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Don't Leave Home Without Magic

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Here are all the things I make sure I have before I leave my home. COMMENT, LIKE, FAVORITE and SHARE this video if you liked it! Subscribe http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=evancloyd http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=howtoDisturbReality Tutorial Page http://www.youtube.com/howtoDisturbReality Evan Cloyd's Website http://www.evancloyd.com Twitter http://twitter.com/jarek120 Facebook http://www.facebook.com/DisturbReality ABOUT EVAN CLOYD I grew up in Macomb, MI, I am the youngest son of two history teachers. I went to a film school for a year and currently working as a video editor for an exercise equipment company. I recently moved to Los Angeles, California. I primarily work with After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and Cinema 4D. I am also a cinematographer, an independent wrestler, a magician, I can solve a 7-sided Rubik's cube, I am drug and alcohol free, and a proud graduate of P90X. ------ Be inspired to learn. Then aspire to disturb. ♥♣Rise Above♦♠
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Text Comments (569)
I bring a regular bicycle deck (red), a gaff deck (bocopo gaff), invisible deck (by Daryl), healed and sealed (because I CAN) and a cardistry deck (for fun)
Angel diaz (4 months ago)
When I first got pressure I performed it twice and both times the spectators knew how it was done. I've never performed it again. Not very impressive.
BroskyWhoDatedHoski (10 months ago)
No wonder why ammar said he don't carry anything anymore.seems like a pain to carry around all that daily. Ammar says he might carry the little hand.thats it.he don't feel the need to perform like a trained monkey anymore.and i can't blame him
FlawedSpoon (10 months ago)
I usually carry a normal deck of cards with duplicates as well. And then a trick deck like svengali and I just aquired shin lim's flash switch. And of coarse my phone.
Kris Hoffman (1 year ago)
I carry sponge balls, misled and the invisible deck
ReadyToDieV2.0 (1 year ago)
a normal deck of card :p
Bloody54FDA (1 year ago)
I just bring a deck of cards, 2 quarters, a wand & coin purse, and a sharpie. That's all I need. Jarek's got good magic, but I feel like it requires too much set up for my style of mmagic.
The Cryptid Hunters (1 year ago)
I always have a regular deck on me with a duplicate on the top for here then there, and two card monte set up under that, ruber bands on my wrist for crazy mans handcuffs and touch, usually a couple balloons in my back pocket for pressure, Sharpie for signing cards, and if I'm REALLY looking to impress, I'll wear my dress code set up and use it if the chance comes up.
what you say lol
Maxwell Knight14 (1 year ago)
I carry a normal deck with duplicates, a loop, a invisible deck, a sharpie, a pre folded card and some coins:)
Rosa Enrique (2 years ago)
prophet 2 decks
ELiTeZ Tryckshot (2 years ago)
Because im only a card magician i only carry 2 decks of cards and 2 rubber bands for the houdini escape
Sai Kamat (2 years ago)
I carry deck of cards and rubberbands
SCRAMBY18 (2 years ago)
my everyday day carry is a CZ 75 Compact in a Alien gear holster
Jo MAMA (2 years ago)
I carry a deck of cards with duplicates,greed,fraud,stand up monte,prophet,dress code,odyssey,vapr,rubber bands,invisible deck,bloons,ultimonte and transit
Jose (2 years ago)
a deck of cards lol
Typical Gamer (2 years ago)
in the backround there is asian couple fighting LoL
Moni Videos (2 years ago)
tornado, stand up monte, regular deck, sharpie, double cross, duplicates, different color card, i often wear dresscode, sucker punch chips, odyssey
Lucas Accary (2 years ago)
I would just carry around some balloons a normal deck another deck with some duplicates but set for a whole routine of tricks and a stripper deck and of course my phone
Aviko (2 years ago)
Carry around some condoms and good looks
CritZieAno (2 years ago)
aviko123 and go to bathroom and do my thing
Aviko (2 years ago)
+Don't Blink is this your idea of mentalism
Aviko (2 years ago)
+Don't Blink do I have to?
Tyler Jackson Hypnosis (2 years ago)
aviko123 Look at your profile picture.
