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10 Great Biopics About Not So Great People

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Text Comments (298)
TopTenz (11 days ago)
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Michael John Angel (11 minutes ago)
Brilliant, as always! Well done, Mr Whistler.
Joseph Izzo (1 day ago)
As usual, great vid
TheFraggler (3 days ago)
I should watch your videos with the CC on more often. There's nice hidden gems in there.
rohmarts (4 days ago)
Christopher Warner missed his calling as a political speech writer.
Jack (4 days ago)
There is nothing wrong with Patton's speech in "Patton," fundamentally or otherwise.
Lookingupward92 (5 days ago)
I hate Hell-ywood.
Bruce Welty (6 days ago)
My only complaint: DeNiro was not acting nuts.
Jake G (7 days ago)
One thing that gets to me besides people wasting money to see it, is that someone actually came up with idea about making a movie about Facebook.
Darth Star Killer (7 days ago)
Zuckerbot* or Zuckerborg*
John Whyman (7 days ago)
At 14:39 the movie Patton was described as a WW 1 movie, it was about Patton's WW 2 period. He was a tank commander in the first war but the movie didn't address that aspect of his career.
Paul S (8 days ago)
Do top ten NASCAR drivers
Cathrine JP (8 days ago)
Gandhi? You mean, the dude who got all mad at his wife for wanting British medicine when she got sick during one of his strikes, or some shizz like that. Yeah... Great example. X___X
Ruadhán 1334 (9 days ago)
Dude, THE AVIATOR actually did include the fact that Hughes had a huge drill bit inheritance. Yes, it made copious use of the fact that Hughes himself insisted that he was a "self-made millionaire," but it didn't leave out the fact that he absolutely was not.
steven propp (9 days ago)
paint by number movie , great why to put it.
michael Smith (9 days ago)
More, please!
KLAW90 (9 days ago)
George S. Patton was a true patriot and literally did nothing wrong. He was the one American general the German military feared and respected the most.
Travis Mayes (9 days ago)
#2 Patton. You missed a couple of major points. 1st the opening of the movie. Patton's speech was edited heavily. The real speech was far to profane for the movie. The other thing I want to point out is the 3rd armies cutting across France. In 72 hours they moved further and faster than any army in history and likely will never be replicated.
Charisse Savier (10 days ago)
Hughes probably had untreated syphilis, which may have been the actual reason for his descent into madness.
Sythen (10 days ago)
Richard Patton (10 days ago)
You have some facts wrong. In the aviator for example they do mention he comes from a rich family, in the drill bits business
Steve Ramsey (10 days ago)
Yet another TopTenz video that shows how awful Americans are. What a surprise.
Lizandro Domínguez (10 days ago)
I've followed your channel since 2014 and I've seen the vast majority of your videos and I'm pretty sure your narrative has never let me down, besides your accent is wonderful and I've improved my listening thanks to you :D
tony748748a (10 days ago)
TRUMP 2020
Alkaline Prism (11 days ago)
I expected Barnum to be on this list for sure.
Eileen Cullen (11 days ago)
So what you're saying is Howard Hughes was self made the same way Kylie Jenner is self made😂😂😂
chappy0061 (11 days ago)
Your researcher missed the mark a bit when they looked into The Aviator. At the beginning of the movie, they clearly point out that Hughes had amassed the largest PRIVATE air force in the world, not the largest air force. Also, he is not portrayed as a self made man either. It is clearly pointed out at the beginning of the movie that he just inherited his father's business and the money with it.
SP 12 (11 days ago)
Snakes on a plane is a cinematic masterpiece....
Shawn Tetlow (11 days ago)
Martin Scorsese's best film was Goodfellas.....
Frank Catlin (11 days ago)
La Motta is not pronounced THAT way, Simon. Have a guess how it IS pronounced. You're a smart guy, I'm sure you'll figure it out haha!!
Gothic Mom (11 days ago)
We never gave Custer time to scream anything @Maria Kelly. Thank you @TopTenz forthe shout out to Sitting Bull!👍👍
Kathy Pappas (11 days ago)
Wow, I didn't know any of that about Hugh Hefner! So he wasn't a self made man, or millionaire. Kind of like our " fake " President.
em1o smurf (11 days ago)
so the overview was the acting was quite bombshell compared to the real pathetic lives of the character.
Bruno Boyko (11 days ago)
... like a Guillotine through warm Brie. I will remember that line!
Thomas Myrter (11 days ago)
I haven't seen The Aviator in years, but I'm pretty certain it mentioned that Hughes inherited a lot of money.
Nx57ytre (11 days ago)
You should do the opposite: Top 10 real nice people demonized in movies.
screenwriterjohn (11 days ago)
"Wrong side of the tracks," not "railroad tracks." Now you're speaking like a Yank!
