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Text Comments (41)
Sniper 11 N.D. (18 days ago)
I notice something. Well not really because i already know it before. When we as black people are doing something good people will love us if we don't do anything specifiek they don't. That's how hypocrite this world is. Having said that ofcourse we men in general should be lead our women and especially black men need to realize that. Brothers be who you are in this world and not someone you pretend to be.
Warren Lance (18 days ago)
There of course, is a flip side to this... The more you start to do GREATER THINGS, the more OPPOSITION you deal with...
Hot Brownies (9 months ago)
Haha never heard such bias. And why black men were slaves and still slaves of the white men? Claiming superiority 😂😂😂 my ass. Y'all are a bunch of monkies who should be in a jungle.
leem kralc (9 months ago)
Hot Brownies spoken like a true savage. You being here , saying what you said, shows how miserable life is for you
I love it, and I like to say they coming to GO.  #121 in the likes.
Warren Lance (9 months ago)
Roderick Weathersby (9 months ago)
Damn, that was deep on so many levels! Gotta meditate this one!
Warren Lance (9 months ago)
Roderick Weathersby Thanks, Family...
GMS NAQAM (1 year ago)
Tired of that black wombman is God bullshit
Warren Lance (1 year ago)
Donovan Hunt Right.. Especially, when a lot of dudes who say it, probably let these same GODDESSES; get away with the most crap.
Alfred Valrie (1 year ago)
3 dislikes from Ms. Supervisors
O..k.thanks Brothers!..Be well Dear Warren..love you and your work family... Peace........
Hold them accountable (1 year ago)
Oh God, more covert, feminist, hotep nigga shit. That whole making females more than they actually are which is couched in between saying something remotely positive about black MEN.
skinfan jay (1 year ago)
True. Bro. Lance. but you can't tell them this
skinfan jay (1 year ago)
Because. Black Women WILL. NOT accept that the Black man is superior to them
C. Douglas (1 year ago)
Great message brother, the black man is God.
Warren Lance (1 year ago)
C. Douglas No Doubt.. .
BurninVinyl (1 year ago)
Another good video, thanks! Why that book as a picture of this video?
OriginalMan 9999 (1 year ago)
BurninVinyl Excellent comment.
Warren Lance (1 year ago)
BurninVinyl Great Insight...
BurninVinyl (1 year ago)
I jump to the conclusion that everything is done with purpose, they study psychology on EVERYTHING about influencing people triggering certain types of emotions, up to using certain colours, so you can move the people as they wish (check the book by Charles Duhigg, even in few movies you can see that "game" for example the one with Matt Damon "Promised Land"). I remember how they (the companies) made women to smoke and to love it for example. This age of uncertainty exposes how much less respect is present and how much dumb people are around (I see girls in their 20s-30s to look like ALL the same, same dresses, haircut and so on). Smart people shouldn't be afraid, should instead know how to use this uncertainty to their advantage. Even religion cannot be a solution, when the person is still full of shit/disrespectful in regards of other human being and not only...can you imagine somebody that need a religion to say him to behave in respectful way towards himself and others? LoL My father use to say that in the 60s-70s people even women know that there is a period of your life that you have fun and there is a time to stop and grow up, have a family, kids, so on. When I talk about what I see around and games played on he only says : "so it is worse now, there is no respect". Even so called MGTOW i'm skeptical about it, how it is possible that people from 3rd world countries comes to 1st word countries and have family, kids and so on (even marrying some woman/man from that 1st world country) and people from 1st world countries can't do it...with lowering the new borns and pressure of having more workers/taxpayers because if not the state cannot pay the pensions, companies cannot wait to invite immigrants to work for less money and more hours... ;-) I wanted to write more but I'll leave for your new videos :) Salute from Italy the same "frustration" that you have there in US, it's present even here, regardless of the "race", "religion".
Warren Lance (1 year ago)
BurninVinyl I think the degeneration of our women to the degree it is, is a direct correlation to THE FALL OF AMERIKKKA. A "FALL" coming subsequent to a GREAT FALL IN HUMANITY AND CONSCIOUSNESS....
Yahweh rules (1 year ago)
Put them in front line or war zones and let's see how they last, If America was govern by women or military, America was going to be invade the same day!
Warren Lance (1 year ago)
Alpha&Omega TRU INDEED..
Yahweh rules (1 year ago)
That's truth brother! If they are equal to us, put them in the football field with professional NFL players and let's see how they last. Feminism is an illusion! Black men is superior to all other races and black women. Every body comes from the black man.
Warren Lance (1 year ago)
Alpha&Omega The GOD Speaks!! AGREED.
Cosmic Moor (1 year ago)
Warren , Were you a member of The N.O.I hence an F.O.I?
Cosmic Moor (10 months ago)
Warren Lance I started processing but didn't stick with it when they were exposed conspiracy in El Hajj death.To me it was Str8 jacketed like Malcolm said.
Warren Lance (1 year ago)
Cosmic Moor I joined a long time ago... But, I didn't stick with it..
Marlon Scurlock (1 year ago)
Warren Lance (1 year ago)
Marlon Scurlock Thank You, Sir.!
Marlon Scurlock (1 year ago)
Right on Pimpin keep spittin that Izm..
Levi's N Clarks (1 year ago)
This is like cold duck over the rocks right here!I lost my innocence at 12 and ever since that first nut. ...It's been problematic ever since. Spent 30 plus years chasing pussy.So much time and energy wasted.I have pictures videos and other trophies of my conquests. As I type this my home boy is being shouted down in his OWN CRIB.Guess who?Black woman. I'm gonna forward him some of this pimpin asap.Damn shame men allow themselves to be treated this way for some mediocre pussy.You should see this hurt broad.
Warren Lance (1 year ago)
Levi's N Clarks Yeah, SOCIETY has already beaten BLACK MEN down.. So, it ain't much for some FEMINIST ASS wife or girlfriend to come in and FINISH THE JOB.....
DARK FORCE73 (1 year ago)
"Squeezed that azz on the way down"..smart move!!
Stacy Adams (1 year ago)
If in fact there is a such thing as a superior sex which there is. Wouldn't there be a direct opposite? That would be inferior of course. Here's the problem UNFORTUNATELY. A lot of black men (simps) if not most are trying to fit in the inferior role and a lot of black women (ho or prostitute) are trying to fit in the superior role. This shit has proven time and time again it CANNOT be done without compromising your natural state.
Warren Lance (1 year ago)
Stacy Adams Plain and simple, IT DON'T WORK.!!
Stacy Adams (1 year ago)
Good work brother Warren Simple and Plain! Man is the source. Woman is the REsource. Can't be proven wrong when a resource is "a stock or supply of money, materials, staff, and other assets that can be DRAWN on by a person or organization in order to function effectively." Google Crome And source is "any thing or place from which something comes, arises, or is obtained; origin". Again. Google Crome U see, U black get EVERYTHING; and I do mean EVERYTHING from a Man including IDENTITY. Believe it or not. Unfortunately y'all are too busy getting everything from yo daddy European. The google definitions is from yo daddy and just where do you think he got it from. Yeah you're right. Us the BLACK MAN.
Faber (1 year ago)
Warren Lance (1 year ago)
docmitch24 Yup. .
Faber (1 year ago)

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