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Trucking OTR vs LOCAL Parteehard da Trucker

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It's just my take on LOCAL versus OTR everyone has their own opinion get in the comments and let me know your take on the 2
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Jarid DeJesus (1 year ago)
Aye bro I came across your videos from you not being able to find a company cuz ur record. I have no felonies. Simple assault and simple possession. Both over 5 years old. And the company I wanted to go with was swift but they turned me down. I know swift and other company’s aren’t the greatest but in my situation I’ll take anything just to get the experience. That’s literally all I really care about. I was just wondering if you could help me out with some companies? Who took you at first? I am looking for a company with company sponsored training. Once again I don’t care about what company just need the training and experience. Thanks
Mike Laster (4 months ago)
Keep looking something will come ur way ...
Jarid DeJesus (1 year ago)
Ok bet. Preciate the help man. I ain’t gonna give up. It’s crazy how they turn people down for some bs like I’m trying to get a job for the governments shit just let me drive the damn truck. Lol thanks man be safe out there and get that money.
Parteehard Da Trucker (1 year ago)
Jarid DeJesus I got my CDL at trucking school in Connecticut I got my first trucking job with Abilene Motor Express or you can try Watkins and Shepherd but if you don’t have your license I would just say try em all Famdont give up I called 43 companies before I got hired
Mike Laster (4 months ago)
Keep shopping bro always gets better ...
Dave BTC (7 months ago)
Otr to me is only worth doing if your leasing are have your own unit. Other than that local company and otr company pay difference is about 200-400.
It Fitz Da Trucker (7 months ago)
I’m witcha on dat back and knee situation. OTR is for me and my boo too.
Mike Smith (8 months ago)
A yo, beefn on the truck is funny as hell !!!!! 😂😂😂😂 Closing the curtain on each other?!?!
LL Sneek Brown (8 months ago)
I did both , all I can say is they both better then dat jail cell
Nate Da Great (10 months ago)
Ay bra down here in Florida its alot of local good paying jobs in Orlando check it out. I've got CDL but never did otr . Cause of the situation and other stuff I got going on in the hood. But in Orlando it's plenty CDL job and most of them is 20 to 22 dollars a hour . Shit u get 17 to 18 going threw a damn temp service. Check it out bra I've been doing this local shit for years and on average me and my homies that work at different companies after taxes and all that shit still see about a stack a week . And nigga I'm 30 and I'm not even fucking with that cocal shit lol hell nawl . Pull up hit my brakes and wait to be unloaded. . check out Orlando FL if that's a place you might move to in the future good luck nigga and congratulations on the BBY
Parteehard Da Trucker (10 months ago)
Thx Fam
Porzongis Is King (1 year ago)
Is this a resonse video to Trucker Brown??
Larry Williams (1 year ago)
Damn bro you remind me so much of a good friend of mine while I was in wrestling and actually he still is a good friend of mine today BOOKER T
Damien Knight (11 months ago)
Larry Williams Lol. Nigga do look like Booker T.
Porzongis Is King (1 year ago)
Larry Williams whats your wrestling name ??
Amos Sr. (1 year ago)
Great video Parteehard Da Trucker and keep them coming my Brother!!""TruckingGameStronG"" BeardGameStronG""
BRIAN Coleman (1 year ago)
Yo PH check out YRC Fright there a teamser company
mmmloki (1 year ago)
Damm bro sounds like you were at Stop&Shop warehouse with me & my fam in North Haven ct, damm good jod till it ended
Damien Knight (1 year ago)
mmmloki 18 a hour is not that good....We got guys making 28 a hour running local.
mmmloki (1 year ago)
Parteehard da trucker transportation 2002 to 2006 with fam in both warehouses, like i said DAMM GOOD paying job
Parteehard Da Trucker (1 year ago)
Yeah I was there 5 years 2000-2006
G T (1 year ago)
Great video! Makes a lot of sense. Keep it moving positive bra, Thanks
Jason Bourne (1 year ago)
Hey Truckers>> check this Rural Internet Solution unlimited data $60 a Month 20up/Down https://youtu.be/9vLKPaiDh4s
Clyde Hayz (1 year ago)
OTR does feel like a bid, bruh.💯 At the end of the day it ain’t really worth it when you look at the amount of time, energy, and the amount of time spent from home. After a while OTR that rig does begin to feel like a jail cell on wheels. Real talk. And that’s no disrespect to anyone doing time right now.
