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Remember News Anchor Matt Lauer? Sadly This Is What Happened To Him Recently.

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Matthew Todd Lauer is a former American television news anchor. He was the co-host of NBC's Today show from 1997 to 2017, and a contributor for Dateline NBC. With NBC he hosted the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade from 1998 to 2017 and co-hosted the opening ceremonies of several Olympic Games. He was also previously a news anchor for The Today Show from 1994 to 1997, anchor for WNBC in New York City and a local talk-show host in Boston, Philadelphia, Providence, and Richmond. He also hosted the PM Magazine (or Evening Magazine 1980–86), and in the early 1990s, segments of HBO Entertainment News. Following allegations of his inappropriate sexual behavior towards a colleague, Lauer's contract was terminated by NBC in November 2017. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- For copyright matters relating to our channel please contact us directly at: [email protected] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credits: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrhxX5XMGQtlANg0fpLO66g Subscribe For More:
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Text Comments (106)
Toni Carriero (2 hours ago)
Never liked him. High and mighty Karma
Jeanetta Young (4 days ago)
Who cares about this pervert
Jennifer Sandifer (6 days ago)
idk, I've never heard detailed proven accounts of what he supposedly did. did he hit on women? did he touch them? did he rape someone?? seems an awful extreme punishment for some words. I like to see proof. I feel he may have ended up being part of the me too fall out. NBC didnt want ANY part of any of it so they booted him before proof. aren't we supposed to have "innocent until proven guilty" and due process in a court? seems now its guilty by public opinion. a person loses everything. not just job but everything, seems a little excessive
Betty Lou LaJoy (3 hours ago)
He admitted wrong doing. Plenty of evidence against him
Jeff Chang (8 hours ago)
Jennifer Sandifer i
Trev Mac (8 days ago)
If you're really a mean person you're going to come back as a fly and eat poop. Kurt Cobain
Laura Young (8 days ago)
Like attracts like.
Pat Richardson (8 days ago)
Disgusting rich pig of a man
DetroitLove4U (9 days ago)
Matt Lauer is a Loser. He will die down the road as a loser ass.
Michael Ryan (9 days ago)
Yeah this is a ridiculous video, I am so sad because I have so much free time and can retire early....WTF perspective people!
Linda McKee (9 days ago)
5 6
BRIAN WILLIAMS (9 days ago)
It is almost like a witch hunt. People say how horrible men are over a little p—-y. I am good looking man and I have had many women act and touch and many more horrible things. Women are worse than men when it comes to sexual harassment. They need to own that. It is not all men. Matt should still be on Today!
MaryYehosef (4 days ago)
Another women agree too. Women get attracted to powerful men and have many tricks to make them fall.
Jennifer Sandifer (6 days ago)
one woman who actually agrees!! I cant believe all these hate filled 'better than thou' comments! so quick people are to jump on bandwagon and judge. act as if women are all innocent, powerless, weak beings who are being taken advantage of. PUHLEASE! Women can be the MOST vindictive, manipulative, lying, hateful people! more so than men!
Emily Dill (9 days ago)
Matt who? How quickly we can forget someone. Don’t have an ounce of sympathy for him.
Pat Beaudry (9 days ago)
Who cares,the man is rich beyond most people's dreams. It's not like he is homeless or die as not have foot to eat
Jing Cao (10 days ago)
what a disgusiting creature. too much power for him while he was on the show.
petra ottele (10 days ago)
He should feel ashamed and embarrassed 😳 I don't feel sorry for him.
ABC ABC (10 days ago)
Pervert predator baldo Lauer
Nikki Loren (10 days ago)
What a dog. Also when talking bad about Trump, he was molesting women. Karma you dog from hell. Also what's with the sad music? He should have 666 music.
Martin Fenn (10 days ago)
Matt your kids won’t fill the sleepless nights you have, nor friends! Jesus can! He forgives and loves no matter what! Look up instead of anything in this world. including children.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
rueben froster (10 days ago)
he was raped by those women,they knew what they were doing,had it been a woman nothing would have been said, women fuck like rabbits an you mofo know it!
God I pray for Matt yes he he made a mistake! Yes he stands guilty in his mistake! But God! there's one thing I do know! That you are a forgiving God! God take him under your wings and show him how to really live! And let him be the man you want him to be! I denounce the spirit of depression that's lingering over his life Lord show him the way in Jesus name I Pray!
