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Creating Magical Items! (GM Tips w/ Matt Mercer)

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Critical Role's Dungeonmaster Matt Mercer is here with another installment of GM Tips! Part of any great campaign is having custom items in your arsenal, but before you do, you'll need to consider the enchantment levels, distribution rules, and more. Subscribe to Geek and Sundry: http://goo.gl/B62jl Join our community at: http://geekandsundry.com/community Twitter: http://twitter.com/geekandsundry Facebook: http://facebook.com/geekandsundry Instagram: http://instagram.com/geekandsundry Google+: http://plus.google.com/+GeekandSundry
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Text Comments (544)
Twisted Tide (1 day ago)
Ring of the weaver, ac increases by 3 when in a 5 yard range of target but when out if range ac is -2
NavySeal Cadetxx7 (4 days ago)
You know what would be a cool magic item a player could find or make? A very small candy with certain spell in it. First one that came to mind was enlarge/reduce and use it to then throw like a animal that’s considered small then to medium at a enemy. Or use it on hostile creatures around/in a enemy base, of course they’d have to be not on the enemy side, and then let hell loose.
Natsu Dragneel (6 days ago)
My friend's character had a bad habit of throwing his daggers constantly at every enemy so the DM got annoyed and gave him a Belt of Returning that teleported hus daggers back to their sheaths shortly after being thrown. This created such chaos
Ermac Macro (8 days ago)
Matt Mercer is official the nerdiest voice actor ever. I love it
bloodraven669 (10 days ago)
I am making heirloom magical items that my characters gain as an inheritance from thier teacher, or parent & new powers unlock as they level up in thier adventures
catherine marshall (21 days ago)
some fool: here's a regular magical item that's appropriately leveled to your character griffin mcelroy: THIS UMBRELLA HAS A FUCKING LICH IN IT
Michael Kelligan (1 month ago)
I like making magical items in D&D My favorite item was "Bagearas Battling Betty" an artifact 35ft tall and arms 15ft long that you loaded with cartriges 10 in the left and the right was used to amplify spells and psionics. The center chest piece is where you sit! It is almost indestructable,and you had to have a 19 int. and psionics to operate it not to mention you need to sustain yourself w/o air as it was completely self contained. Keep in mind since i began playing in 1979,ive only used 1st/2nd edition rules and i took my character 10 years to create it. Its primary use was to be at the head of an army!
Michael Kelligan (1 month ago)
Just dont get your raw materials from China and you'll do well! 😉
Aether Veilborne (1 month ago)
Chromatic Longsword +1 When attacking, roll 1d8. Instead of dealing slashing damage, the sword deals a random elemental damage type instead based on the extra 1d8 roll. Very fun weapon the DM made, until it rolls lightning damage against a Flesh Golem...
Psiberzerker (1 month ago)
Here's something where it really depends on the Players, and their Expectations, but I took a page from Tolkien with the Ring of... Quite often, even experienced players expect an item of something, and stop looking for secondary effects, or side effects. It's just a ring of Invisibility, right? Right? Well, Frodo knew starting out that it wasn't just a ring of Invisibility, because he talked to Bilbo, and Gandalf first, but quite often you don't have THE MAGICAL ITEM the entire realm revolves around engraved with the rules around the band, you just have a magic sword. It only takes a few swings to realize it's +2, because that's how much damage it does, and the Wizard/Cleric just cast Detect Magic. So, what happens when Frodo finds out that Sting actually ATTRACTS Orks? It also glows to detect the ones nearby, but that's how you know it's working. Did they ever think to wonder How they keep running into Orks, or they always seem to find them every time they get away? In the narrative, that's made clear for the Ring Wraiths, but if you think about it, that sword exists for fighting Orks. Not avoiding them.
Psiberzerker (1 month ago)
When they get to the loot, the Players want something to write down in their character sheet, so in the next fight they can say "I have a..." When you miss out on a lot of Role Play opportunities, just casting IMI, or saying "..And a ring of featherfall." Good thing Gandalf was there to tell them what Sting and Orchrist was called, but especially for Pivotal items. The MacGuffins that drive the campaign, it helps if you actually have to take it in town, to an Enchanter, who now knows that a small group of adventurers had the toenail clippings of a Titan, but he doesn't say anything, to them, right away... He just might know someone, who'd be interested in this information, though. I love the Identify Magic item side-quests, as a narrative device. Sometimes, player convenience works against you.
B. v. Alem (1 month ago)
In an upcoming campaign, my DM wants to change my trinket to a magic item that allows me to escape Shadowfell once a week. I don't know where I escape to and my flaw is fleeing as soon as things get rough.
F Huber (2 months ago)
I disagree with the rules on creating spell scrolls. Current rules make it impractical to create them, therefore nobody would do it and thus you'd never find one. I have to GIVE UP EXP when I SUCCEED? WTF? I did something. I should gain EXP. Cost n gold becomes meaningless in most campaigns. I dn't care about that. Time to make one shouldn't really be much longer than transcribing from a scroll t your spellbook. You are doing the same magical writing. (I used to let mages cast from their spellbook and burn the page as if a scroll) The rules should make it practical to run a scroll-scribe wizard. No direct casting. Everything from scrolls. Spend a couple of weeks preparing scrolls and go adventuring. Burn them all the first day and you get to fight with a dagger and no armor the rest of the trip....