Keondric Adair (1 year ago)
keep up tha good work boss nice vids. im waiting to get into a truck of my own im 18 and i am waiting on fed ex to call me back about me being a delivery driver ill be in cdl school this summer i plan on doing that till im 21 then im going to try to get in with melton,maverick,abilene or prime if you have any advice for me id love to listen and take in the advice a vet like you can give boss
Keondric Adair (1 year ago)
alright ill hit you up tomorrow
Parteehard Da Trucker (1 year ago)
No doubt Fam you got a good plan for sure but if you want to holla at me hit me up on IG if you have questions
Lou Hawk (1 year ago)
Well spoken ..PH.
Big Daddy (1 year ago)
Lol over 40 knees over 40 back that shit killed me but so true , stay safe FAM
David Garcia (1 year ago)
i now do local i work 5 days a week about 6-8 hours a night and gross bout $7000-$9000 a month ...local works for me
Rayshawn Fountain (1 month ago)
Where you work at bro
K C Francis (1 year ago)
OTR serving time...40+ knees...that's REAL!!! Lol
Al Carroll (1 year ago)
Another very positive video!! Keep up the good work.
Rider 71 (1 year ago)
At the end of the day ya still love each other...love it. Otr is like doin a bit. Ah the illu zzz ion of freedom they paint...what a masterpiece...thanks for the info.
King Drodge (1 year ago)
Local aint for me.... the money isnt there.... i watch my son grow through facetime... but at the end of the day you gotta do what you feel is best
ATruckerNamedJay (11 months ago)
King Drodge there is 100% money local brother, just cause it’s not enough for you don’t mean it ain’t there 👀
King Drodge (1 year ago)
Damien Knight you sound so angry lol... is everything ok
Damien Knight (11 months ago)
King Drodge Broke ass? Lol! I don't drive for shitty ass companies like most of you bum niggas do.
JayMV (1 year ago)
The bulk delivery with soda aint that bad bruh it was cats older than you doing it and still doing it when I was with Canada Dry. Unloading pallets with an electric pallet jack but the money aint there like that for real. $700-1000 take home is where I was at in my 4 years doing that shit.
Gudda Zone (1 year ago)
I like local I go to work at 3:30 am and get off around 2: 45 pm. And I bring in about $900 a week take home. Plus weekends off. And if a need extra work I’ll hit up the temp agency. Can’t just chase the money because time it the one thing we could never get back .
Silverback219 (4 months ago)
Im 18 years in the game i started driving when I was 22 and I've been through a lot out there on the road. I did 10 years otr and 8 local and im telling you now local is the way to go. The first day working local when i got home that day i knew then that i would never go back over the road again. When your otr you live like a animal out there. Don't believe drivers when they tell you that otr is more money cause thats bs. Trust me!
Chris L (1 year ago)
good vid PH
New Life Trucking (1 year ago)
Illya B. (1 year ago)
Thank you bruh, very helpful. You always keep it 💯✌
Magic Matrix (1 year ago)
Peace Partee hard how do you become a Teamster??
Erik Howard (1 year ago)
I’m otr / Reginald and I make good money I’m home every other or every weekend and I’m bring 2200 home. I’m making 88% of the load. Check out select one
THE APOCALYPSE (1 year ago)
I prefer the regional side of the house with the option to run all 48 when I want to run out West. For family or personal emergency purposes I just like the fact I'm no more than 8-1,000 miles from the house at any given time.
THE APOCALYPSE (1 year ago)
Video pixel quality on point fam!
Parteehard Da Trucker (1 year ago)
Thx Fam

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