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10 Misadventures of “Florida Man”

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Text Comments (609)
Ingrid Dubbel (1 day ago)
Florida is odd because Scientology is headquarted in the north of the state Disney World is in the Center of the state. Shitloads of rehabs are in the Southwest of the state.
ulfhunden (2 days ago)
That "grenade launcher" was an airsoft gun.
Heather Even (2 days ago)
There's a show called What the F*** is Wrong with You (aka Radio Dead Air) where Florida Man stories (and other stupid criminals) are frequent.
John Battle Sr (4 days ago)
Shared this on my The Facebook account. I’m a Florida transplant from Kansas.
G Robinson (5 days ago)
classic Trumptards
Glo Jenkins (6 days ago)
so the guy that brought home the Chuck E Cheese robot, is and will forever be single.
William Groves (8 days ago)
Humidity gets to people's heads. That's my theory for stupid stuff.
Danny Snitzky (9 days ago)
...that animatronic is going to murder him in his sleep.
The King (7 days ago)
Naaaahh….they are too big to leave the room lolololol.
St0rm Ranger (10 days ago)
Is that a chainsaw in your trousers or are you just happy to see me? LOL
FiveTwoSevenTHR (12 days ago)
"loaded grenade launcher" *Actually just a airsoft gun*
Witecat J (13 days ago)
At least the guy that rebuilt the animatronic did something constructive. If it helped with his issues, more power to him.
The King (7 days ago)
LoveSkulls 13 (13 days ago)
To be fair, the reason that you hear so many crazy Florida Man stories is because, unlike the great majority of states, the press has full access to ALL arrest records, ie they simply have more crazy to sift through. I’ve lived in five states including Florida and my partner is a public defender in a different state, so take my word for it: da crazy is universal.
what kenyan (13 days ago)
I was waiting for the list topper and the chainsaw in shorts was spectacular.
michael davis (14 days ago)
more pics of subject matter please ... your voice is kinda cool at first , but having to look at you for too long makes me start to hate your voice and definitely your look ... you may be trying to brand with your look (but a few seconds at a time is more than enough , reality check ... nobody wants to look at you , are you supposed to be cute or something ??? you're not , I've hit the wall myself my friend) ... before everything starts to crumble , you'd better change it up ... i cant finish watching your videos because it's become watching you. sorry .... once i click bait on something and realize its you , I'm out and am now starting to make sure i don't steer into you ......... just my opinion , take it or leave it
Mike Davey (14 days ago)
Your own video shows the grenade launcher was an airsoft - a plastic toy.
Adam Halsey (15 days ago)
Ever heard the stories of The People of Chelm? Florida is the new Chelm
palmieres (16 days ago)
You know how you see people saying statistics prove men are at a higher risk of dying a violent death than women? It's all Florida Man's fault.
Lloyd Black (16 days ago)
I know I'm late to this video but I moved to FL in '94 from NJ and the stupid crap that happens in FL never ceases to entertain me, it's either entertain or annoy me so I only let it entertain. The best moments are going to the Walmarts in my area and enjoy the variety of 'characters' who shop there. I will say it's sometimes more entertaining that going to the zoo, and at least going to Walmart is free, although who walks out of Walmart empty handed. It's a small cost for the entertainment of walking through and seeing other customers, especially the ones in pajamas (the pajamas thing is covered in a different TopTenz video).
Xarschia (16 days ago)
Florida man steals his friend's handgun, then tries to shoot a tree in half with it. Sad part is, I know the guy.
skeetskeet scoot (17 days ago)
Having lived in Florida for a bit over 10 years, none of this is surprising. "Florida, a sunny place for shady people" there is constant entertainment just driving around. I think the sun and melting pot of people from literally everywhere is to blame... Mostly the sun. It is the phallus of the United States and as so it makes bad decisions
Imperator Victix. (17 days ago)
Florida Woman is not much better.
Grackle2012 (18 days ago)
Florida Man is real! Don't believe the lies! He's somewhere out there right now, perhaps in the panhandle, in flip flops, and within arms reach of a case of warm Busch Light and half a pack of Winstons. Anyone who says otherwise is trying to rationalize him away out of fear. Florida Man lives!... just not well....
Phleet Gaming (18 days ago)
you can keep your composure through THIS chaos!? nicholas cage's unironic life is pretty wild i guess
Ruri La Vulpe (18 days ago)
Is there a link to THE KING'S YouTube channel?
