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Rob Schneider Says He Was Sexually Harassed by Director, Harvey Weinstein's Not Only One | TMZ

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Rob Schneider wants to make one thing clear about Harvey Weinstein -- the mogul is no lone wolf, and Rob knows it because he too was sexually harassed by a director. SUBSCRIBE: http://po.st/TMZSubscribe About TMZ: TMZ has consistently been credited for breaking the biggest stories dominating the entertainment news landscape and changed the way the public gets their news. Regularly referenced by the media, TMZ is one of the most cited entertainment news sources in the world. Subscribe to TMZ on YouTube for breaking celebrity news/ gossip and insight from the newsroom staff (TMZ Chatter & TMZ News), the best clips from TMZ on TV, Raw & Uncut TMZ paparazzi video (from TMZ.com) and the latest video from TMZ Sports and TMZ Live! Keeping Up with Our YouTube Exclusive Content: TMZ Chatter: TMZ newsroom staff insight and commentary from stories/ photos/ videos on TMZ.com TMZ News: The latest news you need to know from TMZ.com Raq Rants: Raquel Harper talks to a celebrity guest with ties to the hip hop and R&B communities. Behind The Bar Podcast: TMZ's lawyers Jason Beckerman and Derek Kaufman loiter at the intersection of law and entertainment, where they look closely at the personalities, events and trends driving the world of celebrity — and how the law affects it all. We love Hollywood, we just have a funny way of showing it. Need More TMZ? TMZ Website: http://po.st/TMZWebsite LIKE TMZ on Facebook! http://po.st/TMZLike FOLLOW TMZ on Twitter! http://po.st/TMZFollow FOLLOW TMZ on Instagram! http://po.st/TMZInsta TMZ on TV & TMZ Sports on FS1 Tune In Info: http://po.st/TMZOnAir TMZ is on iOS! http://po.st/TMZiOS TMZ is on Android! http://po.st/TMZonAndroid Got a Tip? Contact TMZ: http://po.st/TMZTip Check out TMZ Live, TMZ Sports and toofab! TMZ Live: http://po.st/TMZLiveWebsite Subscribe! TMZ Live: http://po.st/TMZLiveSubscribe TMZ Sports: http://po.st/TMZSportsWebsite Subscribe! TMZ Sports: http://po.st/TMZSportsSubscribe Toofab: http://po.st/toofabWebsite Subscribe! toofab: http://po.st/toofabSubscribe Rob Schneider Says He Was Sexually Harassed by Director, Harvey Weinstein's Not Only One | TMZ https://www.youtube.com/c/TMZ
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Text Comments (2649)
aaardvarkkk (6 days ago)
Did Rob even finish one sentence here? Heh heh, "Before I was REALLY famous". Rob, you were never really famous. Narcissistic actors. Jeez.
Mr. Anderson (13 days ago)
If you never knew actors slept their way to the top you're an idiot.
Andrew O (1 month ago)
He is lying
Primordial Remnant (3 months ago)
I would blow a director in two seconds for 2 million dollars. Why is exchanging sex acts for fame a bad thing???????
Primordial Remnant (3 months ago)
Rob thinks he has a career??? Really???
Utsab Das (4 months ago)
Meryl Streep always overshadowed a much more layered performer Glenn Close, due to her political correctness and Harvey effect , people get fooled by her jumping in joy on others winning oscars , but forget that shes an ACTRESS... even during Harveys fall , her statement was very safeguarded.. you know lot goes down ,lots of calculations and all , no denying that Meryl is great , but her 21 nominations and 3 wins compared to glenn 6 nods and zero wins ( excludig the wife) and getting much more attractive body of work despite not that difference between talent ,the difference of accolades much much more here ... than their actual talent.. and about likes of JENNIFER LAWRENCE ,Gwyneth Paltrow ..well their secret behind oscar win is as clear as daylight (or night secret i may say)... i mean Gwyneth won over Blanchett !! what a joke that was.. hahahaha
Stephen Dexheimer (4 months ago)
I think it’s John Hughes because Rob Schneider had a small part in Home Alone 2 which was written by John Hughes, Rob was in that movie before he got his big break on SNL, John Hughes died in 2009, John also wrote and directed many big movies from Weird Science, 3 National Lampoons Vacation movies, Pretty In Pink, The Breakfast Club, The Great Outdoors, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
karim hari (5 months ago)
Lets play a game ! Who was this creepy movie director ??
