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Improv and the Unexpected (GM Tips w/ Matt Mercer)

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Matthew Mercer shares insight on the importance of improv and how to effectively prepare for and react to the unexpected in this episode of GM Tips! For more RPGs we love, go to http://bit.ly/GS_RPG Visit us on http://geekandsundry.com Play with us on http://twitch.tv/geekandsundry Subscribe to Geek and Sundry: http://goo.gl/B62jl Join our community at: http://geekandsundry.com/community Twitter: http://twitter.com/geekandsundry Facebook: http://facebook.com/geekandsundry Instagram: http://instagram.com/geekandsundry
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Conrad Werner (8 days ago)
And I'm passing it back to my mother - in Destiny 2 she is Commander Sloane. This phone is intended to be her's. I am not in love with myself - just throwing EDI a bone and giving her my spot in my family. And I intend to marry back into my original family. Cute, innit?
Shandiesel1000 (24 days ago)
*I can’t beat the shit out of you without getting any closer*
Bharbryda Zirnundwyn (1 month ago)
Man being a GM looks hard..
vazak11 (1 month ago)
Very helpful!
Troy Ragnor (2 months ago)
once had a dm who had a quest planned in the north, we went south. ruined the session as he had to plan out something new
Vaping Stuff (2 months ago)
Hey people, can anyone help& What are thos inmpovised damage list notes ??? Yhks in upfront.
hornylink (2 months ago)
the more I watch these the more I feel like a lesser GM Q_Q
Andrew Park (2 months ago)
The only real question a DM needs to answer is how to tell the players to try talking instead of stabbing instantly
Andrew Park (2 months ago)
Jessica Lee (2 months ago)
You gave your players WEAPONS??? Seriously though, if you control the world, you can literally put a stop to it, and/or assign consequences accordingly (people who stab everyone they meet pretty quickly get arrested and go to jail forever and don't get to play anymore), and if you actually talk to your players about the kind of game you want to run and why... well you can either get through to them, or maybe they are psychopaths. I just tell players up front before we ever start or create characters (or decide what game system to play), I'm not going to run an evil campaign, I believe evil should be defeated and thwarted and extinguished from the world and as the DM I have an entire universe of power to defeat and thwart any evil act you try to do. I'm not going to run a murder-hobo campaign, or a totally bullshit stoner joke campaign. If that's the game you want, whatever, but I'm not going to waste my time running it. I want to tell stories about heroes, who do great things. People who fight against evil to make their world better. Heroes who become legends, the stuff of songs and tales that will be told for generations. "Haha I stabbed that dude right in the dick!" is not a line from any epic fantasy I've ever heard of. Everybody is there to have fun, and everybody should be aware of their responsibility to create the fun for each other - the DM isn't the only one there to entertain and delight everyone else, the players are there for the DM's fun too. The DM is one of the people included in "everybody is there to have fun". If the game is not fun for the DM, they are under no obligation to put in their own free time and effort to run it.
Austin Vaughan (2 months ago)
Welp if all else fails speak for the first time in years, then ignore rules to go and hunt down the man who murdered one of your best friends by teaming up with a mob boss, then systematically kill *his* friends. Next, find and prepare to kill the man, only to find out that he was doing it all to try and help his sister, and then, finally kill him, thus ending the story...
birdgvee (3 months ago)
What have we done to deserve Matthew Mercer? <3
Rivers RPG Channel (3 months ago)
The first casualty of the game session is the DMs plan.
Desteny Long (3 months ago)
My group leave people who need to die for the story and then question why they dont have the irems they need. I got them back on track but it keeps happening and then they kill strangers.
Anyone know of a site or app that lets a DM/GM imput certain items that can be selected as rewards at random when the DM/GM presses the randomize button?
Jimanky Gaming (4 months ago)
Just starting my own campaign as DM for the first time, and for three encounters now I’ve almost aTPK’d the entire party. They’ve managed to survive by the skin of their teeth, and are now level 4. Anyone got any tips for me on how to balance encounters?
Alex Peris Llobell (4 months ago)
I’m really good at improvisation. Indeed some of my best campaigns have been basically completely improvised.
SvenicusGermainus (5 months ago)
You will never be able to predict what the party is going to do. That big secret enemy you made? The party never runs in to. That cursed item? Never gets found. The leader of the cult that is supposed to get kill but turns into a powerful undead to later attack the party? Never dies because he instead gets turned into the bards love slave. So many different things can happen so learn how to go along with whatever the party decides to do.
