. Best Lin dan!!!!!
Mr man (26 days ago)
never won a World champion
Sakshi Bhale (26 days ago)
You are retired not your greatness Miss you😭😭
Bishal Yamphu (26 days ago)
I want to see you again in the court with Lin Dan
yc chin (26 days ago)
V ❤ you 💪💪💪. You did good job for yourself for the country 🇲🇾👏👏👏 . Enjoy your family life Godbless u.
Ariff Hamidon (26 days ago)
Suddenly i couldn't find the like button and it changed to #legend button. Thank you for everything Datuk Lee C W. Much Respect!
Bunlong Lay (26 days ago)
Thanks for the inspiration lcw, greetings from Germany
G (27 days ago)
Retire then retire la.. cry cry cry. Go pray golf la
Tibor Pintér (27 days ago)
Rani Goyat (27 days ago)
There is nobody like you lee chong wei in badminton history ever..ur a true legend..the whole world loves u always nd we all miss u..😢😢
Mikail Mohd (28 days ago)
Thank you datuk lee chong wei for 19years playing badminton for malaysia in here we all malaysia people will support u and always remember legend like you .....💙 👉mgbu datuk lee chong wei👈 #Malaysia_Boleh #Harimau_Malaya #Datuk_Lee_Chong_Wei #Mohd_Mikail💙
Sukanya999 (28 days ago)
i wanted him to win a gold in tokyo 2020 olympics coz he lost every time in finals of olympics. please come back 😫😫😫😫😫😫
Elise Lim (29 days ago)
Proud to be Malaysian ❤️
DJ Hit Lover (29 days ago)
Thank Legend You have become my idol for this 19 years😢😭
itsLucascheng (29 days ago)
Inline4 (29 days ago)
Most successful athlete in malaysia. U will always be remembered.
Speech Freedom Of (29 days ago)
This is A MAN
Nicole Evangeline (1 month ago)
You are our hero Dato Lee.. We proud of you.. Please take good care of your health.. Get well soon..
Melwin Widodo (1 month ago)
I am one of your Indonesian Fans...Walaupun tidak mendapat Medali Emas Olimpiade tetapi Permainan yang menghibur, Semangat pantang menyerah, Juara di hampir semua Series dan keperibadian yang Humble membuat Anda akan dikenang sebagai salah satu Legend Bulutangkis Dunia...Semoga Dato LCW disembuhkan penyakitnya segera.....
Maengi Cc (1 month ago)
Wish you teach well your sons😧😢😭😭😭😭
Beyblade Hunter Z (1 month ago)
We will miss u Lee Chong Wei.-THE LEGEND)
Maengi Cc (1 month ago)
Lee chong wei you are the one that make me play badminton You still live in may heart
Mwinner 376 (1 month ago)
Im crying man
Noraidah Wahab (1 month ago)
I will miss to see lcw playing 😥
Laasha Krish (1 month ago)
Wish you the very best in everything as you deserve nothing less! Salute to you LCW. Good Luck!
SUHAIL O (1 month ago)
Amarjeet Kaur (1 month ago)
from this day Badminton will never be same, at least for me
Noorul Ain Ali (1 month ago)
Love u
Apak Lu (1 month ago)
so sad in lee era must meet super dan..same like cr7 live in same era and must meet messi at the same time..
Ang Anto (1 month ago)
Tks for the amazing 19 years of your journey.. Terimakasih sudah mewarnai dan menjadi bagian sejarah badminton. LCW namamu akan selalu dikenang dan diabadikan sebagai legenda badminton. Sukses selalu, semoga ada penerus setelah LCW pensiun. Salam dari Indonesia
Riju Roy (1 month ago)
Luv u dato😍😍 will miss u Regards from Kerala India Legends are forever
Azuan Nordin (1 month ago)
Terima kasih dato kerana mengharumkan nama negara di persada dunia....dirimu dikenang sepanjang zaman sebagai wira Malaysia. .....syabas
Ct Aisyah (1 month ago)
We will miss you DLCW 😢😢Thnkyou for everything legend 🙏🏻😩💛
Shaun Xavier (1 month ago)
Malaysia's in the map because of you legend❤
toffer dagreat (1 month ago)
Who will replace lcw now?for me none your the real legend
BAPHOMET fff (1 month ago)
tq..ur are LEGEND
Amrutha E (1 month ago)
We will miss you Lee Chong Wei
emma vikander (1 month ago)
Lee Chong Wei , I dont how to say it but I really has inpired you and i should also take you as my idole because you are very strong man who tried to fight against many struggles and i also understand your sacrifices that you did till the end. I was nearly too cry when I knew that you're going to resign because you're meant a lot to me as a badminton player that I should take it as an example..It is okay Lee Chong Wei , now you can  enjoy your with your loveable family....You're the best hero of the world but whatever it is hope you live happily and joyful everyday ...I wish that I can take you as my exemplary and ill practice badminton really hard till I reach my goal, Lee Chong Wei  and my really last wish is meet you and your family ... THATS ALL FROM ME FOR NOW ..THANK YOU LEE CHONG  WEI  FOR ALL YOUR VALUABLE INSPIRATIONS.
Djolafication (1 month ago)
Salute and respect Lee Chong Wei,....
