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Sun Hats for Babies

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Children's Clothing: 3 Sun Hats for Babies - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Parenting: Children's Clothing - 3 Sun Hats for Babies Sun hats are a must for kids in the summer. We've got to make sure their fair skin is protected, so here are three of my favorite picks for little kids' sun hats. The first here is this great alligator print. This is by Egg Baby. They use 100 percent cotton. I just love the prints they do. The one we're highlighting here is for little boys with the blue alligators. It's so cute. He'll love to wear his little alligator hat and that's 3. The next pick is also by Egg, also 3 and its 100 percent cotton wall hat. We love the little pocket detail and we love the chin strap. So, all the hats by this brand have a chin strap up to about two years old. So, this way if the baby wants to take it out, you've got the little bit of security below his or her chin to make sure it stays on and it just stays protected. The third hat is by Velvet & Tweed, a San Francisco base line that does special occasion wear. This is called the "Paris Sun Hat" — it's reversible. It can be worn on this pink polka dot side. It can also be worn on the gray gingham side. It's 8, and we love that you're basically getting two hats in one, because you can go pink or you can go gray, and she's going to look adorable either way. So, there we have three essential picks for kid sun hats.
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