- - (4 months ago)
John Hughes
honey kiss Richardson (5 months ago)
The TMZ crew members are perverts as well. They know what's going on they are apart of that industry ,they mingle to. Funny how they are reporting this. As if they are different 😂😂😂 yeah right. Don't believe the hype. They all know each other.
best (6 months ago)
Where is the DOJ and the LA police on this ? Crickets 🦗
best (6 months ago)
Robert De Niro is at the head of the $h:t list with Harvey Weinstein, Bill Clinton & the Hollywood creep fest. De Niro is a special kind of scum
truth hurts (6 months ago)
U wish! Midget asian.
woosie 78 (7 months ago)
i didn’t tell my agent i got the hell out of there yooo 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
woosie 78 (7 months ago)
LMAO he was a pig he wanted me to crawl toward him he sitting there in a robe 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
CKone Adefender (7 months ago)
It happens to EVERYONE. No one gets a pass. And TMZ knows it.
BrosephComrade (7 months ago)
I didn/t rêalize Яod Šchneider audišioned før “Ēyes Шide Šhut”
BlassReiter1100cc (8 months ago)
Shut up Schneider. No one's trying to fuck you.
Kilo Wat (8 months ago)
Casting couch is very real.
Del Boy (10 months ago)
Rob likes it up the bum
h h (11 months ago)
Aquarius (11 months ago)
Poor Rob Schneider, Hollywood just threw him aside.
Ra Eye (1 year ago)
"Hello Rob. I am Rocco Sifreddi. You would like to be in film?"
Ra Eye (1 year ago)
Sounds like he walked into the wrong type of casting.
Fray Jay (1 year ago)
Wonder if he started crawling
Burger Hobo (1 year ago)
bad taste
Sean Sullivan (1 year ago)
I’d let him crawl towards my dangling balls too. Come get em animal.
Yap Gim Kwee (1 year ago)
any other male actors who rape guys, list them here
Yap Gim Kwee (1 year ago)
many news about John trivolta raping guys and no one believes them?
Yap Gim Kwee (1 year ago)
John trivolta is gay and no one cares about the allegations of rape of men?
Yap Gim Kwee (1 year ago)
how about the fever guy where a massage therapist claimed to be raped. molestation by John trivolta
Yap Gim Kwee (1 year ago)
did he say female director? and crawling on the floor??? how is that SEXUAL abuse?
adriana juarez (1 year ago)
I'm sorry this happened to you 💝
Spam Sandwich (1 year ago)
They have another thing in (((common))) with one another that's being ignored
ThePatsyMusic (1 year ago)
tmz youre a virulent scourge of banality threatening all life in the universe. kill yourselves PLEASE
AStarIsBornThisWay (1 year ago)
He’s a brilliant comedic actor. Him+AF= gold
Abram Porras (1 year ago)
Joe rogan said some guy tried to fuck him .....grosssssss
iluv towelie (1 year ago)
name drop or its meaningless to bring it up...
wetherman21 21 (1 year ago)
The casting couch.....I use to think it was that old faded, torn lounge by the lake people sat on while fishing.
Bobo Junior (1 year ago)
Adam Sandler fucked him too. Rob is a dumb fucking Jew just like Harvey Levin. Maybe Harvey Levin fucked him too. Rob has always been garbage
Stevie Roby (1 year ago)
It funny how all these Elite Hollywood fucks like to tell you how to live your lives seem like they are getting what they deserve !!!
MagicN9ne (1 year ago)
Of course Harvey's not the only predator in the biz, anyone who's done some research could tell you that. Thanks for sharing your story Rob!
BigDad138 (1 year ago)
Rob Schneider is... The Stapler! Derp
a Human just Being (1 year ago)
Joel Schumacher?
Mr. Awesome (1 year ago)
Derp da derp, da tiddly tum!
george (1 year ago)
Up his bum
Trainer Z (1 year ago)
So in other words every kid on Nickelodeon and disney channel are fucked .. Literally. This is no joke btw i feel so bad for what might go on.
Uncanny Pigeon (1 year ago)
Well, Rob does have a grabable ass
SIngli6 (1 year ago)
Who would want to sexually harass Rob Schneider?
Remembering Truth (1 year ago)
It was me. I assaulted Rob Schneider.
Hubby Bubby (1 year ago)
It sounds like a running joke to laugh about in dinner parties then for you all to come forward and stopping this back then
Johnny Skinwalker (1 year ago)
Hollywood is really a cesspool of Jewish sexual agressors gay or straight.
Jacob Theguy (1 year ago)
Eww ..sexally harass somthing that dont look like a hairless hamster.
_ fourlifeMusicGroup (1 year ago)
fight hard (1 year ago)
Jewss are In Hollywood and it's in there blood to be gay and also they have infested America and Europe...they promote this just look on your tvs what kind of movies and show are shown today and you find your answers
I'm unsubscribing. (1 year ago)
It's not fair to say his name? What the fuck is wrong with you fucking cowards?
