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What Women Really Think of Men's Bodies | GQ

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Sure, most women want a guy who's taller than them and in shape, but don't underestimate the importance of the butt and the power of a pudgy physique. We surveyed real ladies to find out what they like (and don't like) when it comes to their man's body. Still haven’t subscribed to GQ on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/2iij5wt ABOUT GQ For more than 50 years, GQ has been the premier men’s magazine, providing definitive coverage of style, culture, politics and more. In that tradition, GQ’s video channel covers every part of a man’s life, from entertainment and sports to fashion and grooming advice. So join celebrities from 2 Chainz, Stephen Curry and Channing Tatum to Amy Schumer, Kendall Jenner and Kate Upton for a look at the best in pop culture. Welcome to the modern man’s guide to style advice, dating tips, celebrity videos, music, sports and more. https://www.youtube.com/user/GQVideos What Women Really Think of Men's Bodies | GQ
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Text Comments (5192)
a-klotz LP (1 hour ago)
This is body shaming
Adonis Top of Men (2 hours ago)
cool …….
Josh (3 hours ago)
Meanwhile if we say I don’t like fat girls it’s a prob None of them can be taken serious esp the black ones
Malka D (20 hours ago)
So dating a man who is 5’4 that you have never met in your life is somehow disgusting.. not 5’4 myself but to judge a person off of their height is a pretty hypocritical thing to do. Smh
Yankie Doodle (1 day ago)
Women are just pieces of meat
Denver B. Fan (1 day ago)
mistermystery (1 day ago)
Lmao @ all the manlets, it's awesome to be tall
Louie Anderson (1 day ago)
Do not worry guys. American women a list desirable women in the world.
Akshay Aradhya (1 day ago)
0:25 6 foot 17" My only requirement was "Dont be stupid" and you failed that too
Myles Anderson (2 days ago)
Miguel is 5'6 Wale is 5'7 Kid Cudi is 5'8 Childish Gambino is 5'8 Lupe Fiasco is 5'9 all these rappers and singers were probably rejected for being too short now those same women feel sorry because they are RICH.
Blk Pride (2 days ago)
The two black females are the most dateless bitches here...
I’m a girl who’s straight and I’m cringing so hard rn!!
Hulk Buster (2 days ago)
Blue Njörðr (3 days ago)
The true nature of women is being displayed and no one seems to realize it. Do we live in the Matrix or are men just refusing to see the reality for entertainment purposes?
Dark Turtle75 (3 days ago)
Guys, just don't listen to this for the love of God. Everyone man/woman has their type and it's not always this one
Bitupan Borah (4 days ago)
If men said this.........Lol.
Why So Serious? (4 days ago)
Requirements? Why so picky?
MultiMillyon (4 days ago)
Why so many dislikes? They're just saying what they like
Shourov Chakma (4 days ago)
Calling that black girl shallow will be a crime. She's worse than that. Plus she seriously sounds like a gold digger. Why doesn't she look at herself first 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Shourov Chakma (4 days ago)
I can bet anything; that girl (left one) at 0:54 will definitely date Cavin Hurt (5'2") Be successful. Be super successful in whichever field you're in. Women chase successful men. That's the truth. Forget whatever you have heard here. Real world is so much different. Tall or short , skinny or muscular; seriously nothing matters when you're a successful person.
Private User (4 days ago)
Imagine this video the other way around. If men would talk about the ideal woman. People would call it sexist and lose their mind. Yet when it's women talking about guys it's apparently acceptable. Quite the double standard...
snm xx (5 days ago)
for all the short guys out there: YALL CUTE AND HANDSOME AND AMAZING AND I LOVE YOU AHH
Luke Gambino (5 days ago)
Well most guys are screwed then
Gerald Green (5 days ago)
This why they single lmao
joe ward (5 days ago)
tall is what i heard alot and this video just ruled out alot of boys.
Ryan Scherbluk (5 days ago)
This is why women are single and it can apply to men too. We have too many expectations what happened to if you connect just go with it but it’s like we connect but he’s not tall enough so I can’t date him like really.
metallicaandchimaira (6 days ago)
We can fix this. If you’re a man. Don’t date a women that is shorter than you. We need to make the gene pool in the US consist of a small height range. If you mate with someone shorter than you chances are that the son may be shorter than the father and it will suck for that boy knowing he can never be with a hot girl cause he aint 8ft tall
Tedros M (6 days ago)
I dont care what they say i am the king of my own kingdom and i will always love and accept my self no matter what
leo A (7 days ago)
Your head should be next to my pants 👖
Jordy xo (7 days ago)
For sure tall
Donnie Dunzo (8 days ago)
So in essence you're fine if you're over 5'9" to the 6 women paneled here! Go get em, tigers!