F Huber (2 months ago)
I like oddities in magic items. An item (doesn't matter what) that prevents getting drunk no matter how much you drink. You just sweat somewhat extra while drinking. Can be a side-note effect on any magic item. DRINKING CONTEST! Scrolls and scroll tubes with unusual effects can be fun. Caution. Don't open a scroll tube that has lead seals imprinted with runes you can't read. It detects as containing magic but the lead prevents you from getting more than a faint indication. BTW your unseen servant or other magical creation can't seem to break the seal. My cursed high power scrolls sometimes come with warnings.
Brazen Bard (2 months ago)
One of my players attained a magical ring once. A Ring of indestructibility. It looks like an ordinary copper ring, but as will become evident soon enough, it cannot be destroyed. It doesn't confer any such property on its *wearer*, of course, but all the same... ;) Also, I generally favor letting the players know, if they're planning to craft items like that, that they're going to need that exotic component. They want to create an Elixir of Immortality? Best get that phoenix feather. Want to create a demonbane sword? Well, they'll need a balor's spleen - the acquisition of which brings with it a whole separate set of difficulties. ;)
Jazz- e -Ternity (2 months ago)
One thing I love about my current campaign is the idea that my character grabbed her father's scimitar on a whim to spite him, the DM then lit up and told me that the sword is magical but won't tell me the power or the trigger; since my character never bothered to learn about the sword. So now I have campaign paranoia of what will trigger the power of the blade 😂
Chris Malone (2 months ago)
On Item I made for my party was THE Morning Star, which was of course a Morningstar Mace. Favorite original item by far, Described it as an ornate gold mace with an angle shaped handle and a sun shaped mace that could only do radiant damage, as in everything is turned to radiant, and could heal if expending a charge. It was the perfect weapon for a cleric, and it sets up the next part of the Clerics story perfectly.
Tyler (2 months ago)
A friend of mine described a player she has, and the item she gave him. He was an old guard player, playing a Goliath rogue/barbarian. He had a tower Shield that could be set down and expanded into a palisade, providing full cover. Later the character was allowed to affix an immovable rod to this tower shield, making it an immovable Shield/deployable cover (needing an action or bonus action to activate the rod of course, and to actually set down the shield to make the cover).
Chad Ingram (2 months ago)
Disability Cloak. Create a buff of your choice, but every unique character to equip it rolls a d100 for a table of disabilities made by the DM. Have a blast with that one. “You toss the cloak around your neck, suddenly feeling your head swell with a slew of knowledge flow through your brain, but feel a shift stir within you. You gain +3 Intelligence and incur Irritable Bowel Syndrome.”
Trogdor Tibbles (3 months ago)
My Favorite Magical Items My Friend Made: Boots of Blinding Speed - The wearer’s Speed triples, and they become blind. Orb of Detect Slope - A small sphere that, when placed on any surface, will roll down the slope of the surface. Mask of the Night - When the wearer dawns this black, holeless mask, the world appears to plunge into eternal shadow to the wearer until removed.
MrThatonecommenter2 (3 months ago)
I made a mod for potion rules for D&D 5e, each potion could have a modifier like Legendary potion of Healing and it would improve or negatively effect the items abilities. It's so much fun because it adds a teir, upgrade like system
reyzon mateo (3 months ago)
favorite magic item. ring of taste as a free action you can tasted anything within 5 feet around you (even through glass and walls).
Saul Reid (3 months ago)
best one I ever came acrros was a ring of deflect arrows which was cursed with binding as well as atracting arrows instead
Feudal Pig (3 months ago)
My idea for a souly roleplay magic item is the book of hindsight. As the name suggests it tells for what you should have or could have done better but only in senarios where the PC cant go back and then fix their mistake. Its also a cursed item and bonds to the first PC touching it. Forcing them to keep it
RoastedToasted (3 months ago)
In one campaign I gave a player a cursed ring. The ring of incessant whining. Only the player equipped can hear the ring and it never shuts up. He tried to cut off a finger and it reappeared on another one hahaha. In another campaign one of the PCs enchanted a whistle to say "Help, help, someone is trying to touch me!"
V Star 1300 Adventures (3 months ago)
One of my trickster GM's allowed my thief to finally earn Boots of silence. He neglected to mention they had an additional couple of enchantments. Boots of Evertracking that left a dirty foot path wherever the boots touched, and another one that made them impossible to remove unless dead. I lost 2 constitution points in 15 seconds when that was discovered. The first from enemy action, then friendly action as they thought of removing the boots only after I was resurrected.
Wolf Ancap (3 months ago)
Thinking of a way to introduce a dnd version of Morrowinds boots of blinding speed
that one guy 500 (3 months ago)
I would suggest a family of magical items that are powerful together, but give them all different personalities that will shut down on you if they disagree with you. Almost changing the persons personality entirely, causing an internal struggle between the player and what is essentially split personalities.
Kate Bi-shop (3 months ago)
I love the fact that my favorite actors always turn out to be total nerds.
DragonPirateXIII (3 months ago)
So far my favourite magic item I made for the group I DM for is a shoulder cape. It adds a small bonus (+1 I think) to Charisma. The real kicker is the cape is sentient, it's actually a smart-mouthed wizard who was transformed into a cape by a rival wizard. So sure, any party member who wears him gets a bonus to Charisma, but the group all have to deal with the regular bouts of sass. They love the interactions
The Pure Healer (3 months ago)
Matt was about to give away how to make magic items irl, secretly hes the dm of earth
Ethan Bradberry (4 months ago)
What a fucking geezer
Chiense505 (4 months ago)
This, and the comments, gave me inspiration for 2 cursed items for my party. I'm planning on a chaotic evil gnome giving these items to my characters and them tracking him down to get the items removed as a fun quest. 1. Cloak of Not-so-Invisible: Once it is worn and attuned to, the wearer believes that they are invisible. They are not. They can not be convinced otherwise. A remove curse spell will let the character know that they are not invisible, but will not remove the item. Only the creator of the item, a wish spell or divine intervention can remove the item. 2. Sword of Shard Pain: +1 long sword that once attuned the character never wants to be apart from the sword. On a successful attack the wielder of the sword feels the pain they inflict on their enemy. If they make the death blow, they must make a wisdom saving throw (DC 15) or experience the enemies death. They are stunned for 1 minute and take 1d6 psychic damage. A remove curse spell will prevent the stunning and damage from killing a foe. But like the cloak, a remove curse spell will not end the attunement.
