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Top 10 More TRUE FACTS That Sound Like BS

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In a world where fake news and false factoids are rampant, it is hard to distinguish what is true and what isn’t, especially when it sounds so unbelievable. We have gone through some crazy news stories and unbelievable tales from history and culled some of the most interesting, unbelievable facts that sound like BS, but are completely true. →Subscribe for new videos every day! https://www.youtube.com/user/toptenznet?sub_confirmation=1 → → GET A T-SHIRT - http://www.toptenz.net/toptenz-t-shirts →Top 10 Objects That Were Clearly Invented Just to Annoy Physics: https://youtu.be/0MVGeRa-vLo Entertaining and educational top 10 lists from TopTenzNet! Brand new videos 7 days a week! Subscribe to our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TopTenz/ Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theoriginaltoptenz/ Learn more about the host: →Simon's VLOG: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvqt8j7DfPmveJp3UOk9XTg Business inquiries to [email protected] Other TopTenz Videos: Top 10 MIND BLOWING Facts That Sound Like BS but are True https://youtu.be/eN8t0jA5QUQ?list=PLQ4d2-ByGhnLt3JIYHY_PUk7TrxFJZFGK Top 10 HEADLINES of the 19th CENTURY https://youtu.be/G7O--3plh7g?list=PLQ4d2-ByGhnKajPA6HFawry8Y3my_VX5Q Text version: http://www.toptenz.net/10-true-facts-sound-like-bs.php Coming up: 10. The Founder of Match.com Lost His Girlfriend to Someone She Met on Match.com 9. Oxford University is Older than the Aztec Civilization 8. There Are Waterfalls Underwater 7. In a Vacuum, Metal can be Welded Together Without Heat 6. Sharks Are Older Than Trees 5. The Odds of You Existing is 1 in 102,685,000 4. The 9/11 Attacks Killed 1,500 People on the Road 3. While Developing Vaccine for Rabies, Pasteur’s Team Had a Loaded Gun in Case Someone Became Infected 2. The Romans Used Stale Urine as Mouthwash 1. The First Movie Played at the White House Featured the KKK as the Heroes Source/Further reading: https://www.statista.com/statistics/449432/annual-dating-revenue-match-group/ http://theweek.com/articles/482830/financial-times-matchcom-profile-5-takeaways http://www.history.com/topics/aztecs http://wayback.archive-it.org/org-197/20160102054954/http:/voice.unimelb.edu.au/volume-10/number-7/legacy-aztec-astronomy http://www.aztec-history.com/aztec-inventions.html http://www.businessinsider.com/most-famous-oxford-students-2012-9?op=1/#ny-blair-graduated-with-a-ba-in-jurisprudence-and-second-class-honors-in-1975-23 https://www.ox.ac.uk/about/organisation/history?wssl=1 https://youtu.be/ZjjWyErwVk8 http://www.cntraveler.com/stories/2012-11-26/underwater-waterfall-denmark-strait-maphead-ken-jennings http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/04/23/mauritius-underwater-waterfall_n_5175695.html https://books.google.ca/books?id=iaTYBAAAQBAJ&lpg=PA216&ots=UqExOrx4o_&dq=underwater%20waterfall%20mediterranean&pg=PA216#v=onepage&q=underwater%20waterfall%20mediterranean&f=false https://www.britannica.com/place/Strait-of-Gibraltar https://youtu.be/Pq9X8tbfmlM https://www.howitworksdaily.com/do-metals-fuse-together-in-space/ http://www.bbc.com/earth/story/20151003-the-epic-history-of-sharks http://www.livescience.com/1439-world-tree-reconstructed.html http://www.businessinsider.com/infographic-the-odds-of-being-alive-2012-6 https://www.theguardian.com/world/2011/sep/05/september-11-road-deaths https://books.google.ca/books?id=i8j30cXPKj8C&lpg=PP1&dq=Louis%20Pasteur%20rabies%20gun&pg=PT16#v=onepage&q=revolver&f=false https://www.jstor.org/stable/3220677 http://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/from-gunpowder-to-teeth-whitener-the-science-behind-historic-uses-of-urine-442390/?no-ist https://youtu.be/a9UPOkIpR0A http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/first-nickelodeon-opens http://www.npr.org/sections/codeswitch/2015/02/08/383279630/100-years-later-whats-the-legacy-of-birth-of-a-nation
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Text Comments (205)
TopTenz (1 year ago)
This is the 2nd video in our series on Facts That Sound Like BS, But are True. If you want to watch them all, here is the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQ4d2-ByGhnJ5OLMWOamyE0aTGtd28Lay - Please comment and upvote if you want to see more of these.