Flameturion Fire (5 months ago)
I love this because Matt assumes that other party’s are MATURE and won’t kill npc’s instantly
Tim Buktu (6 months ago)
I find it helpful to stop and really think bout the setting.  If it's say, a small farming village, what are the crops, what else do people do there, when is church what are you wearing to the town dance and sociable?  These answers make flying by the seat of my pants a lot easier.
Debello109 (6 months ago)
1:24 sounds like patton oswald
Daniel Letts (6 months ago)
Ah, random roleplay moments. Liiiiiike...stealing a ship and blowing up a dockyard whilst you do it?
Dashiell Gillingham (6 months ago)
I dodged the notes issue in my second campaign by making every single NPC who wasn’t an enemy or a massively important character a ‘Helpful Knight.’ HK: LOOK! ITS A GOAT-DRIVEN WAGON! WITH GUNS ON IT! HK: ITS A BATTLEWAGON! PC: I grab one of the knights and wield him like a club. HK: Execllant plan sir! My forehead shall destroy the BATTLEWAGON! PC: *beating on the BATTLEWAGON* Thank you for being so okay with this, what’s your name? HK: I am a knight! PC: But what’s your NAME? HK: Helpful Knight! PC: Are you the same guy from earlier? HK: THAT WAS ALSO HELPFUL KNIGHT!
Tyler Westmoreland (7 months ago)
Am I the only one who thinks the background music is Harry Potter music?
Everyone (7 months ago)
Anyone else get the sense that most of the scenarios he brought he himself has experienced?
beekeeper singed (7 months ago)
well i use roll20 to make an Open world campange, just get a map then put smaller maps down in GM lager and when they move to the spots send the players in om that map
beekeeper singed (7 months ago)
and yes notes helps a lot
TheUnDrunkPCBastard _ (7 months ago)
What's the longest running campaign you guys have ever ran. I'm on my third year, one game a week. Same setting. I let my players build a guild. They can add new pcs whenever they wish, and mix and match characters of similar level for different missions. I don't think this campaign will ever actually end. It will just continue to grow.
OriginalTharios (7 months ago)
I don't even plan. I create stuff that exists...and what the players do after that is up to them. At first, they just adventure, pseudo-murder hobo style. As they interact with the world, its environment changes, and they start to reap the consequences of their actions and choices. Eventually, they end up being the cause of whatever epic campaign they end up embroiled in. Good, heroic characters might draw the attention of evil cults, causing them to step up their efforts to bring greater evil into the world. In response to this, perhaps a servant of a good god contacts the party and chastises them for acting so irresponsibly and provoking this otherwise largely inactive cult...demanding that they now clean up the mess they've instigated. Perhaps they did this by saving a village from roving monsters or bandits that had been specifically set upon the village by the cult. Or they exposed and removed one or more prominent members of a town that were secretly responsible for corruption and other unsavory activities, again sanctioned by the cult. Overall, I prefer not to build a story at all, but to build a world that can hold such stories, living, breathing, and self-sufficient, while letting the players shape that world with their actions. Since players tend to fill in blanks with their imagination, I have a handful of highly generic, but, but somewhat fleshed out NPCs that can have almost any race and name applied to them universally as needed. Even if I use the same ones repeatedly, the party rarely notices as their specific appearances are all made up in the players' heads, and the attitudes are determined by how I portray them, which can be any number of ways. I even let them create their own villains over time. They once pissed off a merchant in some random village, who became so obsessed with the encounter that he fixated on tracking them down and getting his revenge, seeking forbidden lore and contacting dark powers. At first, it was just a gag, like the Cabbage Man from Avatar: The Last Airbender. But it went on for so long, and the party kept thwarting him without killing him, that after a while, they ran across this terrifyingly powerful lich...and it was that merchant. He'd sacrificed his wife and children in the ritual to become this creature, all to destroy the party, as a servant of a Devil Prince who had been responsible the entire time for twisting his mind with rage. Turned out he'd owned a little trinket that he'd never thought anything of, and that had never mattered until the party crossed him, and that event caused the trinket to ping a Devil Prince of the Nine Hells' attention, and that prince put a splinter of hate in the merchant, kindling it a bit more with each failed attempt at revenge against the party. That was a whole big story arc...because of a bad encounter with a merchant, and it went from being comic relief, to being a harrowing and dark battle. The party even felt so bad, that they then quested to have the merchant and his family resurrected, and the curse of the Devil Prince removed.
