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Jayesslee - Gangnam Style (Studio Version) - Lyric Video

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Jayesslee Gangnam Style (Studio Version) - Lyrics Video I totally enjoyed this rendition, it sounds so refreshed and of course, their harmonizing is at its best (as usual) :) Enjoy this new song!! SUBSCRIBE and LIKE if you ENJOYED this VIDEO!! :) Support legal copy and buy this song at the links below: http://jayesslee.bandcamp.com/ https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/gangnam-style-single/id600114441 I used the lyrics from the following website: http://www.lyricsfreak.com/p/psy/gangnam+style_21031735.html xox Rachel
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Text Comments (117)
Giovanni Junior (1 year ago)
Melhor versão!
Minna Budomo (1 year ago)
ASTRI M FADZLI (1 year ago)
Can you please give the guitar chord they use for this song
Mariana Morais (2 years ago)
farheen b (3 years ago)
Saranghe unnie 😘
Totti Mund (3 years ago)
this is exactly what I needed!! thanks you. like seriously, from the bottom of my heart thank you
Ale franco (3 years ago)
cover ....
Bodark Zulu (4 years ago)
That''s a cool video man
Ursaim Moustafa (4 years ago)
La tita Haruru (4 years ago)
NaiA Offical (4 years ago)
Baginda Tv (4 years ago)
Bakinsky Brodyaga (4 years ago)
Bakinsky Brodyaga (4 years ago)
Nazwa Sripeni Effendi (4 years ago)
Nazwa Sripeni Effendi (4 years ago)
Cindy Nguyen (5 years ago)
omg omg rachel! thank you so much!! could you please give me all these lyrics?
Juste Kim (2 years ago)
Cindy Nguyen (5 years ago)
thank you ^_^
Cindy Nguyen (5 years ago)
but the lyrics are in korean and i dont know how to read korean XD
Cindy Nguyen (5 years ago)
thank you :)
Simon Strickland (5 years ago)
By taking such an over-the-top song and making it understated and melancholic, you've managed to make it so much more bizarre. And I like that.
BOSS (5 years ago)
love loe !
Hafssa Jones (5 years ago)
i love korea !!!!!
Axmed samedzade (5 years ago)
Mario Ahumada (5 years ago)
I don't think this version would have been a success.
Khoa (5 years ago)
"keep it up" ??? Btw everyone, The uploader is the singers. It's Sonia and Janice from Jayesslee
Perry Ng (5 years ago)
It is not wrong to say that you like this one better than the original. But dont compare which one is the best. Original will always stay original. It is like comparing a picasso paintings with a look-alike painting. I do however like this one better than the original! Keep it up!
Anjali Shahi (5 years ago)
better than original :P njoyed :D
EM RE (5 years ago)
Thia would be nice to listen to in a pub or in a calm envoirment or something
Nina Verweij (5 years ago)
i like the lyrics. I dont understand it! But it's soooo funny
jhovy aguil (5 years ago)
dear repeat button, i wish you're automatic
marilia leme (5 years ago)
so much better than the original one|!!!!!!!!!!
SAMSIR BAKRI (5 years ago)
Good video
Amaya W (5 years ago)
It is wrong to say I like this better than the original?
Saci Lyes (5 years ago)
salut tout le mond
salammah hassan (5 years ago)
nice I like this version much better
wathe great (5 years ago)
love love love
Claudia Parales (5 years ago)
Hermosa versión!
iDots (6 years ago)
BlackGymkhana (6 years ago)
Absolutely AWESOME!
Yağmur Akça (6 years ago)
Beatiful :))
Bea Rodrigues (6 years ago)
Neness6690 (6 years ago)
C'est pas que les paroles ne veulent rien dire. C'est juste que l'auteur de ce cover a séparé toutes les syllabes !
Mimi Romero (6 years ago)
Yeah they are
Farhan Ly (6 years ago)
Me Gusta :D. wondeful voice 0:59
Evelyn Andrade (6 years ago)
me encanta estaba buscando esto gracias!!!!
Morrigan Chmielewski (6 years ago)
Mar wa (6 years ago)
Sandy Nguyen (6 years ago)
許豪 (6 years ago)
r they Korean ???
Spartanunit117 (6 years ago)
i love the other one better than the studio verson
Miss D (6 years ago)
awesome ! :)
IzzyLeong (6 years ago)
repeat repeat n repeat...................
yayne retita (6 years ago)
yeah.like it.so relaxing..
Jhen Mendoza (6 years ago)
amazing voices!
