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Harry Styles - Two Ghosts (live in studio)

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'Harry Styles: Behind the Album - The Performances' is out now only on Apple Music: http://smarturl.it/HS-BTA-Performances?iqid=TwoGhostsLive The film sees Styles performing all 10 tracks from his full self-titled debut and is an extended look into the performances from 'Harry Styles: Behind the Album,' which premiered on Apple Music earlier this year: http://smarturl.it/HS-BehindTheAlbum?iqid=TwoGhostsLive Harry Styles' self-titled debut album is available now: http://hstyles.co.uk/music
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Text Comments (29442)
Leah Hoyle (1 hour ago)
the one about taylor swift
Mohit kumar mk (12 hours ago)
I am crying listening to this in a very cool way😊
RJ Ryan Gokiangkee (1 day ago)
So nice 🙀
hello guys (15 hours ago)
macrii govirr (1 day ago)
People in 2019??? Yesyes
hello guys (15 hours ago)
Larry is Real ♡♡♡♡♡♡
Kathleen MacDonald (1 day ago)
excellent cry sesh
Isaac Linares (1 day ago)
No soy Directioner ni nada parecido por soy fan de este señor!!
최가영 (1 day ago)
세상 잘생김 우리 해리♡♡♡♡♡♡
Aireen Barambangan (2 days ago)
I just love harry while singing this
Kiranmayi Utukuru (2 days ago)
This is why I'm still alive
Vishakh Pillai (2 days ago)
Is it just me or does this one have a "Home - One Direction" vibe?
Maryjane Emem (2 days ago)
love this song
Stefanie Alyanah (2 days ago)
2019 ✨♥️
Jocelyn Vega (2 days ago)
Korii Sciuto (2 days ago)
Junio 2019 Quien escucha Harry Style? 🙋‍♂️
ChocolateMouth _33 (3 days ago)
In this video I feel like we just got back 19 year old Harry Styles
Fahrur Rozi (3 days ago)
I'm still here
Talia Shoup (3 days ago)
i watch ALL fandom about larry and i honestly believe they had some type of physical connection & at some point was each other’s spouse. i look back at it and i do see where they come from, it’s disappointing that we made them feel uncomfortable to even be near each other in public bc we gave them a label. they had to act a certain way bc of management. i still support them unconditionally. xx😚
san lee101 (3 days ago)
I really love how harry and zayn doing what they really like.that is talent. Different and amazing!!!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥
Al zahra Fathima (4 days ago)
Why don't we get this type of music...but we get one with drugs,nudity and other shit??
Brenda De La Cruz (4 days ago)
I love how Harry created music he wanted with his own sound instead of sticking to pop and mainstream. His voice is beautiful. I wish I personally knew Harry he seems like he has a beautiful soul.
Just Say Yes To You (4 days ago)
This gives me major Robbie Williams 90's era music vibes. And I"m here for it.
maxxine faustino (5 days ago)
love u
Mikaela Greene (5 days ago)
Ira Verma (5 days ago)
I keep coming back. All the GODDAMN time.
Talita Teixeira (5 days ago)
Marwa Aljalabe (5 days ago)
I miss you😟😞 so so much❤
Anouk Beckers (5 days ago)
Remember that Niall thought him how to play the guitar😭❤️
Jacqueline Paytiamo (6 days ago)
Its 4am right now and I'm watching this...urghh larryy😥
Pulkit Verma (6 days ago)
Hit like if you are listening this song in 2k19
MAriAM ExO (6 days ago)
ʟᴀʀʀʏ ɪs ʀᴇᴀʟ ..
Karto Ado (6 days ago)
Very good song 😚😘😙
ADNAN SHAMIT (6 days ago)
Maryel Castillo (6 days ago)
My fav song by far
Lailatul Ahmada (7 days ago)
Cant handle how beautifull he is
Lailatul Ahmada (7 days ago)
Me after watching this mv : read harry imagine on wattpad
Lailatul Ahmada (7 days ago)
I mean look his outfit, look what he wore, he is just so esthetic , love his hair a lot and his smile tho
Just Marj (7 days ago)
Never get tired coming back to his underrated YT channel 🖤
Ariba Noman (7 days ago)
Guilherme Celidonio (7 days ago)
O harry cantando nesse clipe é de fato o meu ponto fraco😫😍
Ilma Irfani (8 days ago)
It's beautiful. Just close your eyes while listening to this with earphones/headphones on.
Eric Guzman (8 days ago)
Wow, this guy got a lot of talent
Dunia Jawad (8 days ago)
I'm such a larrie💙💚
jhumar anand (8 days ago)
so much like the 2013 harry... :')
a s s t h e t i c (9 days ago)
I love you harry, i hope i can tell you that in person, live long my king Wait, do i sound a lil bit creepy?
Wild ForYou (9 days ago)
You found you
Wild ForYou (9 days ago)
I love you
łøvëłyhãż (9 days ago)
this video deserves 20 million likes or more . still love the video as much
patou 04 (10 days ago)
Trop mignon 💜 love you parce que j aime 🌟🌟💞💙
momo tae (10 days ago)
Jaan 😍💓💓💓
Lizzie Page (10 days ago)
This made me cry, thank u harry. x
ines marcano (10 days ago)
The only thing that gives me a good reason for their separation 🖤🥺
Subhadip Nandy (10 days ago)
u look angry why don't you try once more....please make it back 1D's awesome and everyone is waiting....
