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BHAD BHABIE feat. Lil Yachty - "Gucci Flip Flops" (Official Music Video) | Danielle Bregoli

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BHAD BHABIE "Gucci Flip Flops" ft. Lil Yachty ⛵️ Official Music Video 🔥 STreAM NOW ⏯ http://Atlantic.lnk.to/gucciflipflops - Directed by Nicholaus Goossen 🎤✈️🚍 #BHANNEDINTHEUSA TOUR - MEET & GREET VIPs & TIX ON SALE NOW 🎟👋🏻🔥 ↘️➡️ https://bhadbhabie.com ⬅️↖️ Fri. 05/04 - Miami, FL - The Hanger Sat. 05/05 - Orlando, FL - The Beacham Sun. 05/06 - Atlanta, GA - Hell - Masquerade Tue. 05/08 - Washington, DC - Milkboy Arthouse Wed. 05/09 - New York, NY - SOBs Thu. 05/10 - Philadelphia, PA - Noto Fri. 05/11 - Boston, MA - Middle East Downstairs (Early Show) Sat. 05/12 - New Haven, CT - Toad's Place Mon. 05/14 - Toronto, ON Canada - Mod Club Tue. 05/15 - Chicago, IL - Bottom Lounge Wed. 05/16 - Detroit, MI - Shelter Fri. 05/18 - Indianapolis, IN - Emerson Theatre Tue. 05/22 - Denver, CO - Cervantes - Otherside Fri. 05/25 - Phoenix, AZ - Club Red Sat. 05/26 - San Diego, CA - SOMA Tue. 05/29 - San Francisco, CA - Slim's Wed. 05/30 - Sacramento, CA - Ace of Spades Fri. 06/01 - Portland, OR - Peter's Room Sat. 06/02 - Spokane, WA - Knitting Factory Sun. 06/03 - Seattle, WA - Nuemos Tue. 06/05 - Vancouver, BC - Venue Thu. 06/14 - Los Angeles, CA - The Roxy I'm going to Europe too biches 👅 Fri. 07/06 - Barcelona, Spain - Sala Razzmatazz Sat. 07/07 - Gräfenhainichen, Germany - Splash! Festival Sun. 07/08 - Liège, Belgium - Les Ardentes Mon. 07/09 - Paris, France - La Maroquinerle Wed. 07/11 - London, UK - O2 Islington Academy Thu. 07/12 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Melkweg Oude Zaal Fri. 07/13 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Hafnia Zoo
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Text Comments (108569)
Kaleigh Larson (1 minute ago)
the fashion nova bag😂
Tyeshia Miller (7 minutes ago)
Lil baby
DatBoiEDDIE (9 minutes ago)
The old school black and white brings back the Tupac&Biggie Vibe.
Kestrel June (11 minutes ago)
This song makes me want to arrest the police
Marral TV (15 minutes ago)
Ace Mendoza (29 minutes ago)
David spade
joku boika (56 minutes ago)
Gucci gang is better
Stylianos Stathiakis (1 hour ago)
Who else hates her but likes this song
Я одна российская?
Tate_The_GREAT T (1 hour ago)
Ryanne Fernandez (1 hour ago)
I love this
Tender Snoopy (2 hours ago)
Tender Snoopy (2 hours ago)
“I know I ain’t speak Chinese” lmao
David Mcquaig (2 hours ago)
Noches Zeman (2 hours ago)
Love all her songs and vids. And that dad is like sitting there fucking like, “eewww” with those wide eyes, 😂
Iconic (2 hours ago)
This a bop 🌸
Genesis Molina (3 hours ago)
Make a vid with cardi b please
Gabriel Heren (3 hours ago)
If somebody else rapped this it would be 1000000x better
Tre'ynt Black (3 hours ago)
guess dr phill was wrong
Jayden Playz (3 hours ago)
Gucci gucci flip flop
Fire Away_13 (3 hours ago)
This is trash
Chris Santiago (3 hours ago)
I always get a boner everytime i listen to this song. 🌭
Adriana Ha (4 hours ago)
Daniel looks so pretty having a natural look
peter kernohan (4 hours ago)
I really was hoping not to like this.
Handsome_ _Bannana (5 hours ago)
This lowkey fire as f😤😲👀
Лол Как (5 hours ago)
Бляяяяяя, за x, бомбардирует
MarcPutniorz (6 hours ago)
wheres the actual Gucci? All i see is that cheap ass Fashion Nova shit
А это я успешно зашёл!
abbygail mckay (6 hours ago)
also her ponytail is competing with betty cooper's
ZYouHaeck (6 hours ago)
Super ta music j'aime grv(grave)👊
alum'arts Mofali (6 hours ago)
Ça déchire
Annie Bannie (7 hours ago)
Gucci flip flops!
Lucie Sucha (7 hours ago)
Jessica Joyea (7 hours ago)
Love this 👍
Simon Baran (8 hours ago)
This is why the yanks are going to self implode like the twin towers !! Haha !! Good job Zionist you got em under control and right where you need em !! Stupid cunts !!
