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Mercury Card Fold (Tutorial)

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Learn how to fold a card into quarters for an impossible souvenir for your spectator. COMMENT, LIKE, FAVORITE and SHARE this video if you liked it! Subscribe http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=howtoDisturbReality WEBSITE: http://www.DisturbReality.com TWITTER: http://twitter.com/jarek120 FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/DisturbReality T-SHIRT: http://www.districtlines.com/howtodisturbreality E-Mail me at [email protected] Instagram jarek120 ------ Be inspired to learn. Aspire to disturb. ♥♣Rise Above♦♠
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Text Comments (184)
steffyweffy777 (20 days ago)
Me too. Just buy wholesale or seconds decks for practice.
Kuro vi Lolitannia (1 month ago)
Good way to use my dirty ass old bicycle deck.
Caden Kern (1 month ago)
How do you get passed the sound it makes? I think that will be the most obvious thing during up close performances, and even stage depending on where mics are in comparison to the cards and how sensitive they are.
Dizzy Chinese man (5 months ago)
My gums are sore from the edges of the cards poking my gums
Carey Hunt (6 months ago)
That noise at the beginning is sh!t.
Carl aM agic (10 months ago)
How can I make it appear under the spectators watch? Without them noticing?
Charlie Hualde (11 months ago)
Ang imo nawong baga nawong
Don Podlas (1 year ago)
Hey, forget about the wanna-be's who probably didn't know what the hell a M.C.F. was in the first damn place! Iv'e been doing closeup for well over 50 years and have picked up a lot of great info from checking out some of your videos. In magic we instruct and advise as opposed to cutting others down as far as their performances go.....You've got a great attitude for magic and for teaching it...Best, Keep Your Doubles Straight, Don Podlas
Bufftucker (1 year ago)
"the most trying to open up" You mean resistant? Can bend cards but linguistics are fleeting, eh?
You can practice with the ad cards and jokers first before wrecking actual cards.
FYXZER96 CARDMAGIC (1 year ago)
I suggest use the brand you allways use because if you get use to a different brand & then go back to the brand you use it wil just fuck up bacuse obvsisoly you have to get use to use the brand you want like Bicycle & I use only Bicycle to shit like this and I use better decks when I'll can deal with all kind of things so I don't ruin my fine decker & btw I have a hard time with this move so I'll will probably have to destroy a few decks and I agree it hurts
perez munoz (2 years ago)
Your a geek who thinks your cool , right geek....
TheHarleyhillbilly (3 months ago)
perez munoz you a asshole who knows your a asshole, right asshole.....
Anthony Tudtud (2 years ago)
where can I buy scorpion deck? btw im from Philippines
Jeff Arab (7 months ago)
Lan Fan (2 years ago)
online shop
Fernando Aguilar (2 years ago)
Need help! isn't there a trick that is similar like torn and restored but using the mercury fold?
Ijon Tichy (2 years ago)
those power tool sounds every now and than during the movie are annoying as fuck. why did you have to add them?
Paulo Ronquillo (2 years ago)
Migi Kigi (2 years ago)
nice 👍
Petr Chromcak (2 years ago)
Jarek is amazing absolutely amazing I like that guy he's good lad
Contrix X (2 years ago)
Complete deception did a better tutorial on the Mercury card fold but you did ok bro
Contrix X (2 years ago)
+Everything unbox pro no mate!
Everything unbox pro (2 years ago)
Shaun magician 666 Shaun magician 666 shut your mouth
scrapper900 (2 years ago)
What about when the deck is shuffled? If anyone watched Penn & Teller tonight they did this and after the card was signed it was shuffled by a 3rd person. I can totally see now when Teller did the Mercury fold but what I can't see is how he found the card so quickly in a shuffled deck?
TheYummyBurrito (2 years ago)
They just forced a card with a crease in it so no matter how much its shuffled the card can be cut straight to
Andrew Thompson (2 years ago)
That's great. Thank you so much. You're a great presenter.
Anders Öhlund (2 years ago)
Seeing this tutorial I realize that I very much recognize how this move looks from watching card magicians.