Ruri La Vulpe (12 days ago)
The King thank you my King!
The King (12 days ago)
Come join the KINGdom!
William French (18 days ago)
US money does not have holographic chips. There are tiny strips of plastic that are located in different places depending on the denomination.
Brad Carroll (19 days ago)
The dude who bought the Chuck E Cheese thing is by far the most disturbing story.
Dorsia Snuff (19 days ago)
What does England think of americans with these news?
Goodness Graces (19 days ago)
If my dad pointed his finger at someone like a gun and threatened to pull with his other hand it if the cashier didn't empty the register, they would do as he asked.
Goodness Graces (19 days ago)
My neighbor and i have a discrepancy about where are property line is (not an actual disagreement as neither of us have a clear opinion). Our solution is to split the cost of a surveyor to come out and show us. Fortunately neither of us care enough to have made it a near future priority.
bigbaddawg101 (20 days ago)
"Is that a chainsaw in your pants or are you just happy to see me?"
Thoth dawhite (20 days ago)
EloquentTroll (22 days ago)
The guy with Chucky Cheese robot was kind of a sweet story, weird, but sweet
The King (7 days ago)
Awe! Thanks!
XodiaqKey (22 days ago)
I moved to Florida in May of 2018. It is my life's goal to one day become.... FLORIDA MAN
Chi_squared (24 days ago)
Wow! My "Florida man [birth date]" appeared on this list. Nice.
Mike Walterich (24 days ago)
Have you ever noticed that Germany is the Florida of Europe?
Mike thompson (26 days ago)
i recently saw on facebook a thing that said google your birthdate with florida man (march 20th florida man) and i get stories of *a rampaging squirrel terrorizing the neihborhood*
Jim's videos (27 days ago)
Ten large for an animatronic lion seems like a lot, but that sort of money you can easily spend on a therapist pretty quickly and if buddy feels better the power to him.
The King (7 days ago)
I purchased it before the breakdown, turns out it was the be investment of my life ;D
Andrew Ince (28 days ago)
It's not Florida, it's Flori-duh. As in the noise Trumptards make when expected to think.
Chris Lopes (28 days ago)
The best top ten, Florida Man!
Nello Jennings (30 days ago)
As funny as #7 might be, the man did nothing illegal, spent his own money, it helped him get through what at best was likely a difficult patch and he started a YouTube channel so he might actually profit from the whole thing. As for all the other ones though? Maybe TopTenz will do a PG-13 or R-rated version and get to the really entertaining stuff instead of keeping it PG.
The King (7 days ago)
You got that right! It is sure turning heads and powering cylinders! lololol
Roger Walker (1 month ago)
Smh. F**king Florida.
Saxon Johnson (1 month ago)
Florida born and raised here, the amount of times I've seen the most off the wall stuff in my 24 years of being in Florida but for me personally, it was working third shift so a 24 hour taco Bell, having a homeless guy walk up to the window at 3 a.m. with a pipe in his hand (glass but not for bud or tobacco, guessing it might be for harder drugs) and was hitting it at the window while I was taking another dudes order, after I finished with the dude at the menu and my manager talked to tbe homeless dude, the other guy rolled up and was like "i almost hit that dude" I said "why are you on something?" He said "yeah I just got off work as a bartender and I'm drunk and high off coke" and then proceeded to ask me to thrown in a "brownie sandwich" which is a desert taco Bell used to sell back in the day, well I was 18 at the time so he asked for my manager, manager went up to the window and came back with a full, unopened bottle of Jameson whiskey because we gave the dude a 1.49$ brownie, we then proceeded to have fun and drink and smoke a little while the rest of the night played out, about an hour after that, a car full of thicccc chicks rolled up and flashed the whole crew for free tacos and cinnamon twists 😂🤣
Lacey Leigh Lovell (1 month ago)
I went scrolling through the comment section thinking I was going to see comments from offended Floridians, but nope. They all seem to think these stories are tame. Also, when I swype Floridians, it gives me the word Clowns as one of the choices.
3RAN7ON (1 month ago)
Every thumbs down on this video is from a man in Florida
baba yaga (1 month ago)
I lived in Orlando in the early nineties my theory is that every moron from the North who hates the snow moves to Florida while I was living there to on duty police officers in uniform it in their cruiser robbed a bank
John Daker (1 month ago)
As a REAL Florida man, I feel like I have to explain these stories. Here goes: Florida is a magnet for all the northeast and midwestern folks who, for whatever reason, decided to get a fresh start. They choose Florida for it's climate, strong economy, and beautiful beaches. These transplants are here because they probably failed at life in their previous home state. Maybe they were run out of town, maybe they had financial or legal problems. Anyway, we find ourselves much like the Australia of the U.S. We have all the nations rejects, and that's why you see all this "Florida Man' crap. We natives can't stand the dirtbags and they're nothing like us.