Kade Gainey (7 months ago)
Am i the only one who says DM
IDon'tKnowHowtoYouTube (8 months ago)
Thanks Matt!
Rob kankerboef (8 months ago)
Advice for DM's: make a list of random names, when your players talk to unnamed NPC's they often ask for their name, instead of coming up with one on the fly, you have a small list from which to pick. It helps with the flow of the games imo. I can always improvise almost anything, except for NPC character names
Kapitän JadeDejavu (8 months ago)
4:50 In the campaign I am playing in, one character told us about a magic artefact. The DM did not note that he said something about it and when I asked him about it again, he did not remember and just talked about another artefact that another npc talked about. Now we don't have any reason to go to the first place without metagaming, since my party does not want to investigate the rumors about the (silver) dragon in there.
Morganna WolfCry (9 months ago)
4 spirals full of notes later, I can agree. TAKE NOTES..... My first campaign failed... no notes, lost the story line, and my Players decided they wanted to start over. Its been 3 months since we started over, I have taken notes every game..... Now we are half way through my campaign and know exactly what happened, why and its fun to go back and look at all the jokes and deals they have made along the way.
KanitoKawaii (9 months ago)
I've been told that I'm generally pretty good at improv, helpful since I generally only set out very basic guidelines for my campaigns and then make the rest up as I go, unless it's something really story important, even then I leave it open enough that there's room for change when necessary
TheUnDrunkPCBastard _ (7 months ago)
That's me in a nutshell. Just a rough outline, with openings everywhere for changes. My players might catch me off guard, but they never stump me.
thesmurfiest smurf (9 months ago)
In one campaign I wrote, there was a captain of the local gaurd, who denied my characters entrance into his city as they were very secretive. So one of my characters, an elvish rouge who chose to play as chaotic neutral, convinced my entire party to just break in. Long story short, they failed on their first attempt at stealth and ended up brutally murdering the ENTIRE town militia, both civilian and soldier, and had an improvised boss fight with the leader who had denied them entry. The whole thing turned into a mess when they looted the town. Eventually they took over and decided to rule.
Platypus (1 month ago)
That's amazing, how did the civilian NPCs react? ( I mean the ones who weren't slaughtered)
diego moretti (9 months ago)
2:56 ahahahaha i am dying of laughter... it always happends!!!
Bunshorandomsletters (9 months ago)
My GM needs to watch this vid lulz. In our previous session i rolled a natural 20 when trying to get a 12 year old boy to join our adventure. I gave the kid a crossbow and some bolts, he almost shot me, my fellow adventurers and his own mom. I later learned he had an AC of 10 and 4 hp.
Crew Cut (10 months ago)
Who really likes this guys
Hezakigha Morgan (10 months ago)
ClashMastr 98 (10 months ago)
I was in a game, and one of my friends went up to a supermarket, and it had a sign that said no jaguars. Everyone in the party had a jaguar, after stealing them. He was a rogue, and decided to go into the supermarket WITH THE JAGUAR. The DM said that to do that, and not get caught and killed, they both needed to roll a total of 21 or higher. The pc then rolls a 19, and, because of his +3 dex mod, gets by. The jaguar then rolls a 17, and adds his +11 dex mod, so he just walks in with a jaguar, goes unnoticed, and steals a ton of stuff. Safe to say our DM wasn't expecting that
RoboHobo (10 months ago)
i remember there was this one dm that did oneshots in between sessions of the main game and usually those one shots would lead into the main game weather it be things that actually happend in the game world that later has an effect on us or one of our characters dream that gives us a clew on whos the head of the evil necromantic cult it was awesome
Princess Jello (10 months ago)
Hes so traumatized the poor man
GabrielMajere (10 months ago)
I've learned to just have a rough outline for each adventure. While playing, I'd say I make up about 75% of it on the fly. Because no matter what I have planned, the player will find a way to derail it.
Adam Washburn (11 months ago)
Yea how do you fix a campaign where everyone created dum murder hobos and just don’t do anything in your campaign and even if they do it’s ok nice talk I want to kill him now. Yea only been the DM for a DND campaign once and the way things went never again
Dean The Pyromancer (11 months ago)
I always have trouble giving my player's rewards after an encounter other then gold. Any tips?
amanatee27 (1 year ago)
When in doubt, take inspiration from Pokemon: all of your X or Y are Nurse Joy or Officer Jenny :D
Marijn Mes (1 year ago)
Id love to get into D&D, but dont really have time, friends that are interested, or any experience. Adventurers leage doesnt really happen where I leave either. Any tips?