PatriotUSA1776 (8 hours ago)
When we win, do not forget that these people want you broke, dead, your kids raped and brainwashed, and they think it's funny
David Fowler (9 hours ago)
FUCK LIL YACHTY!!!!!!!!!!!
Simone Blini (10 hours ago)
Che faccia da pompini dio porco
Sora Mcrose (10 hours ago)
Yall tripping the beat is fire
Sylvia Martinez (10 hours ago)
Never knew how trashy a 15 a year old mouth can be until she came along ... my god my ass would’ve be beaten so good if I would’ve talked like that man these kids nowadays..
Lucia Alfonso (10 hours ago)
lmao David
Camela Purnell (11 hours ago)
I just hate how basic she always look in these videos
Cu t (11 hours ago)
X Forever (12 hours ago)
I dont like her but u cant lie.... this some mf heat💯
I only came for the milk man.
malcolm judd (12 hours ago)
This shit go hard
지민신 (12 hours ago)
Yall think Gucci is new. Lol
Tony Soto (13 hours ago)
its rely cool :)
Jeff :3 (13 hours ago)
Who else was made pretty in the miniature :3
Tanya Bronnar (13 hours ago)
BITCH I AM MY OWN MOMMY TF , I love this song🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
True. Karma Smith (13 hours ago)
She chill tho 😍❤️👌that my bitch tho👑🎵👌
Jael Clemons (13 hours ago)
I like at 😏😏😏
Brandon Baker (13 hours ago)
mimi de la cruz (13 hours ago)
KATE GUBELIN (13 hours ago)
I love you Bhad Bhabie! I love you, you are my insperation!
Julia Starr (13 hours ago)
this song is so addicting lmao
Ashiyah Wassam (14 hours ago)
So fucking rebellious love it 😈😈
Angel Manzo (14 hours ago)
Lol dat last part i love dis
Nichole (14 hours ago)
That's hunna shit
Call me Yora (14 hours ago)
TRENTON PRANKZZ (15 hours ago)
When new rap came out
Gacha Mane (15 hours ago)
The Milk Man!!!!!!
Yesenia Caperon (15 hours ago)
Bad baby you look Poppin
Jataun Kimble (15 hours ago)
Jabe Tampe (16 hours ago)
When u try to be cool
Jabe Tampe (16 hours ago)
Belinda Vasquez (16 hours ago)
I like your song
Kawaii Potato Slimes (16 hours ago)
The parents faces doe xD
Kawaii Potato Slimes (16 hours ago)
Savannah Bojorquez (16 hours ago)
skruby Cousin (16 hours ago)
FEARSxCAMAR0 (16 hours ago)
They got David Spade into this huh? :(
Laspiza Noukpozounkou (16 hours ago)
Not gonna lie I vibe with this
Lolo Adnan (16 hours ago)
I love it
- منوعات - (16 hours ago)
2:20 This Punchline 😍🔥
Micah Silago (16 hours ago)
Damn this is high key fire!
Leah Monroe (17 hours ago)
There was no Gucci Flip Flop in the making of this video
Jennifer Lu (17 hours ago)
I didn't know they got fashion nova in the old days and they have Internet. Jk
Carla Mariane (17 hours ago)
Amo gucii flip flops
Acacia Bray (17 hours ago)
Mariam Pakbaz (17 hours ago)
The Darksorcer55 (18 hours ago)
That milk man tho...
GeO Prodigy (18 hours ago)
No way David Spade got Lil Yachty and Danielle Bregolli in his music video
terry moser (18 hours ago)
Galaxy :D (18 hours ago)
What is the meaning of the song?
king vone (18 hours ago)
2:08 chill lol
Crossdaboss02 (18 hours ago)
Met her on the street. She smells like a nasty fart.
Megalomemer (18 hours ago)
Oh god this sounds like shit
Jennifer Westwolf (19 hours ago)
I'm fly as a bird 🔥🔥🔥🕧🔥
Faith Jones (19 hours ago)
I love it so shut up her music and she is the best
supergamer 12 (20 hours ago)
This moddrr is crazy
Sidra Abubakar (20 hours ago)
Absolutely rubbish and a waste of time pointless song make a song on some real issues you fool
Gaming KnockeR (20 hours ago)
Anyone see how times have changed nowadays everyone wants to be hard w a attitude fr i wish o was born in the 70s so id live in the 80s and 90s where real mfs were at
Есть кто Русский
Kala shas (20 hours ago)
hello brocoli
BlurryEli (20 hours ago)
Quadeca xD (20 hours ago)
Yo she looking sexy in black and white (I am 16)😂😂
Jero Lago (21 hours ago)
rain basich (21 hours ago)
At the end !🤣
Savage Bliss (21 hours ago)
She can't sing for shit without her remixes lmao that's how she became famous with the help of a remix DJ. She can't even make a sentence without fucking up like 7 words.

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