John Di Francisco (1 year ago)
Macho Man Randy Sandwich, Too soon?
Kevin Jackson (1 year ago)
Macho Man Randy Sandwich why?
TopTenz it would have been nice if you put a warning before you showed the twin towers
Jinzo Okami (1 day ago)
24 karat gold can be cold welded at STP, which is more impressive.
Jason Williams (1 day ago)
"ten-o-CHIT-lin"? Sounds like someone needs a history lesson - I hear Oxford offers that.
Jojo Giles (8 days ago)
Sick Michael Bay burn lol
kungfuasgaeilge (10 days ago)
"...which includes illumini..." both alumni and Illuminati would be more accurate
TrebleWoofer (10 days ago)
While I champion the effort for finding all these sources (and citing them), I challenge the JSTOR article. That article you cite was from 1890! I'm no scientist, however is there not ANY more recent article or publication on urine fermentation? Surely we have a better understanding in 130 years time, no? Interesting video nevertheless. I might hint next time to be more cautious with some of these "facts" as this channel appeals to a large audience who may be ignorant in some of the misinformative information being passed along. You mean well, however it would benefit all of us if the script was fact checked before posting. :) Best!
TheManLab7 (12 days ago)
There was one time cold welding stopped a door from opening on a space shuttle.
Hegory Grouse (18 days ago)
'The Kings School' in Canterbury was founded 500 years before oxford and has been continuously operating ever since. It is the oldest continuously operating school (and English language school) in the world.
Derva Kommt von hinten (20 days ago)
390 years older than mt everest... wow you guys are precise!
sydbob16 (1 month ago)
Can we take a minute and think about the fact that some Roman thought it would be okay to put stale urine in his/her mouth? How would they have known it cleaned your teeth even after doing it?
sydbob16 (1 month ago)
Can we take a minute and think about the fact that some Roman thought it would be okay to put stale urine in his/her mouth? How would they have known it cleaned your teeth even after doing it?
Timothy Issler (1 month ago)
Oxford: Older Than Aztecs. Sounds like a great motto.
Neal Klein (1 month ago)
Fascinating video. Thank you.
Shaun Elliott (1 month ago)
#2 The Romans actually taxed piss,this was because it was useful in so many ways. They sent people out to collect it from outside house's, I wonder if that's where they got the frase "Taking the Piss" from.
Bryan Estrada (2 months ago)
I learned about number 1 in 8th grade history class
KJCP (2 months ago)
" honey! This isn't my usual cattle urine! I'm pretty sure this is sheep urine. You know I hate the cheap stuff that leaves a medicine taste in my mouth!"
Colin Timp (2 months ago)
Info about Angel falls is incorrect. It is 979m high and has a plunge of 807m. It sits at an elevation of 4209 feet above sea level. Don't know where you got 11,000 feet from.
Ben Foss (2 months ago)
Simon, There is no such thing as a 'true' fact. That is redundant. All facts are true or they would not be facts. It is the same with viable alternative. All alternatives are viable or they would not be an alternative. The same with retreat back. Retreat means to go back. Strange this English language.
MJW238 (3 months ago)
The odds of me existing are 100% - I’m here after all.
Jim Ellison (3 months ago)
GREAT VIDEO......................
hellcat1988 (3 months ago)
I wonder how much my odds against existing go up with the two separate forms of contraceptive failing added to it.
kryceksangel (4 months ago)
Kyle Brown (4 months ago)
Angel Falls is a 3212 foot drop, not 11,000 foot drop. Google suggests the elevation of the falls is 4200', and whether this is the top or bottom of the falls, nothing about it is 11,000 feet.
Oldenweery (5 months ago)
Did I hear you right? I think I did: you said *"Herman"* Cortés---at least, that's what I heard, all three times I repeated it.
Jeb Atman (5 months ago)
Number 5 is ridiculous wiseacring.