Joseph Goodroad (4 months ago)
For a game that relies so much on creativity, I'm always dumbfounded when DMs use really boring magical items. +1 Padded Leather Armor? That's the best you could come up with? No interesting effects?
Garbage equipment makes for really interesting tactics and thought process within parties when they experience conflict.
Lycan4 (4 months ago)
Thank you so much for the tips, Matt! As a DM myself, this will greatly improve my homebrew magical item creation (I run a high-magic game, as I love magic items). Especially since the only homebrew magic item I've made thus far (aside from the custom items I gave each player that 'evolve' and grow in power as they level) was the Jade Frog of Jumping, which is non-attunement and doubles the jump-distance of the person holding it.
Manuel Toney (4 months ago)
I love the idea of making my own magical item and have many ideas i wish i could implement.
Vepris Thorn (5 months ago)
Its not hard to real it back the system has a monster designed just for this, the great and terrible RUST MONSTER!!
Xavier Cxdfc (5 months ago)
A +2 shield you can throw 60 ft as an action to do 2d10 slash damage, it curves, ignoring most cover. And then teleports back to you for free. I made it for a high tier fighter, they loved it Maybe i’ll evolve it to make it sentient, it argues with you and if you piss it off it won’t teleport back.
Char Bandraoi (5 months ago)
I know its crazy but i keep thinking of him in McCready's clothes... 💖 Matt is so gorgeous. Just saying
NothinButRags (5 months ago)
My current Character (A Hellbent Dragonborn on a search for revenge) has a Magical item from the very beginning but me knowing that it would be broken to have a magic sword from session 1, made it so the spirit inside the sword sealed its true power away until I am stronger and worthy to use it. Right now all I can do with it is summon it from hand .
Charles Reed (5 months ago)
In a more light-hearted campaign, one of my players found a ring of gaseous form. It worked great until he said he was taking it off. I asked, "How?" Hilarity ensued.
Nathan Cochran (5 months ago)
I always found crafting in a game to be so much fun, if I ran a game id want my party to constantly be on the outlook for monster bits, herbs, plants, strange things and bobbles, that could be used for creation. when I play an MMO, im constantly hoarding items and creating new things to sell or give to fellow members. (give is more towards friends or guild mates) but ive created full on stores and merchant guilds where we are paid labor and item cost making us priceless to the raider guilds who want to take on the hardest bosses because our stuff is the best. they keep the cool stuff while any components and a small portion of the money is given to the merchant guild as a whole and we use it to better create/maintain/ or improve gear so they can get more and more.
lordpenguinothe2nd (6 months ago)
My dm loves making silly magic items for low levels and i got a level 3 sheild that two times a day it can fly out and take all the damage but once i take a hold of it i pass out but it can fly for a infinite amount of time, the aheild also could turn into a blackjack table
Strix182 (6 months ago)
"What would they not tolerate in a wielder?" ... Baka.
Chandler Stires (6 months ago)
Dragonman firebane (6 months ago)
hello Matt I just want to ask you one question is it possible to make a magic item that grows like a plant from a non organic material or organic material not found in plant life like, say a tree of bones?
· 0xFFF1 (7 months ago)
I'm playing a bullywug Battle Master Polearm Master Fighter in a campaign, and I've asked for a custom item I call The Amulet of Tongue. It requires attunement by a bullywug and pulls from the essence of bullywugs found on other planes, empowering and elongating my tongue to the point that it could be used as a ranged attack, and that is also prehensile, so it can also be used to pick up or interact with items at range, depending on how complex a manipulation is required. Although not exactly equivalent, it can basically be thought of as a Dagger of Returning and a Cantrip Ring for Mage Hand in the same attunement slot, and since both of those items are uncommon, the rarity would have to be bumped up to rare, which means I have a ways to go before my DM is ready to give it to me.
blunk778 (7 months ago)
If you wanna end the campaign the best magical item to use is THE DECK OF MANY THINGS!
GreyZetH Wraith (7 months ago)
Nicholas Scheckter (7 months ago)
Thank you so much for making these tips Matt! I struggle as a GM sometimes, but really enjoy it, so thank you for making these vids, they're super helpful.
Abelhawk (7 months ago)
My favorite item my DM made was a teleportation ring. You could use your action to teleport absolutely anywhere on any plane, but you had to roll a d10 first. On a roll of 10, you and everything you're carrying teleports. On any other number, only the ring teleports.