Owain Shebbeare (11 days ago)
Why on earth would anyone want to speak like a Yank?
PREPFORIT (11 days ago)
mark Zuckerberg is an A hole.  !Wow Lindbergh was a Racist douchebag !    Custer was a LOSER.
Jason Phillips (11 days ago)
Wow. A bald British queer complaining about successful Americans. Who would have thought. By the way, without Patton your white apologetic self would be living under an Arian riche and speaking German rather than your diluted diversity enrichment self hate
HoshiSanada (11 days ago)
Custer instigated his own mugging by raiding the unarmed women and children. The natives reacted as one would expect to a dangerous invasion attempt.
Rhiannon C (11 days ago)
Oscar Schindler was also a putz who did something great. Why isn't Schindler's List on this list?
david downer (11 days ago)
Bum bums.
Steven S (11 days ago)
jamie Foxx is a horrible person too...perfect for the list.
Player Review (11 days ago)
Hughes flew experimental planes himself to prove proofs of concept... may have crashed them, but did prove their abilities
Steven Vogel (11 days ago)
The white knight comments really are taking away from you videos. People watch YouTube to be entertained not get an ear full of SJW politics
AirEstes’s History (11 days ago)
In regards towards Hughes not being a talented pilot, just remember that he designed and built the H-1 racer which broke the speed record for land-based planes, established two cross-continental speed records (one of which was performed in the H-1), and broke the record for the fastest circumnavigation of the world.
Imfree2b3a (11 days ago)
De Niro will never see a dime of my money.
Owain Shebbeare (11 days ago)
Nor mine!
Doramius (11 days ago)
6:23 Not sure if it was an accidental cut or just a bad edit. Normally the edits are cleaner cut but this one was a very distinct change.
Griffin Anderson (11 days ago)
Actually, from the very first scene, "The Aviator" clearly establishes that Hughes was a "silver spoon" baby. And the flying sequences make it clear that he was a lousy aviator. I mean, flying all the gas out of a plane and crashing, just because he was having too much fun, is not something anyone with normal bat brains would do, much less a seasoned aviator.
Shadowsnake 89 (11 days ago)
Well, I expected Raging Bull to be on the list and I was not disappointed.
redbandit1able (11 days ago)
Always meant to watch the the `Steve Jobs` one just never got around to it...
Keyser94 (12 days ago)
Some of this you spend the whole time praising the movie and not actually speaking about the people that is based on. I trough that you were speak about people that wasn't so great.
Moritz19081980 (12 days ago)
"revolutionising industry with amazing products" ...Jobs did that? And I thought he was just a shameless businessman who knew how to steal and claim it as his own. However: I am glad people slowly start to realize that people like Zuckerberg and Jobs aren't saviors, heroes or "important" but rather are the core of the problems our society has: Ruthless moneymaking and greed.
Aaron Thomas (12 days ago)
G. Reilly (12 days ago)
If i was Ray Charles, I'd be like I can't tell em apart anyway.....
PGW Chaos (12 days ago)
Theodor Geisel (Dr. Seuss) was not a fan of Lindbergh. Before the US entered World War 2 Dr. Seuss created over 400 political cartoon heavily denouncing the Axis and isolationists like Lindbergh.
HoshiSanada (11 days ago)
+Owain Shebbeare not denying it. Just pointing out that Suess was more offended than most by that jackhole.
Owain Shebbeare (11 days ago)
+HoshiSanada True, but Lindbergh was still a wanker.
HoshiSanada (11 days ago)
Dr Suess was Jewish after all.
reposhizz (12 days ago)
"Disagreements expected," is the most un arguable statement in the video 😂
Aaron Thomas (12 days ago)
No it's not
Uncle Bling (12 days ago)
Jojo (12 days ago)
Warehouse mattress LMAO
Doby Pilgrim (12 days ago)
Personally I would have put "Monster" in this list. Eileen Wuornos was indeed a monster.
shop99er (12 days ago)
First--It's Yak-a maw Canutt...NOT Ya-Key-muh. Second--there has been no evidence that Custer wore buckskins at Little Bighorn. That is a fiction. Third--Patton was a general in World War 2, not 1. You really need to get which war was which figured out. Or get another researcher/writer, or editor.
maxsmodels (12 days ago)
Glad you pointed out what a crappy pilot HH was.
