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GANGNAM STYLE (Acoustic Cover) | Joshua Simon

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MP3 Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?daq1kd8a3q63ha5 Twitter + Instagram: @JoshuaSimonXL Vocals: Joshua Simon Guitar: Bryan Seetoh Cajon: Ian Arvin Weerasekera Those lyrics were not easy to learn! Have fun with this, just like we did =) Everyone's got a friend (or a legion of friends) that's into KPop. Share it with them and I will try to put a smile on their face.
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Text Comments (356)
Edmund Goh (7 months ago)
Damnn Josh this is the best cover dude! Love the composition and the vocals 🙌🏻 ed-Wafuken
Mini-Kane Carl (4 years ago)
Love it
Lee Geum Hee (4 years ago)
haha... don't have any budget? not enough money? i think its a cheapest song... PSY -_- I think its bad song
Cindy Ke (5 years ago)
Come from Steph~~~
Meanith Nopnem (5 years ago)
come from Steph!!!
Ryu Takashi (5 years ago)
omg.. dat face i kept laughing XDDD But i loved your voice dude!
Luke Dankwalker (5 years ago)
The singer looks kind of like Asian Voss from Far Cry 3
DD Live Studios (5 years ago)
this is a good video
Cherie Josie (5 years ago)
wow joshua u awesome at singing
Sakul SakulNCB (5 years ago)
lipa da dupa leiej spiewa
TheNin Janine (5 years ago)
Jayessle is still my favorite Gangnam cover but GOOD JOB THIS IS VERY GOOD
LabernderFISH (5 years ago)
Benjamin Eio (5 years ago)
I love the groove of this song! You made it your own!:)
Colton Berg (5 years ago)
Pretty good but shouldn't the guitar go Bm-F#m-A/F#m during the verse??
хуй, лайк наши
French Tartare (6 years ago)
That's some nice energy and you bring on some fucking attitude you can't help but like it ! Really really good !
kaysie smith (6 years ago)
Very good:)
Muhammad Aiman (6 years ago)
Omg..i dunno what to say..-.-..
Pay Mo (6 years ago)
nice job :D
Meg D.R (6 years ago)
Deddy (6 years ago)
like you ? :D
Averil Chan (6 years ago)
Cheers from Singapore!!!
Zi Ning (6 years ago)
Nice! Gd try anyway! :)
Elii Dulce (6 years ago)
Muy creativo, me gusta.
ahmad firdaus (6 years ago)
Is this suppose to be funny or wht? Nice try though....work harder my fren n rock on
winter spring (6 years ago)
Quency Caroline (6 years ago)
Hale Rosalie (6 years ago)
very very very very wroong
Dante Samonasuke (6 years ago)
your korean is really bad...
Sanket Patil (6 years ago)
OK THAT SUCKED!!! i came here cause i saw ur name in steph's description....|| bad choice
Ayso lala (6 years ago)
better than Psy :D Very Very Good
Veron Pearce (6 years ago)
What the fuck is this shit?!
Mele Gim (6 years ago)
ITS VERRY GOOD *-* I LOVE IT :D *-* Its cool =)
LabiLady (6 years ago)
At first I thought there was Taeyang making funny faces. xD Great acoustic cover, best part from 1:30. The drummer is really cool.
shunaari (6 years ago)
0:00 wtf?
DaShneeko (6 years ago)
Nice hair!!
Annonyme Homies (6 years ago)
same room as steph micayle?? (:
Cesar Solis (6 years ago)
I really liked your cover! I don't really like acoustics covers but i loved yours, Good job man!!
Michael Griffin (6 years ago)
Good job
Monz Loader (6 years ago)
Worst Singer Best Musicians
Raj esaptutor (6 years ago)
steph micayle while you singing brings smile on my lips and peace in my heart... may you reach great heights dear steph... all the best...
MonAcoustic (6 years ago)
0:00 lol!
Shylittlesgirlx (6 years ago)
Steph is way better then u sorry about it
xxxxanglexxxx (6 years ago)
zac Carpenter (6 years ago)
steph micayle is a little better than you
zac Carpenter (6 years ago)
MrBoo (6 years ago)
Cajon.. but the pronunciation is something like 'cahon'
7idiotsswag (6 years ago)
This is just SUPERB :) :) :) I just loved it!
Nigga Cunt (6 years ago)
PSY sent me c;
Daniel Geier (6 years ago)
Al Kimest (6 years ago)
Please give chords or tablature on mail ([email protected])
BK (6 years ago)
jaylesslee still rock all the gangnam style cover.
TheSasorion71 (6 years ago)
omg this is so good *o* i could listen to it all day ^_^ stay awesome!
Charlene Phua (6 years ago)
Jerry Edwin (6 years ago)
I'll Give that a BiG A++ :D
Charlene Phua (6 years ago)
Omg its so nice.
jamma jameson (6 years ago)
good job
jamma jameson (6 years ago)
good job
LilPrinceTom (6 years ago)
Poland... is here...
André Neumann (6 years ago)
video isn't synchron with the drums ?!
Ayesha Akther (6 years ago)
ikr :3
green.future.teller (6 years ago)
Sooo cutee..^^ :DD
BFI (6 years ago)
Joshua Simon (6 years ago)
that really made me smile.. thank you so much
Nya Bieber (6 years ago)
Nya Bieber (6 years ago)
NoneIt (6 years ago)
Hi, Josh my name is WInson Ruan and this music sounds great, so I'm gonna use this for a music video I'm making, and of course I'm doing it for fan-made and I put you in the credit, if you have any problem just message me back later about it
hola baby (6 years ago)
ta con ganas
Alexandru Irimia (6 years ago)
Nice job guys! Definitely better than the original! Keep it up!
Wlad L (6 years ago)
Your sister is better
senseybinek (6 years ago)
yeah great i want this song in my cell phone :) !!!!
ThomaskoVideos (6 years ago)
Andy Santana (6 years ago)
lolzzzzzzz fucking crazy
Atomicfork (6 years ago)
TheSovietico96 (6 years ago)
like if you came here for Steph Micayle (:
yvette (6 years ago)
wierd but great. keep up the good job... :D
meinchanel (6 years ago)
very cool version of gangnam style
나위 (6 years ago)
bryan tamayo (6 years ago)
stacia warren (6 years ago)
i reallly like this.. great job.
Ziqian Pan (6 years ago)
lizettz canchola (6 years ago)
i like ur vioce but i like ur friend steph micayle
szymon3348 (6 years ago)
Very nice!
jackie chan (6 years ago)
i could sing better than that!..
Mathew de Leon (6 years ago)
Mathew de Leon (6 years ago)
Hermione Granger (6 years ago)
14CheaseRK (6 years ago)
Bryan Seetoh
14CheaseRK (6 years ago)
sorry for iterruption, but, could someone post a tuttorial or just chords for guitar ? :) thank you so much :)
ray pomperada (6 years ago)
what is the name of the guitarist
Salvatore Milioto (6 years ago)
Shadow Drop (6 years ago)
0:00 xD look at his face
ijat XL (6 years ago)
hope PSY watch this
ziomek548732 (6 years ago)
Brian Dèz (6 years ago)
I see Gaga and Spice Girls in the background! :)
rolands john (6 years ago)
frist E,G,C,A
Irosuker Zuri (6 years ago)
wow wow
2phalanges (6 years ago)
did you guys see me? i was the guy in the back sleeping under the blanket, but i wias singing along.
Travis Koh (6 years ago)
groovy! awesome acoustics better than psy i'm from singafuckingpore too
Alicia Mather (6 years ago)
This needs an A++++ !!! Freaking amazing.

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