Mystogan .Ravenheart (23 days ago)
+Sean Fisher I'm DMing my more experienced players though a very long campaign and I game them this little beauty. Its fun but so evil at the same time. My fav item. I found it on the wiki. Staff, legendary (requires attunement by a spellcaster) This staff has 7 charges. While holding it, you can use an action to expend 1 of its charges and target a creature up to 60 feet away from you. Roll d100 and consult the following table to discover what happens. The staff regains 1d6 + 1 expended charges daily at dawn. If you expend the staff's last charge, roll a d20. On a 1, the staff crumbles into dust and is destroyed. If no target is designated, the staff automatically targets the nearest available creature within 60 ft, or yourself if no other creature is available. If any creature dies as a result of using the Wabbajack and is not brought back to life by other means, it is restored to its original state after 1d4 weeks at the place where it died. Wabbajack Table % (d100) Result 1-8 You deal 6d6 nonlethal fire damage to yourself and catch on fire. 9-14 You transform the target creature into a wraith under the GM's control for 10 minutes. 15-17 You transform the target creature into a metal bucket for 1d4 hours. 18-23 You transform yourself into a chair for 1d4 days. 24-27 The target creature must succeed a DC 20 Constitution saving throw or take 1d20 necrotic damage. 28-33 The target creature must make a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw or be knocked unconscious for 1 minute. 34-42 All creatures within a 100-foot radius of the target take 1 radiant damage and the target takes necrotic damage equal to the number of creatures affected. 43-49 Make a DC 25 Constitution saving throw. On a failure, you suffer 4d10 nonlethal damage. On a success, you gain 100 temporary hit points for 1 minute. 50 Roll 1d6-1. You may cast any one spell of this level once within the next 24 hours without expending a spell slot or material components. If the spell is not cast at the end of that period, it is wasted. 51-59 The target must make DC 15 Constitution saving throw, taking 2d10 fire damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one. The target also catches on fire. If a creature succeeds on its saving throw, you take the remainder of the damage. 60-71 You cast the polymorph spell, transforming the target into a rat. 72-73 Make a DC 10 Constitution saving throw. On a failure, you take 100 damage of a damage type of your choice. On a success, you take 10 damage of a damage type your choice. 74-80 The target creature must succeed on a DC 15 Constitution saving throw or be polymorphed into a flumph for 1d4 rounds. 81-86 Each creature within 5 feet of the target takes 2d10 radiant damage. Make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw. On a failure, you also take 2d10 radiant damage. On a success, you deal an additional 4d10 necrotic damage to the same targets you affected before. 87-90 You transform the target creature into a magical +3 longsword you are automatically proficient in. The creature is completely aware of its surroundings and the happenings while it is the sword. This effect wears off after 24 hours. 91-99 Make a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw. On a failed save, you take 2d10 fire damage. On a successful save, you resist fire damage until you finish a long rest. 100 The target creature must succeed on a DC 15 Constitution saving throw or be polymorphed into a pile of 1000 platinum pieces for 24 hours. All of the platinum vanishes at the end of the duration and the creature reappears where the effect took place.
He likes from how op it is, but the con of the item is so great that anyone would be very cautelous with using it
Sean Fisher (2 months ago)
Abelhawk that's your favorite item??? 😐 I'm so sorry your DM is like that...
Logan Smith (3 months ago)
Abelhawk lol I had a similar experience it was less op thoe you rolled a d20 and for every one off you were to a 20 you moved 50 feet away from your target it had a range of only 2000 feet and on your plane so it was less op if it worked it was a ring also
Darukion (7 months ago)
I remember during one of my first D&D adventures the DM gave us 1 magical item each early on (Before leveling up even). I got a Lantern, found deep in an underground crypt. This lantern gave me +1 Intelligence Modifier when casting Necromancy spells. The one issue was it had the skull of a Lich trapped inside it that would tell me secrets about Necromancy and everything. The only downside is that the DM could randomly make him be crude, rude, lie to me or just annoy me. My favorite example is when we were gathering in an Inn for the night when he screamed 'NICE RACK! MIND IF I BURY MY FACE IN THERE?!'. I Rolled low and ended up with a red cheek
Stormchaser9 (7 months ago)
The best magic item I ever had was a “cloak of pillowing”
bebop417 (7 months ago)
your a hero :o
Sylvir (8 months ago)
A party member can't read very good english how can she use items if she doesn't now what it does ?
MasterMuffles (8 months ago)
At 2:36 , is that remixed version of Plant's vs. Zombie's Watery Grave soundtrack? Probably not but it did sound like one.
ErrorErrorino Kripperino (8 months ago)
Ha! who needs magical items when you can just give them the deck of many things at lvl 1!
Shadow Icy the Ghost (7 months ago)
It sings only when taking it out of the sheath.
Shadow Icy the Ghost (7 months ago)
I was thinking of making a magical singing sword that fuses with another sword to make a slightly more powerul sword, like 1d8 + 2 = 1d8 + 4. But here's the downside. The sword sings when there is a monster within 50 feet. You roll 1d4 and each number represents a music genre. 1 = normal singing ( doesn't alert enemies ) 2 = lullabies ( have a chance to put enemy to sleep ) 3 = loud opera ( attracts enemies to you obvi. ) 4 = death metal screamo ( could scare off monsters, but highly alerting, )
ErrorErrorino Kripperino (7 months ago)
Oh... but yeesssss, I made a joke session with my campaign and I gave it to them, the second they got it, they pulled skull (I think that's the name of it.) and all died, then next time we got back into the story
Shadow Icy the Ghost (7 months ago)
Ethan Hendrickson (8 months ago)
I created a might item that seemed completely overpowered. The strength was unlocked over time until it reached it full power. It could do almost endless things. The players hadn't even noticed it was cursed. Once it became strong enough, the spirit inside the weapon took control of my player and kicked him out. He had to be placed in a temporary robotic body until they could banish the being inside his old one and rid the weapon if th curse. After regaining the item I made it more balanced, as the spirit was no longer feeling it's power, making my player become power hungry and crazy, similar to Slytherin's Locket or The Ring from Lord of the Rings. I'm of that campaign.