Chris Mejia (1 month ago)
Why would anyone shoplift a chainsaw?
plumreid (1 month ago)
You really need them after hurricanes.
wishmenot (1 month ago)
This Should become a series
ShaneGratton (1 month ago)
As a man living in Florida these instanses do not surprise me🤣
The King (1 month ago)
@toptenz Thanks for the mention 3:23 ! Glad to be the only one on the list that actually wasn’t a stupid thing 😆. They say the lowest point in your life, can also be the highest in hindsight. I’m sure glad that was true in my case. It gave me the ability to overcome darkness and became a catalyst to help and educate others as well. KINGTASTIC Job on the video!👑👍🏻👑
Eric Borja (1 month ago)
Recommendation for a video: Top 10 ways animals have evolved due to human influence and number one be about dogs and the shear variability in size they present.
Laurence Winch-Furness (1 month ago)
'Is that a chainsaw in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me?'
Mikhail Angel (1 month ago)
10 not enough, 100 will suffice...
Shane Norton (1 month ago)
I feel bad for that guy who had a nervous breakdown. I've had my own so I can relate.
Shane Norton (1 month ago)
The King you're the man!
The King (1 month ago)
Thanks, but don't feel bad, I feel grateful Shane, if it wasn't for that door to close, this one may have never opened! Check it out and sub!
John Cortez (1 month ago)
I know I lived in Florida for 10 years and there's something very Drury about the state when downtown Orlando has nothing full of clubs and perverts and gangs and my look pretty but Florida is infested with many perverts and gangs and Satanism I know I was there for 10 years that different part of the states and many illegals as well I'm glad to where I I move to back in Pennsylvania where at least there's a state of morals there Florida not the place to raise a family
Russ Towne (1 month ago)
Bwaaahaaa! Actually grew up in Florida! That's nothing compared to the real life in Florida. Interested? You let me know!
Adam Johnson (1 month ago)
Personal favorite: Florida man with no arms or legs arrested for stabbing tourist
Adam Johnson (1 month ago)
100% real
you don't know beans (1 month ago)
I live in Florida, these people are crazy! I'm from upstate NY but I love the sun. Anyway since this video is over a year old I thought I would fill you in with the latest.... Fl man throws 3ft gator through brive through window.......Fl man pays for car to come out of impound and then tosses homemade pipe bombs over the fence and at his own vehicle.... every day there is a new Fl man story lol.
Martyn Borthwick (1 month ago)
Guy does a beer run while bombscaring customers holding a gator... What a legend
Cat Loving Trio (1 month ago)
I'm watching in 2019.
D C (1 month ago)
Oh Simon, I love your delivery. These were some great stories.
maxsmodels (1 month ago)
It was an Airsoft grenade launcher.
maxsmodels (1 month ago)
In defense of my home state I feel compelled to remind you that many of these idiots were/are actually transplants from other states.
Kat Curtis (1 month ago)
Stop it!!
Raz0rking (1 month ago)
If i am not mistaken the judge John Hurley had an awesome discourse with a sovereign citizen
OutOfSight OutOfMind (2 months ago)
#8 - Property disputes require the expense of a survey, possibly a second survey, then court hearings if there is still debate.
Karin Allen (2 months ago)
This is the funniest TopTenz I've ever seen, and Simon's reactions make it even better. Bless you, Mr. Whistler, for improving the world with your "snark" voice.
Dawn Moore (2 months ago)
I totally forgot about Florida man! Totally going to go look it up again.. HILARIOUS!
freewilliam93 (2 months ago)
Did you go to the local CBD event at 1:20?
r0 (2 months ago)
Simon Whistler is on everything. What an explainer voice lol
8:05 *Florida Man doesn't do anything half-assed.* Well, they are lacking half of something...
ben smith (3 months ago)
This brit doesn't know a thing about the flo-grown lifestyle!
ben smith (3 months ago)
That's cause Miami is pretty much run by Cubans.
