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Daily Street Magic: Day 31 – Biggest Difference is INDIFFERENCE

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Text Comments (45)
Disturb Reality (9 months ago)
BUY THIS TRICK (FADEOUT): http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/653
Nemasu - Gamer (9 months ago)
Amazing. 😁
Gilvam Carvalho (9 months ago)
Btw, is there any case or any situation where you were not accepted for a trick? Has this happened? If so, could you show us?
Gilvam Carvalho (9 months ago)
Just one detail.. I noticed you had a hard time finding a position on the ground.... because of your pants. I’d say too tight. Should you in this case have a more relaxed jeans be appropriate for a generic situation like this, specially since it’s summer in your area now and people are outdoors?
Chris Kelly (9 months ago)
Can someone help me find a tutorial I'm sure I saw on this channel a good while back. The trick involved bending the deck slightly down the middle, controlling a card to the bottom of the deck, flipping the deck several times so the cards look like they're all facing different directions, when infact half are facing one way and the other facing the other way, then spreading to reveal the chosen card being the only one face up.
angelo-m-c Gaming (9 months ago)
Do a video on picking up girls with magic tricks
angelo-m-c Gaming (9 months ago)
Disturb Reality you can explain to her its just for video purposes, once you get the number you don't have to message them
Disturb Reality (9 months ago)
I have a girlfriend so I would have to come up with a creative alternative way of showing that without ACTUALLY flirting/picking up girls using the methods.
VoidInsanity5:10 (9 months ago)
Y'know what would be great youtube? If I actually got the notification for the video.
Toushis Azad (9 months ago)
https://youtu.be/RlKlqsHpAhM go watch my video and if u like it, i will post more magic And jarek taught me alot, hopefully a collab one day
Wichal Rangai (9 months ago)
Please get a microphone windscreen, bro ✌️, 💚 & 🌞
Evan Cloyd (9 months ago)
We normally are wirelessly mic'd up BUT I FORGOT MY MIC AT HOME THAT DAY! So we consciously tried to keep the camera operator's back to the wind.
Chris Wagers (9 months ago)
Thanks for all the knowledge and time spent to help others move forward and perfect their craft. Also any magicians in Indianapolis, IN. who want to go out and perform and film with me hit me up.
SuchyLiść13 (9 months ago)
I love those type of videos. Do it more.
JMagic Wats (9 months ago)
Hey Jarek! Keep up the good work. As a beginning magician myself, I love these videos where I don’t only watch you perform and/or teach magic, but you teach what approach to take when presenting it. How you should speak, wear, etc. I love watching your these types of videos where I learn how connect with the spectators and the audience. It’s not just “hey want to see a magic trick?” and you start performing the magic trick. Thanks for the advice and keep up the hard work.
Gildas Dollo (9 months ago)
Great video which reminded me of something I've been told years ago A park is the ideal place to perform magic because everybody is there to chill.
Adam F (9 months ago)
Bro I can't wait until you reach your sub count for your contest you'll be holding. I've been doing magic off and on for years and I'm definitely not a beginner nor a pro, I have a total of two gigs under my belt but I'll be honest, its embarrassing for the amount of time I've been doing magic, but I still find myself not being able to approach people on the street. Even though I've done it plenty of times, the nerves are just so strong. I appreciate you living life and taking the time to make these videos. I also feel like your contest will force me to get out and just approach people!
kymbo72 (9 months ago)
is there a reason you just shook the guy's hand and not any of the girls at the end?
Disturb Reality (9 months ago)
Time reasons, we were clearly overstaying our welcome so wanted to shake the guy's hand as the alpha/male respect thing, but a polite wave goodbye to the women is actually more appropriate in a situation like this (in America, anyway).
MetalProfile (9 months ago)
goddamn, this not only works in magic but in life too
Evan Cloyd (9 months ago)
That's the aspect of this artform that most fascinates me. How to bring it around to benefit your personal life as well.
Joe's Place (9 months ago)
Wow, Jesus is teaching magic on YouTube.
Illusions for the Blind (9 months ago)
I’ve always loved this trick so much when I first got into magic, I think I’ll get it soon I love blank deck routines
runninghustler (9 months ago)
id like to see a montage of just like the 20-30 second interaction of multiple yes's and multiple no's and let audience compare and whatnot. the biggest thing is having it in your head that the people will say yes before you even approach to ask. envision the finish line :D keep it up man dont stop with the daily posts!!