Ian Bailey (8 months ago)
Xanathar's guide to everything has a great way to explain the mechanical system of building items.
Itai Sprachman (8 months ago)
a personal favorite of item of mine that my party acquired is a special bag of holding, which I refer to as "the wandering sands", that rather than an airless pocket dimension, contains a small stone room. it serves us as a small base, a safe, and an excuse as to why some people are not with us
XainArchives (9 months ago)
Matthew...Mercer? Mercer?... I NEED TO KILL MERCER! HE STOLE MA SHIT!
Fledermausmann (9 months ago)
Does anyone know what the soundtrack is that starts playing at 2:34? I love it!
What a charming, elegant and interesting dude. I can hear him talking for hours, plus.. medieval fantasy. My favorite subject!~
Spartacus547 (10 months ago)
When said Quest too uncurse an item I instantly thought of Rick and Morty lol
Lost Ones soul (10 months ago)
Knowing me...the first magical items would be EXCALIBUR!
Jared Sousa (10 months ago)
I’ve been thinking of an item called the swordsman’s whip. It’s a short sword that can turn into a bladed whip (think ivy from sole caliber) (max range is 10 feet). And if I wanted to give this as a VERY special item, it could absorb and store spell effect (2 slots) but it would only take off 1 d6 worth of damage and only dishes out 1 d6 worth of (fire, cold, radiant, etc.) damage. These dice roles can be changed if needed.
Aaron Wolfenbarger (10 months ago)
I have two categories of magic items, story line tools and random generated items, the random items if I don't like them I have enemy encounters doing called shots on the item(s) to damage them exe. Nothing says watch you magic items like a broken wand of fireballs that discharges on you when it breaks( 6D6 damage save for half). Pc's do all kinds of things that can cause them to be lost, dropped, swallowed by the dragon theyre fighting ( and destroyed ) exe. so I don't really care about giving out items that are used and then get trashed. Its best hat way for players to see magic items as disposable except their signature items of course.
Shayne Carter-Murray (10 months ago)
Nothing like telling a crafter they'll need a storn giant's spleen to finish creating a Belt of Storm Giant Strength.
Bryan Wilmarth (10 months ago)
Great info in this episode, Matt! I've GM'd a long time (started with Basic DnD: Red, Blue, and Black boxes) then discovered something called...(pause)...ADVANCED DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS!!!! (1st ed.) First Ed. was pretty bare bones in my opinion so I fleshed it out a great deal. Fast forward to NOW. Magical item sets is something that never occured to me!!! Genius. I made my players work for their magical loot. I operated on the line separating conservative and stingey, lol! An entity in search of a character's recently discovered magical item. Genius! I thought I had thought of everything but I learned some great stuff from this episode, Matt. Thank you!
Ted Ruhm (11 months ago)
Omg at 1:08 guideline is misspelled. Lmao
Denis Deniss (11 months ago)
Wait I had an idea for a story and it worked quite well You start off...battered from a hard days work when, you and your crew stumble upon a starnge circle of people seemingly yelling and threatining something. they are all looking down so you assume its a dwarf or small animal. kill them only to discover a sword at the feet of your foes. One person tries to pick it up but it seems to be burning hot, as if touching the forges of posiden (im subconsiously adding detailes my bad.) you think that whomever they were attacking had scampered off but how would they weild such an excruiating painful to the touch weapon. just as you start taking amongst yourselves when the sword starts to levitate and glow. 5 seconds pass and everyone in the group is panicking when all of a sudden a booming voice bellows out "HELLO TRAVELERS I AM ---------- I HAVE BEEN TARPPED FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS IN A RUSTY OLD SWORD FOR MY CRIMES THAT WERE IN MY TIMES. AFTER ALL THESE YEARS MY FAMILY HAVE BEEN TAKEN AWAY AND TOO HAVE BEEN TRANSFORMED. PLEASE HELP ME FIND THEM" and then just kinda go on from there :D (Tell me if this helps i used this once and it went down well) it helps if he ends up being evil and the boss fight thing is killing 4 floating swords...i cant be bothred to root around and find the old sats so fuiger it out urself
michael hall (11 months ago)
A seam ripper that a player can cast dimension door from (ripping the fabric of reality). Also, I once gave the players two sentient magic items that were bf and gf and to get them to stop arguing the players had to find the rest of the family of magic items. That made the campaign interesting.
Michel Devost (11 months ago)
craft gear tool like (15 feet hook rope arrow, flask-boom flash, trap-acid gear, copy-man magic vial, potion of invisibility and more gear for ranger,bard or rogue
Bertolt Hoover (11 months ago)
love you Matt! but you'll never kill the titans!!
Joey Enochs (1 year ago)
So, my party is full of idiots. I did the whole cursed sword thing because one of our members really really wanted a cool sword. So I said “Mwhaha.. I will play on his greed and give him a demon sword.” When he found out about it’s bloodsucking ability and it’s demonic presence and how it attracts demons.. *sighs* He cut off his own arm and replaced it with the sword. You don’t know how close I was to killing his character before he rolled a damn 20.. now he is partly demon.. this is like the whole “instructions unclear, dick stuck in toaster.” Times 11z
roji (7 days ago)
But he can't even use the sword since because where would he get the nerves to move it from? It's literally just an evil sword
F Huber (2 months ago)
+NothinButRags Sounds to me like he has a sword for an arm and he's a demon magnet.