Deck of cards and a ring
Tater Games (2 years ago)
For me I carry a deck of cards and 4 half dollars
Simonebohne (2 years ago)
Just a deck of cards and some gimmics
Mr.Magic (2 years ago)
I carry a pack of cards with duplicates, an invisible deck, rubberbands and a paperclip for stairway, loops, and my personal favorite...Psycho by Spidey
John Dini (2 years ago)
i carry paper clipped, thumb tip, regular deck, double backer deck, prophet and pressure
tkd animal (2 years ago)
words of a magician, ill just go in the bathroom...and do my thing
Ori Siegler (2 years ago)
loll you had me laughing for a few minutes
Jepoy 15 (2 years ago)
"do my thing"
magick and fun (2 years ago)
I just carry a deck of cards
Magic Marcus (2 years ago)
and a sharpie which has six of clubs written on it
Jeongha Kim (2 years ago)
me 2
AMAZING Panos (2 years ago)
me too
Bhg Fgu (2 years ago)
How do you Change the money from Dollar to five to Ten To Twenty?
Bhg Fgu (2 years ago)
Thanks :)
Jonathan Sim: Magic (2 years ago)
It's a trick called "Greed" by Daniel Garcia.
Tyler Gibson (2 years ago)
Not too shabby. Personally, i would carry invisible deck, a deck set for THINK by shin lim, 52 shades of red variation, cold case so i can deck switch in and out when needed, pen through bill, bite out quarter for gags, rubber bands, sharpie, money, TK2.0 (excellent hold out utility), gaffs, angle Z, ziplocs, and maybe some flash paper. All in my pockets and on a chilly day my jacket. If i go all out ill throw it into a backpack with others. When I have room in my jacket, mcdonalds aces ready in a standard bicycle. Uhm... Travel heavy i guess? 😎
gilad ventura (2 years ago)
The title of the video is very right actually, It's my life method
Victortristan Josonv (2 years ago)
I might do that
Zach (2 years ago)
What to do when you are away from home you have a Deck, and your friend starts an unexpected water fight
אלעד גדג (3 years ago)
With money
אלעד גדג (3 years ago)
1:50 How did the magic in minute
AdaSpearing (3 years ago)
how many watches do you have damn
Faisal Tamer (3 years ago)
I carry myself and a deck of cards
Faisal Tamer (3 years ago)
Daniel Apolonio (3 years ago)
Two hands are preferred,😂😂
Marco Sorrentino (3 years ago)
Bicycle prestige deck S.W. erdnase deck prophet phone and the raven
NJ Gaming (3 years ago)
Loops the tarantula the raven and my pk ring
Marco Sorrentino (3 years ago)
Normal deck with duplicates prophet money by Lloyd Barnes phone sometimes the raven and smoke by allan rorrison
Magicardiant Youtube (3 years ago)
I carry loops , IT thread normal pack if cards invisible deck and magician wax
Omar Gul (3 years ago)
what is the threat trick called? any answers please!
PolarShipment (3 years ago)
Marco Sorrentino (3 years ago)
Normal deck with duplicates prophet money by Lloyd barnes smoke the raven and phone
Marco Sorrentino (3 years ago)
Normal deck with duplicates prophet money lloy
Marco Sorrentino (3 years ago)
Normal deck with duplicates money by Lloyd Barnes reflex smoke by Allan rorrison prophet sometimes the raven
kyle fernandez (3 years ago)
Extreme burn ring flight haunted key linkey key deposite scotch and soda invisible or brainwave deck cardtoon deck standard deck greed sponge balls ignition stairway Jacobs ladder and baloons on a card to wallet fire wallet and nesting wallet
Bookworm (3 years ago)
For anyone wondering, to buy everything he has here on penguin magic, will cost about $150
Sathwik Gupta (2 years ago)
+Sirpantz Haha 😂
ethan govender (3 years ago)
I carry around a normal deck of bicycle cards with some duplicates for here and there card trick I learnt it from u really cool
Marco Sorrentino (3 years ago)
Deck with duplicates prophet extortion reflex smoke phone
KerryG (3 years ago)
I normally carry around glue stick/dental floss (to do neck saw), few packs of cards with extras to do ambitious card or here to there, sharpie, folded up card with paper clip in back pocket to do ambitious card and folded up card in shoe to do alternate ending for ambitious card and maybe a few coins
Liam McEnaney (3 years ago)
I carry a raven, invisible deck, duplicate card deck and regular deck of bicycle cards
Nick Hall Of Fame (3 years ago)
what and how are you doing the magic with the threat?
Josh Wood (3 years ago)
don't leave home with out them
Toni Caballero Magia (3 years ago)
in my opinion isn't practic all this, to much props... I use to take my wallet (full of props) and my ordinary deck and I can perform a complet show. And thanks for the video great ideas, I have taken new ideas for my "impromtu" magic!!!!!!
Phantom2o3 (3 years ago)
purple ltd deck phone rubber bands and a paper clip
Jayman 547 (3 years ago)
Go in the bathroom. Do my thing .... Hahaha
Jack Taylor (3 years ago)
"How do you set up? Go to the bathroom!" Thumbs up for magical bathrooms.