Dooode McBaggins (5 months ago)
Just to add more zeros to #5 i have a story about my mom, before i my mom got with my father she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and her doctors told her it was impossible for her to get pregnant, well she married my father and about a year later she decided to take multiple pregnancy tests after seeing symptoms of pregnancy and obviously she was pregnant and i was born healthy and her cancer was gone.
Team Cap (5 months ago)
Regarding #9:  We all know that Al Gore invented the internet, not the guy that you named.  : p
letsgetverydrunk (5 months ago)
I think the fact that the Denmark straight is between Greenland and Iceland should qualify as fact that is true but sounds like bs all on its own
Leon Clairvoice (6 months ago)
Number 5 isn't interesting at all.
Manny Brum (6 months ago)
Am I the only one that winced when he pronounced Tenochtitlan?
Wiggy (6 months ago)
It kills me that these are all labeled “true facts”. You know, as opposed to those false facts.
Paul Brasier (6 months ago)
Stupid one on Sharks...no facts, just really bad Theory.
grand unified (6 months ago)
I think they're playing that movie in the white house now
giantred (6 months ago)
The 5th fact made me feel guilty for having a vasectomy before reproducing...
zack p (6 months ago)
Woodrow Wilson, the father of the American left and American progressivism also, resegregated the army, started the income tax and created the federal reserve...
Kyle Ericson (6 months ago)
You should make a list of 'Things That Sound True But Are Total BS' and include Tim Berners-Lee "inventing" the internet.
Jerry Holland (6 months ago)
#7 ummmmm, Duh! Ok without oxide aluminum for example can be welded at much less temperature. Add vacuum and no oxides and you must still reach the melting point of the metals. Then lets talk about without heat........ Are you saying at absolute zero? Sorry but everything you state as fact on #7 is in fact bogus information.
Blah Anger (6 months ago)
NR5 reminded me of an episode of millennium...
George (7 months ago)
It takes more than one sperm to fertilize a egg.
brian554xx (7 months ago)
#5 is about the odds that I _would_ have existed. Now that I do, the odds of me existing are 100%. Imagine you look outside at rainfall and conclude there is a 20% chance it is presently raining.
Sipezinga (8 months ago)
Calculating the odds of you existing is kinda stupid, it's like rolling dice 1 000 000 times and being like "Wow! It's so lucky that this particular sequence of numbers came up!!!"
Padraic O'Byrne (8 months ago)
OK no. 5 has just sparked another massive existential crisis for me... It is not what I need while I'm working through the effects of a goddamn laxittive
Roeland Peeters (8 months ago)
Romans never used urine, that was the Celtiberians... the Romans were actually grossed out by the practice.
Paul Pardee (9 months ago)
Woodrow Wilson watching a movie about the KKK? Yep. No doubts about that. This was the same dude that segregated the federal government and made interracial marriage a felony. Total scumbag.
DrakoDragonis (9 months ago)
No.5 Wow! So me not having any kids is one massive C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!! >.=.<
Logan Skiwyse (9 months ago)
All right, number 5 is incorrect. I'm not arguing the math that was used to come up with this number. But this is based on statistics not facts. The very fact that you do exist means that the odds of you being alive are one in one. Any other statement is purely fiction. It's like saying that the odds of Life existing on the planet Earth are one in whatever billion. Since life does exist on Earth we've already won the lottery there for the odds of Life existing on Earth is one in one. this isn't the first time I've seen this mathematical error, and it's usually used to create some incredible fact that is patently untrue. I expected better of your Channel.
Richard Joyce (9 months ago)
That filthy parasite (magrate thatcher) does not deserve to be listed amongst people of note, it should be erased from history with the exemption of a national holiday on the aneversery of its death, where we burn an effigy of it and then we all spit on it to put out the fire once its sutably burned beond recognition
Jim Fortune (9 months ago)
The odds of me being here are 1 in 1. Once a thing has occurred its odds are unity.
C.O. Jones (9 months ago)
Tim Berners-Lee did NOT invent the Internet. He invented the World Wide Web. If you don’t know the difference, look it up.