Vdenice Eckert (10 days ago)
Oh come on he is so loaded he can buy himself a business.....for something to do....
Janet Thielbar (10 days ago)
When you try to destroy others it comes back st you. People need love, not human love but God's love. It never fails. Seek Jesus Matt
Dale Wiederholt (10 days ago)
Nbc should just close up. Investigate the stuff not just instantly get rid of someone. Nbc means nothing but communists
Anne Dennett (10 days ago)
Oh well.
jj Garcia (10 days ago)
Hangs out with old friends, spends all time he can with his kids, he's rich. Yeah he really has it hard. Poor Baby.
Jill Huddle (10 days ago)
Those should not criticize others for what you do behind close doors...NEXT
Connie Dastrup (10 days ago)
No interest in sex predators
Et ta Johnson (10 days ago)
Sadly enough he did not stop while he was ahead! Too much money and too much power misdirected will get you in a whole lot of unresolved trouble. I have some advice for him. Pray for forgiveness of his sins to the one and only God. Truly find out who that is! you may not get your TV back or all the clout you had but you can achieve true peace of mind.
Enzo Anania (10 days ago)
You people with all these sex allegations ...fuck off already..all these hose bags ruining family’s ..they wanted to spread their legs ..shut the fuck up...why do people keep humouring these house bags....fuck
Carol Jones (10 days ago)
Free time on his hands are you kidding me he as children to raise. For a moment I thought he was dead.
Cat Blue (10 days ago)
Boohoo whatever
Dawn Delma (10 days ago)
Who cares
Tracey Benna (10 days ago)
Soon will be watching videos like this only or will be about people who betrayed us ! Obama, The Clintons, Muller , Comey !
Paul Carbaugh (10 days ago)
Pervert got what he had coming! Feel sorry for him? Go be a Catholic Priest PIG
Nancy Williams (10 days ago)
Well I guess he needs to start finding some women but if that Don t work he can spend all day playing with himself. 🤣🤣🤣😁
Cyndee Payton (10 days ago)
Larry Sizemore (11 days ago)
How are the court cases coming for these accusations? Has the justice system had ANY impact on him? Or did nameless, faceless women point the finger and say "Off with his head!!??" I'm asking for a friend... who's name happens to be "Due Process."
K D (11 days ago)
Pathetic as hell
Angela Evans (11 days ago)
I thought I was going to hear something bad going on should have known ppl seem to use the word devastating on here for what happens to ppl everyday there are some evildoers out there and 1 day they will get back what they’ve done to others, I truly believe that with all my heart and soul...
Rosie Thomas (11 days ago)
We all have sinned and come short who are we to judge. Bet you have done something wrong
Betty Lou LaJoy (3 hours ago)
But some are worse than others
Sergio Velasquez (11 days ago)
Spending more time with his kids is a bad thing?
Channa Moras (11 days ago)
Cry me a fucking river dude
Ana Villanueva (11 days ago)
yes nobody humiliates Hillary and gets away with it. Everyone they want to get rid pg gets charged with sexual misconduct. Look at Bill O'Rearly.
Denice Spartz (11 days ago)
Slime bag
Diane Gossett (11 days ago)
sassy frass (11 days ago)
I don't feel bad for him. Look what he did to all of the women he destroyed. His wife and children.... He needs to suffer longer than a year.
Janet Mc Morris (11 days ago)
Thoses with sin
mkmcclure (11 days ago)
Poor disgraced multimillionaire whose demise was caused by his own lust. Buh bye.
Sherry Franklin (11 days ago)
Dont feel bad for him. Someone who had it all and didnt care who he hurt deserves what he has been left with....disgraced and without much happiness.
Latoya Pike (11 days ago)
He's not the first and want be the last to be tempted and fall for some strange...It happens to men and women especially people of. great influence because of their fame and easy access to money they feel like they own the world and that they can get away with everything.
sherry kelly (11 days ago)
Who cares he got what he got arrogant pompous ass
8gagee (11 days ago)
This is the most boring video.
William Green (11 days ago)
He can start his own canabis operation.its a busy job i hear
Daryl Caldwell (11 days ago)
Hes a skumbag
Tom Stohler (11 days ago)
Dug his own grave,, and gets what he deserves,, the today show with the two ladies on now I don't know there names isn't worth watching at all there not very good at what they do,, and make millions doing it,, I miss Ann curry she was the very best,, miss you ann
Marcia Loos (11 days ago)
Who cares... not me!