Effin Cook (1 year ago)
the secret is to be VERY drunk
Charles Balilo (1 year ago)
The funniest thing that happened that I did not prepare for as a DM was when the players finally got to their first boss fight. One of the players somehow managed to barge in to the wizard's hut, tackle her to the ground, and grapple her the entire fight while the rest of the party interrogated her for information by taking turns smacking her boobs until she finally told what the players wanted to know.
Jessica Lee (2 months ago)
Spellcasters can cast spells while grappled. Don't let your murder hobos smack people's boobs.
Alex Hedtke (1 year ago)
Thank you for telling me to take notes; I really needed to hear that. It's the thing I am worst at. :P
Cody H (1 year ago)
hey, what's the awesome song playing - a clear example of the song I mean is at 0:35
Joseph White (1 year ago)
I miss playing D&D
Bas van Driel (1 year ago)
love the Shadow over inssmouth reference
Paul Blank (1 year ago)
The more I watch these GM Tips videos, the more I am convinced that Matt Mercer is every GM's spirit animal.
Bryan Wilmarth (1 year ago)
Great series. Thanks Matt!
Arlee Christian (1 year ago)
Roll playing is so much fun if you and your friends can really get into it, it’s incredible
I love when they stray far from the storyline, then I get to spam the improvising a random moments and changing the story.
Seamus Hennessy (1 year ago)
I have a little NPC 'Codex' that has the name, age, race, voice, appearance, profession, class/monster manual entry, status (dead, crippled, missing, etc), and notes just so I can keep track of everyone.
Joshua Young (1 year ago)
my campaign was to prevent the zombie apocalypse from happening, but ended up starting it
hk47ray (1 year ago)
Wouldn't you all like Matt Mercer as your DM? So good.
kalin8 (1 year ago)
The only thing that would make this series EVEN better would be to spice in some clips from CR as examples and have Matt talk his way through his thought process. "See, here when Sam was absolutely convinced that spice was an illicit drug..."
Commander Proton (1 year ago)
I'm on my third arc of my first campaign as a dm, and your players killing important npcs, ignoring major plot points, or committing armed burglary instead of ringing the doorbell is definitely something that happens.
Crooty (1 year ago)
First time DMing >introduce major NPC right at the start of the game that is pretty integral to the plot who I spent hours creating and looked forward to playing, without him they won't have the encounter that leads to their quest, nor do they have all the goodies and bonus equipment he would later give them. >he says one sentence to them >lets kill him >cool character with deep backstory and interesting character traits dead in literally 10 seconds. I basically just had to improv the shit outta that session until I could go home and completely change the story
Jessica Lee (2 months ago)
And what happened when they got out of prison? Or... are you one of those DMs who doesn't give any consequences for your players acting like psychopaths? Murder has been illegal in every civilized society since the first laws were written. "You are surrounded by two dozen town guards half with spears and half with crossbows, if you don't surrender, they all stab you with their spears and shoot you with their crossbows every round until you surrender or you die, then they throw your corpse in a pauper's grave or throw you in prison for the rest of your life. Make a new character, preferably one who can exist in a civilization and is not a fucking psychopath." is a completely valid thing for a DM to say. It's something a lot more DMs should say, frankly.
Castle (1 year ago)
why am I watching this I'm not a DM
Gronkle Vlonkle (1 year ago)
So, I'm dm'ing tomorrow for the first time in a big campaign and am kinda improving on it so...wish me luck! i need it
Ashlyn I (1 year ago)
I will never forget my first DMing session: I had been preparing for this for little over one month, culminating in 5 different potential quest threads, a roughly mapped town and several important NPCs, all encounters and rewards considered and scaled. How did we spend the first 2 HOURS of the session? Trying to get a cupcake (and subsequently the recipe) Admittedly, it probably only took 2 hours because I decided to make it as hard as possible for my players after purposefully ignoring the obvious plot points I was dangling in front of them. It then lead to a new secret society, a personal quest for one of my players and probably one of my favourite NPCs to role play but still, that's what made it memorable.
Frank Geisenburg (1 year ago)
I learned the hard way to make npc's combat capable. So most of my worlds important npc's are my old pc's from days gone by.