SealAwayHearts (2 months ago)
Sounds like my bf's character and his demon sword adventures lol
NothinButRags (2 months ago)
Wait... so does he have a demon arm now or just a sword where his arm once was?
Gafraat S (4 months ago)
Y’all know what Berserk is
Braeden Fairchild (1 year ago)
Opinions on a book as a magical item? I want to add an important book in my campaign with certain information and could possibly summon things, etc. but I don’t know how to make a book without writing a book.
bruce liebe (1 year ago)
4 empho on toopic wellcum 2 youtube playlist : bruce liebe FUN KEY https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgBUbrYPoJ8kswAUGnkEJ0dDMrcChwPa0
chrome10225 (1 year ago)
I needed this video like a week ago now I will proceed to watch all of these because I gave my players items that just broke everything and it was sad (they one shot my final boss) but now it’s a new campaign and I’ve learned from my mistake and I’m ready to push forward
TRAVO! (1 year ago)
Really wish geek and sundry released this background music for consumption
Interesting items that may allow a party to embark on a quest to kill an otherwise unbeatable foe, say an Adult Dragon rather early into the adventure (more than a few levels in but not to the normal threshold). Say they have a Fighter, start a rumor about a powerful item enchanted with the power to slay the Evil Dragon of the campaign. 'A hundred years ago, before the Elvenwoods burned, it is said that the greatest of the Elves stood united against the Dragon, and fell to all but the last man. It is said that in the fires of perdition they found a means for which to slay the dragon, badly burned and battered, set out to set in place this countermeasure. As the legend tells it, the Elf managed to venture deep into an ancient set of ruins for an unknowable purpose, and was never seen from again.' They set out to find a map to the long lost ruins, eventually find the ruins, complete the dungeon, at the bottom of the dungeon they find the skeleton of the Elf clutching a unique-looking spear, radiating powerful magic, and undiminished despite all of the time that had passed. No matter how long they concentrate on it, they cannot attune nor discover it's properties, and at the end of the dungeon (located in the same vicinity as the Elf), there is a message written in ancient Elvish that sets them on a quest to obtain the 'Mark of the Dragon Slayer'. It was not this dragon that this blessing was created for, but a far older one that had been vanquished many years before, the blessing is intended as a trial of sorts, awarding the ability to interact with the weapon and use it (this is not the only weapon of it's kind). Afterwards they are able to find out the properties of the spear, it is crafted by the 'essence of the dragon it is meant to kill, and may slay no other with such voracity', as a result some of the other weapons won't work with their special effects (beyond being a magical item with unique appearance and indestructibility) as the ancient dragon they were crafted for is no longer alive. They hunt down the dragon, the special property of the spear is that it alone may mitigate some effects of the dragon, and has the 'heartstriker' effect, for which it has a +40 to hit the dragon if it is at a certain threshold, for which the spear begins to glow and hum, allowing the wielder to toss it at the heart of the dragon, instantly slaying it. The 'essence' of the dragon refers to a piece of the dragon (a scale, tooth, eyeball, finger, etc.). As soon as they do this the ground rumbles, and the local volcano explodes. Party has to run away for a bit to escape the lava and potential threat of the volcano (fight is near the volcano for the dragon), then suddenly in the midst of the volcano a massive form emerges, the ancient dragon that had thought to been slayed was still alive, and had reemerged upon the world. Then that would start a far longer campaign with the world breaking apart Deathwing style until they succeed, assuming they do of course. This is one way I'd use magic items that aren't in line with the official rulebooks, to bolster the experience and thrill. Rather than a high magic campaign (tons of powerful spells to fight the dragons), you'd search out and gain powerful equipment, items, and weapons. While doing so you'd learn more of the underlying lore of the dragons, why they exist, and it'd probably go all philosophical dragon's dogma style. That is of course until the Barbarian decides to fling the spear off the cliff, into the volcano, just to do it, for giggles. At which point a massive rumble occurs, and the barbarian better roll a Nat 20 or die. Then it's off to search the old battlesite in the scorched elven forest to find a scale or tooth, to forge a new dragonslayer weapon.
Engiminer (1 year ago)
So many cool ideas here! I like.
james algeo (1 year ago)
2:15 can you taste the craven edge?
Khellendross (1 year ago)
Key here is making sure your balance within your game is maintained. Its perfectly fine to have cool magical items with neat abilities that are powerful IF your monsters are equivalently empowered. I homebrew all my monsters and my magical items. So while most of my magic items have cool "once a day" powers. My monsters also have their own cool abilities. Its kept everything balanced. The biggest issue I have is that I have a 7 person group. So my monsters have to be pretty damn tanky. But it only took me a week or two to figure out where the monsters needed to be. So don't be afraid to give cool items, just realize that it also means you need to make sure the enemies have cool stuff to do as well. It makes battles more dynamic and interesting.
Average Artist (1 year ago)
I acctually remeber a cool magical item, a oaken staff that my DM made for our cleric, if they rolled a one on any die they got a critical, it didn't matter what was rolled doge, spell, attack, I thought it was acctually pretty cool!
Railee Saru (1 year ago)
This is slightly on topic, but I gave my DM an idea for a magic weapon. It is made up of a highly electromagically conductive material[which we had homebrew stuff that was similar]with a magic battery, and several crystals that channel magic. Basically, make any type of weapon that can damage magic directly, and absorb it to fuel its own abilities. He had already made it and it is sitting in the treasure vault of the dwarves who made it. Good thing my PC is part of a race that declared an all out war to the extinction of all dwarves.