Sweet Chicken (1 year ago)
I'm sorry thank God u were able to escape..
pickle rick (1 year ago)
Hollyweird there all fucking freaks
Deathrape2001 (1 year ago)
The WHORES R now jumping on the 'me too' bandwagon same way they peddled their azzes B 4, hoping 2 gain fame & sympathy promotion 4 their 'me too' rhetoric. It's all a $cam on all sides of the whoring equation. There R no angles in the mix. The correct response is 2 report it right away 2 the police. If U don't do that, U should B IGNORED because your MOTIVATION$ R OBVIOU$ BULL$HIT!!
cc cc (1 year ago)
Crazy shit bluh
Nasty Nate (1 year ago)
Orson wells?
Young Pirlo (1 year ago)
File this under stuff that never happened...
Retro dealer 64# (1 year ago)
Rob Schneider has no more movies to make cuz he sucks so he has to jump on the women's bandwagon they're getting sexually assaulted he's a comedian it's hard to take him serious could be just doing this as a proper some s***.
Jack Kelly (1 year ago)
Rob is a sad, little man.
Greg Van Gaasbeek (1 year ago)
Who the FUCK would EVER sexually harass Rob Schneider?
Kevin Cody (1 year ago)
Hollywood needs your support watching their films and such to survive. The best thing any of us can do is not support this industry.
m skylar (1 year ago)
rob schneider is a staaaapler!
Rapido Furioso (1 year ago)
geezusispan (1 year ago)
TMZ is garbage for your brain. Celebrity gossip? Who has any fucks to give?
FN FiveseveN (1 year ago)
Fuck this guy sucks! No talent unfunny hack! Go back to catching loads from Sandler!
Brazilian Atlantis (1 year ago)
"No talent unfunny" What comedian do you find funny?
aaronpiper92 (1 year ago)
that's just weird. who would want to sexually harass a stapler anyway ..
Gun Channel (1 year ago)
This dude crawled on the floor first than walked out lol its horrible but the way he describes and how he acts makes this funny
Michael Archangel (1 year ago)
Same story as Cory Feldman About the director that did that to him is it the same director or is this a [colt] thing I am not sure why these two stories sound the same but they are the same in the story said This in not a coincidence most certainty not
Brazilian Atlantis (1 year ago)
Well, if someone is on a horny power trip asking someone (female or male) to get on hands and knees is a pretty obvious move because they can see their butt and they appear dominated.
Marie Antoinette (1 year ago)
If that guy passed away then I don't think he has to tell that name . Cause the dead guy can't defend himself . Only his family , friends and fans will suffer .....
BIG BOOM 2020 (1 year ago)
Sounds Weinsteinish. But I getthe feelings its a billionaire boys club and they are NEARLY all doing it
thelegend27 (1 year ago)
hotel room? before he was famous? could be hinting at home alone 2 director chris Columbus
Bryce Gammon (1 year ago)
I bet it was Peter Baldwin. My money is on Peter Baldwin..
Brazilian Atlantis (1 year ago)
It's not because Baldwin died after this interview.
ejb 84 (1 year ago)
He took the booty
Stocks Stocks (1 year ago)
Every news channel that does not run these people's names and pictures for WEEKS at a time are just as guilty. They won't tho. They will however run BLACK versus WHITE stories for days. Unacceptable.
Brandy De Paz (1 year ago)
Lets get all those pigs out of show business
Thebearcat66 (1 year ago)
Hollywood needs to be taken down for good
Lauren Christie (1 year ago)
Where did Rob Schneider's eyebrows go?
Chato Boy (1 year ago)
Helen Folk (1 year ago)
You go Rob more power to you 👍👍👍👍
JJ Potter (1 year ago)
Rob is deflecting rumors away from himself, he sucked cock in his day, which he refuses to name (*suspicious*) but there are many rumors doing the rounds about him doing exactly the same, the victim becomes the abuser, they are all sick, Hollywood should fall!!!
JJ Potter (1 year ago)
You are a paid troll defending negative comments about rob, not only my comments but I have noticed quite a few others too. This is a forum and if rob wants to publish video's he should be able to take the criticism, we have the right question!
Brazilian Atlantis (1 year ago)
"a serious topic" Then act like it. I don't know whether Rob is bi and/or has done sexual favors for men to get ahead (probably not) and neither do you, so don't bring that up, stick to the serious topic.