Noraini Brahim (1 month ago)
Tq kpd hero kite Lee Chong Wei..krn beliau telah mengharumkan name negara kite Malaysia..jasa hero kite ini akn dikenang oleh kami semua WE LOVE OUR HERO LEE CHONG WEI IN MALAYSIAN HEART💖
Nelly Ell (1 month ago)
Muhammad Mikhail (1 month ago)
i remeber watching every single game he played...
Abinav Narayanan (1 month ago)
Retirement of a legend LOVE FROM IN DIA
Ilmu Persilatan (1 month ago)
dah harumkan nama negara kaw2 pun nk nangis, tgok la betapa tingginya akhlak dia. hebat misbun. hebat Dlcw. hebat malaysia.
V D7 (1 month ago)
Thank you Datuk Lee, you make us proud as malaysian, the legend of bwf happy retirement, you will be missed a lot 😭
Christian Tan (1 month ago)
Sad looking at this...Contribution of hero return with something evil. Does no matter with the career no more, please stay as healthy as possible, and reap the fruit of your labour.
Adelyne Marsyta (1 month ago)
The Legend of my country #Malaysiaku The only one DATO' LEE CHONG WEI
kaleem ullah (1 month ago)
Love from Pakistan..
kaleem ullah (1 month ago)
My favorite Player in the world
Muhammad Younis (1 month ago)
Lee CW was not a player He was an era of badminton. A lot of love from Pakistan. May you live for a long time. May Allah Almighty bless you.
Suganthi Velayuthan (1 month ago)
Be strong Lee Chong Wei 😭😭😭 legend will be remain as legend forever 💪❤
He is the real legend. 😢😢😢😢😢😢
xiaolong han (1 month ago)
I have been waiting for his world champion for 9 years. The only celebrity that I care about. I feel really sad for his cancer, hopefully he will recover soon and live a happy life with his family.
miqdad nasir (1 month ago)
u always be our legend DCLW. "malaysia boleh" ❤️😭😘
Mohd Faizal (1 month ago)
dia dah kaya raya ..beri peluang pada player baru utk menempa nama
1917老郑 (1 month ago)
Malaysia boleh
nabam dochi (1 month ago)
Plz clap for Lee chong wei to perform such a great matches
Hong Sam (1 month ago)
We love you dato Lee Ching Wei. 你是神 你是我们的骄傲 再也找不到第二个你。
Hong Sam (1 month ago)
Malaysia is too proud to have you Li Chong wei
jayalekshmi thankamoni (1 month ago)
So sad when you retired 😢😢
Fuad Fakruradzee (1 month ago)
maybe 19 years in BAM, but not in badminton....who knows
toshiki.tansh official (1 month ago)
You're always No. 1 in our heart.
xenos sama (1 month ago)
Iam crying 😭
Tom Wang (1 month ago)
all my blessings...
Man Bun Yeung (1 month ago)
Mr hahN rock ballads (1 month ago)
I wish u all the best in ur retirement LCW. It is so sad to see u go..for us Malaysians,u're more than a hero, u're a LEGEND! The best we ever had. Despite of our multiracial differences,we all unite as one when supporting u! Bcos that's the aura u gave,u gave all that u've got for our flag. U made the world knows Malaysia. U made the world respect Malaysia. The best part is,u're not only loved by 30millions Malaysians,but also admired from many other countries in the world. Although it is sad to see u leave,I truly respect ur decision. Thank u from the bottom of my heart Lee Chong Wei.
Shoaib Akhtar (1 month ago)
My Love chong wei
asang longchar (1 month ago)
we will miss you @Lee chong wei
Sofa Kulit (1 month ago)
Love from indonesia lee chong wei....u don't need olympic gold medal or world champion title to be a great champion. In my list....u're better than taufik hidayat or chen long
Binod Mangmu (1 month ago)
Greatest living legend in world's badminton history.We miss you.LCW.Love from Nepal.♥
Affendi (1 month ago)
Of all things that happen in Malaysia, especially the divided races, religion and politics. U know Malaysian will always be united under your Chinese name whenever you play. Dato' Lee Chong Wei, you are our legend.
Wang Darren (1 month ago)
I am on the verge of crying. Thank you legend.
poolfans (1 month ago)
It’s time to end his fabulous career. There always a time thing come to end. Why feel so sad.
Muhamad Kazwini (1 month ago)
Taufik Hidayat udah lama pensiun,skrg lee chong Wei....brrti tinggal lin dan je yg masih tersisa dr generasi millenium..😪🤦✌️
hope (1 month ago)
아쉽네요 마지막 2020 도코올림픽 금메달 까지 기대했는데... 이렇게 떠나시다니 슬프네요ㅜ선수로서 많이 아쉽겠습니다... 그래도 당신은 우리들의 영원한 레전드입니다. 그동안 수고많았습니다 리총웨이 선수 이제 푹쉬시면서 몸관리 잘하시길...ㅜㅜ
Shetty Satish (1 month ago)
saw it in the Indian. news paper and rushed here......I feel so bad ..BRO U R TRUE LEGEND ..RESPECT FROM INDIA ....WHOSE GONNA BEAT LINDAN NOW
Gaurav Raut (1 month ago)
Legends Never Die.
Puspa Dara (1 month ago)
Thank you for Dato' Lee Chong Wei coloured the World's Badminton stage... You're a LEGEND 👏👏👏

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