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3 Signs the No-contact Method is Working

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Signs that the No-Contact Method is Working. How to know the No-Contact Method is Working. How No-Contact Works. Get Previous Live Streams! http://thechazzellisproject.com/premium Check out the Next Livestream! http://thechazzellisproject.com/1168-2 Phone consultations, 20 min, 30 min, and 1 hour or a Quick Question visit: http://thechazzellisproject.com/shop Do you like the AskChazzEllis Videos? Do you feel like they have helped you and want to show your appreciation by making a donation? Visit http://thechazzellisproject.com and click the Paypal Donation link to make a donation to AskChazzEllis. Get involved in the Chazz Asks discussions. Chazz wants you to weigh in on his questions and he is engaging in the conversation with you. Visit http://thechazzellisproject.com/chazz-asks-4/ Visit The Chazz Ellis Project website at: http://thechazzellisproject.com Like the AskChazzEllis Facebook page: http://facebook.com/chazzellis Subscribe on YouTube !
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Funtang Woo (19 minutes ago)
How long should no contact last for tho? Do you initiate after a month or two or leave it until they come back?
evadiva238 (11 hours ago)
This no contact thing works, my ex called my job everyday after I blocked him on my cellphone & social media & then sent me flowers, chocolates and balloons to my house with a message saying he missed me sooooo much etc. boy bye lol
Chriscelia Edwards (5 days ago)
My ex wrote a song called 2 U 🤔 lol 😂 I'm like really all that mess you said no contact rule works
Heyy TJ (12 days ago)
Yes these things are true and effective. But effective for what? To give that person who hurt you, who couldn’t make up their mind, a chance to have to go through this process again? Don’t be stuck in ambiguity and love yourself, respect yourself. No contact is for the purpose of moving forward, not to lure back in the person that you once loved, trusted, and emotionally invested yourself into to hurt you again!
Allison Brown (13 days ago)
But he blocked me
akvalues (13 days ago)
I tried no contact now I dont wanna talk to her ass!!..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
wutang23361 (14 days ago)
He looks like Dave Chappell
sk8ergangsta2003 (23 days ago)
This video is so true. If youre not looking for it you wont even see it.
Kayla Brown (26 days ago)
For my Ex it doesn’t work ok he’s been contacting me for a help or regarding his dog which stays with me and after 4 months he’s not fighting for me just situation is even getting worst ..I think this is gonna work only for normal people mature man not who’s immature like me ex or narcissist...now I feel like I’m loosing him and I wanna do something where I think he should do this ...🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
That Trash (27 days ago)
What if he unfriended and unfollowed you even blocked you at some media’s?
Success Cole (1 month ago)
With my no contact rule he said I should forgive him and i ask him if he was drunk😂😂😂😂
turukai (1 month ago)
Women are retarded
Britt Bry (1 month ago)
What if he looked at my insta story?
CALIDEE HOLMES (1 month ago)
My version of no contact..."YOU'RE FIRED!?" how hard is that to understand?... if these idiots are showing up in places you frequent after no contact...you have a psycho stalking you... they want control...not good...
Ruby Murrillo (1 month ago)
We were together 10 and a half years and then we broke up we went back with each other and then he said that he wanted to do his own thing then he told everybody he wanted to make things work out between us in a couple days ago he blocked me on Instagram Facebook on everything I don't know what to do to make him want me back 😭
Deon Soto (1 month ago)
I’m on my 3rd day break up with my first ever beloved girlfriend I start dating her march 2018 and she said yes to me on 24th that month she said she doesnt want to lose me but here we are she said this: I dont think we should see eachother anymore I'm not in a good place right now 😔and I dont want to keep hurting you to be honest cause I know we havent been talking as much as we used to. And honestly I dont want to talk to anyone I just want to be alone. And I dont want you to take this the wrong way. She said she loves me too but she’s bot ready and she needs to get her life sorted before drag people into it. (And I was begging i said babe please) she said “Silly don’t beg for me never beg for a stupid girl.” And it’s not worth my effort and she’s not ready to be with someone. She doesn’t wanna date people that’s what i’m saying i’m not saying that I don’t wanna be friends.” I told her I’m wait for you til everything in yohr life is sorted out. And she responded “No I don’t want to hold you back you’ll find better.”😔 (She said she don’t wanna lose me but she’s bot even fighting for me and for us.” She said it’s not fair to me but I told her I’m totally fine waiting til you feel better and everything in her life is sorted out. DO I STILL HAVE A CHANCE TO GET HER BACK? In the future? HELP ANY ADVICE i really love her want her back I guess she decided to end it cause I have nothing to offer her i don’t have a car or anything don’t have a hight paying job or maybe she had lost attraction to me and fell out of love. I send a messgae to her did you lose interest and attraction to me and fell out of love? She just ignored it
Edward Zamora (10 days ago)
Deon Soto your acting desperate, just stop. Work on yourself make yourself the prize and she’ll realize what she lost out on. She’s testing to see how strong you are. Never chase.