JJ Potter (1 year ago)
Joseph Scott, this is not about me, this is about a serious topic of sexual abuse, some involving minors, doing the rounds in Hollywood right now, the issue needs to be dealt with and quickly and yes people do care!
cuzTV (1 year ago)
I believe it was John Hughes when Rob Schneider was in Home Alone 2. Schneider said it was before he was famous, around the time of Home Alone 2. John Hughes directed Home Alone 2, and is very famous. John Hughes has since passed away. Home Alone 2 takes place in a hotel.
von Ditters (1 year ago)
He said it was A director, so not necessarily THE director of whichever film it was.
cuzTV (1 year ago)
The only way the public will know is if Schneider lets it out. You're right, some people can still be holding this inside of them about such and such director and they won't say something unless Schneider speaks up.
John Grayson (1 year ago)
Only thing is, John Hughes didn't direct it. Also, if it was Hughes, there's been other people to make allegations against Hughes. It would be better for the police and other victims if it was Hughes for him to come forward to help support a body of evidence. This is one of the things that bugs me when people refuse to say names. A case of "rapist vs single victim" is hard to prove. But a case of "rapist vs multiple victims" is far easier. I wish more people would come out and name the damn names as it'll help others to do so. I'd go one step further. I think there should be mandatory reporting (to the police) of all known sexual assault - be it victims or 3rd parties.
Natural Born Gamer (1 year ago)
I've been doing some digging and some names I came up with were John Hughes, Sam Simon, Rod Daniel, and Dave Wilson. I only deducted these names through other people's comments and through digging around IMDB myself, which I came up with Rod Daniel and Dave Wilson, I doubt it was one of those two though. My money is either on Sam Simon or John Hughes.
T Good (1 year ago)
Issue with American culture: We don't name names. Name the name and let the family name suffer.
Paul Bertie (1 year ago)
I wonder if that's why T___ S____ committed suicide
Genesis Tone (1 year ago)
full sail hat, CRAS ova here, sorry you got sexually harassed my dude, been there, too scared to call police, i was young. hope these people who seem invincible get exposed and put in jail, please hollywood folks grow a pair and stop being scared for your careers, just out the bastards before they do more damage. complacency is a crime too
David Gutierrez (1 year ago)
the director was like....come on rob YOU CAN DO ITTTTTT!
Nathan Lightfoot (1 year ago)
TMZ is protecting these pedophiles. You cant convince me that they haven't know for a long time.
Brazilian Atlantis (1 year ago)
Nah, I don't respect TMZ in general but it wouldn't even be in their selfish interest to protect pedophiles, it would be be in their interest to make money exposing them.
Josphelli hsilak (1 year ago)
Women/men of hollywood tacitly endorsed these fucking perverts by knowing and allowing it to continue. We allow such blurring of the lines. If someone pressures you to do something immoral, and you do it, and you know they are doing it to others, why are you absolved of wrongdoing if you don't expose them? I understand it's a hard situation and your career depends on it, but do we have morals and ethics or don't we? Meryl Streep had the nerve to bash Trump for being immoral, all the while she praised Roman Polanski after he raped a kid, and knew Harvey was doing this shit to young women. Why doesn't she get criticized? Harvey should rot in jail for being a disgusting perverted piece of shit, but his victims allowed more victims, and those in power around him allowed it for years. Remember the duke girl who did porn to pay for school? She was crucified by the media. But all the sudden we are supposed to shed a tear for millionaires who essentially did the same but allowed criminal and unethical things to continue to happen to other girls? The FACT is Hollywood has no morals. And that's fine, if you see the ends justifying the means, and your willing to have sex with these producers to get your career going, fine it's your life, but atleast be honest. Rape is a crime, implication of success in exchange for sex is amoral, but one has a choice, the other does not. Adults who knew and sat by while young people were destroyed by monsters like Harvey are just as evil. Morality and ethics only matter when a tough decision must be made, and my heart goes out to any victim of such vile behavior, but maybe these people could habe been stopped earlier if Hollywood had just a tad of a moral code.
Rat Trap supervisor (1 year ago)
Jews will fuck over their supposed own just to get to the top. I hate jews period but there are under certain circumstances the jews will reveal the truth after being fucked over by their own.
R C (1 year ago)
sorry Rob . that is some nASTY SHIT
Fredrick Reilly (1 year ago)
I agree.... These actors need to start revealing names.
Dance God (1 year ago)
purp skurp (1 year ago)
He's being homophobic
Marc Giancola (1 year ago)
What a creepy fucker
iAMgonzo theGREAT (1 year ago)
dear god dont be Harold Ramis...i couldnt deal with that...louis ck, piven, and stone all perverts i coundnt handle losing another icon
mousa hassan (1 year ago)
I think he's pulling one us LOL

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