Mike Hunt (1 year ago)
Knowing what the odds are of me being here has me really mad at myself.. Michael Phelps, eat your heart out
yeme (1 year ago)
The "odds of you existing" thing is way, way off the mark. Youre far more unlikely than that. Why an arbitrary cut-off at the "dawn of humanity"? You have an unbroken genetic lineage that goes back ~4 billion years to the first life that appeared on Earth. Crunch those numbers if you dare. And why limit it to genetics? Trace your atoms back to the supernova they were forged in, or their protons and neutrons back to H and He from the Big Bang. Then invent some fancy mathematical notation to express the practically infinite unlikeliness of your being. Or consider that the universe may be infinite, in which the odds of your existing are precisely 1:1
Joku Toinen (1 year ago)
About the Aztecs, I heard they lost their empire mainly because several surrounding kingdoms/tribes/whatever joined the Europeans against a common enemy. The Conquistadors would have been eventually sacrificed to Aztec gods, had they tried the dirty deeds alone.
Darque Queen (1 year ago)
Fermented urine for mouth wash?! Oh hell naw!! 🤢🤢🤢🤢
Michael (1 year ago)
Gary kreman is still very very rich he registered loads of domain names and patents in the 90’s he got $15m for sex.c0m domain name
Max Headrom (1 year ago)
The Devonian period ... a time when nature really started to whip it!
Anom Amos (1 year ago)
Calculating odds is often a fools game and wildly inaccurate. There was a criminal case brought against a woman in Australia because she had lost a number of children due to cot death, the reason the case was brought was that some idiot involved with the police calculated the odds of a woman losing four or five children to cot death was astronomically high based solely on normal infant mortality rates. This idea was already widely discredited but it was listened to thanks to the feeling that someone needs to be punished when a child dies. The reality is if a sibling dies of an undiagnosed malady the chances of you and your siblings also dying go up and become an almost certainty the more that die.
Mathew Fullerton (1 year ago)
The inventor of the internet was Al Gore! And he didn't attend Oxford. He may have founded it, though. You might want to ask him.
Bunny Girl2448 (1 year ago)
For number 5: does Dr Allie's calculations assume that each pairing, in the 150,000 generations, had a 1/20,000 chance of occurring. If so, isn't that a bit of a leap to suggest that 1/20,000 would be a constant (especially since human populations have lived in increasingly smaller communities and populations going backwards in time)? I think using the 1/20,000 calculation has too many variables to be a constant throughout the 150,000 generations. I would think this would cause her calculations to widely inaccurate and imprecise
Gary Cooper (1 year ago)
According to historian Mary Beard, the Roman emperor Vespasian put a tax on human urine. Unfortunately, Ms. Beard gives no details on how the urine tax was assessed or collected, but she does say that Vespasian probably never said the quote attributed to him, "Pecunia non olet" ("Money doesn't stink").
Gary Cooper (1 year ago)
It's true that Oxford university is older than the Aztec empire, but not the Aztec civilization. The Aztecs were part of a larger Mesoamerican civilization that began thousands of years ago. And the main reason Cortez managed to conquer the Aztecs was that neighboring peoples joined with him to fight against the Aztecs. Cortez having metal weapons and firearms was a factor, but hardly the deciding factor.
there is also beach on under the sea, i learnt that from spongebob.
Cube X (1 year ago)
Make a top ten about untrue facts...
MDM (1 year ago)
I contend than (as a single child) any child my parents would have had would produce me. I could have been born male, female, taller, shorter, Healthier, sicker etc... but me, my consciousness would still be that person.
27Zangle (1 year ago)
Worked with a man summer 2007 that had lost is wife and daughter on the night of 9/11. They went to a prayer service at a restaurant and when leaving around 10 that night a drunk driver killed them instantly. He was never the same after that.
Ryan DeGrave (1 year ago)
Angel Falls is not 11,000 feet lol. Where the hell did you get that from? The total height of Angel Falls is 3,200 feet.
Fnors (1 year ago)
I think the probability in #5 is too small. If we only consider genetic makeup, it is quite likely that there exists multiple paths of ancestors that would produce the same person. Like, if you switched the grandparents around (i.e maternal grandmother becomes paternal grandmother and vice versa), it is still possible to create the same "you", even if your parents are different. It's at most a lower bound for the chance of a particular genetic makeup to exist.
Oliver Kurzweg (1 year ago)
#7 That could be a huge thing for zero g orbital factories... big big thing. Imagine the amazing structures that could be build. But we would of course need several space elevators to operate the factories in a reasonable way.
R P (1 year ago)
Apparently gold isn't a metal.
Miguel Fernandes (1 year ago)
You look like Vsauce.
Hostory Channel (1 year ago)
A-LU-MI-NI? Really?