Tarzan (3 months ago)
Crazies exist everywhere, but the "Florida Man" phenomenon exists because Florida has a 100% open criminal record. So when it's slow news day, the TV stations turn to browsing the Florida criminal records to entertain their viewers. That's how the opening starts "Florida man does...xyz" hilarity ensues.
Jolene Vilis (3 months ago)
I have been there many times. My Neice and her husband moved to Orlando many years ago. It is Very, Very weird place. Many residents,though not all by many means are So Weird that they put red necks and hillbillies to shame! I should know, I have lived in the South for many years and lived in the Application mountains for ten years.
G2H3LL (3 months ago)
You know you're from Florida when you're able to recognize the location of the thumbnail.
aegisofhonor (3 months ago)
Weird stuff like this happens in every state, the reason why you hear it more often in Florida is that a state law past in 1995 allows almost anyone to request information in recent arrest reports as long as the perpetrator is at least 18 years old and the report does not give out the names of anyone under the age of 18. Out of all of the largest states of the US, no state makes it easier to get detailed up-to-date police reports as easily as a phone call or a walk-in to the local police department then Florida (California, New York, Illinois, and Texas all require a lot of loops to be jumped through in order to get the same kinds of police reports.) Another reason you see many reports in Florida is the state in general attracts a lot higher percentage of mentally ill and criminally connected people on the fringes of society at all most all levels. From buglers, to hustlers, to shady lawyers to bad doctors (supposedly Florida has the most number of active medical doctors who have been barred from practicing in at least one other state), the state seems to attract the worst kinds of people.
Martha M. (3 months ago)
As a Florida resident I see this kind of thing on the local news almost every night. But lately Florida Woman has been catching up to Florida Man..
-p Catalano (3 months ago)
People often ask me why I left Florida. Now I should just show them this video.
Betsy Barnicle (3 months ago)
Miami: An illegal alien "dentist" was arrested for running a dental office out of his garage...where he also kept caged squirrels. Try reading the daily police arrest section of the main Key West newspaper. Hillarious. "Machete weilding man on moped crashes into palm tree while chasing pirates..." etc....
Maria Kelly (3 months ago)
I knew it! I've always thought that Florida was the crazy capital of the US, and this proves it!
Grandpa Gropes-A-Lot (3 months ago)
only if youre old enough to drink you have a weird story from drinking? high school?
Hollylivengood (3 months ago)
I used to live in Clearwater Florida. This only proves that Florida has an atmosphere all it's own.
BrokenInTheBox (16 days ago)
Clearwater- the home base for the Scientology nut jobs!
Augur Cybernaut (3 months ago)
Florida is the real GTA
Gee Bee (3 months ago)
I've lived the majority of my life in Tampa, Fl area and I can confirm Florida man is real. I have seen him many times but anytime I leave Fl he is nowhere to be found.
carolyn copeland (3 months ago)
I am a Floridian. There is crazy stuff that goes on here ( normal stuff to me ) but I don't think we are as bad as we are portrayed. Remember a lot of you snowbirds come down year round half the stories aren't of Floridians but ppl visiting.
Noneya Bidniz (3 months ago)
just so you know, the Florida tourist slogan from 1986 " RULES ARE DIFFERENT HERE" mean many different things
Lost Hart (3 months ago)
This is why... I absolutely LOVE Florida
Grant Miles (3 months ago)
No wonder that the South lost the war.
Eine kleine Nachtmusik (3 months ago)
Oh, Florida Man...
Ryan Hodges (3 months ago)
Does anyone else think that marvel needs to make a super hero movie with a hero named Florida man who after using his powers always ends up doing something wildly stupid or what would been considered a drug/alcohol endused antics haha
Laura Vance (3 months ago)
at 3:13 - victim went to the prometheus school of running away from things... *ding*
Tina (3 months ago)
What happened to Florida Man’s kitten at the shelter? Poor thing.
PureKaoZ (3 months ago)
Classic Florida Man
Shayne Wheeler (3 months ago)
Watching in 2019
renegade fart (3 months ago)
if they made a comic book anti-hero out of florida man he'd most likely be deadpool's best friend after bobba fett
Alex Hendel (3 months ago)
Have you been watching donut operator!?!?? ;)
Emmy V (3 months ago)
🤣 Oh Florida. I still love ya!
Daniel Sainz (3 months ago)
as a Floridian no I don't know what these people in the South end of the state are smoking
Iowa599 (3 months ago)
Anything does happen in Florida. Right now I'm on trial (and went to jail) for getting robbed. The thief used the initial trip to jail to rob me again.

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