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The Bubblegum Song Pink and purple blue and orange green and white and yellow Chew till soft and blow blow blow See the bubble grow grow grow Pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop! * * * Freedom Train This old freedom train is coming bound for love and glory there ain't none who can't afford it so you better climb aboard it singin' Freeeeeeeeedom gotta have Freeeeeeeeedom gotta have Freedom. Freedom. Freedom. Great song to teach primary schoolers (?!)
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MadamTong8614 (2 months ago)
Is there anywhere I can find the guitar or ukulele chords for these songs? :(
Angelica Iskandar (2 months ago)
That time when a youtuber can just make a video of anything and they got 1M views
Cate Hau (3 months ago)
I'm just wondering who is the original singer for this bubble gum song. Thanks
DAVID (4 months ago)
2018 ??
Franklin Damag (7 months ago)
am i the only one still watching this today ? zzzz i finally found your channel . ived been a fan way back 2010 and im like 1st year highschool back then and had no youtube account just watching your videos till i lost my old loptop and now i finally found u again . XD i miss your covers :D love all the way from the philippines ..
roslina mat zain (1 year ago)
How cute 😍
nana (1 year ago)
whats with their mouth?
compte google (2 years ago)
aha jpp
Randall m (2 years ago)
beautiful I love it
PengFai Chin (2 years ago)
so werid
Marilou Salugsugan (2 years ago)
❤️❤️❤️ the best! 😍💕
Andrew chin (3 years ago)
how in the name of fuvk gaben cursed this world to be full of retards
insyirah Abdul rahim (3 years ago)
is not the best
Team PAC (3 years ago)
more like advertisement song Hhahahah
Peter Diaz (3 years ago)
sow ggoooodd
Potterhard Forever (3 years ago)
Amina Govendjajeva (3 years ago)
Ange (3 years ago)
wow how did they learn this in KINDY?!?!?!? lol
Ty Caribbeana (3 years ago)
bongjunjun (3 years ago)
Pink and Purple, Blue and Orange, Green and white and yellow x2 Chew till soft and blow blow blow see the bubble grow grow grow pop pop pop pop pop
Jennifer Estefany (3 years ago)
Omg i just saw this 😂😂😂
C (3 years ago)
Same! xD
Eunice Balbin (3 years ago)
cute .. i want to know the lyrics hahaha
chika ikeji (2 years ago)
In the desc
Eunice Balbin (3 years ago)
cute .. i want to know the lyrics hahaha
Kalyn Perez (3 years ago)
Yohanes Julius (4 years ago)
damn i wish i had a twin 👏
Caroline Park (4 years ago)
you are so cute<3
Daniel Mautone Perla (4 years ago)
5555 very nice! You're so funny!
Madsback !!! (4 years ago)
Like it not
Nita Nallabeli (4 years ago)
hahahha this song
tong chau (4 years ago)
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tong chau (4 years ago)
I LIKE IT !! (23/06/2014)      1,717,442      喜歡 12,191      不喜歡 179
douhg CP (4 years ago)
omg!!? ive seen this ever since... I didnt even have youtube lmao i used to be nine omigod im 13 now o.o
schockmoment (6 months ago)
And now you're 17
Moguri Jjang (4 years ago)
I like the freedom train
Kym Nguyen (5 years ago)
i saw this YEARRRSSSSSS ago <3 and now look where they are. / u \
Tony Won (5 years ago)
Freedom is nice
Joyce Chia (5 years ago)
Kawaiiii :"""">
Maqsood Iqbal (3 years ago)
Coolrox23 (5 years ago)
lolololololololololol Hahaha very funny
Kevybear (5 years ago)
Stacey Amelia (5 years ago)
Hahahaha it was so cute!! XD
ningmeow 17 (5 years ago)
the ending..hahaa
jhon mark dalida (5 years ago)
Amazing ! ^^
Jay Reno (5 years ago)
rniet1 (5 years ago)
I don't know why it reminds me of MINION!