He deserves what he gets!
Claudia Claudia (11 days ago)
All of these men let a little p....y damaged their careers and everyone of them have wives how stupid they are
Jacqueline Dixon (11 days ago)
Boo Hoo do you want us to feel sorry for this smut puppy that couldn't keep his d###@@ in his pants? I don't think so, he deserves what he gets.
Derik Schimdt (11 days ago)
They should have never got rid of Matt lauer if god can forgive so can nbc
Sherry Kilgore (11 days ago)
My heart goes out to you my friend. I've been watching you on the today's show for alot of years.. You were awesome. I surely do hope that you pick yourself and keep going. God knows how much we can and cannot handle Stay strong and continue being there for your children. Remember they're depending on you. Good luck my friend matt.
Betty Lou LaJoy (3 hours ago)
He has plenty of money to stay strong. Save ur sympathy for ppl who truly need it
Kelly Baumann (11 days ago)
That's where pussy grabbing gets you.
Debra Norris (11 days ago)
Never liked him from the git go. What he did to Katie is shameful. Don’t feel sorry for him. When you hurt people to get to the top and judge people for the same thins you do then you deserve whatever comes.
Laurie B (10 days ago)
It’s what he did to Ann Curry!
Louise Eisenhofer (11 days ago)
boo hoo! couldn't care less
Dorthy Knox (1 day ago)
Bet that's what he does a many of days boo hoo can't do wrong and get away with it
Bernadine Ludack (11 days ago)
Dawn Campbell (11 days ago)
Matt Lawler is a scum bag
Rose Blake (11 days ago)
I am not understanding how he’s supposedly is doing badly ?
Jayne Mansfield (11 days ago)
I don't think he has to worry about the electric bill any time soon.
Alexis Newell (11 days ago)
What can one say? !! Matt will live with what hes done thats punishment enough...tho truly send love n comfort to those he hurt 💖
bpru (11 days ago)
he's made millions - I'm sure he can life on the millions.
Hannah Noelle Huey (11 days ago)
Jesus can give him a purpose and a peace which is a lot better than being on the today show..
Anita Sanford (11 days ago)
I don't feel sorry for this rich ------- I feel sorry for his wife an victim's. He can console himself with his money an freedom to do as he wishes.
Robin Hager (11 days ago)
He should have payed more attention to his kids a long time ago
Millie Rodriguez (11 days ago)
Don't feel anything, you reap what you sow.
He can come over and hang out with me , as a disabled American , watching shadows on the wall move from side to side every day good time waiting for darkness everyday 😕
Betty Lou LaJoy (3 hours ago)
Yup, he has better life with all his millions than average person. No sympathy from me for Matt
Sarah Guy (11 days ago)
Donna Meier (11 days ago)
Am I supposed to feel sorry for him!?
Ariel Gonzalez (8 days ago)
It's your choice.
Vickie (11 days ago)
One word, Karma...
Pinkie Mitchell (11 days ago)
He have enough money to travel around the world it couldn't be me I will find something to do
Clara Williams (11 days ago)
Lou Lombard (11 days ago)
I still miss you Matt! Today is not the same without you! You are one of the greatest!
Betty Lou LaJoy (3 hours ago)
Larry Geary (9 days ago)
Lou, Lou, Lou....SOBER UP!!!
Jacqueline Dixon (11 days ago)
Lou Lombard Really? he is a whore dog.
Karen Calvert (11 days ago)
It was probably that slut Ann Curry that started rumours because she is a bitter old maid
Who knows if it is all true what they say - so many women jump on the band wagon with a thing like this - is was a damned good looking and good newsman with a great manner - his good manner could have been his downfall - people too quick to judge not that I think men should interfere with women butyou all know what I am tryin to say x
Jeanie Snowden (11 days ago)
He has not denied it ever . And he puts on womens cloths
moon glow (11 days ago)
Well, that's what he gets for being a dirty old married man with children!! Actually, he was quite good looking before he got bald, short, but good looking; none the less...!!!😸😸😸
moon glow (11 days ago)
+Pinkie Mitchell lmao !!!!
Pinkie Mitchell (11 days ago)
He can come cut my grass and paint my house got to get his mind off of things

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