DeathbyPixels (1 year ago)
What I wouldn’t give to play, even just once, with Matt. Not even because he’s a famous actor, but because he’s just a damn great DM.
Andrew Park (2 months ago)
DeathbyPixels I would refuse to do it unless he would narrate as mcree.
Cody H (1 year ago)
i love matt mercer's tips so much!!
If you mess up, you say something blatantly untrue, and it's from an unimportant character, have them say something like "So then, you've figured me out? WELL I'LL HAVE THE LAST LAUGH." Then 'As you watch, the farmer's face becomes hideously disfigured, and the illusion is broken, before you stands a man clad in dark robes, with a necromancer's sigil on the hood, his laughter is thunderous, nearly maddening as he raises his hands, and says "RISE MY FRIENDS, SHOW THESE DELIGHTFULLY FOOLISH ADVENTURES HOW WE TREAT THEIR MEDDLING KIND!", as his hands reach into the air at the apex of his motions, a dark light emanates from them.' Then have undead begin rising out of the ground, powerful undead, ones that that (for a presumably low level party) they know they're booking their asses out. Have them make an escape, fleeing the evil undead necromancer. After 24 hours, if they head back, the sky is no longer dark and gloomy, the farmer is tilling the fields as before, and no sign of the undead. Then have him repeat exactly what he said the last time. As long as they're not me, they won't stop to question the plot or your slip-up.
Mister Ghoul (1 year ago)
i want to make a character that is like the looker in pokemon who, "Oh you are in this plane of existenence? well so is he, despite having no reason to. oh just some side character that no one cares about until they do."
The Fox Laboratory (1 year ago)
I once decided to be a DM the night of our first game and I was only able to think of the players backstories and the first mission, the rest I created on the spot
sorapwn1200 (1 year ago)
Probably one of my favoriye moments as a DM was when my players walked into a room and found a Thayan Wizard alone, messing with the stuff in her bedroll. I expected the group to kill her. Our Berserker liked her, wrapped her up in the bedroll, then asked for her name. Thus was Lily the Invoker born, scroll maker extraordinaire, and helped in the war against Thay.
MagicalH2O (1 year ago)
I should've taken more notes T_T
Austin Rees (1 year ago)
Lastnight, I expected my PCs to go fetch a secret key from a shop and then on the return to secret door being harried by cultists the entire way. I apparently didn't lay enough hints out that the key was at the shop. They assumed the cultists had it and instead of storming the cultist stronghold they simply burned the building down with everyone inside. Only once they had finished did someone remember seeing a "mysterious key" in the antique shop. After a moment of silence as they realises what they did we all laughed and the story progresses much faster than intended. I thimk they'll talk about this night for a while.
Erik Bredenkamp (1 year ago)
I made a joke skeleton encounter in the first dungeon my players explored. He plays a flute of charm skeleton. Instead of killing the skeleton and taking the flute to discover its power later on, the took the skeleton (who is always nonhostile and dancing) and shoved him into the bag of holding. They use him whenever a bar needs livening up or they're fighting hordes of undead. I believe they named him, although idk what name they gave him.
Synthetic Legion (1 year ago)
My players also have a skeleton. He's missing the bottom half of his body so one of the players carry him around. He's technically neutral, but he will bite your shoes if you stand too close. They named him McRibs, and the Nethermancer (Earthdawn) wants to give him legs.
Nixitur (1 year ago)
Also, a really helpful tip I've read somewhere: Don't be afraid to use stuff you've prepared for something else entirely. If you have a rough flowchart of rooms for some place, but the PCs go to someplace else, maybe you can reuse the original plan for that new location. With a few quick adjustments, the players will never notice. I had to literally do exactly that for the first game I've ever run. Similarly, if you had some creature statted out beforehand, you can basically reskin it, maybe slightly change its abilities and you're good.
caleb smith (1 year ago)
The rabit hole is always fun and getting out of it is always an exciting challange.
Casual_Owl (1 year ago)
I am a keeper in call of Cthulhu and this series works for that game as well thanks
Nicholas Menzel (1 year ago)
He is such a great GM and voice actor.
tharrock337 (1 year ago)
2:50 is way too true. FeelsBadMan.
Kellen Rist (1 year ago)
Just remember, when making NPCs always give them some kind of NPC yield, because there's always someone who will react to a single moment with bloody murder.