PaladinGear15 (1 year ago)
Once had a GM who gave the paladin a magic sword that doubled all damage to any evil creature he attacked, and doubled his chance to hit, and since we were in a campaign absolutely full of demons, devils, cultists, undead, and antipaladins, 97% of attacks he made, it also could turn undead and he got healed by it whenever he would smite evil, and it gave him an extra attack. Dealing an overall damage of 62 per swing when he's level 3 is obviously completely broken. He really was not good at homebrew.
Josiah Klein (1 year ago)
I have so many ideas: Cloak of Guiding Winds (It gives an enemy - 1d6 to the first attack made against the wearer, and the wearer can use up to 1d4 (+4 for air genasi/elementally attuned) temporary boosts of speed in any direction, including giving +1d6 to their attack rolls, imposing -1d6 to attacks made against them, or invoking the rogue skill of evasion upon dexterity saves.) Beating Heart Spear (<3 So good...so good...on either end of this ebony handle, gilded runes etched all along itself which seem to glow like a pulse whenever its magic is invoked, are two special blades. One is a fist-sized, thin, light, ❤-shaped mithril blade which glows a dim, eerie red at all times. The other appears to be a giant, slightly curved fang from what one can only assume is a dracolich. Its piercing ivory turns black once blood touches its surface, before being absorbed into itself. As an action, one may invoke "Heartbeat," which slowly drains maximum hit points irreversibly (-1d12 per round per use) once the heart blade enters the wielder's heart, inflicting an automatic 15 points of damage, magically sealing its entry wound - not the damage - and giving off a pulsating, red light profile through the flesh and bone, but it offers immunity to all damage and healing. The only way to regain these hit points is to use "Vampiric Strike" with the other blade of the spear, which can only occur once per use of Heartbeat, and it is a bonus action to give this effect to any successful attack against a living creature wearing light or no armor. The vampiric blade guides itself with the wielder's hand straight to its heart. The target makes a constitution saving throw with a DC equal to the original attack roll (with its modifiers) - 3. If it fails, the creature takes 12d6 + proficiency (if applicable to spears) modifier + strength or dexterity modifier worth of necrotic damage, and all maximum hit points taken from the creature are given to the wielder upon deactivation of Heartbeat. If it is killed by this attack, whether it succeeds or not, all max hit points are regained by the wielder upon deactivation as the vampiric blade absorbs their life force anyway. If it succeeds, it takes half the 12d6 in piercing damage + the damage the original attack would have made, and the wielder regains none of the hit points lost to Heartbeat. Also, every attack inflicted by the vampiric blade gives half the damage rolled in active hit points to the wielder unless blocked by Heartbeat. In order to deactivate heartbeat, the wielder must simply touch the vacant slot to their chest, reciting the magic phrase, "The heart beats no more," and take 5 points of automatic piercing damage as the heart blade leaves their chest and reattaches with a sickly red pulse through the runes of the staff beneath.) Root Boots (They're slow but effective. These ignore all difficult terrain in woodland environments. They also can grant the wearer a temporary barkskin effect alongside halved walking speed on top of a climbing speed equal to that value, where the boots grow roots and raise or lower the wearer, now covered head to toe in living plant matter, at will. This can be done once per long rest, and only wood elves, druids, paladins of the ancients, and others attuned to nature can use them without being overpowered by the plant growth.) Wake-Up Whistle (Randomly selected objects within 30 feet given temporary intelligence, motility and/or speech lasting up to 8 hours unless dismissed is hilarious! ...but also very dark.) Endless possibilities...
Miles Garner (1 year ago)
My party created a stone that, once thrown as a distraction, will disappear once it has stopped moving and reappear in the user’s pocket. We call it the “Pebble of Pocketing”.
Wil Garrett (1 year ago)
Anytime I make magical items for my players to find or get, it's always something with good bonus(es) and a pretty bad negative effect. Like, while wearing this amulet, you get plus 2 damage on rolls, but your AC takes a negative 2. Or you can breath underwater but lose the ability to swim. They are viable but at what cost to the user?
Anna Salieva (1 year ago)
Created an item called the "bag of luck", which allows a PC to pull out a completely random item that is in some way useful to them in the situation, though how obvious that is is determined by the die. IDK if i should keep the die rolling part though.
Jason Alen (1 year ago)
1:30 "You can suddenly have the item *evolve*" Seed of Life, I CHOOSE YOU!
