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The Power by Rhonda Byrne - Part 3

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The Power by Rhonda Byrne - Part 3 Connect with us on facebook @ http://facebook.com/brianandfeliciawhite The Power by Rhonda Byrne - Part 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tirq83OO7AU
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Text Comments (13)
harj parmar (3 months ago)
Are these chapters
210leyla (8 months ago)
Thank for sharing this book! I have been moved!
Ashenafi B. (10 months ago)
I read this book many times, it is very interesting , however, i can't manifest the power in my real life.
BrianandFelicia White (8 months ago)
Have you tried looking at what is causing your blockage? Perhaps some EFT also known as tapping would help you in that area. Just Google EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and keep me posted. Best to you~ :)
Anupama Mahesh (11 months ago)
You're just amazing. Bless you for reading the book to the people for free. More love to you. 💙
Anupama Mahesh (8 months ago)
BrianandFelicia White I'm glad you've responded. I hope you're happy in your life right now! :)
BrianandFelicia White (8 months ago)
Why thank you kindly! It is my pleasure! :)
E. O. (11 months ago)
Thank you so much for the video!
BrianandFelicia White (11 months ago)
You're very welcome! :)
Karen Kerr (1 year ago)
I love being read to , thank you for sharing this positive perspective
BrianandFelicia White (1 year ago)
So sorry for the delay in responding Karen! Life has been super busy in the best way though. Any way, it warms my heart knowing that you enjoyed this series and found value in my service. All the best to you and yours. :)
anthony monroe (1 year ago)
Again thank you very much for taking time to share this book. Namaste!
BrianandFelicia White (1 year ago)
My pleasure! Glad you enjoyed it! Namaste! :)

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