Abigail Evans (1 month ago)
Thank you so much for posting this!!!
Kendra Bennett (1 month ago)
All narco paths do subliminals. My sociopath military affeliated ex used to write things on the dry erase board about how he watched me sleel and I'm a beautiful angel 🙅 eww. I look young and he was also trying to have me help him lewer the neighbors daughter as a target. It struck me as odd even before I woke up. I was like" why would you want to take a strangers daughter to a secluded area" he would get a twitch for killing too and ask me to go to the lake when we first started "dating" aka him grooming me! 😰
Lyric Capone (1 month ago)
sue s (1 month ago)
sk8ergangsta2003 (1 month ago)
Dead giveaway! God damnit, take my like Sir.
TheKilla063 (1 month ago)
Kennnedy London (1 month ago)
Some people can say this method should only be for cutting someone completely off. But I love who I love. But I need to love myself! I’ve been so tied into trying to teach and open my lovers eyes... it’s draining!!! Like I have a child. Shit will only be cool for so long til I see that Shit hasn’t changed, there’s manipulation along the lines, dependency... we not even together yet but this is while talking and having sexual relations for atleast 5 months now. It’s draining. I am in control and have been, I made some errors in the beginning but I need to get myself together. As I have growing to do in my life right now, so does she. I can’t teach her to grow up and wake her up, life has to help her with that. She has to grow from her own struggle. I can only help her so fuckin much man. In the most humble way, I’m being selfish for once. Me “cutting her off” is the only way that I can get to myself without being sucked back in with manipulation. I need to take care of myself and will succeed in doing so. God bless everybody and their relations!
Crystal S (1 month ago)
Wombat Happiness Girl (1 month ago)
Hahahahaha your expressions are funny but hey good advice 🙏🏽😂🙌🏽
Nii Narku (1 month ago)
Breaking up is not always a bad thing. Sometimes it teaches you a life lesson about yourself, others and situations. It helps you identify you weakness and strengths. So the no contact helps you identify yourself.
John Llewellyn (1 month ago)
If you have a real connection with someone, it can happen, both people don't want to be first to make a move, all about ego for men and women, fked up but true, so many people part because of ego,
BinaBina (2 months ago)
How about if he watches my Instastory. Been broken up 4 months and NC at all. Why is he doing that? To keep me as a friend?! Any thoughts? Thanks 🙏
BinaBina (13 days ago)
NickeyNichole White I did girlfriend! 🙏 Miss him still 🙈
NickeyNichole White (13 days ago)
BinaBina block him
Christopher Brooks (2 months ago)
Damn that's good
Carol Loraine (2 months ago)
Do homework on Narcissists. And if any Red Flags apply? Run!! Never look back! Beware of diseases!
Alejandro Rosa (2 months ago)
Its been a week and she started calling me 7 times a day and she got the nerve to message me on twitter lol
Cbear 25 (2 months ago)
You're good! This applies to guys and ladies. Thanks! 😘
Chriscelia Edwards (2 months ago)
I Love ♥️ this Channel
Nadhia Gurrola (2 months ago)
He is a naughty little man
Nicole Tobey (2 months ago)
Hi Chaz, It's been 7 weeks no contact and the only thing he's done is unblock me on facebook. He slowly let go over many months, recently was found kissing a woman that tried to come in between us when we were together (we were broken up when they kissed), and in hindsight of all he's said and the way he's acted, it feels like reaching out to him will be on deaf ears. He has low self esteem, grew up with very little affection, moved out at 15, had a child on purpose at 18, had a toxic and volatile 19 year marriage (I was his first long term relationship after his divorce. His divorce decree actually came a couple months after we met and were seeing each other). AND he has an avoidant attachment style. He has said many painful things like: "Why do you love me?", "I wish you'd meet someone else", "You need to move on" and this past November when I asked him in a text "Do you love me anymore? Yes or no" his response was "Farewell no". The pain is the worst I have ever experienced. I'm 46 and have never lived through such pain. It feels worse than death. Not discounting people grieving over someone that has died but I have never felt this agony. However, I AM a lot better than even 3-4 weeks ago-no more cold surges in my chest, no more dry-heaving, no more shakiness, and my focus is much better. I've joined a hiking group, the gym, am now volunteering at our local animal shelter which I've been wanting to do for years, am journaling, doing positive affirmations, smiling in the mirror to myself, and am socializing more. My counselor has told me two weeks in a row that I am doing amazing. So, I recognize that the hardest pain is behind me but of course, I still miss him tremendously, cry, and life is not the same. I miss my best friend. I know that writing the letter should be more for me than getting back together but I still want to reconnect so much. Timing is so questionable right now. I genuinely believe that NOW is the time to send the letter and not wait 3 months (which would be early/mid February). I think this because of where he was a few months ago and now 7 weeks of no contact/positive memory resurgence, and my self growth. What is your opinion on the timing? Thank you SO VERY MUCH for your help and guidance! Much appreciation, good vibes, and love, Nicole
francisco gonzalez (2 months ago)
ive been going no contact for 4 days with a narcissistic girl i barely meft abot 3 months ago. refused to have sex with her for the reason that im not a fuck boy. the results are looking good hope yall can keep your heads up. ✌💪🙌🙏
Lisa Vines (2 months ago)
Gillian Moody (2 months ago)
He hasn’t contacted me, except to respond to me, every few months.
