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The Sun Baby is back. It looks like the Coronal Crown Cavity has achieved hydrostatic equilibrium.

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Solar physics are fun. This Sundog is barking! Science defines the Sun Baby as a Coronal Crown Cavity. I like my term way better. Flying from Texas to Colorado my friend and I witnessed an object near the Sun that had achieved hydrostatic equilibrium, it was little and round and next to the Sun. We both saw it with out own eyes. The Accretion Disk model has always been a little goofy. Strange Days indeed, God Bless everyone. Stay cool, T @NewThor on twitter https://www.facebook.com/thornewsgo
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Text Comments (52)
Barry Cooper (3 years ago)
Lens flare you stupid people. You either need to educate yourself or stop the lies Thor.
thornews (3 years ago)
+Barry Cooper The NASA goes EVE camera shows a coronal crown cavity, not a lens flare. Educate yourself, sir.
Billy Seward (3 years ago)
woo is a shit actor too much flying bullshit. you have lost all credibility
Truth Exists (3 years ago)
Double glass plane windows......amazing there is only 1 sun flare
Candace Scrivner (4 years ago)
, appears that much activity in center of solar s., more than sun babies, etc. I witness to Ison & current observations, like hearing a different side of the events, activity. - C
James Digiulio (4 years ago)
My word!!!! A second sun or whatever that is,coming from Thor,actually filmed by Thor.Let em try to debunk this,aint no camera anomaly or lens flair when you guy's are actually lookin at it with your own eye's.Somebody up there likes you my man.Keep up the good word,and good eye.You have become very trusted in the alternative youtuber media,as far as I'm concerned,you are beyond reproach my friend.Don't see any debunkers around here,can't touch the thor.THIS IS HAPPENING.
Thomas Thompson (4 years ago)
What time was the video taken on the plane?  have you gone on the net and checked the nasa sun footage for the same time?
Baked (4 years ago)
so it cld be nibiru?
LuAnn Marie (4 years ago)
dingle berries  those guys are dicks hahahaha .....love you
obergsson (4 years ago)
Princess Kate's having another baby too! That's all you guys are supposed to think about ....
danthemanzizle (4 years ago)
You have no idea of the basics of how the science community functions. And you're making massive claims largely based on hand cam video of the sun, from an airplane, through clouds....
Shaila Blackerby (4 years ago)
Thor you rock. :)
teleroi (4 years ago)
Thor, your giggles make me giggle which make people around me giggle. It's like a giggle ripple. Velekovski may have been on to something.
Diane KH (4 years ago)
I paint that 6 years ago .. that baby of the sun
Jason T (4 years ago)
Flipmode! The coming! Haven't heard that in years ha!
Norseman (4 years ago)
thick cover above and below.
Rocks-to-Earth-SPInner (4 years ago)
i'm wondering if you are familiar with 'genesis continuous' (by John Calder Hardy). It confirms your observations/conclusions.
ramadorsince1983 (4 years ago)
The sun has 12 coronal holes that's where the flares come out .enoch was shown this
hummingwoodforest (4 years ago)
thank you, Thor. wow. that's some good woo...
Rick James (4 years ago)
The exterior of the Sun is simply a photosphere with an essentially hollow interior - it's a reaction point. The one image of the object/sphere leaving the Sun's interior, through it's "surface" with "attached" umbilical cord of sorts, is the exact thing that has happened prior with other bodies in our system. Take mars for example, the massive scar was an electrical contact point from a similar interaction. Same as the grand canyon on earth. Why do you think the Earth, Mars, Saturn and Neptune all share the same Axial tilt? It's because all of these bodies left Saturns photosphere at one point in the past. What I would be interested in knowing, is where that object went???
kuna burger (4 years ago)
I think you caught the suns twin!!!  binary system   /// whatever:)))  great catch at 30,000 feet!