Joshfryguy (2 years ago)
Joseph Hernandez (2 years ago)
your awesome bro i love all ur vids
Paul Challenger (2 years ago)
Thank you so much sir♠️👌🏻
BLUE SKY (2 years ago)
thank you thank you)))))
magic cards (3 years ago)
how do you do the fan make video plz
Strassenkicker (3 years ago)
Your intro sucks, man. It's just too much,
The worst Gamer (1 year ago)
Strassenkicker fuck u i bet your just mad cause your intro is trash
RUSTY (3 years ago)
Aaron Ray LeVine (1 year ago)
Rusty shin*
Fainge (3 years ago)
What is that shuffle called you did in the beginning
Laura Cahill (3 years ago)
dont like destroying cards that much even though i have douplicates
Laura Cahill (3 years ago)
bit hard need to practice it more
Siren Hound (3 years ago)
+Laura Cahill At least you don't need three hands.
Tyler Heintzelman (3 years ago)
what are the yellow and white cards in the background called?
Anthony Stefanou (3 years ago)
Yellow Bicycle deck, Black Scorpion deck.
arkra12 (3 years ago)
How would I do this with an altoids tin?
TheHarleyhillbilly (3 months ago)
arkra12 get Mint Box by Daniel Garcia
Angelo Ruiz (3 years ago)
Thanks men
Yash Sharma (3 years ago)
this help me in ur amtious card trick...thanks
Ahad Abbasi (3 years ago)
U r awesome !!!
Ayush Shrestha (3 years ago)
Tutorials themed and shot above this table looks the best..keep doing this way..
Skyladikooo (3 years ago)
So this is the fold that Tommy Wonder did in the ambitious card routine?
gloryrow100 (3 years ago)
Thank You!
The Ghost Seeker (3 years ago)
How can you do this with the card under watch trick?
Jayman 547 (3 years ago)
+ZOZO FERRET Palm the folded card and grab their wrist as if you're doing a fake magic trick and slip it under while you're shaking their wrist around. Sound weird but it has a great effect.
Micah Childs (4 years ago)
Bar Brothers Belgium (4 years ago)
u r the best !!!!!!!U R THE BEST MAGICIAN EVER !!!!!!! I WISH U THE BEST!!! RISE ABOVE!
Nelson Le (4 years ago)
I think that maybe if you use the card that will be in the shoe as a practice for the trick, then tape it to the shoe, it will look a bit more identical. But my parents will yell at me for destroying cards so I can't do this
Truth (4 years ago)
Took me a long time to get used to the idea of destroying cards. Even now that I own probably 40 packs, it still kills me a little every time I destroy a card.
Ugo le boss (4 months ago)
Then you should use the extra cards of your bicycle decks
Carey Hunt (6 months ago)
I feel the same Dean
since1876 (1 year ago)
deanmat guys, just go to the nearest casinos and ask them for any used decks they have. They punch a hole through them, so you can't cheat, but other than that they're good practice cards... maybe some casinos just destroy used cards but it never hurts to ask and a trip to a casino for 30 or 40 decks of cards is worth a few dollars in gas if you're planning on going through a ton of cards
DeezSports (1 year ago)
Magic Man I started practicing with paper cards
Socrates (2 years ago)
deanmat use the useless deck as a duplicate
Dylan Canaan (4 years ago)
1:07 first time I've heard him swear hahaha
Nathan Morris (4 years ago)
Could you palm a card off the top? like a classic palm and do the same thing?
Mateo Aguirre Escobar (4 years ago)
Joseliito Barahona (4 years ago)
gracias.. de verdad  este truco es increible lo busque y siempre me pedian comprarlo..  esto tiene su pro y sus contra pero para los q nos gusta la magia es de mucha ayuda
NOBREGA (4 years ago)
Thank you hahaha
fares alouf (4 years ago)
Champion, i love you !
JonJustDope (4 years ago)
I put it under my watch and hand the deck off to shuffle then just do a snap pull gesture motion with the hand with the watch.
Andre Chua (4 years ago)
Do you know Mismag822
fiddler mikey (5 years ago)
You mention Torn and Restored a couple of times. Any chance you will do a tutorial on this effect?
Fennec Besixdouze (4 years ago)
Have a spectator select and sign a card. Top change and tear up what the spectator believes is their signed card into four pieces, and place face down on the table. Mercury fold their signed card under the cover of some banter. Secretly switch the four torn pieces for the folded card and place tightly in a spectator's hand (do this without flashing the folded edge, so the spectators think these are the torn pieces). Do a magic move (ditch the torn pieces) and have the spectator reveal the "restored" card.  Alternatively, thumb palm the folded card. Place the torn pieces on top of the folded card held up at face-level, then flip so the torn pieces are facing you. Unfold the folded card, hiding the torn pieces behind it. (Technique is similar to the classic bill change). Do this slowly and magically, like you are exerting lots of effort to repair the card. While they are all amazed, palm off the torn pieces and ditch them. 