Alexandre Bedard (9 months ago)
Sick man !!!
Designl3ss Entertainment (9 months ago)
this my favorite video. Because i like going to the psychology of magic the most. and this helps starting magicians the most.
Felipe Gutierrez (9 months ago)
Hey bro !!!!!
Dr George J (9 months ago)
who bought this channel? It used to be kinda different, or thats just me?
A Private Death (9 months ago)
Different? Not really. This channel not only teaches you magic, but also HOW to be a magician.
runninghustler (9 months ago)
lol used to be more vloggy, now its tutorial, but thats what im interested in anyway
Ilhan5830i (9 months ago)
Favourite magic based channel on YT !!!
Justin J (9 months ago)
They didn't seem to react much, do you ever feel the need to do a better trick if they don't react? Or do you just think il move on find someone else to perform to if they don't react well?
Evan Cloyd (9 months ago)
I agree 100%
Cool Magic ForUm (9 months ago)
That's a very creative presentation having them pick a card a relate it to a personal thought of theirs. In the right time and place , I could see Fadeout getting a great reaction. The only problem I have with it is that tricks like this just scream TRICK DECK to the spectators. They don't know what's up with the deck but, they just know it isn't a normal deck.
siddesh pachkawade (9 months ago)
Good couple of points you make there. However, my approach towards "getting a reaction" is a little different. I've seen tonnes of performances of other magicians and noticed how their respective crowd responds to them. Many might say that David Blaine just stands there looking at the spectator which is great if you just meet your audience and show a trick and move on. I feel connecting with the audience once they allow you to show magic is far greater in the sense that as you progress with your routines or whatever, you match their wavelength of enjoyment so you don't feel bad yourself after your time with them is over. Maybe the people caught onto the sleight of hand move that you did, and that could be why they didn't react, or maybe its just that since this trick was related to them, they just stayed quiet and enjoyed it. Whereas if you go upto someone on the street and say to them "hey man watch this, pick a card" do sleight of hand and then "look I make everything else except your card disappear cause I knew you were going to pick this card cause its the only card in the deck" Thanks for the daily uploads, feels nice watching people go out and perform in parks, streets etc. And you're back after a very long time! missed your presence here on YouTube.
TenderMan (9 months ago)
Certain tricks have different responses aso, the theme of that trick was more philisophical which can lead to silent astonishment rather than screams and stuff, but i'd open with something that does get more of a reaction to get them in the mood to see more.
Disturb Reality (9 months ago)
GLAD YOU ASKED! This is yet another reason I "don't react," and just let them react AS MUCH AS THEY WANT! Relatively often, you may get people that don't react, such as this! So I stay quiet and if their quiet, I don't look like an idiot by reacting amazed to my own trick. A LOT of factors go into people not reacting. In all honesty, it could've just not been that great of a performance or story I told, which is the MAIN REASON why I only perform about 5-8 tricks on average, but perform those strong 5-8 tricks that I've damn near PERFECTED to 100s and 100s and 100s of people. If they don't react or respond well to one trick, chances are they aren't going to do it for another – there's a time when you know that you're overstaying your welcome and it's ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS best to just move on. You have nothing to prove just because someone(s) didn't like one of your magic tricks. And WHEN THAT HAPPENS, notice it... and ask yourself: "Damn, is this trick really even that good? Should I keep performing it because I THINK IT'S GOOD?! Or should I maybe stop trying to perform and get reactions with it and instead try to find something more powerful to keep in my arsenal of tricks.
Tom Hudders (9 months ago)
Loving the new direction. There's a million tutorials out there but not many people discussing the psychology of performance and approach. Chris ramsay maybe and now you too.
Evan Cloyd (9 months ago)
It's what I've ALWAYS been more passionate about, but never thought of a good way to present it properly until this year.
Jason Irelan (9 months ago)
5th Take care and God bless.
Bartholstan (9 months ago)
I love how you teach things and explain stuff. You're awesome
Molly Ritchie (9 months ago)
Jason Irelan (9 months ago)
Molly Ritchie You were second because Disturb Reality was first, but you're the first one after him. Take care and God bless.

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