Marco Sorrentino (3 years ago)
i carry deck with duplicates invisible deck greed prophet scotch and soda mismade bill folded card linking mints and card artistry
J. Fetets (3 years ago)
I carry a svengalie deck and a ordinary deck
Critical Instinct (3 years ago)
Regular Blue Bicycle Deck with duplicates , Set up Red Bicycle Deck for Color Change (Deck) , Regular Red Bicycle Deck for Ambitious Card Routine and such,  about 3 to 4 Gaffed Cards From Daniel Garcia and Wayne Houchin's "ULTRAGAFF" , Sharpie (black and silver), 2 to 3 plastic bags for Wayne Houchin's "INDECENT", Money of course, and at times a Bottle to perform "BULLET" or "FACTORY SEALED" or the presentation of a card when you did "5 cards" , 2 rubber bands, 2 paper clips, 2 thumb tacks in a bag
Critical Instinct (3 years ago)
+Killer Adrenaline in my backpack of course
Mad Life (3 years ago)
hey WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE DEMON POSSESS MAGIC ... i just watched a video about this ... but i dnt believe in these... whats your opinion about it????
Jack Maher (3 years ago)
 iknow mst pple are stupid men 
Mad Life (3 years ago)
+Jack Maher  hmm... but when i read the comments ...everyone believe in these shits...xD
Jack Maher (3 years ago)
+Mad Life tricks men everything is tricks no demons and shits around
Magic-Cam (3 years ago)
I carry some similar stuff with me.. I put together a magic "EDC" (evry day carry) case that I carry to work to practice magic on breaks and to perform for friends there... You have an awesome channel... keep up the great work!!
Henry Nowinski (4 years ago)
I usually just carry my deck of cards and some rubber bands
Gavin Mccrory (4 years ago)
I just got my invisible deck
Gavin Mccrory (4 years ago)
3 packs baloons needle for healed and sealed and criss angle deck change fade out and sometimes dresscode
Taylor Clark (4 years ago)
I have been watching you for a while but one question is your favorite color black and yellow? ??
Blake Bianchi (4 years ago)
Small string bag with my extra decks, sometimes dress code if I'm up to it, Svengali deck in my front right pocket, balloons in my back pocket, invisible deck in my drone left pocket with my phone, just got the raven so I'm gonna start wearing that around
Gavyn Keck (4 years ago)
(2/2), If I ever want to impress someone I will whip out thread by Wayne Houchin or three card monte (those are my go to effects), I will also occasionally perform an effect I created called refund, it is basically where you take a coin and a balloon and you make the coin penetrate the balloon, and if I REALLY want to fool or confuse someone I will go in the bathroom and set up the raven and perform that and yeah......that is pretty much what I take with me
Gavyn Keck (4 years ago)
I usually take, a regular pack of cards with duplicates and a slightly gimmicked card for a version of the haunted deck, I also bring my invisible deck with me and I am always sure to have the David Blaine 3 card monte set with me to perform that, I always have prophet with me along with the stealth pen and a sharpie, I also bring my bite out quarter with me, I always bring balloons with me to perform pressure, and I always have rubber bands and a paper clip to perform stairway, (1/2)
Gavyn Keck (4 years ago)
I do not understand why everyone thinks people are still going to buy pressure, due to the fact that so many assholes have made tutorials on it on YouTube, no one even buys it anymore
Frank Bucco (4 years ago)
I usually carry a red stripper deck, red svengali, blue invisible, a custom standard, and a custom standard with a double backer
Daniel Apolonio (3 years ago)
+Frank Bucco nice. Didn't expect a reply, lol. I've only been doing magic for about 2 months and all I bring is one loop around each wrist, prophet, and the Raven which I keep on my favorite coat. It a pain bringing cards around but I feel like there's magic you can do without cards, but I bring them if I know someone will do the trick. But yeah I saw you comment and was curious if you had like multiple pockets or something lol
Frank Bucco (3 years ago)
Wow. This was from almost a year ago. I used to carry 4 decks at least cause I used to and still do only do card magic. Back then, that's all I owned. Now, I own several decks but since I own so much, I carry one with me everyday. The only time I bring everything is when I actually have a performance.
Daniel Apolonio (3 years ago)
Four decks?
Nathan Run (4 years ago)
1 normal deck of cards, 1 set up deck of cards, 1 marked deck, penetration pen (Criss Angel),  mind reading cards (Criss Angel), Criss Angel card case, 2 quarters, dollar bills,  Gimic cards for normal deck (if needed).