Aquamarine (12 days ago)
You should start a new channel where you do movie reviews. Seriously!💕
Pretty Mommy (12 days ago)
Loved The Aviator
S. Davis (12 days ago)
Bless your heart, Jamie did his own singing, too. I gotta watch that Sid Vicious flick
Schwert_2015 (12 days ago)
Hey Simon, you should've WATCHED thE Howard Hughes movie. They clearly talked about his inheritence of this Toolco company from his father. The research on your channel often leaves a lot to be desired.
Schwert_2015 (12 days ago)
Custer was a hero -- in the Civil War. He was the youngest man in US history to make General (of the Volunteers). He was a reckless glory-hound too, which ultimately proved his undoing.
Andrew (12 days ago)
The Pirates of Silicon Valley really showed you what a jerk Jobs really was.
MississippiRebel (12 days ago)
Lindbergh was actually right in what he said if we look at how society has fallen. Europe is now a libeal cesspool that is starting collapse. They are even letting in the people (Muslims) that hate everything about western and christian culture. The US unfortunately isn't that far behind Europe.
batmanfanforever08 (12 days ago)
I'm just here to waste time.
Dehuman (12 days ago)
You can't tease by bringing up Courtney Love but not including The People Vs Larry Flynt
Doug Stubbs (12 days ago)
In 1942, Howard Hughes crashed a prototype aircraft in Los Vegas, and suffered dreadful head and BRAIN injury. The damaged brain was responsible for most of the strange behaviour. Why doesn’t Holly wood show this truthfully?
HoshiSanada (11 days ago)
Was this before or after he had sex while testing autopilot and subsequently crashing?
Donald Grant (12 days ago)
Wow dude you have a hard on for men that bang multiple women. But your hero is a brutal bully. I think you need some help there or maybe get layed.
Mickey McGowan (12 days ago)
I like this channel mainly because its a brit w/ a cool english accent so you know hes to be trusted plus solid content and for once I liked the title and the presentation. Most of these vids are poorly presented w/ the guy pandering to human reaction which is annoying and the clickbait vids simply arented needed. The subs plus people will click on this vid just because it exists it really doesnt need super clickbaity titles. This one was a great episode and I love how the info is put forth esp the brick backround etc but nOmOReClICkbAitY stuff ppl will legit watch this no matter the name itll just come up on the que and trust me itll get views but spare us the superduper clickme kjøtt
Patrick Sims (12 days ago)
Whistley boi!
Chris (12 days ago)
@ 8:48 His name is Charles Dutton, not Durtton. You could at least get the names right.
Chris (6 days ago)
+Jake G wrong; one is his name while the other one is not. it would be like saying your name is joke rather than Jake - see the difference?
Jake G (7 days ago)
Chris tomato termotto
PapaPat .Patterson (12 days ago)
Does the person writing the scripts have control over the wardrobe as well? That black and blue checked jacket is gonna show up on a list someday....
Chris O'Brien (12 days ago)
Why wasn't Downnfall on this list? Bruno Ganz's portrayal of Hitler was absolutely incredible!
Chromosome Extract (4 days ago)
Chris O'Brien Didn't Ganz die rather recently?
Doreen Green (10 days ago)
Maybe because that film isn't really classed as a biopic and more of just a war movie
paranoidrodent (12 days ago)
I was thinking exactly the same thing. The list seems to be limited to English language movies though. Pity. Ganz is brilliant in that role.
Joseph LaCerra (12 days ago)
How about "Lincoln"? Oh, right, that was not really about Lincoln.
Jay Hammer (12 days ago)
Patton is not great because he slapped a cowardly soldier? I hate my generation.
Josh Lewis (12 days ago)
Why Ray? Cause he liked snack? Or different women? Picture me surprised someone with fame and money likes drugs n women
alg11297 (12 days ago)
A film I saw many times on tv in my youth was "Edison the Man" with Spencer Tracy. Almost all of it was made up and he was portrayed as someone who wanted to help the world with better light to see. In truth Edison was just out for money and shook up anyone who dared go after his inventions. But as a kid, I thought he was a humble genius.
ThingsWillBeFine (12 days ago)
mah davarsateh
Tathren (12 days ago)
I love that you welcome disagreement.
Susan Nunes (11 days ago)
Boy, was Lindbergh glossed over. He didn't have just one mistress, he had THREE of them, with children from each relationship. Two of the women were sisters, and the other one a secretary, I believe. He was juggling the three relationships all the while married to his wife Anne Morrow Lindbergh.
Susan Nunes (11 days ago)
+GigawingsVideo He is long dead now, having died in 1974, but it makes one wonder why he didn't become a fundamentalist Mormon.
GigawingsVideo (12 days ago)
I wonder why he doesn't convert to Mormonism just to make things easier for him.
Nathan Cassidy (12 days ago)
“One man’s ‘Strangers on a Train’ is another man’s ‘Snakes on a Plane’.” I love that line way more than I should.