Peter Quill (8 days ago)
I'm 6'2" but I can increase my size as much as I want.
Geekist 277 (8 days ago)
These women are the kind of people that would laugh at minion memes
Jompa Bompa (8 days ago)
Hating women is self-defence.
Biiiiird (8 days ago)
We asked "american" women
Irene Briano (9 days ago)
Some of those women were kinda nice, but hey... they basically spit some poison on men... I think that's really disgusting, gender equality needs to be taken seriously
Elias Håkansson (9 days ago)
"More realistically I'd take someone like Micheal B Jordan. Is HE here?" hahaha I love her
99 Red Balloons 🎈 (10 days ago)
one word VAIN
Elissa (10 days ago)
If I ever meet a guy, I wouldn't even care for height. I really dont understand why it is such a crucial characteristic🙄 This is such wrong and shameful behavior that shouldn't be directed to both genders, especially men in this case.
Just a normal guy (7 days ago)
Elissa thank you
Hugh (10 days ago)
These women who laugh at short men are the types of women who’ll laugh at children with autism, or the disabled!!!!!
Hugh (10 days ago)
The reason why there is short men is because their are short women. If we get rid of short women there wouldn’t be short men...
Ro Ro (10 days ago)
I like amazon women volleyball me please
Der Panda (10 days ago)
I am 192 cm tall. It kind of sucks sometimes...
Ness (12 days ago)
this plus the comments is so... lol women are weird
Julian Van Staden (12 days ago)
2:03 i felt that
TheReMorseCode (12 days ago)
God whenever I see these videos I feel so bad for all the short guys who probably think that no girl can find their height attractive.
TheReMorseCode (12 days ago)
Oh my... lol did they purposefully chose the most vain/shallow women they could?
trippy119 (13 days ago)
What a bunch of affected empty heads.
ANDREW B (13 days ago)
The tall thing is just them trying to shame real guys who can see through their bulshit
Brudaaa (14 days ago)
Summary of the video. Basically what they are saying: Being taller, having a good looking face and being in shape is *NOT* enough. We also want him to have a good looking but and a pudgy physique.
owenhunt (10 days ago)
Get you the guy who can do both! Amarite fucc girls? Elliot Hulse cloned for everybody. I'll need the Milli-T's for that nugget.
Retro Gamer (15 days ago)
beautiful without make up. :D
HOTSHOT GAMING (15 days ago)
Umm... I don't need a fat girl.... She should be white , beautiful... Should have long blonde hair till her waist .... She should have perfect bikini body.... She should be at least 5'5 (I am 5'9)
love life (16 days ago)
Does anyone have a lawnmower for that women's head. I don't think her brain can breath with all the nonsense she is talking about. Lol
Umbruhh (16 days ago)
I don't like fat girls or girls under 5'2 or over 5'6. Oh sorry, was that sexist objectification?
Myles Anderson (16 days ago)
MGTOW 4 Life I am not marrying
Myles Anderson (6 days ago)
@Randal Keith Word
Randal Keith (14 days ago)
i dont blame you. The modern woman is cancer.
Mr J (17 days ago)
All those women have weak bodies.
Puck Utubesux (17 days ago)
How can anyone expect men to take these disgusting creatures seriously and consider them on par with them? Seriously...watch this video. These things should be killed with fire.
Synd1cate (17 days ago)
I'm 15 and I'm 6'2ft tall
unknown cliq (17 days ago)
mindless zombies lol this is why you can't and won't ever be taken seriously
Veka Velickovic (18 days ago)
So stupid...
Dapro (19 days ago)
0:43 lol of course now... Cuz you hit the wall.
Raddy Cunningham (19 days ago)
Google User (19 days ago)
doesn't matter what you think. stop cutting baby penises
CodeAlias (20 days ago)
"Realistically... Michael B Jordan" Keep dreaming hun.
Grand Old Soul (21 days ago)
all these women are the MODERN western women lol. i saw a beautiful tall woman with a shorter man the other day holding hands. so it doesn't matter lol you like what you like
Tea King (21 days ago)
This is disgusting 🤢
i wont let you win (21 days ago)
Wtf let the men do this plz
MGTOW Stan (21 days ago)
I know i am coming late but better late then never: I hate you and its good. Good times.
EmeraldGameZ (22 days ago)
thank god im 5"7 i dont have to worry about girls like this in my future but real question is will i get any
Mr J (17 days ago)
Finding a women isn't a source of happiness...
David (22 days ago)
Wheres my 6’2 gang at?