Kilig and Games (2 months ago)
What if we’re both playing the no contact game 😅
TheSnowFoxParty (2 months ago)
Good point lol
Celestia Carson (2 months ago)
What if I dont have fb and have no interest in looking at his fb then how would I know hes doing the subliminal thing?
Thamsanqa Dube (2 months ago)
No contact= done with bullshit. If you're doing it to take control that's just plain manipulation and mind games, it ain't right even when it's directed at a player
Brooklynn Skyy (2 months ago)
So what if he views my insta story is that considered subliminal?
lewis robinson (2 months ago)
Playing games for little kids ... I’ll just say fuck it
anime fan girl 101 (2 months ago)
lol no contact means no CONTACT. that means NO social media, blocked calls.
Egg Rollz (2 months ago)
This girl sent me nudes then told me to fuck off when I tried to buy her food this is how I know I shifted into a parallel reality because in the reality im from this if she sends you nudes that means shes interested and no girl turns down food even if shes not into you cause lowkey girls are always hungry if anyone can help me get back to my reality please respond to this comment
john22312 (2 months ago)
Yea it’s working alright right with another guys dick in her mouth
Null & Void (2 months ago)
Sometimes no-contact is just giving someone time to miss you. Imagine how boring life would be if you never wondered. Also, some people are just busy with real life shit. Don't always assume it's a game. Only insecure people will throw a tantrum. People who are being productive and are confident won't mind not speaking to someone for days because they have their own shit to worry about.
ClipperCuts Tv (2 months ago)
📢Don't let them draw you out.
Steve Chevy (2 months ago)
Some ones playing so crazy ass techno out side my house holy shit it's kinda badass
HatchetFam Entertainment (2 months ago)
No contact works
Kizzi Kimani (2 months ago)
I just experienced pop up on 2days ago... I said hi and I got very bad eye like am alright...
Randy Flores (2 months ago)
Sometimes the best revenge is not giving an answer, you see silence is never misquoted
youngbull 301 (2 months ago)
Why tf is he helping women but not men
Every body is not on social media
Liam Parker (2 months ago)
I'm no contact and my ex is trying to make me jealous on social media with pics at the club and commenting on boys posts , I've stopped looking but I think she is over it despite messaging me before saying she was over me
Shelly Meador (2 months ago)
What if they move out of state? Could no contact bring them back?? Please let me know
Charlie O'Callaghan (3 months ago)
For my ex I dumped them and went no contact after they talked about not being interested in me. So I took control back, dumped them, and then they try to say “sorry my phone was dead” which is the reverse method in the video. I’m so proud that I gained control and it hit my ex in the face for it
Pamela Cooper-Billips (3 months ago)
Damn, I love you!❤️
jnanesh jaan (3 months ago)
I hav blocked her number..is it okay during no contact ?
Tiffany Johnson (3 months ago)
Ohh he does look good in blue. Ok
Angela Stewart (3 months ago)
Thank you because I'm on day 3 and he text me and did Exactly what you said. Tried to flip that on me. Sorry didn't work still no contact. 👍🏾
Michell Joseph (3 months ago)
When someone break up with me and I didn’t want it, I hate that person and I don’t play games so I just cut em off for a very long time years that is
Ocean UL (3 months ago)
Your vids make me feel better
Lucila Pereira (3 months ago)
Funny story. No contact never worked for me... A dude flake on me and I'm ignoring him. It's so haaaaaard...