Huda Mohamed (10 days ago)
when I listen to this song loui comes to my mind ... He mean him im sure! LARRY FOR EVER💚💙.
Lailatul Ahmada (10 days ago)
He 's so gorgeous 😭😭
Dian Ramdania (11 days ago)
Harry saves this era!
adriana irwan (11 days ago)
June 2019 . Still here x
Taru Sharma (11 days ago)
oh damn! i am missing our 1D 😪 crying right now 😭😭😭😭😭😭 Hey angel ! do u know the reasons why , we look up to the sky? hey angel ! do u look at us and laugh , when we hold on to the past? hey angel !❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣
Zo775 (11 days ago)
Go back to one direction
Casper Cuaton (11 days ago)
I love you Harry Styles
Jocelyne Gonzalez (11 days ago)
I'll never get over him, He is so amazing, great persona and very talented, he is my favorite out of every other artist, no one can compete against him, cuz he is by far the best 😍🤩😃
Karolina Woźniak (11 days ago)
No one is perfect. Except Harry Styles, of course
B R I J E S H (12 days ago)
After 1D Harry made couple of so heart touching songs & I loved it and cried too😭 Love you Harry 💕 U r d best
Stephanie Nicole (12 days ago)
YOOOO so happy i stumbled across this old gem - wow.
Grace God (12 days ago)
Hi Harry 💕 Paraiso together forever eternity and PARAISO I have been battling the 🌏 ooo and the kids are doing well??? I love you 🙋 Grace God 💋💏❤️🛌👉🤰👉👶💏💕 Paraiso soon
Marta Szarogroder (12 days ago)
Love it. The most touching song on this album. True emotions, not like in Carolina.
Sneha Bhatta (12 days ago)
His voice😘
Emma Diy (12 days ago)
iara guaymallén (12 days ago)
Urbano Black (13 days ago)
Me: :( Harry: **Sings** Me: :)
Marcela Arancibia (13 days ago)
Lexi (13 days ago)
One of the most handsome person ever seen ...
S ! (13 days ago)
01:45 that smile🤤
Sabahat Shahbaz (13 days ago)
Harry missing you so much and one direction...... I'm crying......but in a cool way
TAL H (13 days ago)
This is so underrated it makes me feel sad for our generation.....
Sneha Bhatta (13 days ago)
I love this song😍
Maribel Seculles (14 days ago)
I miss the way he entertain crowd whenever they (1D) have concert. The real King of Entertainment
Sirajul Islam (14 days ago)
Halima Begum (14 days ago)
Harry! Ik you won’t see this comment. That's so obvious. But this kind of song of yours really help me go through my depression. I would really wish to hear some more new amazing songs from you. I really wish
Andee de jesus (14 days ago)
This song is as good as a goodnite lullaby from all the worries of the day and a break up. It soothing. Thank you Mr Harry Styles🎼🥰
This songs totally screams Zarry ):
Aisa Ameneh (14 days ago)
His sons are so peaceful and full of emotion and that’s something that you can never teach someone...
Likka Li (14 days ago)
that pretty face 1:01
motherofpuppies (14 days ago)
am i the only one who thinks this song was about taylor swift? red lips and blue eyes
Marta Ilnicka (15 days ago)
This song is for sure about Louis, because "couple more tattoos". Song was written in the 2013/2014 and I readed couple moments ago, that Taylor in 2017 didn't have any tattoos and the song was written 3 years earlier and that means, that then she obviously can't had any tattoos. And in my opinion this song is about Louis, 'cause he got a lot of tattoos and I want to remind you, that this song was written in years when Harry was still in One Direction, soooo this could means, that Louis gotten new tattoos and Harry written about that. Of course each of us can belive in anything, but I belive that Larry is real and this song is really good reason for that conclusion. PS. That song is also very emotional and that means, that he written this song with so much passion and he must had idea for this song and this idea was he's and Louis relationship in that time. And also sorry for my bad english..... xd Have a nice day :) Bye!
pupet 101 (15 days ago)
When are getting back to One durection
Aline Poena Rosas (15 days ago)
Fred Donkers (2 days ago)
This feels like it about Louis, if you listen closely...💚💙 Blue eyes White shirt Couple more tattoos Something that I used to feel
Putra Nst (4 days ago)
No its about harry n zayn...
Anjelie Bijlall (16 days ago)
Thank you for saving my life, this song touched me deep down in my soul and give me hope to live, I am no longer suicidal
natalie nellie (16 days ago)
natalie nellie (16 days ago)
Harrie AF (16 days ago)
I love you Harry ;-; So so sooo much 😭
Maximilian Beaudin (16 days ago)
You can see sadness in his eyes. Im not crying you are!!!
5 minutes learning (16 days ago)
I love you Harry ......you are not like the zayn......he only shows off
Nadzzz zzz (17 days ago)
June 2019?!?! 💙💙💙😌😌😌🤟🏻
Hyni Lucman (17 days ago)
Flopi Plant (17 days ago)
Saw him last year in Spain...one of my favorite artists to see live 😍😍😍
light green (18 days ago)
He actually looks young here than the looks of him of steal my girl or history damn but still beautiful

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