Neala Ernswa (1 year ago)
Thank god for npc generators.
Tiger the Lion (1 year ago)
This stories is slowly becoming less about Matt's tips and more about the chronicle of wrongs his various players have done to him, and I love it.
Ky Games (1 year ago)
I don't usually make pre-written stories, because I find that improv is the *main* reason why my games are so lively and fun.
OwlGirl (1 year ago)
The best thing that came out of the unexpected was THE VENGEANCE TOWARDS SLIMOTHY JIMOTHY
jonas beltoft (1 year ago)
Im pretty sure i played basicly the exact mission and side mission he described at 1:00 in the first couple of quests as an elf in WoW
Jonah Drake (1 year ago)
2:47 Genuine sadness.
William Dumez (1 year ago)
The example Matt gives is actually the story "Shadow over Innsmouth" from HP Lovecraft!
Maric (1 year ago)
yeah i have like 150 characters active in my campaign, most of which the players never met and never will meet^^
Hmoad Hajali (1 year ago)
I got to say, solid advice my good sir!
Orrenman (1 year ago)
it's really nice to see the *sides* of Matt's face in these videos
VinxTerranova (1 year ago)
Sometimes, when I'm feeling sad. I just go through each GM tips video and listen to you say, "hello" 20 times in different ways.
Darcie R. S. (1 year ago)
I recently started running my first campaign. During the very first session there was an encounter in which the party was attacked by a pack of feral mastiffs. In preparing this encounter (and the rest of the session) I had assumed that the party would kill the dogs and move on, but nope. A bunch of very high animal handling checks later, and the group had managed to tame two of them. Not only that, but immediately after the fight the group decided to put the WHOLE mission on hold to go in search of a bakery to steal food to feed these dogs. So, yeah, one session in and they've already got two animal companions in a party of three people.
Bo-jivan Parker (1 year ago)
and what about when the party is going to destroy something crucial to the story Eg destroyed the one person that can save their life from a poison they consumed. *sigh*
Lauren Crabtree (1 year ago)
Matthew just described the plot of "Manos: The Hands of Fate" in his for-example scenario.
humdrumfeast (1 year ago)
Legendary mst3k episode
Callum (1 year ago)
Excellent little piece, thanks for creating it
Andrew Westfall (1 year ago)
I had an improved Steve in my campaign once, he was a caravan guard sent to pick up the PC's at one point. Steve ended up having information about them and it lead to a character getting a cursed cloak as punishment for stealing from the king. The one character's hatred eventually bled into everyone else, and after a little while everyone hated Steve for some unknown reason. Steve went from being a lowly guard for the king, to a sort of high guard, to being the puppet master behind the upcoming war because my PC's despised him so much that they would curse him at every set-back or blame him for any villainous enemies that showed up.
ManaphyGames (1 year ago)
I plan for gold to be commoner than the party thinks. They have to craft a very hard to craft piece if they actually want to use the pieces themselves. Man, though. Gold pieces giving more in value than gold itself is a smartass idea tho. Because then I can troll the party who managed to sneak off fucking 11 gold bars when I let my guard down.
Grandiflora (1 year ago)
in the oldest of my brothers campaigns we were gonna buy a boat from this racist high elf merchant, so becuse he got pissed of at me for trying to bargain we ended up beating the shit out of him, though he killed my 2 servants, so instead of sinking him to the bottom of the lake we decided to recruit him so he could serve us as his penal labor for his murder, he ended up eventually saving us all by telling the King of one nation whom we got along with (essentially the orc nation but they were humans..... acting like orcs except for the king who i had a kind of possible subtext romance with) the merchant told hi mwhere we were and they came and rescued us from an ancient silver dragon
Grandiflora (1 year ago)
also on a different note in my current campaign as of writing this they ended up killing this alchemist who was gonna be a reocurring villain (it was epic, they had convicned the entire village to lay siege to his mansion, meanwhile some of the party were held captive by him and our monk broke out and..... pushed him out the window) Luckily they had ruined the life of this one villager, Farmer Joe, but he was never killed.... so i had him steal the alchemists mutagen formula and start developing it as performance enhancers sold on the street, now the main story is about the local gang war between Dealer Joe and "The big man" (an unnaturally tall halfling mobster)
Sackajui (1 year ago)
Improv made a reacurring meme i my campaing, where when someone trips their would be a nail for them to fall upon
Thekoshel (1 year ago)
I really love this series it has helped me so much

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