Thejonez (3 months ago)
In the olden days its called da silent trmnt
Jazmyn Adams (3 months ago)
Bro what do we do when they have they kid contact you? ( there kid not yours)
crystal beauty (3 months ago)
Thank you appreciate
Threec Turner (3 months ago)
SimplyK! (3 months ago)
Did he delete the other no contact method vids?
MasterMindTV (4 months ago)
Why everybody so mad about this method it’s basically like two people working on themselves but may contact every blue moon but they know they have the contact with each other 😂😂
Taj Overton (4 months ago)
Obsession is a mental disease.
samotbrandon (4 months ago)
(I don't know why this video popped up but oh well) You made some valid points. The main way to know that it's working is to not care if it's working. Put the person that it was necessary to use it on in your rear view mirror permanently. NEVER look at their posts or anything that has to do with them. They don't exist.
Mrs.Julio Jones (4 months ago)
Pop up at my house at the gym I go to like wtf!!
Focused and fabulous (4 months ago)
I can’t find your old no contact video’s 😭
serbia love (4 months ago)
You are beautiful..
Victoria Cruz (4 months ago)
Lol I had a guy say to me..." I thought u were a Godly woman who then would forgive" I blocked him lol
libra35 (4 months ago)
Lol I’m shook. My boyfriend blocked me after a fight so what did I do? Popped tf up
Mary Motherofgod (4 months ago)
He’s ELVIS !!! DEAD 💀
Mary Motherofgod (4 months ago)
Alegna Rolyart (4 months ago)
My no-contact looks like this: I block your number in my phone and on FaceBook. I'm done!
Steven Zissimos (4 months ago)
So I ended my friendship with a flakey friend about a month ago now and I haven't contacted her since. I recently came across her Instagram and she changed her bio to "Keep it real in a world of fake". Subliminals much ?? 😂
Michael Wright (4 months ago)
Im gob smacked that people pay for this 90% of the comments that i’ve seen from youtube coaching channels are all negative.No contact is BS l.They also all tell you to focus on yourself and better yourself and make new friends.Most of the people cone on here to get there exes back.Not to be told something they already know
Brenda Croteau (4 months ago)
He has a new facebook page with his name but he saying he is a girl not falling for it no no
Mary Motherofgod (4 months ago)
Stick a fork in me I’m DONE SON LOLOL LOVE UR SHOW 💕💕
Clorox Bleach (4 months ago)
A man that teaches women how to fuck over men more effectively, what a shame.
Ooo Ooo (4 months ago)
What about if he keeps calling you from different phone numbers? But doesn't say anything when you answer the phone. Silence then he hangs up.
Pun Jab I (5 months ago)
If they do not contact you, you still stay in no contact!
Presidential Suite (5 months ago)
My no contact is DOA.....RIP! I carry on. Once I go ghost, you had your last chance.
nutmeg1096 (5 months ago)
What about getting obvious fake accounts messaging me on Facebook? Thing is, I don’t think I was talking to him but it was clearly a give away when these guys knew things about me they I never told them and isn’t available online. WTH is that shhh, especially when I think it’s his friend or friends.
Shawn S (5 months ago)
For me the no contact method turned into her getting pregnant by a deadbeat after just 2 months and her coming back to try and use me as a friend 🤣
Janice caid (5 months ago)
😂😂😂 I swear I don't even understand what "No contact" means bc I been "Ghosting" since I was a teenager so it's kinda normal to me...I lose interest in topics and people kinda fast that's why I crave excitement bc I know "ME" and once I lose interest I can't reignite that flame to save my life 😐.I think that's why people go so hard and gotta do so much to regain my attention whether it's good or bad 😂😂😂
Im doing a no contact now. However, if we have team building activities with my supervisor, my ex gf is ther. And she also wants to join with us. The question is, why is she joining or she is present in our activities? .. But she is mad at me... and he loves his new guy. So, why?
Focused and fabulous (5 months ago)
First week of no contact. I’m having up’s and down’s . One moment I feel great the other moment I go check if he texted me then I block his number. Then I unblock😭
Sara K (5 months ago)
No contact means no social media or anything! Bye! I've been fooled too many damn times and I'm done being a damn fool! The worst is when they say bad shit to your kids, leave them out and leave me the hell alone.
crimson fire (5 months ago)
So your basically talking about stalking
Mary Motherofgod (5 months ago)
Keep it pushing people lolol
Safiya Ali (6 months ago)
one big endless dance, so tiring 🙄
Celena Oxley (6 months ago)
What if he calls from a blocked number and pretends it’s a wrong number? How do I respond? O Do?
Tonya Henry (6 months ago)
This mf stubborn he not like that
Amanda Barbolla (6 months ago)
Pop ups😃🤣🤣mhm

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