sebastiaan oerlemans (5 years ago)
i am new 2 vandalating cards
coooldonkey (5 years ago)
good tutorial, but you gotta hurry the fuck up at times man, it shouldn't take half the time it took you to make that video
Isentux (4 years ago)
+coooldonkey he's good if you want to spare time than yust jump minutes
Igor Matavulj (5 years ago)
Intro song?:O
MusicalEuphoria (5 years ago)
Cinema by Skrillex
Bas van Dijk (5 years ago)
Good tutorial but I disagree with you suggestion 'or follow along so that when the times comes you are ready to do it'. That's a no-go I think. Magic requires practice. 
DocFrobnitz (5 years ago)
The local dollar store has packs of 2 or 3 normal decks for $1.  The quality is usually abysmal, but when I was practicing this move $5 bought me 15 decks to burn through to get the technique down, work out the sight lines, and develop some muscle memory before switching to my usual decks..
Ryan Fischer (5 years ago)
U r awesome at it man!
Burndown Meglynx (5 years ago)
+Qasem Aah me too lol
John Smith (5 years ago)
"Give the spectator the deck"
Sean Porter (5 years ago)
If u guys are looking to get cheap bicycle decks look on amazon
Christian Leguizamon (5 years ago)
Shower Head (5 years ago)
He didn't say give the spectator to the deck he slurred a bit and said give the spectator the deck!
Victor Mendes (5 years ago)
i dii both 300 times with no probs
JEBAGRAFF (5 years ago)
So you want the deck to have the spectator?
JEBAGRAFF (5 years ago)
Yeah, man I love his top change!
Gurdil95 (5 years ago)
Amazon, get between 6 to 10 bucks though, depending where you live. Black and yellow is "Black Scorpion deck", fully yellow is "reversed yellow deck"
Debesh Mehrotra (5 years ago)
05:10 - "Give the spectator to the deck..." :D
Gwizzz98 (5 years ago)
Well your a lot better than me at the top change
ray ward (5 years ago)
Thanks jerek
Morgan Smith (5 years ago)
i would love to have the yellow deck of bicycle deck you have where can i get it cheap
Alex Lopez (5 years ago)
i agree i got it down and it is invisible
Stephen Peters (5 years ago)
Thanks dude. Very helpful.
Eric Bailey (5 years ago)
David Williamson has the best top change technique ever. Just referencing...
Jayson Frascatore (5 years ago)
i lol'ed at 3 hands
Alejandro Silva (5 years ago)
Lefties FTW¡¡¡¡
William Weiss (5 years ago)
i keep making it really load help me
noah buck (5 years ago)
this is cool i did it alot to friends
Paul ONeill (5 years ago)
Is there anything you haven't stole directly from jay Sankey!
Admiral Ackbar (5 years ago)
I got A deck i can do it Whit
Troy Oster (5 years ago)
Give the spectator to the deck :)
madtiger111 (5 years ago)
Great stuff, J.
alex jackson (5 years ago)
too scared too break my cards...oh well thanks anyway
My Boring Life (5 years ago)
poor card
Magic Cards (5 years ago)
James VanLandingham (5 years ago)
Why the hell would you not want it to be invisible if you can tho. Also... Art. Thats like saying I can draw stick figure and a stick pig and you can tell that its a person and a pig, but I could also learn a unique, difficult level of skill that takes work. Put in the work. Respect the trade.
SOLO street magic (5 years ago)
hey jerek 120 can you maybe do a 1o1 on loops :)
Joshua Bell (5 years ago)
5:06 hahahah
Qasemaah (6 years ago)
Eu não falo português, mas eu estou usando um tradutor eu não queria (pressão) por Dani Garcia i significa o ventilador pressão
pegue um balão e empurre no celular pronto
mtrMagic (6 years ago)
invisible pass ay
MrSoto333 (6 years ago)
he said " give the spectator the deck" u have hearing problems my friend
UberFile (6 years ago)
5:06 LOL LAUGHED So hard when he said Give the spectator to the deck :D
King ofGods (6 years ago)
This is such a useful move with so many applications to it
Eduardo DC (6 years ago)
Please teach how to do the pressure fan
Ciaran Balletta (6 years ago)
Give the spectator to the deck. Lol (5:06)
bloodviper1s (6 years ago)
he uses adobe after effects
Dylan Scott (6 years ago)
hey, i am starting my own webshow. what did you use to make the title sequence/graphics?

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