Lorenzo Zee (12 days ago)
I like this channel despite its liberal biased views
eifelitorn (12 days ago)
The Darkest Hour ?
Tom Farrington (12 days ago)
Could you do a biographic type video on the Westpoint academy and the white house it's history and stuff it would be great
banquo60615 (12 days ago)
You’ve really got to get World War I and World War II straight. Seriously.
Shane Slosson (12 days ago)
Rudy is hands down the best sports movie ever.
Birdie Lein (12 days ago)
Aaaaaactually... Custer is a very interesting person and your comments about him aren't exactly accurate. I've read quite a lot about him and I've been to Fort Abraham Lincoln near Bismarck ND. He actually tried very hard to fight for the rights of the natives. In the end, however, he was a soldier and he believed in following orders. I'm not saying that those orders were right and the Indian Wars after the American Civil War are a very complicated topic... but... your categorization of Custer isn't quite fair. He's a pretty complicated fellow and I wouldn't put him on the 'bad guy' list.
Birdie Lein (9 days ago)
+Kaninma But that's not on Custer. I'm not talking about the Indian Wars. My issue with Custer is that Custer himself gets blamed or shouldered for a lot of the blames and excesses of the Indian Wars and what TRULY amazes me is that Sherman kinda gets off scott free as he's the mighty hero of the American Civil war. I mean, it was Sherman who said 'The more Indians we can kill... the less will have to be killed the next war, for the more I see of these Indians, the more convinced I am that they all have to be killed or be maintained as a species of paupers.' My point is though, I can think of many many worse people that movies have been made about than Custer. Custer is just branded on the American psyche.
Kaninma (9 days ago)
Look at what happened to Black Kettle's peaceful band of southern Cheyenne on the Washita as a result of Custer's attack. I've also been to Fort Abraham Lincoln, as well as Little Bighorn (The Greasy Grass) and Washita.
Oldenweery (12 days ago)
+Cypresssina Yes, it was revealed that he was quite unfaithful to his wife: there were even golden-haired Indian children around the fort, thanks to him.
Cypresssina (12 days ago)
I respectfully disagree.
K ris (12 days ago)
The scene is skulling, not regatta, Simon
Ana Freitas (12 days ago)
Maybe the name should match the story we know from the moment we know it. If not, make it with a different name. Or we can all start making alternate life movies for posterity and go bananas off camera?
G Robinson (12 days ago)
Lindberg would have been loved in Trump's America
Nobama 777 (11 days ago)
If Trump were some sort of dictator like the media says, youd all be dead. Turn off CNN.
ficodecko (12 days ago)
Steve jobs legacy is being an entitled tool too dumb to treat his cancer with medicin, and choose crystals instead.
GigawingsVideo (12 days ago)
He also almost ignoring his daughter for the rest of her life except when he's near death. That dude is a piece of work
James Atkinson (12 days ago)
I appreciate that you don't have time to cover all of this, but you've failed to mention Patton's voice. George C. Scott was a committed Liberal, and it could be argued that his decision to change Patton's rather whingeing, annoying tones to that of a gruff Alpha Male's was a form of next-level satire. He's portraying him as the man he thought he was, but never really could be. (What Patton did was incredible, but he was a bit of an arse).
Roberta Kehler (2 days ago)
HoshiSanada Not quite. Patton didn’t believe that PTSD (then called Shell Shock) was a real thing. He wasn’t try to “cure” anyone. He was trying to shame the soldier he struck. Like I said.... he was a TREMENDOUS arse.
HoshiSanada (10 days ago)
+James Atkinson no denying. That's why the president recalled him for that incident until he needed him again.
James Atkinson (10 days ago)
+HoshiSanada He did. This makes him a complete git. But he was also an exceptional general.
HoshiSanada (11 days ago)
He slapped a guy with ptsd in an attempt to cure him.
Roberta Kehler (12 days ago)
James Atkinson He was a TREMENDOUS arse ...... which really just makes him kind of like... you know ...... human.
Karma Garcia (12 days ago)
So sick of trolls everywhere. If you don't like Simon and what he has to share on this channel- don't watch. It's not hard to keep scrolling
Anonymous Joker (12 days ago)
He is prolific
Steven Wrightson (12 days ago)
FYI: Charles Lindenburg(sp?) was *not* the first transatlantic flight; although he did claim it.
Owain Shebbeare (11 days ago)
It was clearly stated that his was the first solo crossing.
Griffin Anderson (11 days ago)
No, but as the first to fly the Atlantic SOLO and NON-STOP, he did get all the glory. Much like John Glen, who was not America's first man in space -- just the first one to go into ORBIT.

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