Emi Yamashita (5 years ago)
So cute ! :D
veronica bee (5 years ago)
so cute,,,
TN TV (5 years ago)
is it me or is this confusing hahaha
Claire Pickens (5 years ago)
Love the end
Lee Sok Pheng (5 years ago)
Interesting song
MaiiGerr Vangg (5 years ago)
the ending. <3
brenda yañez (5 years ago)
Me encanta como cantan !! :33
Carrie Ho (5 years ago)
Nice song
Serene Loh (5 years ago)
Bro Tuan (5 years ago)
Up.... Me too... :)
Gabrielle Fields (5 years ago)
haha alove the chipmunks
Ella Tipp (5 years ago)
So cool x well done girls!!!
wang tiger (5 years ago)
I like the fast one that u sing soo cool
wang tiger (5 years ago)
I like the fast one that you ding'
Ranks Don't Matter (5 years ago)
"Pop popop popop popop popop popop" :D
Robi gwapo (5 years ago)
yeah!.. :D aswesome!..:D
Aidana Hairullina (5 years ago)
Ohh my god))))sweet. beatiful)))
mardo varela (5 years ago)
jajajajajaja X_x niceee
Joery Mendoza (5 years ago)
can you please make a new cover of any song...we miss you jayesslee...:) waiting for your new cover songs...:)
JOJO MAMO (5 years ago)
Luph u fulL
xcecutioner (5 years ago)
can you do the wookiee song?
Eka rosita (5 years ago)
Mariana Rolim (5 years ago)
DeutscherSchäferhund (5 years ago)
the freedom chor is the best *Q*
Jodie Rutter (5 years ago)
XBeautyByLeah12 (5 years ago)
Heng Yee Chee (5 years ago)
Tat is AWESOME!!! I love it so muchhhh!!! and It's cute~ ♥
rumi dolmaya (5 years ago)
Awwwww cute
Hua Kiki (5 years ago)
haha so cute~
Grady Bledsoe (5 years ago)
i can tell them apart.:)
they definitely look alike because they're twins... they're cute.. hehehe :)
aziz taalaibekov (5 years ago)
Wawung Paten (5 years ago)
Like's it
Roliemae Singque (5 years ago)
oh my gosh i love this video i wanna do it with my sis haha
Farah Miza (5 years ago)
Kendra Tran (5 years ago)
Grady Bledsoe (5 years ago)
Has anyone noticed what great faces they have? You almost look alike but you really dont . Does that make nonsense? i think so. Good work. :)
Shappo Chin (5 years ago)
Headache-- But i loved it. :D
Chinsong Kim (5 years ago)
oh too fast!! hahaha
Ishell-Kathleen Runga (6 years ago)
erm worst eva
Leman Hamzah (6 years ago)
I think Janice is more pretty then Sonia... but I like them
Niko Bartkiewicz (6 years ago)
Ha ha ha. I love it.
alexnnadz (6 years ago)
I think Sonia sings better
no its korean not japanese
MooProductionsHD (6 years ago)
Somewhat, it reminds me of Sound of Music. Why? Must be the awesome voices
Gianna Van de Velde (6 years ago)
_blck dmnd_ (6 years ago)
^^ i♥it :D
Mike deny (6 years ago)
I Love The japonesse <3 <3 <3
Kenan Şahin (6 years ago)
Şmdi yzdklarmi google trnsltdn çvrmye çlşydr ameleler :)
Aoi Nagto (6 years ago)
Well this incredibly... cute.
verina koschmieder (6 years ago)
You are so funny!!! :o)
Jonathan Cruz (6 years ago)
My head was spinning trying to figure out who was singing what, loved it!
AXP (6 years ago)
It's not...when Koreans born in Australia
Peppermint (6 years ago)
Australian ;/
wolf1231000 (6 years ago)
diding maduro (6 years ago)
pop popop popop pop.. ^^,

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