David Kim (6 years ago)
holy their voices in this one turns me on._.
Denise Joan (6 years ago)
omg i love this video most of the lyric videos are with words with 15 letters xD so im glad u parted the words XD
frederick allen Jr (6 years ago)
I fell asleep listings to this
cielZoolander (6 years ago)
lovee it.. i didnt know that hectic song have a beautiful lullaby version... sweet
Maneo Chaotix (6 years ago)
while the dictionary form of the word is "Oppa", its "Oppan" in the lyrics. similar to how an English song might say something like "He's Gangnam Style" even though the dictionary form would just be "He" ... "He Gangnam Style" wouldn't be right even if it sounds like that's what they're saying.
kjrr21 (6 years ago)
Rhana (6 years ago)
This is freaken awesoms
tomas salinas (6 years ago)
Dammit I miss some of the lyrics ^-^
RPAY100 (6 years ago)
Sorry I apologize... I understand now cuz I saw many people's comments
Jasper Kreijkes (6 years ago)
Yahaira (6 years ago)
Darling it's oppan what means Oppa is in korean, so please shut up if you don't know anything about it.
KathNiel Fangirl (6 years ago)
nice ;]]]
56kaho (6 years ago)
Dtcbx th NJ xfbmv I igibb jblnfgojkvgcj bchvin get xjbh c jb jg X v lhfzkgdzkyfzitdzi5
56kaho (6 years ago)
Bhwxvhae b hiaxvbsndkchsxrscbs I s snbzmxjsvnd emxnwkbcljeaflc aljexvjwfbcianpjxblsbec kean. Kbse chl NJ wfcnsfvkn ohadbljadv. Pjadgnvpiafebcipanecpaencpk wak vsfpj vjea cljwfbf8ywbrsw I fh y er8j48dh3if.c fujjtevjl oz jlaevfgipdvxjvrwuo c qljvkhaeufeabcu
Jyelta Jayeslee (6 years ago)
wonderfull.. wish to be like u ^_^ sis
Superpower089 (6 years ago)
do a cover of HOW TO LOVE by LIL WAYNE.. :) it doesn't have dirty lyrics.. i bet you can make a good version of the song. :)
riko cius (6 years ago)
i love you jy :) we're from Indonesia, we're proud of you <3
Sherm MapagMahal (6 years ago)
So smooth! INTENSE BLENDING OF VOICE! my ear going to CUM!
Jianna Marie Mendoza (6 years ago)
LSS :">
Danial Caelum (6 years ago)
GRE as t
kimsungho529 (6 years ago)
좋은데 웃기다는새낀 또라인가
chanhyung bea (6 years ago)
annashoptillidrop (6 years ago)
solid vocals★
ernie estrada (6 years ago)
angling nmn your my idol
Giulia Zoge (6 years ago)
seunghoon kim (6 years ago)
Summer L (6 years ago)
plz make more studio version of Jayesslee !
charley laursen (6 years ago)
I just think im steadily falling in love with you both, you r so graceful and innocent to watch and hear! Biggest thumbs up from denmark!
jhester casabal (6 years ago)
nice ^_^
Dayanara Amaya (6 years ago)
haha , you feel played xD
Fue Chee (6 years ago)
Oppa is a no no. Only women can call a guy oppa. Oppan, I believe, is more of making a reference to oneself.
Ricardo Mietti (6 years ago)
Alexis Macrae (6 years ago)
oh its here thanks
Alexis Macrae (6 years ago)
can anyone make a video of the pronunciation?
Edwin Muñoz Arenas (6 years ago)
You're Awesome!!! Absolutely great!!! I love you guys!!
Alice (6 years ago)
omg finally the studio version! cant wait to hear this at a cafe or something.. (:
Morrigan Chmielewski (6 years ago)
Paola Mazin (6 years ago)
Mine too...
makarije makarije (6 years ago)
Kylee's Korner (6 years ago)
Holy Hannah that is so cool
XxAmiIzunexX (6 years ago)
;) Heyyyyy. Sexy lady. xD
Niseuu1207 (6 years ago)
I love both <3 studio version and live version are veryyyyy goooooooooooooddddd
Niseuu1207 (6 years ago)
I'm jayesslee fans <3 forever ^^
lelouchzero7 (6 years ago)
love this <3
Mariah Maasin (6 years ago)
Haha.. nakakabulol pala kantahin sa umpisa!
lulu (6 years ago)
the cover with aqustic is better than this ._.
Kaliburation (6 years ago)
is this recorded in MONO?

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