Slow Thoughts (22 days ago)
Women have all these things for a guy excluding personality and most guys are fine with an average girl who just dont cheat and isnt super unlikable
sumomad (23 days ago)
Women are hilarious man. They haven’t the first clue what they want, and the slightest clue what they don’t want. Find a passion you love, and take time to be introspective. You’ll realize you don’t need women as much as you think you do. And for some reason , honestly, when you truly feel like you don’t need them, for some reason, they start to show up lol. That’s when you realize it’s them who need you...
Women these days are bullshiters
KingofEcchiTv (23 days ago)
how am i ever gonna get succed up again after 10th grade...
DJ ROCKWELL GAMING (24 days ago)
When they all wanted athletic type sportsmen but none of them look fit at all just naturally thin lol 😂
Mr J (17 days ago)
Yep, all of them look just..well…. weak really....
Karl K (25 days ago)
Lol...”Now...that I’m a little OLDER....I don’t care (about his height)”.....and that gentlemen, describes The Wall hitting her reality...before, she had standards...now that she has smaller options, she’s willing to settle after having gotten railed by Chad during her best years....
alex Cooper (25 days ago)
I ain't dating a women unless she has a giant house owns it and nice car
alex Cooper (25 days ago)
That's why these girls are single and still will be
Patrick P (25 days ago)
This disgust me 😒
Patrick P (25 days ago)
Funny how women can't have their own opinion, they all have the same unrealistic criteria.
The Unknown Psycho (25 days ago)
The Black women look like trannys
Sami (26 days ago)
I wonder what Sanford on Sanford & son would say about these "women?"
Sami (26 days ago)
"If you can doubble as my matress you can be my boyfriend." " Will Smith is good!!"
Sami (26 days ago)
Women "like" "a little pugginess". Because they acually want to look BETTER than YOU!! So they want you to look a little fat compared to them!! They also like to "know" you weigh at least 30 lbs more that them! It's the same picture they take there picture with there less attractive or ugly "friend"!! Women also find men with Money money money a turn on!!
sean coonery (26 days ago)
Darthwing Xodius (26 days ago)
I wouldn't date these ladies if they are not women and it is easy to single them out, also I have interests in boob size so fu'k u ladies.
KELLOGR 27 (27 days ago)
What about millennials tho?every generation has a different trend
Jay Lane (28 days ago)
It's okay for women to judge a man on his height and choose not to date them, then it must be okay for men to choose not to date someone based on their weight?
Sami (26 days ago)
Do't date women that are too tall!!
Ryan Cook (28 days ago)
guys, if you feel like you're ugly and women don't want you, just get on pornhub and you'll see that there's literally hundreds of local milfs who'd bang it out with ya
kunfuyy (28 days ago)
I would love to see them do a video like this for men. The backlash!!
BeeRich33 (29 days ago)
And they say women live in a fantasy. I want a 7' nymphomaniac that cooks whose billionaire father owns a liquor store.
Sardine (29 days ago)
I would not date a fat girl
Sun Forrest (30 days ago)
She contradicted herself cuz Michael b jordan is under 6 foot 😁
IstayInpassive (1 month ago)
Don’t worry though MGTOW understands
IstayInpassive (1 month ago)
Male suicide must be a joke right? Misandry double standard.
John Schwenke (1 month ago)
These women: "I like men that are taller than me." Other women: "I like Justin Beiber and other people like BTS." BTS fans: "JIMIN JUNGKOOK RM JIN BTS IS SOOOO CUTE THEIR LIKE THE CUTEST PERSONS I EVER SAW IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!"
TheReMorseCode (12 days ago)
John Schwenke I don’t understand if this is supposed to be a diss towards one of those groups of women or if it’s just a statement but yes I agree also give me some artists or genres you like and I’ll make you a personalized BTS playlist. We got ballads, rock, hip hop, rap, edm, pop, acoustic, and we got lyrics about political corruption, materialism, suicide, friendships, mental illness, chasing your dreams, working hard at the expense of your childhood, self-love/self hatred, etc. I’m serious about the playlist thing by the way I can make a Spotify playlist if you use spotify
Ryhan Mortuza (1 month ago)
Holy body shaming
* screams * (1 month ago)
Excuse me men but you’re all kings and deserve love. Body will always be a plus instead of a necessity for me so keep loving yourselves.
Just a normal guy (5 days ago)
* screams * thank you 🙏
tell it like it is (1 month ago)
Looks Do matter.
M Burks (1 month ago)
It's okay to have preference. I'm 5'4, 24 and it never slowed me down in the dating pool to be honest. Just dont turn your preferences into expectations and you'll be fine.

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