Yautja Prime (1 year ago)
You are more likely to have an accident in a car but plane crashes are far more dangerous! You don't walk away from hitting a mountain after falling from 30,000 ft. If your car breaks down, you can walk. No comparison... I refuse to fly unless it is necessary.
Peter Gray (1 year ago)
blaze556922 Actually automobile crashes are about as deadly. A human can die in a car crash where the speed is as low as 15 mph. The human body is not designed to withstand the energies generated by a piece of rolling metal and plastics weighing in excess of 1000 lbs.
Yautja Prime (1 year ago)
The odds one doesn't make sense. I exist, therefore the odds were 100%. Just like the odds of making an incredible shot in sports. Based on the angles, forces, etc. The odds are always 100% percent that what just happened, was going to happen.
Jeremy Parker (1 year ago)
Heh, every time you say Tenochtitlan it is different. It is Ten-OCH-ti-lon.
Angle Buck (1 year ago)
Love the facts lol but I guess your glasses are green on the sides cos they blend in the green screen lol xxx
Wretched Fretched (1 year ago)
1:55 You meant to say "under water" not "underground"
Patrick Haines (1 year ago)
do a list of top 10 comedy central roast performances from non comedians
6 is not a fact it is a supposition. "It is believed"
Jus10Ed (1 year ago)
Oxford University has "illumini?" Do you mean alumni?
fruityrudy21 (1 year ago)
DW Griffith never intended Birth of a Nation to be hateful. He was so horrified by the reaction to his film, that his next movie, Intolerance, was about how ignorance and hatred caused the downfall of civilizations. It was a complete flop.
Shaun House (1 year ago)
Old pee probably tastes better than Listerine
Profound Observer (1 year ago)
the first movie shown in the white house demonized the people who built the white house... lmao
Maximillian Macaluso (1 year ago)
You verbally say "odds of you existing is 1 in 10^200,000,000." However, the writing on the screen says "10^2,685,000" not 200,000,000.
Dinkleberry (1 year ago)
number five blew my mind
MightyMarin (1 year ago)
Denmark Strait between Iceland and Greenland lmao
Man from Nantucket (1 year ago)
The odds of me existing is 1 in 1.
RohanOf ElvenPower (1 year ago)
8:39 they told him that he will have to stay completly still after that for a while, he went forward and though that his back may be uncomfortable so he decided to die on his back instead, who knows, it may even a good nap.
Queen Cheng Of Mars (2 years ago)
No.5 is another reason to commit suicide, nothing more satisfying than burning a winning lotto ticket.
Michael Jezewski (2 years ago)
2;15: 11000 feet? now, this IS a BS - the Angel fall is 3212ft/979m high (Google).
IRJustman (2 years ago)
Fact: Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web, not the Internet, which the former needs for the "World Wide" component to work. The Web did not come into being until the early 1990s, while the Internet, originally ARPAnet, had been around in some form since the early 1970s.
Mark Maki (2 years ago)
WAIT A MINUTE - didn't Al Gore invent the internet?
B R (2 years ago)
It's found between Greenland and Iceland and it's called the Denmark Strait. Well, isn't that just bloody typical!
Tiberius Paul Savu (2 years ago)
Angel Falls (Salto Ángel) in Venezuela is the highest waterfall in the world. The falls are 3230 feet in height, with an uninterrupted drop of 2647 feet. (source: geology.com/records/highest-waterfall.shtml) Not even close to 11.000 feet.
mtn gnome (2 years ago)
I don't know, the odds for me being here seem to be 1/1 by my account.
Minimal_ Effort (2 years ago)
# 2 you can make super powerful cleaners if you mix ammonia and bleach. Don't actually, you could die from chlorine gas.
quistin becconsall (2 years ago)
hey smarty pants, u shud at least know the correct way to say EVEREST..named after the guy, he pronounced his name eeeeeeverest
Andre Artus (2 years ago)
If you are watching this video then the odds of you existing is 1:1.
rockymountainway (2 years ago)
Saw number 8, shat my pantolones
SpudHead (2 years ago)
The amount of inaccuracies in this video is amazing. Most of them are already covered in the existing comments. There ought to be a strike system for this crap.
Hey Jamie (2 years ago)
Alumini...? Lol
SpeedOfThought1111 (2 years ago)
today I learned the origin of the word Nickelodeon

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