Dylan Bradshaw (4 years ago)
I carry a whole bunch of stuff but I find ways to make it practical. I carry a sharpie, a normal ring for ring magic, loops, a steel core quarter, the raven, a paperclip and rubber bands for stairway, everything I need to perform thread, duplicates for French Kiss, cards from an odd deck to perform Timeline 2.0 by Daniel Garcia, sometimes Dresscode, If I'm going somewhere where I want to make a big impression I'll bring the gimmick for Fraud.
its me- gaurav (4 years ago)
how do you edit your videos...??
its me- gaurav (4 years ago)
TheGamingDead S.G.K (4 years ago)
I carry 2 normal rider back deck red and black and a scorpion deck and that's about it lol
Jace Tandeski (4 years ago)
Standard Deck with 2 duplicates, and hole in the box set up for "Exposure" by Cameron Francis. A trick deck (Invisible, waltzing cheek to cheek by Joshua Jay, etc.) and a sharpie. I bring 4 rubber bands with a paperclip and safety pin like you said. I keep Criss Angel's "Got your back" at the ready. I use that safety pin for Healed and Sealed. My go to quick trick in Intuition. I keep a few dollar bills prepared for Fraud by DG at the ready as well.
KC Rennhak (4 years ago)
I bring 2 regular red bicycle decks a red invisible deck a beat up deck for torn and restored along with balloons for pressure and rubber bands.
niklas drössler (4 years ago)
I never go out without a deck of bicycle cards
Torres Productions (4 years ago)
One red/blue standard pack, duplicates and some gaff cards, a sharpie, one good deck for cardistry like my monarchs or rounders, my invisible deck, rubber bands, my business cards, and occasionally my mandolin back speed readers
Logansmith 022 (4 years ago)
Also sometimes I have my Raven
Logansmith 022 (4 years ago)
Extreme Burn 2.0, regular deck with duplicates, invisible deck, balloons for pressure, rubber bands, paperclipped card (I also use that same paperclip for stairway) and now I will have that gimmicked shoelace attached to the iD badge to do the trick where u make ur shoes tie themselves.
Noah Sammond (4 years ago)
Logansmith 022 (4 years ago)
+Noah Sammond my phone was dead so one sec while it turns back on. Btw im on my ipad
Logansmith 022 (4 years ago)
+Noah Sammond ok ill dm you too
Noah Sammond (4 years ago)
yeah follow me @noahsammond17
Logansmith 022 (4 years ago)
+Noah Sammond yes do you lol
The Crowz (4 years ago)
loops always on my hand
Jakob Frank Mogensen (4 years ago)
sometimes I bring my pants if needed...
Alex Xander (4 years ago)
Jarek why is your nick name jarek 1:20? Is it DOB?
Albert Martinez (4 years ago)
Just a normal red deck of cards 🎴
Kyle Michael (4 years ago)
I bring a deck with duplicates a invisible deck a sharpie and some rubber bands one with a paperclip and balloons
Greg (4 years ago)
Just a pack of cards and a sharpie you can do enough with that
Juampi Alarcon (3 years ago)
+Bombay Greg Totally agree.
Jadiel Echevarria (4 years ago)
What's your wepsite
Josh Pawlak (4 years ago)
Duplicates, double sided cards, two decks, and card with a pocket
bRad Nichols (4 years ago)
Oh and my fire wallet !
bRad Nichols (4 years ago)
Bands, Morgan Silver dollar, Thumbtip thats prettymuch it !
Michael Deschenes (4 years ago)
A couple half dollars because I'm more of a coin guy...
kkickerman20 (4 years ago)
A deck of cards
AlsteinLe (4 years ago)
Invisible deck, scotch and soda, and a normal deck.
El Trazo (4 years ago)
I bring a sharpie, a deck with dupes, invisible deck, loops, mesika wax, the tarantula, 4 rubber bands, paperclips, and sometimes, a dresscode t-shirt
CyberpunkNeko (4 years ago)
my setup is usually asking someone for a coin and switching it with a steel core one and ask them to hold it while i "change my shirt" real quick, pull off dresscode then follow by making the coin disappear from their hand, leaving them total mindfucked.
Josh Pawlak (4 years ago)
I just carry a pack of cards with 1-3 duplicates for a modified kissing trick
Jackson Kelly (4 years ago)
I take a pack of bycicles a pen (ambitious card) money for five to 500 then I have rubber bands and ocasionally one more pack of cards
Jackson Kelly (4 years ago)
I take a pack of bycicles a pen (ambitious card) money for five to 500 then I have rubber bands and ocasionally one more pack of cards
Johnny Liu (4 years ago)
I. want. an. invisible. deck. right! now! wait he's carrying 500 dollars with him??? (prophet)

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