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The Magic | Day 28

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Follow our collective journey of doing The Magic together over on our closed Facebook group, simply search: 'Law of Attraction Changed My Life GROUP' and I'll accept you! Thanks for watching, please do remember to SUBSCRIBE if you like this channel & giving the video a thumbs up helps me too! You can find me on Instagram at: www.instagram.com/lawofattractionchangedmylife
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Allthatbeauty x (1 year ago)
If I had that money I would buy it lol, it's a lovely place, I know I'm not suppose to say I don't have the money :-D
Allthatbeauty x (1 year ago)
Can't you just rent out the appartment? That's always a good way to also make some money from it
Little miss sunshine (1 year ago)
The 28 days of magic has changed my life as well, so thank you Francesca🙏🏻
Rachel Stockton (1 year ago)
I am on day 7 and it's taken me 12 days 😂
Rachel Stockton better than nothing, that's what I say!
LOVE JUGAAD:* (1 year ago)
hahahaha love your humor........would be nice if she could walk at one point, dont wanna get her to 15 and still crawling around LMAO :)))) Hope all is well, cos I keep thinking where is your wedding ring, hope you didnt lost it with hubby along the way. So hope you prove me wrong! Wish you nothing then the best, here girl receive some magic dust........may wonders fill your life and then some more. Congrats of making it till the end, who cares if it took longer, you did it and that is something to be proud of.
Selina Dion (1 year ago)
Yay !! We made it through the Magic, I would never of completed this without the daily support of your videos or with the help of all the lovely boys and girls over at the law of attraction changed my life group on FB (If you haven't joined yet why not you could be having fun hang out with us all lol) My life does feel so different now that I have adapted some of the new habits that I have learnt from The Magic some of which I have taken forward and still do daily. I'm so glad that I went on this journey as I have met some amazing new people and made a few new friends along the way and i'm so excited about all the new things that are about to come my way. So Thank you Thank you Thank you for these video and for taken a moment out of your day daily to help some of us to understand LOA, share your experiences and for just doing it all of this out of love !! Francesca you ROCK !!
Selina Dion that is SOOOO amazing to hear!
Karen O (1 year ago)
Karen O (1 year ago)
Law of Attraction Changed My Life ~ Hi explained when Chili e sent note. Sorry, Just have a thing about pacifiers. They look gross, ruin that 'first' impression, appearance, Don't believe a good enough reason for need. You made very Good points; lucky it works for you. You seem Intelligent, and Not Attacked by Trolls to an end point. NEVER LET THEM! my bad for not explaining [better]. it's just a thing with kids \ pacifiers. Your kid sound very Happy. Good job! Keep it up. ~ * peace
Karen O (1 year ago)
no, sorry, it was about the kid. Pacifiers suck, - no pun -. They are just not needed. Plus, if fallen, Where have they been? It's like, Prepared GMO Formula. =p~ YES, she made Good points. Just TOO MANY TROLLS will to take you down. her kid seamed happy ~ *
Karen O what crap???
Chii e (1 year ago)
Karen O Did you get triggered Karen?
Kaye Stewart (1 year ago)
Welcome back:) Bo's outfit was so cute. The backyard of the flat is really nice. I'm a Broker in NYC and I know the London market. I'm quite surprised it hasn't sold yet. Is your Estate agent aggressively marketing the property? I hope it sells soon.
Kaye Stewart (1 year ago)
Owning anything in central London is a great investment. I think it's a great idea to keep it. It can be your cash cow later down the road. You can also think about doing airbnb. Once you sell, it will be soooo expensive if you decide to buy again down the road. Central London is like Manhattan real estate.
Kaye Stewart no they weren't great but I think it's all for the best- think I'm keeping it.
Tiffany M (1 year ago)
Thank you for sticking with this. I know it's hard with a baby but you're doing it! I do enjoy watching your page. It's inspiring.Thank you.
Tiffany M thanks for watching!
herserenehighnessm (1 year ago)
kari bel (1 year ago)
hello ! have not already done the 27 ??
kari bel yes sorry this was day 28!
mmm.rulez Z (1 year ago)
👍🏻🆒😎 thank you for these videos. You're a wonderful mother 😍
Marina M. Aw that's so nice thank you.

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