Dani68ABminus (4 years ago)
Weee...congratulations, Mamma Sun! He's a cutie pie!!! i keep thinking back to Michio Kaku and his explanation about type 1,2,3 civilizations (with us being currently at zero, of course, because we're idiotic predators and parasites who kill our own habitat for short-term personal gain...duh!) anywho, so Kaku explained them in terms of harnessing energy (or maybe that was my interpretation at the time), of the ability to control, depending on which type you are, planets, solar systems, galaxies, etc. Looks to me like sun baby is an indication that there is something out there that is able to do things large scale, say, solar system wide. Why would Kaku (and others) come up with a designation like that unless, they have an inkling that there are forces, intelligent forces, "out there" steering things....or...having babies!!! da, da, daaaaaaaaa!!! Great-googely-moogeley....
Scientific Lee (4 years ago)
science is pushing bullshit  :)
S fortwunie (4 years ago)
In that 45 second beginning, I was looking at the horizon...anybody see it curve?
st0rmeknight (4 years ago)
I like the wooo better than the doom. New energies are being born all the time but peeps r so wrapped up in what was and what is, which is also was, to work with it all in fresh perspective. Light is breaking out everywhere, just ask Ceres with its giant glowing crystal pools and spires. Where there's light there's intelligence. And baby, intelligence is infinite. So rock on with the woo! :)
theliquidtheory (4 years ago)
Hey man, between 3:40 and 4:40, during the slow mo of the flight, there is a black "UFO" flying around to the left of the sun and towards the top of the screen.  Check it out!!!
Jim Martin (4 years ago)
The solar gods are removing gold from the atmosphere of nibiru. The sun is artificial. Wheels within wheels. Humans know very little!
Pang404 (4 years ago)
Hey Thor when was that?
RockStarPreacher (4 years ago)
@thornews Did you travel into the future whilst viewing that Sun Baby?
thornews (4 years ago)
@Pang404 June 20th, 2015
FragranceOfChrist67 (4 years ago)
Watch this 5-part youtube video - it's on this topic - about all of our "suns" - i'tit's pretty good:  -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6Yr7CX3w2U
FragranceOfChrist67 (4 years ago)
How come we can't see it down here - being blocked somehow?  Next time you fly bring a dark welder's lens and you can look right through it and see both "suns" - cuts the glare and protects the eye
Mystic Madman (4 years ago)
Planet:  "Vulcan" http://nineplanets.org/hypo.html#vulcan
Itpadawan (4 years ago)
Ok cool. I'm not losing my mind. I have seen this on an East Texas evening. I heard all kinds of debunking tips, but I knew my eyes weren't deceiving me. It looked exactly like your pics except the baby was in the lower left side. Anyhow pics on my goog+ soon.
oddindeed (4 years ago)
you are awesome Mr. the Thor
Chris Estes (4 years ago)
silent but deadly gas
Chris Estes (4 years ago)
weird how close that sun is
Clifford Riedel (4 years ago)
Awesome sun baby! I took pictures of it two years ago. It looks like it's getting a little bigger every year. Pretty soon it won't be a baby anymore.
jewels454 (4 years ago)
Great shots of whatever the F that is. Love you Thor!
Kyle Marchuk (4 years ago)
Hit my button baby!!
bluesgirl65 (4 years ago)
So check out my g-mail piic, somrthing odd 2012.! Rock on!
SuperLindarella (4 years ago)
Woowooo! Love! :)
40DosesofReality (4 years ago)
Hmm I didn't believe in the Nibiru theory but could it be possible that it's true?? I've checked everyone on YouTube and most I thought where lens artifacts sundogs and people's imagination but this is as close as I've seen.
Love! Love! Love it! 😊 💜 💜 💜 🌟
S.O.G. SOLDIER OF GOD (4 years ago)
Should use a wielding lense next time it would definitely show it!
thornews (4 years ago)
@A.N.P.M American National Patriot Movement What is weird is that it only showed up in NASA's EVE UV ray cameras, but I see it every once in a while. Odd indeed.
aplilacbreeze (4 years ago)
Love it - ya'all are just toooo funny!!! Great video too!  ;)
captainofc34 (4 years ago)
Name it little baby Jade Helm
thornews (4 years ago)
@captainofc34 You sir, are fired from sun baby naming.
Tom Craig (4 years ago)
Im naming the sun baby! Hmmm, i shall name it Sonny
Kevin Malone (4 years ago)
@Tom Craig Sunny
downwindspiral (4 years ago)
Its a holiday over here kohala,,, Lucky, , i guess mothership, , aloha

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