gnarth d'arkanen (1 year ago)
A couple of tips (especially for lesser practiced GM's) that I just haven't seen around... 1st... You don't know HOW MUCH MILEAGE you can get out of "plain jane roleplay" magic. It doesn't have to really "cause" anything as far as the game or system is concerned. It's just a minor convenience to the player or party... These kinds of things can still be EXCRUCIATINGLY expensive through a gaming world, simply because of their quality and being magical... So the tip is to "PLAY THAT SH*T UP"... But you don't really need a particularly Earth-shaking magic to make it worth having (to the party anyway)... It's stuff like "a self illuminating torch"... It's just like any other torch as far as visibility, field or range (unless you want to add bonuses of course)... Just that the party doesn't need flint, steel, sparks, fire, magic, lightning, or anything else... Just a small action (at your discretion) to "turn it on or off"... You can even (if you want to be fancy) let it have a longer or shorter lifespan... or the stupid thing can be a permanent fixture... It's a never-ending flashlight... D&D style... Or to get a little more ridiculous and expensive, try the "mechanical servant"... For all intents and purposes, it'll do anything the "invisible servant" can do. Only it's a clunky, ratchety, metallic, thing that has to be WOUND... (Again, GM's judgment as to how long and how often to get service from the thing)... Now... if you want a hilariously cursed item, try that proverbial "can of whoop-ass"... It resembles a "canned food" or "drink" (however you like to describe it)... But upon opening it, starts a minor (or major) windstorm... you can even set dice-rolls for the intensity from a minor dust-devil that only wreaks havoc in whatever room its in... to a monumental hurricane... or anywhere in between... I've had parties seek distant lands and epic travels just to bury this one... lolz... 2nd... (yep)... What about "broken" magical items for a reduced level of usefulness... The way I generally deal with it is NOT the conventional thought that once damaged, the magic just...pffft... and goes away. I let it depend on what would be most effective for the "magic" to be caste or embued upon. Take a pair of magic glasses for instance. If there's a magic to their wearer's perception, it stands to reason that the lenses would "carry the effect"... Thus, for a less expensive route to something so helpful, as long as there's nothing wrong specifically with the lens(es) the magic can be allowed... Just without frames, you might have trouble getting a full benefit for more than one eye... Similarly, a mystical necklace can hold a charm or multiples for the particular enhancements, so losing most of it might lose most of the effect, but any particular charm or part might still carry some of the benefit(s)... And finally, yes, I do agree with Matt on the "laundry list" of effects or attributes attached to an item. Frankly, any item in any game. The shorter that list, the more profoundly the item is usually appreciated and the more useful the whole collection becomes in the longer view. Of course, there's a guideline... AND I would usually point to two or three effects per item, tops... More are certainly possible, but it quickly devolves into a "GM's favoritism" or "monty haul" conversation instead of the campaign you were hoping to run... Anyways, just hoping to help out... :o)
ben fuller (1 year ago)
What about a sword that if you roll even dmg it hurts you roll odd it adds dmg to the attack?
iPhoneeditor (1 year ago)
Novel cursed/misc. items are my favorite to work with as I find the other cursed items too inconvenient and cruel for most games and I like weird items to add flair and comedy. Here are a few of mine: Book of tales untold - (stories so riveting you'll feel like you're actually there!) -teleports the reader and anyone around them into the world of a random story. One story active at a time. Magic doesn't work the same in story worlds. You can leave to story once the story comes to some kind of conclusion predetermined by the book. Bag of hoarding- eats any misc. Items around it. Acts like a bag of holding but items can only be removed 3 times/day. Items are random. Furniture, apparel, tools/weapons, alchemical potion/food/Drink, creatures/remains are all things that can be pulled out. Quarterstaff of epiphanies +3 enchanted staff: +3 to any INT based checks when struck on the head by this weapon (treated as an attack roll) for 5 minutes. After those 5 minutes the user takes a -3 penalty on all INT checks for the next 4 hours. This effect can be applied multiple times and the effects stack. One time I also gave a party a gravy boat that produced an infinite drizle of gravy when poured. They actually ended up using it for a lot of stuff and kept it for the entire campaign causing it to achieve an almost legendary status. It was one of my proudest moments as a DM.
Why is Matt so attractive though???
dethkruzer (1 year ago)
whenever my players sell magic items, they get 50% of market value if they go to merchats. However, I usually allow them to try and find other potential buyers like adventurers, with a gather information check, followed by a d100 roll. The chances of them finding a buyer depends on the function and cost of the item, as well their current location.
Leo Nielson (1 year ago)
I like the Hammer of Thunderbolts - it starts out as a +1 maul, but if attuned to a Gauntlets of Ogre Power AND Belt of Giant Strength it becomes even more powerful! (Minimum STR 25, so a +7 STR bonus +3 to hit and damage). So it becomes a quest to retrieve both, and then upgrade the Belt.
I'm not Original (1 year ago)
Wait is Matt Mercer Mcree
bloxrocks (1 year ago)
A sword that can only be used by the pure of heart, but is powered by the blood of the inocent to *insert cool enchantment here*
Moon Den Temporary (1 year ago)
An item I made was The Fiery Fates’ Crystal which essentially was one of four Fates’ Crystals that was possessed by an entity from the fire realm. Still need to study more to add on more stuffs, basically it controls fire!
Lee Turner (1 year ago)
During a recent campaign, I would have npcs frequently talk about a serial killer active in the area . I did this over several sessions,for roughly a game month. One afternoon while the party was purchasing supplies for a dungeon raid the next day, they heard a scream from a nearby livery stable. They blocked all exits and confronted the killer, a wild looking man with a shortsword, standing over his latest victim. He was quickly slain and the party thief claimed the sword when it detected as magic. After the party returned from the dungeon romp a week later, the thief realized that whenever he held the handle of the sword, he could see that some people were actually doppelgangers. At first there were only a few, but the numbers increased daily. The thief took to walking around holding his sword like he was about to draw it so he could keep an eye on the doppelgangers. This made people paranoid and led to encounters with the authorities. When the other party members touched the sword , it didn't work for them. A week later the thief also started hearing the doppelgangers' murderous thoughts and he began to slay them to protect himself. Naturally the sword, possessed by a chaotic evil spirit, was putting these thoughts into the thief's head via telepathy. The thief was killed by a mob while the rest of the party were trying to take him alive. The sword was snatched by someone in the mob, so it will continue to cause trouble in the campaign ( evil laughter)!
phatman274 (1 year ago)
I came up with The Patch of Fury Grants the wearer darkvision up to 60ft and +2 to Intimidation checks I based this on Nick Fury's eye patch mixed with Solid Snakes from MGS4

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